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What do you think of 'Escape From The Lost World'

No one calls this topic a favorite.

By sodakjack

3 years ago


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#1 3 years ago

Have a chance to buy a Escape from the Lost World pinball. Haven't seen it or ever played one but it is the same time period as my beloved Pinbot (that I don't own but have worked on a few). Anyway what are your thoughts on Escape from the Lost World

#2 3 years ago

Backglasss is beautiful. Playfield....not so much. IMHO, it has an EM feel.

DISREGARD - I thought you were talking about 'Lost World' from Bally ....I've no experince with Escape from the Lost world.

#3 3 years ago

Saw that one up in Brookings (have family there so I keep tabs on the area pin-wise). My advice - go play it. It's definitely different. I played one game one time years ago and didn't think much of it, but you can't tell much of anything from one game.

When that went up for sale I watched a Youtube clip and it actually looks and sounds kind of fun. Simplistic, but fun.


» YouTube video

#4 3 years ago

JP is Better IMO !!!! But , Everyone has Their own Taste . Go 4 it..

JP-2.jpg JP-1.jpg

#5 3 years ago

I really miss my lost world but have never tracked down escape from. I do think it looks interesting but would depend on rules if it is fun or not.

#6 3 years ago

Very weird and fun little game. I love the artwork and crazy shots. It has a really cool and hard shot across a "tight-rope" and a very unique wide hill-like molded ramp up on top. I haven't played enough to really figure out the rules, but I believe it's fairly straight-forward given the era. It is fun to bat the ball around though, that's for sure.

#7 3 years ago

I don't know...from the video it looks like a fun game!

#8 3 years ago

It was my first alpha numeric, and my first "modern" machine as the only other SS we had at that point was GTB Dragon. I really liked it and often "threaten" my wife that we will get another one.

It has a cool shot over the golden bridge with the upper left flipper and then use the upper right flipper to shoot it through the door for a jackpot.

Often the molded plastic rocks will be broken here and there, similar to the boulders in WH2O.

It is rare to see one with the original playfield glass which had a Pterodactyl and a few plants silk screened to it.

Weird "banana" cabinet. No art on the front of the cab.

I'd take another one in good condition if I could find one and a place to put it.

#9 3 years ago

Well apparently there's Lost World, Escape from the Lost World, Jurassic Park, and The Lost World Jurassic Park. Confusing much? Reminds me of algebra: First Outer Inner Last.

#10 3 years ago

It's one of the few late 80's Bally titles I love.

Back in 1988, I lived near a Putt-Putt that had this, and I played it all the time.

#11 3 years ago
Crash said:

Reminds me of algebra: First Outer Inner Last.

that's funny!

#12 3 years ago

I've got one. It's no Pinbot, but it's a fun game that's been reliable and survived being at the MGC 3 times. Good flow with basic rules, the timed escape shot for Jackpot is tough. The plastics are the weak spot and the banana cabinet is tricky to move. I lucked out and found mine at a local rummage sale for cheap, but I'd think that depending on condition, you could get one for under $700.

#13 3 years ago

I've never seen one in person so I could play it; but I have always thought it looked like fun.

I'd love to play one sometime; does anyone in the SF bay area have one?



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