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What failed today? Modern Pinball NYC Machine fails.

By Eddie

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

Just thought that working at Modern Pinball NYC is the perfect place to stress test machines as they are played almost continuously.

Things fail at an extraordinary rate so I thought I would log here what causes a machine to go down so that you can have a general idea of what it takes to run a machine on location or simply wondering what might fail on your machine. I will not post cause or repair unless asked for as it would take too long.

I will start this record from What has failed since Monday July 1 hope this helps.

ACDC Canon assembly seized Avengers LE teserac? Cube cracked.
WCS Ball motor Seized
WW Switch failed
MB Switch failed
WH20 Opto switch Failed
T2 Left Flipper Coil Shorted
WOZ Light board Failed
SS Diverter Plunger spring Broke
AF L Flipper Coil separated
Metallica Ball trough cracked
TZ Shooter Diverter coil failed , Plunger Rubber tip fell apart
Kiss Spinner switch failed
FT Upper left loop gate intermittent
Numerous stuck balls and Bulbs?Leds out.
StarTrek new Stern Left Flipper coil separated.
DM Switch Failed

#5 5 years ago
Quoted from NextoPin:

Wait, all this was in the last 3 days?

Yes who knows what will happen tonight !

Quoted from CactusJack:

Please explain "flipper coil separated". I have never seen a coil bobbin separate unless it was a total melt down or I was trying to get a stuck sleeve out.
Just curious. Thanks for posting.

The back of the Bobbin and its cylinder literally separated never saw it before and it happened twice on 2 different machines. Basically the coils fell apart.

#7 5 years ago
Quoted from westofrome:

I wonder how many of these were minor issues (say, fixable with parts on hand, less than 30 minutes) and how many were more major? It seems like a long list, but I wonder if a lot of them were pretty quick fixes?

Some fixes are quick Once you have diagnosed the problem correctly!

But again if its "Just a switch" Its usually in the hardest to get to area of a machine requiring the removal of half of a playfield etc. All while having customers play machines on either side of you.

On average about 4 Plungers a week fail and assembly brackets crack or break as well.

There is no way we can inventory a factories level of parts, which is pretty much what is needed, in order to get the machine 100% right away so the down time is usually just awaiting any needed part.

That said most fixes are under 30 mins closer to 20 with part in hand.

With this post in time you will get an idea of what goes and how often on location machines granted this place is not your typical location venue. These machines are played all of the time not to mention league and tournament days.

#18 5 years ago
Quoted from Skins:

Great to meet you Eddie. Kudos on the upkeep. Games all played great!
To be fair though, your list on the WOZ was generous. Maybe it gets more plays but that game is raggedy. Not you fault but you say light board failed. If 20% of the lights were working I would be surprised. I don't even recall seeing the munchkin land spot light working. The castle doors were removed and the winged monkey mech was disabled. ...and no Panzer, I'm not a JJP hater. I love the game and theme though I did sell mine a while back but that was a monetary decision, not an indictment on WOZ.
Keep up the great work.

It was very nice meeting you. I am glad you had a good visit. As for the WOZ features of the Missing Monkey and the Doors that was not from the last three days from which this post has been started. There is also another tech from Fri-Mon day times that works on machines. I work eves Tues-Thurs. The Woz features mentioned were something that he was working on. I do not know what happened as we have no cross communication ( Something that has to change) so I left them in his hands. As for the lights the issue was resolved just after you left. It was a result of the same board issue reported earlier (The Fish Board)The lights are now 100%

The Failures of 7/3 were minimal (Must be because I started this post)

BR Three Leds out
ACDC Spinner Stuck

Quoted from PaulCoff:

Every time I go in there I see you with a playfield up. Thanks for keeping that place together. Can't wait to see one of Sal's MMR in there. Which stern (white star to present) has been able to take a heavy beating and which ones are a nightmare? Have you noticed a comparison with Stern now using a higher gauge wire in their machines and service issues? Thanks for this post.

Most common stern failures are

Ball trough Breakage and Opto boards failing both in the troughs and elsewhere on the playfields.

Flipper transistor failure is very common as well.

Slingshot Plungers breaking Common.

Flipper Return Spring Breakage

Coil Lug wires separating from the lugs.

Broken Plastics very very common (on all machines)

As I have said you will have a better idea of What fails,How often and Where as the months go on.

#20 5 years ago

Tues 7-8

WCS Flipper Return spring broke
WH20 Bigfoots Hairpiece fell off!!!!!!!!!!
DM Left Flipper Broke in half, Ramp protector Broke off of ramp, Shorted switch

BR the Ball carrier was broken from the tech working on the machine last Sun. How? dont ask Im pissed as hell is all that I can say.

#21 5 years ago

Wed 7/9

TSPP Shooter lane Switch , Door Lock
BSD Auto Plunger
TZ Left Flipper assembly
WCS Ball motor and Gearbox
MB Drop target GearCluster
WW Lamp Row
Punchy the Clown Apron fasteners worked loose.

#25 5 years ago
Quoted from JoeJet:

Thanks for sharing Eddie. Very interesting. For the coils that "fell apart" wondering if they were old or both replacement parts? Wondering if replacement parts in general fail quicker than originals.

AF Replacement coil 10 months old

Stern ST Original coil 6 months old

#27 5 years ago
Quoted from btw75:

1) So sorry to hear about the Bonsai ball lift - that was such an ordeal when you first set it up!

Thanks and now the ordeal begins again as they misplaced/Lost the Pat Lawlor made part. Guess Ill be starting a new post on the debacle.

#29 5 years ago


An amazing pinball night as the only failure was???

ACDC LE Lightning Bolt came off of its mount. Screw backed out.
WW One Led failed and its socket mounting hole in the playfield was stripped.

Tons of play as there was a private party along with walk in customers.

#36 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

wish my machines got played enough to break this much
Just curious, does each game get a full teardown and rebuild of everything prior to going on location? How often/ many plays after that before you tear it down again?

Before Modern opened I completely restored extremely trashed location machines.

In the first week they were beaten to the point where they are now.

Many find them to be well above average but compared to what they were leaving my shop No Way.


The rest of the machines were set up by the machines owners' tech staff before arrival to modern.

The system I use to keep them going is very simple.

Anytime a repair is needed or typical cleaning I go over everything on both sides of the playfield and check and tighten EVERY fastener and clean the flipper and other assemblies before I put the glass back on.

All machine fasteners must be checked as much as possible especial pop brackets and ball guides.

So if I go in to change a bulb its the same process and in doing so the subways remain clean and you also catch any possible failure before it happens.

So a bulb change may take 30+mins

#47 5 years ago


Another unusually smooth night.

DM Left flipper return Spring. Ball trough Opto#2

SS Outlane Switch

Still waiting for new ACDC Canon assembly

Still waiting for MB Gear cluster.

BR repair put on hold due to League finals.

#48 5 years ago


DM ball trough... divots

WCS Flipper link

BR LED 555 socket backed out

#53 5 years ago
Quoted from phishrace:

Hey Eddie, what's your record for most credit dots removed in one day?
Between playing and fixing, I had one hell of a week a while back. Cleared 3 credit dots in one day and like 7 or 8 for the week. Clearing credit dots can make a guy feel like a real pinball badass. I AM THE CREDIT DOT KILLER!!! d

On average I would say 6. I cleared 11 about a week ago not counting broken assemblies which had to be repaired as well. All in 5 hrs.

I do not count credit dots due to a ball not triggering a switch in ex amount of plays.

Which are fairly common on certain machines for ex, WH20 Bigfoot cave switch.

#55 5 years ago
Quoted from phishrace:

Credit dots must die!

LOL I agree they are like a bad itch.

#57 5 years ago


SS Flipper link fell apart, Coffin vuk coil failed

Stern ST New both flipper plungers failed, Drop target opto failed.

BSD wire gate broke off

MB Ramp Switch actuator Broke off, Left Loop rollover switch failed

#59 5 years ago


DM Ball Trough, Ramp switch

AF Trough switch, 3 Popbumper coils had wires come off. Flipper link worn near falling apart. Numerous loose fasteners.

Mustang, GI board burned up shorted bridge burned trace off of board.

MB leg leveler came loose due to locking nut backing off.

BSD Mist Multiball failed to start.

AC/DC Lightning Bolt fell off

Transformers Loose post because mounting screw fell off.

#60 5 years ago


BSD wire form broke

TSPP BackBox Light burned out.


DM Left Flipper weak,worn parts

WCS Diverter, loose mounting screws.

#61 5 years ago

AF Left Slingshot, RT upper Flipper. Left Lower Flipper EOS

DM Left flipper coil stop. Ramp entrance

WOZ Light board

ST PRO Opto switch

ACDC Lightning bolt

KiSS lamp sockets

FT reset

#62 5 years ago


Kiss CPU failure, Plunger, Lamp Sockets,

Transformers Coil

WOZ Lamp Board, Slingshot Rubber

Mustang 2nd failure of GI Board.

Dr Dude extra stucky Ball

#64 5 years ago
Quoted from JoeJet:

Funny, I have a WH20 and I am starting to think that switch doesnt exist.. I may need to start a new thread to figure out when the ball goes through there..

Start the bigfoot Hot foot mode the ball will traverse the ramp through the cave initializing the micro switch.

#65 5 years ago



ST PRO Magnet, Opto switch

WOZ Code update issue USB port no power.

#68 5 years ago


Transformers Auto Plunger pivot shaft.

WPT Coil burned up

BSD Drop Target Switch Diode , Ball trough fail

SS F103 Blown

DM Switch x2

FH Led

#69 5 years ago


WPT Flipper Plunger assembly
BSD Drop Target switch Plate
FH Sensor
FT Drop target mech
MET DMD display
Parts finally arrived for MB Gear for Drop Down Bank, Cannon Mech for AC/DC, Opto for ST, Lamp board for WOZ.

#70 5 years ago

Quick follow up to the WPT issues.

It appears that another "tech" at some point decided to use Williams Plunger,link and Pawls in the Stern machine.

This is what caused the two recent flipper issues one being the rapid wear and ceasing of the upper right flipper and two the coil burning up on the lower right flipper as the the assembly wore and bound up.

Not to mention improper adjustment of flipper height and Eos Switches which are really redundant on Sterns.

#76 5 years ago


WCS Sound

CSI Opto

No other failures just began repairs of earlier listed failures.

#78 5 years ago


FH Flipper and Fuse, Trapdoor, switch, DMD

WW Flipper , All Flashers

Dr Dude Flipper and Fuse

T2 Flipper and Fuse

SS all Optos out, F109 Fuse

Kiss Spinner Target

Transformers still awaiting parts from Stern.

#81 5 years ago
Quoted from litz:

Technically, FH has a dual alpha display ... not a DMD .....

Try putting in the hours I work and see if you make a dumb blunder posting late at night like I did!

Yes it is a dual Alpha Numeric Display and it still failed LOL

#84 5 years ago


WW Upper flipper

Wh20 Left flipper

WOZ Left flipper

Kiss plunger

ACDC trough Opto

Quoted from TomGWI:

How many light boards have you replaced on WOZ so far? Just curious.

On the machine at modern all boards plus three more, but to be fair, the machine was one of the very first off the line and had the original bad boards it had many original prototype parts which eventually got replaced.

#87 5 years ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

Eddie, any advice for the common problem of needing to reseat the ball trough board connectors on modern stern pins? Seems very common for games i find in the wild to have trough issues. Its such a simple fix to reseat them on my personal pins at the first sign of the game loosing track of balls, draining while ball is in play etc.... But in you situation that would happen a lot more frequently... Do you take preventative action? Dab of hot glue, zip ties, etc.?
Thanks for the daily updates. It is interesting.

Three ways to solve the issue

One is rather crude and not recommended splay the connector pins then put the connector back with the added pressure holding them together.

Two replace the connectors with molex connectors

Three the sure fire approach but the most involved is to solder the wires directly to the opto boards.


TSPP reset issue

MB both EOS switches . UP /Down target bank finally repaired with new gears.

T2 plunger coil

Kiss Outlane kicker

MET auto Plunger

SS still has all optos out

Mustang Post fell off screw missing.

Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Is AVLE still there? Do people play it? Because I'm not reading a lot of fixes for it.

Its still there maybe the reasons for no failure posts by me is that there may have been failures that the other tech repaired on his shift or the fact that it is not played as much as the other machines?

#88 5 years ago


TSPP Flipper base (Both coil stop screws sheared off)

AC/DC Cannon

WW Spinner switch

BR Magnet coil wire , Plunger rubber tip

MB Flipper base Coil stop screw hole stripped

MET post sheared off

SS POP switch

WOZ ball lock mech

#90 5 years ago
Quoted from deadzebra:

I was wondering where the Cannon was when I was there this weekend! I think your WOZ is missing a monkey too

The cannon is back.

The Monkey was on Lunch Break!

#91 5 years ago


AC/DC Cannon

BR Sling Shot Bracket

TSPP Plunger Crank

MB Both flipper assemblies

Dont know from which machines but two Stern Ball Tough assemblies cracked and were left by the other tech. This has happened more than once on every Stern

Also very common are Stern coil stop screws shearing off at the head. They need to use Hardened steel for the application not the cheap pot metal screws they seem to be using. You can use Williams coil stop screws as a better alternative to the stock Stern screws. Yes they break off too but usually only after many many years of use whereby they become corroded, rusted etc.

#93 5 years ago


AF Pop Bumper RING and metal Yoke, Plunger, Both flipper links

FH Multiball issues

MB Right flipper coil stop, EOS switch

BR Sling Rubber. Switch

WH20 Coil stop

WOZ Multiball Issue

ST auto launch plunger

AC/DC Switch

#96 5 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Eddie, when you were at PAPA it was like a MASH unit in there! Welcome home!

Thanks but I have never had the fortune to be at PAPA!

Quoted from Gorgar1:

With the acdc canon issues do you see the problem where two balls are loaded into the canon during MB and then the canon can't swing and could damage the motor?

Yes happens often because the opto switch plate rubs against the opto, or the arm that activates the cannon home switch does not reach the switch activator because the activator gets bent or the arm travel is to short . Its a really horrible fragile mechanism that is not suitable for a Pinball machine I would call it a design failure for sure.


TSPP Slingshot , R Flipper

FG Shooter lane Switch

SS Left Flipper/ Both EOS switches

WW Switch


Transfomers Cannon ball Lock

Punchy the Clown Ball Guide

WH20 Switch

Once again these are just the bare basic failures if you need any details on a particular failure please ask it would take too long to write them all up.!!!!!!!!!

#97 5 years ago

8/ 27

From now on I will try my best to take pics of the failures that take place if I have the time of course.

I also took a pic of the crowded conditions of trying to work on numerous failures as fast as possible.

You will also see things that cause the failures many being and, Im out front with it. the other tech using wrong parts or just doing things the wrong way period.

Maybe not all his fault as he may be told to use whats lying around because our inventory is a sham. Vent Vent LOL

There is a pic of WOZ Flipper Mech which you get to figure whats wrong and you will see what I mean about the other techs work!

Avengers Ball lock spring. Pic is with new spring installed on cleaned up assembly. Switch , LED

T2 L Flipper mech, F101

WOZ L Flipper

WH20 both Flippers

AF EOS switch, Both Flipper Mechs

MB Switch


#102 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

these games must get played a ton!
very cool thread!

7 days a week almost non stop Im surprised they haven't melted yet!

#103 5 years ago


T2... 2 Trough related issues Cracked guide, Broken One way wire form gate Both very common we go through many of each. pics attached

Shooter lane auto shooter assembly no pics.

SM Broken Plastic

FG Broken Plastic

2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg
#106 5 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Where do you buy those one way wire replacements? I need one for my FT.

Marco has them

#107 5 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Man, T2 seems to be giving you hella issues lately...

T2 was a machine brought into Modern as a last minute replacement it was never shopped or gone over in who knows how many years hence all of the problems. It really needs to be pulled and restored more than a typical shop job.

#108 5 years ago


WOZ Flipper

WW Multiball issue switch related

AC/DC Cannon yet again

DM Ramp screw

WCS Lamp board connector pins

AF Up kicker due to the way the other Tech installed a switch. (To be fair to the other Tech it may not have been him as the owners fancy themselves to be techs and try working on the machines with horrendous results so I can't say who did it) Can you see what I have to deal with ?

Plunger due to Apron section over ball being bent out of shape. Only cause could be that the playfield was lifted by that part UGH!!!!!!

CSI switch

Note conditions that the machines need to be repaired under. Many things such as full flipper rebuilds done on the spot so the leagues can continue. Many times no power outlet available near the machine that needs work done. More often than not out of the parts needed for the job but they are slowly working on that.


#110 5 years ago


DM left flipper Tech left out washer on flipper link you can see the results.

WCS Opto. lamp board

SS Ball gate

FT Actuater arm

MB 4 switches, up down targets, Flasher socket, standup target. All of these issues with the exception of the flasher socket were caused once again by the other tech. Here is the sequence of events. Tech replaced the standup target by Frankie with the wrong target, The bolts held the new target assembly together stock used rivets. When the target was installed in the machine the bolts stopped the Up /Down target assembly from traveling upward. This pounding of the bolts caused the Standup target mounting screws to stress the holes they were located in the playfield to the point that the screws simply fell out. Once they did the standup target fell out shorting other switches and causing other mayhem. The fix? repair the playfield holes that are used for the Stand up target mounting screws. Reverse the bolts in the stand up assembly so they do not block the Up Down target assembly, replace some switch diodes.


#114 5 years ago
Quoted from radium:

Man that SS must get pummeled. Poor thing's always breaking down.

If I gave you a Million $ for every hour that it is not played you would be on the soup line!

#115 5 years ago


TSSP left Flipper Base plate stripped coil stop screw holes.This is a very common occurrence.

Pic shows what was found as playfield was lifted.

WW Multiball issue

FH Mirror relight issue


#119 5 years ago


AC/DC Fixed the cannon how long will it hold up?????

Led Socket

Three bank Drop target assembly was going haywire and what would be the cause?

Lets just say the other "Tech" reared his head again with yet another of his great masterpieces. Can you can guess
what the issue was in the pic?

SM Doc Ock Magnet

Metallica switch

Wh20 Ball sticking Upper Playfield

Transformers Ball lock trough.

Gold Strike Lock Down Bar , 5 relay switches,

MB removed for Gold Strike Moderns first EM!

SS removed for Party Zone


#122 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinphila:

Get rid of the other tech.

Would be easier beating Keith Elwin, Bowen Kerins ,Daniele Accari and Lyman Sheats 10 games each back to back or Beating Valentino Rossi in 10 races on 10 different tracks back to back.

#126 5 years ago
Quoted from Sc1f1:

Flipper rubber behind the T drop target?

BINGO Flipper rubber in place of the 1" ring Left target hung up on it numerous times throwing the sequence out of whack


Quoted from thedefog:

Do the Stern and other modern games get considerably more playtime, or are they just more prone to breakdown? Seems like some of the older games that have probably already had decades of use actually give you less trouble. Regardless, this is a really cool thread. I'm surprised you have the time to even update it.

All machines get the same amount of play new, old is doesn't matter.

The question of new Stern parts failing over Old Williams could be valid.

As the Williams parts are 20 to 30 yrs old on most assemblies (Not Flipper parts) with the same amount of playtime as New Sterns.

Outside of flipper parts and plunger wear between the two companies which is fairly the same the issue is the mfg process of the main assemblies.

For instance Stern Ball troughs and other assembly brackets fail to cheap spot welding plain and simple.

Stern could ask the MFGs to use larger weld beads and or bracket supports and this would solve the issue for a minimal cost.

I have had to weld numerous Troughs and brackets from Stern and very few from Williams given the age of both it raises questions.

For example here is a pic of two more Stern Brackets needing re-welding these two make about 10 this year which is almost 1 per month.

Stern Auto plunger pins are another weak point that should be welded stronger as they fail often.

In all I would say I have welded up 20+ Stern parts as compared to 2 Williams parts and one I reworked stronger as There were no replacements to be found when it failed but now it is obtainable. The Scared Stiff Crate Door lock plunger.

Quoted from Rick432:

JJP and Stern should just drop off new titles here pre-release. After about two weeks, they'll know EXACTLY where the design flaws are.
Furthermore, if pin manufacturer could develop a pin that makes money AND can survive this location, they've got lightning in a bottle.

I have made this suggestion to the owners but didn't get feedback. From my understanding one of the owners Steve Epstein of the Broadway Arcade had said that the BA was used back in the day by the Pinball MFGs for just that purpose. So maybe History will repeat itself.

1-577.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5-152.jpg
#131 5 years ago
Quoted from Minneapolispin:

I'm going to be in NYC for a week in late October and this place in on the top of my list to visit at least once. Can you tell me when the more quiet time of the day seems to be? I'm sure the place is busy, but any tip on a time of day where it starts to slow down a bit?

I would say the early hours. I am there only on Tues ,Wed and Thurs from 5pm- until Im too beat to stay.

Those times are also League nights so its really packed.

So I couldn't really say when the quiet times are as there are Parties on weekends along with other customers.

#132 5 years ago


FH Rudy's face , Popbumper switch

BR Pop bumper and its related switch both have issues.

Dr Dude GI went out

Today there was a wonderful surprise visit to Modern Pinball by Non other than George Gomez, designer of my favorite pin RFM, Gary Stern and Jody Dankberg.

Fortunately they arrived during a very rare lull at Modern the first that I have seen and less than a half hour after they left it was Grand Central Station as usual.

George had nothing but nice things to say about the machines he saw at Modern.
It was too bad that we just removed MB just this past Monday in lieu of Gold Strike (MB is to be placed on location elsewhere in Manhattan).
I restored the MB at Modern and would have liked to have heard what Mr Gomez thought of it.
Mr Stern also appeared to be pleased with Modern and the conditions of the machines so I guess we are doing a good job.

Some things revealed to me during our small chat gave me the impression that Stern not only wants to be a pinball manufacturer but the best pinball manufacturer. Ill leave it at that.

Disclaimer : I am an extremely objective person and did not say that just because they visited.

Needless to say it was my best day working at Modern Pinball so far.

#136 5 years ago


New machine brought to Modern! A Gottlieb Bank Shot in Beautiful condition.

The machine had two fails. It did not score on any switch.

The tens chime didnt chime.

Causes were the 100 pt relay or "M: relay was out of alignment (Not the switches but the actuator) it took awhile to figure this out as it was my first time working on a Gottlieb EM no schematics either.

The chime coil had a dead short so one is on order.

Black Knight lock switch fails , Ball trough switch fails

1-36.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
#138 5 years ago


BR Fuse, POP transistor not related to fuse issue.

BK GI due to some techs connector hack

AC/DC Mini flipper rubber the first broken rubber at Modern and it was not a Super Band but standard stock Rubber. Super bands are going in.

Mini playfield switches.

ST Stand up target. Note in pics a lamp board had to be removed to access the stand up target mounting screws another, slowing down of a repair for operators. It was hard to get a clear pic so the lamp board looks like there is clearance but I am actually holding it slightly above its mounting holes.


#140 5 years ago


Dr Dude Crash test dummy stiff limbs, Flipper coil wire.

BK Ball Lock issues, Lamp socket issues

AC/DC Drop target

#141 5 years ago


Bank Shot

Add a ball Issue, numerous lamp socket issues. Typical with old lamp sockets they are loose as the insulation dries out and shrinks not to mention corrosion. About 10 sockets were bad but instead of replacing them with new parts ( My choice) I jumpered a wire (in red in the pic) to the afflicted sockets. In hind sight I could have simply soldered the orange wires directly to the base but thats what happens when your in a rush and going on 14 hrs of work.
Either sandpaper or use a file on areas to be soldered then clean with alcohol for the solder to take

Avengers Drop target bank,

Star Trek Drop Target

BK POP Bumper

#142 5 years ago


AF POP switch

BR Slingshot Switch

BK2K Lock issue board connector related.

FH Outhole switch, Balltrough bottom track, Ball trough One way gate. Filthy Subway. DMD Ribbon cable

Remember to clean your subways and the assemblies attached to them not to mention the underside of the playfield where the subways are attached!

In the pic with the Outhole switch look up to the upper left and note that one screw is holding the bottom of the ball trough. This caused many issues as the trough bottom shifted which in turn caused the outhole lock switch actuator to jam against it and bending it to the point of it being very weak. With the trough askew the wireform one way gate fatigued from being out of alignment and broke. All for the loss of a screw the war was lost!

#143 5 years ago


No time for pics today

TZ Shooter Diverter

Transformers, Ramp problems

Avengers, Ramp problems

BK Sound board

ACDC Ball trough

Mustang Ball Trough

TOM Eddy board

#145 5 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

I've been to Modern Pinball twice...both times to play games (of course). I'm thinking I need to make another trip just to meet Eddie. I'd love to have him teach me a thing or two about repairs. I work for free when I'm being trained!

You can find me at MPNYC Tues,Wed and Thurs from 5pm till?

I would be more than happy to go over some things you may have questions about.

#147 5 years ago
Quoted from PinPatch:

I think by reading this topic/posts I think the other tech is what failed today and every other day...

That would be a good conclusion but as I have posted before the 1 owner fancies himself to be a "tech" and the other thinks he knows how to tinker. So there are three putting there paws into the machines
that don't belong not only are they mechanically inept they are technically inept as well.

Either you have it or you don't and no amount of teaching will help.

The Transformers ramp issue in my earlier post was again the result of one of the three musketeers which one? I have no clue.

#148 5 years ago


AF Popbumper, Filthy Subway

Was told that on AF the upper left POP wasnt working. Went into switch test and depressing the skirt
did nothing. I figured just the switch out of alignment. Sure enough upon raising the playfield the switch blades were making contact. A quick adjustment and in test mode all was good but was it?

Every time the pop popped there was a very odd rattling sound of metal.

I took a close look at the mech and can you believe it both ring shafts had come off of the ring.

I also noticed that someone else had replaced the Williams yokes with Gottlieb Yokes and they had left the washers off of the ring shafts.

Could this have led to the catastrophic failure of the ring?

Did someone over tighten the ring nuts?

Of course out of 5 pops on AF the one that broke was the one buried under the ramp.

I also noticed a few more tech marvels under the playfield.

A switch with plane white paper for insulation and an old style plunger with the new style return spring.

I also noticed a very odd break in a coil back how did that happen?

The subway was filthy as well and dirtier than a NYC subway and thats dirty!

Gold Strike Flipper

T2 ball trough.


#151 5 years ago


No time to take more pics.
There were many issues and only 2 hrs to solve and repair them before the League started

AC/DC Ball Trough and once again Cannon

ST Ball Trough

AF Plunger

BR Plunger

TZ Proximity sensor. Ball Popper Opto, Gumball Switch

WPT Ball getting stuck under Mini playfield

PZ Lower POP Bumper


#158 5 years ago


BK2K Flipper coil/Plunger failure of both possible causes are old worn out parts with traces of oxidation, Flipper bushing missing 2 screws. Note in pic Flipper base is also missing 2 screws. Bk2k has had many many issues the main reason is that it was brought to Modern after sitting for many years in a non climate controlled warehouse all parts are Original. It needed a complete shop job before being brought to Modern but that wasn't the case. All flipper assemblies are getting rebuilt.

AC/DC Ball stuck in shooter lane, screw and washer from ramp post can be seen in the pic the screw was the culprit.

ST Drop target issues possible cause failing opto

GS weak flippers

TOM Eddy Sensor



Quoted from litz:

That smashed trough proxy sensor from TZ is very common, when it's improperly installed and the balls can hit it ...

In the case of this sensor the fasteners became loose from vibration causing the sensor to shift. This has happened many times over the thousands of plays this machine gets. The new unit will have locktite between the fastener heads and the mounting bracket.

#165 5 years ago

10 /2

All of these issues have to be diagnosed and repaired if parts are available or by other means in two hours by me so that the machines are ready for the League. Yes you read that right.

Wh20 3 Leds out

AF Swamp Kickout due to main ball catcher under the thing coming out of its holding track how that happened with all fasteners tight is very odd, this was a tough one as by all appearances it looked fine and was solid no play at all... Plunger not plunging ball more than 2 inches due to Apron plunger guide shearing at its seam then blocking the plunger.

ST yesterdays mode issues addressed turned out to be the stand up target was bent to the point that the contacts were less then a hair from touching, Only a certain vibration not any caused contact. The pic is after the blades were readjusted. This was a tough one as the switch read as good in test mode and never read as active.

FT Lamp board Pins were fine it was the IDC connector that was bad

Avengers Left Flipper

Gold Strike both lower Flippers rebuilt, POP bumper lamps out

FG Lois not registering, Leds out

PZ stuck ball

DRDude Stuck ball, Lamp board

WCS Diverter Spring and none in stock, Flipper Plunger Link

plus all these machines were cleaned.

// Error: Image 295417 not found //


Quoted from litz:

Stuff the screw holes with toothpicks, too, to get the screws to really grip well; should help prevent them backing out.
Can't remember what's above that, off hand, but if it's within the space under the arch, consider replacing with t-nuts, using longer threaded screws, and backing onto them from above with nyloc nuts.

This goes without saying however I prefer to use Bamboo combined with carpenters glue as it is much stronger.

#168 5 years ago
Quoted from litz:

The bent switch, you have to "thump test" the game to find ... just pound the playfield with a closed fist up and down the length while in switch test, and see what shows up.

This was the first test done by two people on both sides of the cabinet from the coindoor to the backbox and nothing registered. This is a normal step in many steps of trying to diagnose an issue such as this.

#169 5 years ago


Machines down upon my arrival to Modern.

AC/DC auto plunger, Center drop target

TSPP Auto Plunger

WCS R Flipper

PZ L Flipper

Bankshot No power to score motor

BK R and L Flippers

Only had time to take two pics one was really pointless as I took the pic after removing the flipper coil and plunger from WCS Duh! The pawl was also replaced after the pic was taken.

The other pics shows the EOS switch making contact with the Pawl of PZ .

Had to stop working on machines after only two repairs as there was a video of Modern being made. When that was done I was relegated to score keeping for league night not really a techs job. The failures will be building up
by the time I get there tonight I hope I can catch up.

1-613.jpg 2-849.jpg
#170 5 years ago


AC/DC standup target, Plunger

WH20 Reset issue

BR R Flipper/ Ball guide screw in switch

AF Swamp subway alignment

The new TZ proximity sensor arrived and look at the differences. The connector was mounted on the opposite side of the board and is a different connector. The mounting plate is at an angle as compared to the 90% of the original and it is mounted to the board with machine screws and nuts as compared to rivets. The bracket angle is actually an improvement. How can the wrong connector be installed on the wrong side? With a little rework the board is the way it should be and TZ now has POWER BALL again.

Also note the new flipper plunger,pawl and link installed on the R Flipper of BR. This has the new style return spring as opposed to the Old style that remains on the L Flipper. Eventually all of Moderns machines will have the new style replacing the old.

1-219.jpg 2-474.jpg 3-194.jpg 4.jpg 5-221.jpg
#171 5 years ago


TZ Bridge Diverter actuator, Coil Lug

TSPP Plunger

AC/DC Center drop target

Avengers Drop Target bank

Complaint that the TSPP plunger wasn't working correctly. Upon Lifting the playfield I was greeted with another Tech Hack! Hmmmm lets see the plunger spring has failed so maybe Ill just take two broken half springs of different tension strength and intermesh them together to make a full size spring. Why bother myself to go to the supply room and get a new one?

May I suggest that TZ owners order a few Bridge diverter actuator wires just in case for when that fails you lose huge game features! Or have wire on hand to make your own.


1-148.jpg 2-532.jpg 3-319.jpg 4.jpg
#172 5 years ago


TZ Right deflector assembly cracked. Filthy subways

Dr Dude POP switch bent closed

AF Left Flipper

BSD Lightning Flippers installed for the first time. Machine came with standard Flipper bats but it should have had Lightning Flippers, as it came from the factory which are just a bit smaller 1/8 inch difference. Note that the lightning flippers have more bracing underneath then the longer flippers. The machine was designed for use with the standard size Flippers so they are the flippers I would prefer to have used.

The Walking Dead arrives on Wednesday. The Stern launch party trophy is part of the swag the factory sent us.


#173 5 years ago

Just finished welding up the TZ bracket and thought I would show how I reenforced it with a much larger bead not just a spot weld.


#174 5 years ago


TZ coil wire, Switch

WCS Diverter spring

BSD EOS switch

FH Display

Numerous Stuck balls on different machines.

Big failure…. the no show of TWD should arrive tomorrow!

While replacing the Deflector and actuator in TZ I cleaned the subways. This is a task that is done routinely on the machines at Modern.

Clean those subways it helps to keep your playfields, the switches and especially the optos clean.


#178 5 years ago


TWD arrived and had an issue with the plunger. It was installed to far towards the center of the cabinet causing the plunger to strike the auto kicker on its left side to the point that the plunger wouldn't plunge. The unit had to be removed and realigned. Note in the pic from within the cabinet the two holes which lock the assembly in place. They are too far to the right so new holes had to be made to lock the unit into the correct place.

It also had its left flipper stick up due to the left button being out of adjustment.

Many lamp sockets dislocated maybe from shipping?

Numerous loose fasteners. All Pop bumper housings and lockdown bar stay were the most egregious and some connectors.

TZ coil wire, Opto switch

FH display time for a new ribbon cable!

In the photos are of one of the owners Steve Zahler in orange shirt and Francesco La Rocca Staff member and tournament organizer extrodinaire both are Highly Ranked players.


#180 5 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Eddie, what kind of welder are you using? You did a nice job, especially cleaning it up.

Miller Maxstar 152


#183 5 years ago


I dont know what if anything failed today as I took off for my B-day

One bit of interest however is that TWD had 547 plays on it by Sat eve closing time. The machine was powered up for the first time on Thursday at around 6:30 pm. Most plays by people that did not know it was a new machine just another in the lineup!

I dont know of anyplace where machines get played as much as at Modern. TWD had more plays then a lot of machines at Expo which ran for more time than we had TWD.

#187 5 years ago


T2 Reset issue

TZ coil, Blown fuses

BK trough switch

BSD lamp connector burned, Drop target due to techs switch hack. Wrong actuator was hacked and would snag on the Drop targets E Clip post. This is getting really old.

Dr Dude Popbumper switch

1-59.jpg 2-472.jpg
#190 5 years ago


FG Ramp, After removing broken ramp assembly I saw totally unacceptable filth. Time for a real cleaning. Beer can screw missing.

Kiss Switch cap

FH lamp socket

1-848.jpg 2-982.jpg 3-447.jpg 4.jpg 5-82.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg
#191 5 years ago


5 machines down upon arrival! Too busy to take pics but I did get one in.

BR Transistor, Fuse

SM Transistor

BSD Lft Flipper Mech

TZ Transistor

TSPP mini flipper coil

Why does Stern use hot glue on the ribbon connecter between boards?
Yes they can come loose in shipping and during gameplay vibration but so can the other connectors.
Its really a time waster in the field when trying to do board work.
Maybe its just the situation at Modern where machines are right next to each other and you can't pull them out for servicing so trying to remove the hot glue becomes a real task.

I do find however that the easiest way to remove it is to use very long thin needle nose pliers and grab a bit of it and wind it off by rotating the pliers. It usually comes right off very cleanly. That is if you can reach it!

#192 5 years ago


TZ All opto switches. 10 opto board entered the Twlight Zone it simply vanished. Where did it go?????????

FG New ramp installed , Can screw missing did it enter the twilight Zone too? The can screws back out very often but never disappear had to use a screw other than stock. Locktite is not a good option for this particular application but thats another story.

ST upper flipper coil lug

PZ flipper coil wire

CSI auto plunger fell apart this is the second auto plunger of this type that has completely failed will take pics tonight.

1-620.jpg 2-134.jpg 3-951.jpg 4.jpg 5-290.jpg
#193 5 years ago


TSPP Upper right flipper transistor This makes the 3rd flipper transistor this week not counting 3 more from location machines that were brought to me for rework at Modern. All Stern Flipper transistors. One way to help with this is to not only replace the shorted transistor but to use a more robust one and to also remove caps C52 and C53 from the driver board.

BR Ball lifter Magnet Switch

WH20 Reset due to loose connector

CSI Auto shooter arm This is the fourth auto shooter arm failure and the third from a Stern machine

The pivot post needs to be redesigned or reinforced where it meets the main arm body.

The Weld simply fails and the pivot post detaches from the arm. If you have a machine with this part I would recommend that you inspect the pivot post weld. The Pivot post has the E clip on the end holding the assembly to the shooter arm holder for lack of a better name. I didn't have time to take more than one pic of the unit, so, in the pic you can only see the arm. The pivot post with Eclip still attached fell into the cabinet. The hole in the Arm is where the post was attached.


#194 5 years ago


Not taking pics is what failed, no time to do so.

TSPP CPU lockup

ST Slingshot rubber was slung

VND rollover switches

WOZ flipper return spring

TZ Flakey Ramp Diverter followed by all flippers Locked on

#197 5 years ago
Quoted from btw75:

I would like to hear a little more if you get time, particularly on the removal of the caps.
Thx for updating the thread!

I assume you are asking how to remove the caps?

Its fairly easy and you do not need SM equipment.

You will need a standard soldering Iron, Tweezers, Flux and some fine metal side cutters. Some form of solder removal device Braid, Desoldering Gun/Station. Alcohol 99% and Maybe a magnifying glass

1 Add flux to one leg of the component.

2 Hold component from above with the tweezers near the fluxed end and heat solder with Iron.

3 With very light upward pull of the tweezers the Cap will lift off of the pad when the solder is molten. DO not force! Simply hold the Cap with an upward pull and the Cap end will rise off the pad when the correct heat is reached.

4 Repeat with other end.

5 Remove cap solder from pads.

6 Clean flux off of pads.

7 An alternative for those not good with soldering you can simply cut the caps in two coming down on the center of the cap with fine cutters. Be sure the cap halves do not make further contact with each other. I don't like this method at all but it will work.

Of course there are better and correct ways of doing this, but most don't have the proper tools in their homes so this is posted for them.

#201 5 years ago


AC/DC TNT lights locked on , Controlled lighting middle and lower playfield out. Switches

TSPP Plunger e clip broke

Mustang Plunger Roll pin broke yes the steel roll pin, not the nylon plunger head.

TZ Ribbon cable

DR Dude stuck ball

1-897.jpg 2-508.jpg 3-642.jpg 4.jpg 5-341.jpg
#202 5 years ago


FG Single Drop Target, Coil stop sheared from both of its mounting tabs.

VND Lamp, Dirty Glo Balls

WH20 numerous stuck balls due to machine being out of level

TWD Well walker not registering hits.

1-908.jpg 2-439.jpg 3-113.jpg
#204 5 years ago

To be honest after the initial set up I haven't had a chance to look at the machines workings.

I am aware of the issue with TWD in general but I haven't had the chance to look at ours while the other machines were down for their issues.

As soon as I can, I will see what can be done to remedy the no registers.

I will post my finding here.

#205 5 years ago


Gold strike major fail!!!!!! When I arrived at Modern I was greeted with the machine minus a playfield.

Oh there is one up against a wall in the in the back.

Its not the same playfield it is a beaten worn out playfield with many issues.

It is a replacement for the beautiful, shiny, fully functioning playfield that was in the machine originally.

It was sitting there waiting for me to install it. The wonders of Modern Pinball

T2 Small lamp board, Gun Mech. Its the guns internals that have worn not the gun switch so the pic is not accurate. That said the Gun switch mounting holes need to be reworked on the cabinet. Right flipper sticking.

FH Most of the coils went out and the fuses are fine as are the board voltages.
This will be a fun fix.

TSPP couch ball holder.


#206 5 years ago


T2 Gun Mech... small spring had two windings break off with the pieces remaining in the housing causing trigger jams and weakness. Standup Target sheared off at mount. Right flipper pawl worn through.

TZ Right Flipper would stick up … Wrong return spring was used. In the pic the top spring is a Droptarget spring the one below, a flipper return spring. Both springs appear identical but both have different tensions. The drop target spring has very weak tension as it doesn't need to be very strong.

BR Plunger

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
#208 5 years ago
Quoted from BigOrange:

Do you ever get stumped by anything???

Absolutely! Mainly when something was altered with a machine without my knowing, such as the case with the flipper spring in the prior post. Or there are no manuals or schematics which can help with an issue.

When I do get stumped, if given enough time, I can usually solve the issue and if not, I come to Pinside and RGP for assistance or use Clays Brilliant guides.

We all get stumped at one time or another without exception.

Once you think you know it all or can solve any problem on your own you already have a problem.

#211 5 years ago


AF Opto wire

FH Cause of the coils failing the other night discovered! First wire in the daisy chain appeared to be soldered to a coil lug but in fact wasnt. Being the first in the chain it took out all of the coils in the string when it detached.

WOZ Stand up target detached wire and detached Diode leg. Each on different lugs of the same switch. The wire detached due to too much tension on the wire harness with no slack in the wire at all. A wire extension was added.

PTC ( Punchy the Clown ) not POTC.... Bulb socket detached from under playfield.

3-797.jpg 6-676.jpg 9-240.jpg 12-769.jpg
#213 5 years ago
Quoted from litz:

Where did the missing TZ 10-opto PCB end up being found?
I've checked the BoMs for several WMS games, and the 10-364 spring is used on both fliptronic return springs, and drop target down springs ...
Are you sure you didn't have an incorrect one to begin with?
(there are some really fat springs the same length as a 10-364 that are very very weak)

The 10 opto board reappeared just as mysteriously as it vanished!

The spring that was wrong was not one that I installed someone at Modern installed it.

The owners had ordered the 10-364 springs for the drop targets labeled from Marco as drop target springs. They also ordered 10-364 Flipper return springs which were labeled as such from Marco
However the drop springs were extremely weaker no question with just enough tension to hold their own shape. Maybe a bad batch or a knock off?

Note in the pic with the springs the amount of windings and spring thickness you can see the difference.

#214 5 years ago


BR Complaint that left sling wasn't working. The pics show why.

No time for more pics as the drop target on Transformers would not stay up, had to find a remedy before the league started.

FT lamp board

AF Plunger lane.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3-48.jpg
#215 5 years ago


Pinball anomaly day at Modern as there were really NO fails! This gave me time to work on prior fails.

Transformers drop target is continuing its issue and without a diagram of the assembly (Transformers LE is not completely covered in Transformers manual) no Specific Transformers LE manuals either, It is hard to tell if a piece has broken off or if a part has worn causing the issue. Without a diagram or any info on this Drop target I cannot even get a part number. Stern will have to be contacted on this.

#217 5 years ago
Quoted from Razorbak86:

Eddie, as a former mechanical engineer with a penchant for tinkering, I love reading this thread and seeing your updates and photos, so keep up the good work.
FYI, I avoided reading this thread for the longest time, because I misread the title as "What Failed Today? Modern Pinball NYC is going out of business", thinking it was just another thread about the death of the pinball hobby. Glad I finally took a peek.

Interesting take on the Title but I can see how it can be read that way.

Thanks for the Kudos

I hope this thread is helpful in some way, its the reason I started it.

Many times I simply don't have the chance or time to take pics and some things are not pic worthy. Burned bulbs etc. I will try harder to get more pics of issues as they speak louder than words.

Just as a reminder these posts are very basic if any questions are brought up on an issue posted please feel free to ask.

Lets see tonight if we can go 2 days in a row without one machine having a failure.

#219 5 years ago


Very interesting day as Steve Marsh a pinsider here and friend came by Modern to volunteer to help with any machine issues.

Since he owns a Gold Strike and I was stumped as to why I couldn't solve the issue, he had at it.

It turns out that I had not noticed a small delay in the Hundreds reel as it continuously rotated.

This was pointed out to me by Steve that it was due to the 5OOths points being scored and not the 100s. So at every 500 points scored there was a small delay in the reel spin that I didn't notice.

I was searching for a shorted 100s switch when all along it was a 500 point switch.

Once that was pointed out it was straight forward to find the shorted 500 point switch and voila the machine is up and running.

Thanks so much Steve for pointing out something that I hadn't noticed.

A good example of often times its the simplest things.

PTC Drop target bank wouldn't reset, Due to two issues one and most important a shorted coil power supply wire and two a build up of oxidation corrosion on the assembly. The assembly was taken apart and rehabbed

T2 DMD Ribbon cable came loose

OK so I blew it again on not taking more pics but PTC and GS had to get up and running.

I did get a bad pick of another busy MPNY pinball night.

3-347.jpg 2-868.jpg 1-492.jpg 4-396.jpg
#220 5 years ago


No pics as there was no time

TZ Ramp diverter, Trough coil wire

BZ Both Slings. Ball carrier Magnet switch.

DM Trough Coil not firing possible tip 102

AF plunger due to sheared apron. This is a recurring issue until the aprons shooter guide can be replaced or repaired.

#222 5 years ago

It was due to the mech being caught on its own opto as it moved.

This is a design flaw as it is fairly common.

The opto needs to have slotted screw holes for its mounting bracket so that the opto may be shifted for when the interrupter shifts from wear in its moving parts.

#223 5 years ago


Wh20 two switches had both of their wires disconnect and one switch was dead.

Dr Dude POP bumper coil and its lamp base. Both lamp base wires detached

DM intermittent coil failure

TZ intermittent coil failure

BR coil

ACDC lower playfield flippers

AF thing flips but wasnt

Avitar Power ball not recognized

Obviously no time for pics.

#224 5 years ago

11/27 Thanksgiving

Thought it would be a quiet day but literally as we were turning the lights on we had people come in to play.

AF Switch actuator peg wore off, coil wires detached

TOM Flipper bushing broke in half. Two switches had wires detach.

TDW had Code updated

BR Coil wire detached

KISS 3 lamp sockets went bad.

FG Sling shot ring

1-879.jpg 2-971.jpg 3-389.jpg 4-405.jpg 5-31.jpg
#225 5 years ago


Once again I failed to take pics as I was rushed to do board repair on BR in order to get it ready for the league finals.

BR System 11b two blown transistors that were replaced at one point in the machines history by a real hack. All pads were gone with Burn marks everywhere on both top and bottom of board. Traces were burned and lifted as well.

I think they used a blow torch to solder in the transistors.

No proper rework tools at modern and a rush time limit made this board repair a real challenge.

Would like to have taken photos but there was just no way.

Board was repaired and the machine was running for the finals.

Might have been my best board repair yet under the circumstance without proper tools and having someone over my shoulder saying that "you must get it done before the league starts if you can't then just put the board back into the machine and do it later only the machine has to be in the finals". Followed by is it done yet? We don't have a back up for the B division finals". said numerous times.

Nothing to clean the boards with, no alcohol, no flux remover, no brushes , no Fiberglass pen not even any grade of sandpaper. No work bench, no TO-92s I like to replace the pre drivers as well for peace of mind.

No flux, bad lighting and very inconvenient wall outlet. Not a place for board work much less with a time frame.

At least we have a Hakko !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Can you get it ready in time for practice we need this machine"

BK Flipper coil overheating and flipper is weak I am leaning towards an internal coil short. I will know tonight when I get to work on it.

#227 5 years ago
Quoted from Razorbak86:

Eddie, what a nightmare!
Good thing you can perform under pressure! That story deserves to be excerpted and posted in your profile. Great read!
You seem like a cool guy with great technical skills, working under less-than-ideal circumstances. I hope your boss appreciates what you do!
Next time I'm in New York, I'm gonna drop by and buy you a beer.

Thanks for the compliment ! The beer is a great gesture but I don't drink if you come to NY Ill buy you a beer!


Only one new fail but its a repeat for Mustang

The odd Gi Power board has yet again cooked itself this is the second time the GI board has gone bad.

There are no GI shorts so it is a board issue. In the pics you can see a spool shaped cap this likes to fry and make a lot of smoke. Don't know if the cause is the cap supplier or something else on the board. The Bridge tests fine.

Had the chance to repair BK and the coil was shorted, not only that the sleeve was worn through.

The orange flames on the coil wrapper are just shadows my camera is terrible.

I polished up the area before reassembly.

I noticed that there are no rubber end pads on any of the flipper coil assemblies not sure if this is normal on this machine.
The holes are there the grommets are not. I ordered some just in case.
These are the shock absorbing grommets that the plunger link strikes

1.jpg 3.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10-381.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg
#229 5 years ago
Quoted from AZDbacker:

I was visiting NYC over the Thanksgiving holiday and made sure to hit Modern. Was there on Monday around 11:30 AM. I wanted to be there after you had worked on stuff the night before LOL. All games were working and played great except BK. Seemed like the left flippers were super weak. Couldn't get up ramps or anything.


As you can see by my prior post BK flipper issues have been addressed so now you will have to return to play a much better playing machine!

What failed at Modern?

I DID!!!! I failed to diagnose the cause for a row of switches that were out on WCS.

Tried all of the basic checks first Switchs, Diodes, connectors, Wires, Fuses, 12v etc and replaced bad Trough Optos then simply ran out of time for further tests. CPU ,Opto Boards etc. So the machine has been left un-repared for the other tech until I can return.

I hate leaving a down machine ugh.

#231 5 years ago


Kiss switching issue.

Two machines will be moving out today in order to prepare for TBL Launch this Fri and Sat.

#233 5 years ago


AC/DC Ball Trough, Coin door lock

KISS Switch issues resolved. Two Diodes were shorted on two POP bumper switches the havoc that was caused was intense. Endless scoring, POPS Popping, Insert lights going crazy, Pop bumper lights going crazy, all other switches not working, Game would start in this condition with only the flippers working correctly.
Failed switch diodes can really muck things up and can lead the search for the cause in many directions
from failed connectors to board issues etc.

Quoted from Razorbak86:

Are you attending the party, Eddie? On call, maybe? Should be fun.

Ill be attending and will take vids of TBL.

#234 5 years ago


What failed. The cordless drill battery while trying to drill out two machine locks where the keys have vanished.

While in the process of drilling out the locks I noticed and unusual sound emanating from plungers by machines being played along side me.

During my investigation I was amazed but, by now, not surprised by the cause.

Someone had replaced the Plunger shock springs on 4 different machines with washer stacks!!!!!!!

While switching out a Bridge for one of Pinaholics other location machines I was greeted by Barry Driessen Of Dutch Pinball straight from JFK .

His first visit to NY and of course to MPNYC preparing for this weekends Launch for his machine TBL.

Barry is a very pleasant guy.

I will take videos of the machine so you can count on having a good view of what it looks and sounds like.

The machines will arrive today around 3pm.

You will be given a number to play the machine so that you do not have to wait in a line and can enjoy the other 30 machines that MPNYC has to offer.

I will be there tonight only, from 5pm till?

I will not be working as its my day off but I will be helping out. The other tech will be working.

If your a pinsider feel free to introduce yourself I will be wearing my self designed NY pinball history shirt TILT/ Ball Saved

See you tonight.

Roger Sharpe Front.JPG
Roger Sharpe Back.JPG

#236 4 years ago


Not much to post about for once just two rings on WPT were replaced.

Here are the pics I took of the Big Lebowski Launch on FRI eve just before the sudden turn of events.

Once all is corrected I think there will be a great machine in peoples hands.

Barry told me of the new and unfinished things that they were planning to update the machines with and all looked really good.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg
#237 4 years ago


FG OPTO transceiver wire broke internally from "Lois" Opto on back of Stewie Pinball.

I took some pics of the underside of the Stewie playfield for those that may not have seen it.

Also some pics of the playfield without the assembly.

BR ball lifter cracked but held together with my brace. Ball guide screws dropped out and the plunger was weak.

Posted a pic inside BR at the power box.

Note all of the gray dust which is metal shavings from assemblies. This dust must be vacuumed up and the interior of the cab cleaned of all dust as well. Do not let this build up in your machines.

1-225.jpg 2-503.jpg 3-608.jpg 4-743.jpg 5-886.jpg 6-463.jpg 7-611.jpg
#238 4 years ago


A bit late on this post but have been busy.

Nothing really to speak of as far as fails except

ST left rear gate assembly.

A few plunger tips.

#239 4 years ago


FG Ball save post and single Drop target.

AF Festers chair Kickout very weak, Mansion Lights weak

Wh20 Ball hang up in upper playfield.


AF Festers kickout coil was removed for inspection for the weak shootout issue.


Coil was fine, Plunger looked great but was replaced with a new one, Sleeve was broken at edges and was replaced. Here you can see the amount of pounding the plunger base did to the coil bracket.

Issue was not resolved after reinstallation of assembly with new parts.

Upon further inspection the cause was that the ball was hitting the bottom of the chair but why?


The chair was still on its mounting posts as it should be it did not get bent down in anyway so the cause?

Turns out the Kickout bracket broke so the part that the ball traveled on raised the center of it up and into the chair!


Here you can see where the bracket had been poorly repaired in the past by the burned weld marks and the new breaks.


The other side.

I will post pics after I repair it the correct way which will also make it much stronger.


FG Single drop target coil wire is about an inch above the lug it separated from


The Ball save post left coil lug wire holding on by threads.

#240 4 years ago

Just finished repairing the Bracket and you can see where I welded along the edges about 2 inches this will make the piece much much stronger and most likely will never fail again in the same manner.

I also cleaned up the old hack type weld from someone else's prior repair.

1-43.jpg 2-548.jpg 3-451.jpg 4-857.jpg
#246 4 years ago
Quoted from litz:

What ended up causing the bad switch row on WCS?

An intermittent loose switch wire.

Quoted from litz:

Must be bad batch or something ... should be exactly the same.

Could have been as the wire was extremely thin and light almost no tension at all.

#247 4 years ago


End of year machines trying their best to breakdown.

SM Upper Right Flipper, POP bumper, Ramp
WPT Upper left flipper
PZ Shooter Rod tip
FH Flipper, "E" switch
ACDC Trough
WCS Trough
DR Dude Left Flipper


Non stop play at Modern the ultimate proving Ground for Pins.


FH wire off of Flipper coil.


"E" target hard to see but diode is off of one switch blade you can see that a lead came off of the diode itself, Diode was replaced with a new one.
Note switch is held together by two zip ties ugh.


WPT flipper coil detached wire.


SM upper right flipper Plunger


SM POP bumper Yokes both broken


SM complete left leading edge of Ramp broken off


PZ entire front of rubber tip is gone metal rod end is exposed.

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Quoted from RichmanBri:

Love this thread! I go to Modern whenever I get a chance to duck out of work a lil early and head over.
Is there a reason for that many machines to have issues so near to each other? Extra busy at the shop or just a bit of coincidence?

The idea that it appears the machines next to each other are the ones that break down is just that an idea. In fact these machines breakdown evenly across the board from the amount of use they get.

On any given day it can appear that its just machines next to each other. On other days it can appear to be machines completely on opposite sides or across the room from each other. Its the glory of randomness!

Glad you like the thread I hope it helps people in some way with their machines.

Thanks for the input.

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12/31 New Years Eve

Dr Dude drop target bank

TWD Flipper alignment, Zombie Head switch adjustment

BK Sound issue?

KISS Popbumper Diodes


Note Hole in coil stop


The reason for the bank not to reset.

We didnt have the correct stop at Modern as the correct one has a shorter stop.

This causes the targets not to get raised high enough to clear their lock bar.

To correct this the fingers that raise the targets must be bent slightly up.

Not the best thing to do. The correct stop will be ordered and the fingers will then be flattened again.

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First day of the New Year Modern was packed but the best part?

Only 2 fails.

PZ Slingshot ring

DR Dude flipper pawl.

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