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What does your screen name mean? Ive always wondered.

By the_pin_family

8 years ago

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    #351 7 years ago

    "Decat" is short for Decathlete, which is an athlete who competes in the Decathlon. I was the NCAA Decathlon National Champion in 2004, and I have been competing professionally as a Decathlete since the 2005 season. I have been ranked in the top 10 in the world 2 years of my career. Just google my name "Ryan Harlan" for more.

    #352 7 years ago

    I have a lot of hats. Several Pork Pies, a couple of Fedoras, a couple Flat Caps, a Boater, some other straw hats, and a nice Top Hat that I will sometimes wear even with casual clothes.

    Purple is the favorite color of both my wife and I. I have 2 purple game stools, 8 purple ties, a suit with purple pinstripes, purple hat bands and feathers, and on and on. I also rebuilt and customized a 74 VW Bug which I painted purple. Some people think that's fruity or something, but I think my stuff looks good. Damn good.

    So I guess the screen name is a combination of two things that I'm sort of known for. I don't actually own a purple Top Hat, but I wouldn't be against the idea...


    #353 7 years ago

    it's the passsword for all my financial transactions.

    #354 7 years ago

    I just have ballsofsteel, hence I've been in jail 5 times.

    4 months later
    #355 6 years ago

    The email address my college gave me was schonb25 and it stuck. I was the 26th person with the address schonb, which is a shortening of my last name.

    #356 6 years ago

    I have an unusual first name that starts with the letter "B". Top that with the fact that I'm a little Huskier than others and BAM!! You get "BigB"

    #357 6 years ago

    Mine is pretty self explanatory

    #358 6 years ago

    Since the OP mentioned personalized license plates.....

    IMAG0752.jpg IMAG0753.jpg

    #359 6 years ago

    No good reason.

    #360 6 years ago

    Underlord because I am the ruler of the abyss. Doy. :p

    #361 6 years ago

    My screen name comes from when we were kids playing vids in the arcade. You're going along real good on one quarter then boom, there is some cheap spot in the game that keeps grabbing your quarters. You keep putting quarters in but the hole is in a different place each time and you fall in again and again, so you need to put more quarters in. When we got to those cheap spots in an arcade game that just grabbed all our quarters we called those spots quarter grabbers!

    #362 6 years ago

    Mine is my last name. Pretty boring compared to others

    #363 6 years ago

    professional dj/mc for 30+ years. still working every weekend. this is my dj name.

    #364 6 years ago

    It suggests i am the obi wan kenobi of plunging.

    #366 6 years ago

    from the Urban Dictionary
    1. pinballocks
    The act of repeated drains, outlane bounces and straight down the middle rebounds causing the player to cuss & shove the machine until it tilts.

    One of my typical games, except for the shoving part.

    #367 6 years ago

    just my first name and middle initial, but I'm also technically a gen 'x'-er (which is just coincidence)

    #368 6 years ago

    Death Himself

    Originates from my first person shooter days of Medal of Honor, so when I killed you the game displayed "You have just been killed by Death_Himself"

    Still play MOH and now World of Tanks

    #369 6 years ago

    First letter of first name and then last name. Mostly so I can remember it

    #370 6 years ago
    Quoted from jrivelli:

    First letter of first name and then last name. Mostly so I can remember it

    mine too, plus my state...

    for the same reason as you...

    #371 6 years ago

    Mine is my first initial and last name spelled backwards. When I first signed up to Pinside 7+ years ago there was no forum so this was just a login ID that I came up with.

    1 year later
    #372 5 years ago

    Hougie was the handle of my late uncle and a shortened version of our last name. I try to carry on the tradition. Oh , and it's pronounced like the sandwich.

    #373 5 years ago

    Phantom of the Opera and the year of the first English printing.
    And my high score initials are the initials that the Phantom uses to sign his letters to the managers of the opera house, O.G. for Opera Ghost.

    #374 5 years ago

    Why not jump in if we're reviving an old thread... I wasn't here when it started anyway!

    Just my first initial and last name. No exciting story and not very clandestine - maybe that should have been my reason not to jump in...

    -Visit http://www.kahr.us to get my daughterboard that helps fix WPC pinball resets

    #375 5 years ago


    #376 5 years ago

    A lap dance, then you get a nip in the face?

    #377 5 years ago

    AloneMordakai came to life as my gamertag on xbox live over 8 years ago. It was not my first choice, nor my second or third. In the Army I was given the nickname "Wizard," (having nothing to do with gaming or pinball, as it were). When choosing my gamertag I went through a multitude of variations involving Wizard, W1zard, W1z4rd, A Lone Wizard, Alone Wizard and finally, out of frustration, pulled an old character name from D&D and thus, AloneMordakai was born.

    #378 5 years ago
    Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

    A lap dance, then you get a nip in the face?

    Lap? It's Lab.
    Labrador Nipple obviously.

    #379 5 years ago

    psd4me came along in 01 when I bought my first and only new truck an 01 F250 CC LB 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel.Which I still have (has 208,000 on it now) and I'm going to have it for a long time. I can't afford $65,000 to replace it. Yes I'm a big time Ford guy. I use this screen name almost everywhere. Mike

    #380 5 years ago


    #381 5 years ago

    Mine boring.......MK6PIN....MK ( short for Mark, my first name) ...6 ( total # of my family members...although son in law would make 7...he doesn't count...yet )....PIN ( short for pinball)....sadly, that's it......

    #382 5 years ago

    Mine is simple. My name is Ryan and I live in St. Louis. I'd rather have the "Stl" all capitalized, but I didn't catch it when creating the account.

    #383 5 years ago

    My dad and I went to the Arcades together during the 80's glory days. He'd play pinball and I played the video games. Aladdin's Castle was the pinball my father surprised the family with at Christmas around 1983. We had the pinball right in the middle of the Family Room!
    We played the s____ out of that game and my dad still has it in his garage. Arcades are a shared memory for my father and I.

    #384 5 years ago

    MTI are my initials for my real name. In the phonetic alphabet it is MIKE TANGO INDIA. And no my name is not Mike lol. I am a commercial helicopter pilot so we use phonetic alphabet in aviation.

    #385 5 years ago

    Mine is self explanatory. I brought it over from RGP so I would be known as the same person which ever site I was on.
    Avatar is the pin.

    #386 5 years ago

    I'm a pinball fan, I am LSU alumni, I live in 225 area code.

    #387 5 years ago

    LitzDoc comes from my favorite wizard mode on my favorite pin and the fact that I am a doctor.

    #388 5 years ago

    Been using Thor for a looong time in FPS-games (especialy Quake III) still play Q3 and use it there.

    Thor had been in use here, so added my country to it Thor-NL

    #389 5 years ago

    WilliamsFan- I have always seemed to have a liking for Williams games, and they always seem to find me.....you can follow me on twitter with @wmsfan

    #390 5 years ago

    CraigC. Craig for 42 years.


    #391 5 years ago
    Quoted from CraigC:

    CraigC. Craig for 42 years.

    That's great, but please tell us why you chose that name 42 years ago?

    #392 5 years ago

    I like beer.

    #393 5 years ago
    Quoted from labnip:

    labnip-1.jpg 49 KB

    Kinda like Weird Science


    #394 5 years ago

    some of you guys put way too much thought in your user name

    #395 5 years ago

    Self deprecating, but also a bit of a middle finger. People take themselves way too seriously in this hobby.

    #396 5 years ago


    Chuck was a nickname in HS.
    Wurt is a family nickname that all my friends call me.

    Chuckwurt has also been my handle for everything (online gaming, AIM, Instagram, twitter, etc)

    So I am pretty easy to find on the internet I guess haha.

    #397 5 years ago

    My eBay identity is ZNET, circa 1999, when 4 characters would suffice. Because my surname begins with the letter "Z," I'm ZNET when I'm on the internet, including on this forum.

    I have a hard time remembering all of the online identities and passwords attendant to the modern world. Whenever possible, I recycle an existing identity.

    The name is unrelated to ZNET, the acronym for Zero Net Energy Town, a renewable energy town in Australia. However, I am very much in favor of renewable energy efforts in the public and private spheres so my plan is to recycle this identity as well.

    #398 5 years ago

    AEOLUS = Greek God, keeper of the winds. Studied Ancient Geek/Latin in college (not my nerdiest interest, but a contender...) -- I always imagined that the ancient Greeks would attribute the internet/wifi to manifestations of Aeolus (hence the handle)

    "7" comes from my AOL days (007 was part of my original screen name and 7 stuck with me)

    #399 5 years ago

    my kid is the "giver of the winds"... oy...

    #400 5 years ago

    My name indicates I was not very imaginative on the day I signed up.

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