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What do you think of color DMD?

By snowy_owl

46 days ago

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    “What do you think of color DMD?”

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    #1 46 days ago

    Sometimes I will walk into an arcade and see a couple machines with color DMD. While it's cool to have dot matrix in color and have a new effect for some games, I think there are some games where it really doesn't do it justice...or games where it does.
    Wondering what you think...

    #2 46 days ago

    I think it is the best mod for the money on the entire mod market. I have never seen a game and thought: "Yeah, monocolor orange or red was WAY better...."

    #3 46 days ago

    NPO said it best. Colordmd is awesome.

    #4 46 days ago

    If I had the funds, colordmd would be on every pin. Best mod there is. Once you go colordmd, you’ll never go back to orange dots

    #5 46 days ago

    Best bang for your buck, must have in my opinion.

    #6 46 days ago

    I hate mods. I love color dmd.

    #7 46 days ago

    Everyone of my DMD pins have color. I agree with everyone else, it’s one of the best mods.

    For me it’s colored DMD, Invisiglass and sub woofer, those are my most important things to add.

    #8 46 days ago
    Quoted from brett:

    Everyone of my DMD pins have color. I agree with everyone else, it’s one of the best mods.
    For me it’s colored DMD, Invisiglass and sub woofer, those are my most important things to add.

    Agree with all this also

    #9 46 days ago

    I have colordmd lcd in every game that supports it.

    #10 46 days ago

    Color DMD is awesome !

    #11 46 days ago

    It's one of the few mods that doesn't have a huge drop in resale value.

    For some games, it really adds a lot. For other games, it's ok, and still others it doesn't always add much compared to what it costs.

    If it wasn't $400, I would certainly buy more of them since I find the price tag a bit of a big pill to swallow.

    But since you can effectively swap it around between games, you can always move it to a different game if you don't like the results in a particular game. Or, even resell it for close to retail price if you simply don't like it at all.

    The last time a colordmd went up for sale in the marketplace, there was a bit of a feeding frenzy, lol

    #12 46 days ago

    Great product.

    Great support.

    LTG : )

    #13 46 days ago

    Once you see it, it's hard not to want it on your games.

    You also can see detail in the dots that you couldn't see before in the sea of orange.

    #14 46 days ago

    Must have, especially for DMD pins that sit next to machines with backglass monitors.

    #15 46 days ago

    Best product for pinball mods there is.
    There not cheap, but also not cheap to make.
    Customer support is top notch.
    I have 10, i justify the price by buying one a year.

    #16 46 days ago

    I love color DMD. I have it in TSPP and LOTR, totally worth it!

    #17 46 days ago

    2 votes hate it??? What is there to hate besides price? Yes it’s expensive, but it’s well made and looks great.

    #18 46 days ago

    Love it in my RCT!

    #19 46 days ago

    I think the color integration is done really well. I'm happy these are being made along with some of the lighting upgrades. Makes the 90's games appear much newer. If we can get to the point where we can retrofit a display like the new monster bash into any of the dmd era games I think that would be a huge win.

    #20 46 days ago

    I'm in the minority, but I don't care for ColorDMD. Maybe I'm getting old now and don't like things to change but it reminds me of when Ted Turner was colorizing old black and white movies. It just didn't look right to me. I have no problem with an orange DMD.

    There are almost no mods that I actually like. Don't like LED's, art blades, cabinet lighting, trinkets, etc.

    The only mod I think I like is putting gumballs into the gumball machine on TZ. I can't think of any other mods that I like.

    #21 46 days ago
    Quoted from ForceFlow:

    The last time a colordmd went up for sale in the marketplace, there was a bit of a feeding frenzy, lol

    I'll vouch for that. Nearly one year ago, I put 3 LCD ColorDMDs up at 325 a piece. All 3 were gone in 4 mins flat.

    For those wondering, I swapped to LED ColorDMD, hence why I sold all my LCD versions.

    #22 46 days ago

    I think they are amazing, but too expensive. I won’t be buying them any time soon for my 3 DMD games.

    #23 46 days ago

    Great product, professionally packaged, easy install.

    But. They're priced $150 too high considering the retail cost on the parts is under $100. Of course they have to amortize the cost to colorize each game and provide support, too.

    They'd probably sell 10x as many with a $250 price. I won't be buying any more at $400.

    #24 46 days ago
    Quoted from brett:

    Everyone of my DMD pins have color. I agree with everyone else, it’s one of the best mods.
    For me it’s colored DMD, Invisiglass and sub woofer, those are my most important things to add.


    #25 46 days ago
    Quoted from Brijam:

    the retail cost on the parts is under $100

    #26 46 days ago

    Color DMD and PDI make such an improvement in a pin I do not consider them as mods. They are something more, on a whole higher level.

    #27 46 days ago

    Like others stated - to me the best add-ons are Color DMD, PDI & Polk Sub. I get some stating the color DMD is expensive - it is at 4ish bills. However I am not going to question Randy's (I have only bought his product) business model or guess what it costs to make. It is a phenomenal product with great support and brings the animations to the next level. I have seen images I never saw with the orange dots. And just got MET and can't stand the red dots. I just can't unsee the red & orange dots so it is now a must upgrade - although I wait some for my fundage situation to be right - like trying to "win" one or part of one at my poker games.

    #28 46 days ago

    Great product ...Great service ...can't go back to orange dots ....

    #29 46 days ago

    ColorDMD is an instant upgrade and makes a pin to stand out in a crowd. It has elevated every game in which I have seen it used.

    #30 46 days ago

    If only they were in the 300-350 range. Only then would I buy the bullet. They do look badass

    #31 46 days ago

    Must have for me....I even have one waiting in the wings for my wof. At that point I'll be in full color.

    #32 46 days ago

    They really look great from what I've seen. I have 8 DMD games that I would love to have them for but price keeps me from buying. Still hoping to get one but then I would want them for all my games. Just too much to spend.

    #33 46 days ago

    It’s good

    #34 44 days ago

    Best mod out there.

    I hear their support is great but they've never acknowledged any of my offers to work on NASCAR, never gotten a single response.

    They had a quick turnaround on getting me a version of the WCS rom that works correctly in Buy-In mode but it's still not posted on their ROMs page.

    #35 44 days ago

    Color DMD are awesome.

    #36 44 days ago

    Essential. Only orange game I have left is BK2K, cuz it doesn’t have a DMD lol.

    Dots XL 4 life! Never use smear mode!

    #37 44 days ago

    LOTR, my first pin in 12/2018, had a color DMD already installed, and I now cannot imagine owning a pin without a color DMD. When I'm at an arcade or bar and see single color DMDs, I think to myself "how quaint, but that would look soooooooo much better with a color DMD."

    Ironically, my second pin was only sold with a color LCD, and it plays a large percentage of the video clips in black and white (yeah, yeah, yeah!).

    #38 44 days ago

    Best mod out there! Upgraded 4 Sterns and my ST very soon.

    #39 44 days ago

    Pinball Magic Capcom just announced!
    Best mod on market.

    #40 44 days ago

    Where? I don’t see the announcement thread on it.

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