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What does your screen name mean? Ive always wondered.

By the_pin_family

8 years ago

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    #301 7 years ago
    Quoted from ryan1234:

    Mine is the same combination I have on my luggage. .....no one gets it.

    President Skroob? Is that you?

    #302 7 years ago

    My favorite Harrison Ford line from American Graffiti.

    #303 7 years ago

    I suppose mine is boring. I chose my first name (Drew) in case I ever run into fellow pinsiders there will be no confusion. I followed my name with the abbreviation of the city I now live in and love which is Asheville (AVL.)

    I have started a thread inspired by this one that explains peoples Avatars for those that have strange or unidentifiable ones.

    #304 7 years ago

    PenthousePinball - The majority of my pinball collection is located in my apartment on the 11th floor (Penthouse) of the building in downtown Louisville, KY. I've been here for just over two years now and no noise complaints, even with all 5 machines being played at once!!

    image-8.jpeg image-9.jpeg image-10.jpeg

    #305 7 years ago

    Way back when, when the original Half Life came out, I needed a name for playing online. I never really knew what to use. I started with Onion... the grade school nickname... but it didn't feel right. Then one day I just said ah foo... what to use. Bingo... Foo! Been using the tag ever since. HL, HL2, L4D, L4D2, BF2 and now BF3.

    As for the avatar... if Kiss can have an army (yup, I'm one of those guys... big fan), I should have an army. It makes a great spray for the above mentioned online games.

    EDIT: Just looked up Half Life... released in 1998... man I'm getting old.


    #306 7 years ago

    I've been a drummer practically my entire life and "krupa" is a tribute to two of my favorites: Gene Krupa and Animal from The Muppets. It was inspired by this Muppet Show scene where Animal names Krupa as one of his influences, "Krupa! Krupa!."

    #307 7 years ago

    Thought I'd responded to this already.....guess I haven't.

    Mine's simple. Standard military phoenetic of my initials.


    #308 7 years ago

    Wife started calling me Spanky and the nickname took. That spelling gets blocked in a lot of places so I adopted the "Spankey" spelling.

    #309 7 years ago

    My nickname has been Hutch since long before Starsky had a partner on a TV show, much less a movie. Hutch was taken so I thought about how I describe myself most these days, and well, there you have that.

    The avatar is the Aqualung character from the Jethro Tull album, I don't look like him, but some days I feel like I do.

    Great thread btw, can't believe I haven't seen it before

    #310 7 years ago

    My name and wifes name put together

    #311 7 years ago

    I was a Dapper Dan at this little theme park in SoCal once upon a time. My avatar is from another job at a different little theme park in SoCal. I also like the number 2 and my wife likes the number 4. Other things I like include this thread! Nice little diversion from the norm...

    #312 7 years ago

    I got mine from the anime and live action movie. Zeiram is the unstoppable cyborg!


    #313 7 years ago

    I went on a field trip to ride on the General Jackson riverboat in middle school. I had emptied out my pockets and it was sitting on my computer desk. It said GenJackson on it. I made that my username on a chess site called Gameknot, and i've been using it for years.

    #314 7 years ago

    I'm boring, MES, Michael Emil Stivers. Just my name. I go by Miku on RGP. It's the way Mike is pronunciation in Japanese. Taught there for a while.

    #315 7 years ago

    I grew up in delaware and a blue hen is the state bird.

    My emails and handles used to all be VictorG111, but a lot of times when I wrote down my email people thought it was VictorGLLL, or VictorGiii. When gmail came out I changed to bluehens, and then used that on RGP.

    #316 7 years ago

    First letter of my first name + last name + IV (because I'm the fourth)

    I would just use CHESS but it's usually taken. I also don't have a problem using my real name.

    #317 7 years ago

    The first HighSpeed pin was the one that got me hooked in 1988, at Pirates Cove in Bradenton, FL. Played it for hours at a time, time after time, on just a few quarters.....

    #318 7 years ago

    Mines a reference to Futurama "So long coffinstuffers"-----Its just something we will all be. Its like your a party favor for the future. It's just a reminder that all the cruel things in life are funny even when they happen to you; you just have to laugh at it.

    1 month later
    #319 7 years ago

    Bumping this thread along w/ the "your avatar" thread for the newbies here on Pinside Forum.

    #320 7 years ago

    mine was just a off the cuff nickname given to me by someone at work. They gave my another one too, but I can't use it on my screen name without offending people. It was Ballsack.

    #321 7 years ago

    Odin and Wotan were the names of the ball locks on Bally's 1972 Fireball (I know most of you know this). Although it is not the first game with multiball, It was a prototype for todays gameplay, way ahead of its time. It also took what little change I had in my pocket when I was 10. My current avatar is a photo from the playfield. I believe he might be Gorgars dad.

    #322 7 years ago

    Rockinganker was an auto-generated name made up while I was playing Quake III online. I thought it was rather unique and silly and I have used it for every user name since.

    Frag on!

    #323 7 years ago

    Mine is so dull... initials + start of zip code (Departement in France) meaning I live in Gironde (near Bordeaux).
    Now that I think of it, I would have chosen "HiveMind" or "CollectiveMind".
    Avatar is Massive Dynamic logo, the non-existing company from Fringe.

    ...Fringe scientist, then...

    #324 7 years ago

    Concretehardt =
    My job is concrete sales &
    The last 5 letters of my last name are "hardt"

    #325 7 years ago

    About 13 years ago I told my wife, "As I get older, I just get fatter and hairier (except for my head). I'm like some sort of Sasquatch...no, some sort of Fatsquatch."

    #326 7 years ago

    I decided to take a job in Egypt in 1998 and up to that point I hadn't established an email account that wasn't related to an internet provider. So, I set up an email account with hotmail and at that time you could only have 8 characters in your name. I wanted something that described where we were. Egypt R US described where we were.


    #327 7 years ago

    I'm notoriously poor at coming up with usernames so I tried to think of something interesting this time and came across a photo I'd taken at the Goodwood Revival festival last year. Its of a MkIX B Spitfire and P51d Mustang. Only later I discovered that the combined horsepower was somewhat less (actually about 3500) but too late to change by then!

    #328 7 years ago

    it's my name

    #329 7 years ago

    I grew up in Milwaukee and used to post to Milwaukee Bucks forums. And I live in Arizona.

    4 months later
    #330 7 years ago

    Anyone else care to post a comment explaining your online screen name that hasn't already done so?

    #331 7 years ago


    I'm a Bass player for a band named "Q". 187 was the route I lived on "Back in the day".

    #332 7 years ago

    My usual internet handle was taken so I made this one up at the log in page. I like pins, I'm a man and I'm a guy.

    #333 7 years ago

    I started programming when I was 8 (1986). My mother was a department head at the local hospital and I would hang out there often (Daycare was expensive). She would send me down to the data processing room and the guy that worked in there would set me up with a terminal. I messed around for a while and discovered by declaring ":a" and then "goto :a" hilarity ensued. The terminal system was still on tape drive at the time. (They were converting to the modern type of networking with desktop pc's.) This creates an "infinite loop". It's harmless for the most part. But cool to watch.

    #334 7 years ago

    I am a dark wandering soul, who affects all I come into contact with, forever changing their destinies. The Overlord is just a figurehead...the UNDERLORD wields the real power!

    Oh, and I like pinball!

    Rick. "I'm gonna have me some fun." #190

    #335 7 years ago

    When I joined PinSide, I didn't own a pinball machine, much less pin balls, so I picked Ball_Less1.
    (as in, the Ball Less One) Stupid, I know, but I didn't think I would stay here long.

    #336 7 years ago

    30 years in martial arts. I teach a style called Hapkido. The three core principles that our it's foundations are Hwa = Harmony , Won = Circles and Yu=Water.
    Don't fight force with force. Blend with it, envelope it and using circles send it off or in to itself. That and run away fast as you can : )

    #337 7 years ago

    SpOoKy= www.laffinthedark.com My former website about dark rides and fun houses. ~SpOoKy RiDeS

    #338 7 years ago

    A Metallica song about trying to make it in the music biz and their money being wasted, Breadfan is a meaning for a money shredder. Like the saying, flushing money down the toilet.

    #339 7 years ago

    My nephew when he began speaking could say everyone's name in my family except mine. Instead of Tony he would say teekee no matter how many times I would correct him... teekee, teekee, teekee! I really hated it! Almost thirty years later he will still call me teekee just to piss me off.

    #340 7 years ago

    When I joined Ebay in '99 I tried to get Slugmaster-it was taken :evil:Anyone who lives in Western Washington is very famaliar with slugs

    #341 7 years ago

    I always used to use "oic" for stuff like this - not because it's "oh i see" but because a kid in my neighborhood with a speed problem said "Air-ick" like "Oh-ick" instead. The neighborhood though it was ADORABLE <grumble> so I was always "Oic" instead of "Eric". Then when I needed initials for video games & pinball and could only use three letters, Oic came in handy, so I used it, despite always hating it. But once you get into larger communities, oic is often taken (or too short) so at some point when I was signing up for something I used my initials (ep) and a description (the geek). It has the benefit of never being taken by anyone, anywhere. But it kind of sucks.


    #342 7 years ago

    None of your business!

    #343 7 years ago

    Mine is self explanatory, thank you very much!

    #344 7 years ago

    RTR = Roll Tide Roll

    Let the thumbs up begin...

    #345 7 years ago

    Old Everquest and Warcraft character name. Was a derivation of my surname..

    In game folks just call me Pato.

    #346 7 years ago

    One night my buddy Rich and I were playing Scrabble. I had the letters J-I-B-M-U-M-S and was unable to do anything with them. I laid them all down on the board and Rich goes "that's not a word!" So I tell him, in an accent, "Sure it is - Abbin, Symin, Deedoh - da Jibmums!"

    #347 7 years ago

    I worked for Toyota many years ago i was working on a MR2 with a bad turbo and the boss came up to me and said hows it coming Turboderf which is Turbo fred backwards over 25 years

    #348 7 years ago

    I'm 5'6" but had the largest hands on the football team by far. Caught everything too. When you are young PAUZ is much cooler than PAWS. 21's my favorite number.

    Sadly, I'm not young anymore.

    #349 7 years ago

    I love awkward moments and creating awkward moments. So, I'm ThatGuy.

    #350 7 years ago

    Just like the name says

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