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What did you learn from your last repair?

By swampfire

4 years ago

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#43 4 years ago

Working on a Mousin Around that spent a couple years in someone's garage with no top glass. Lots of corrosion on metal bits, ramp flaps are solid rust. Have been dismantling and cleaning ramps, parts go into ultrasonic and metal parts then go into tumbler. Rusty ramp flaps get a vigorous scrubbing with aluminum foil and vinegar.

Rivetting everything back has proved challenging at best. A rivet press might be nice, but after shipping, customs fees, and exchange rate, it's like $450. Not happening.

I've learned that if you buy a c-clamp rivet clincher, make sure the rivet die at the fixed end is on some sort of extension. I can't rivet half the things because the body of the clamp itself requires a certain amount of clearance that is not provided with rivets at the edges of ramps, or on the flanges that hold microswitches. Probably (but not verified, as I do not have this) a better tool would have the rivet die on a threaded piece as well as the cup-shaped-rivet-holder-thingy (technically speaking).

1 week later
#44 4 years ago

Today I learned the power of dirt. I have a Taxi and the Pinbot target bank wouldn't reset (Pinbot Stranded, really!). Fiddled with it and the targets really didn't want to reset even manually. Then when pushed, didn't want to drop. First I tested the coil to see if it was melted in the middle or something. Resistance seemed good. So then I pulled the whole assembly out. When I had it down to just the targets themselves on the chassis, they still didn't want to move. Gunky dirt. Completely Disasssembled. 3 minutes in the ultrasonic with Mean Green and hot water. Reassembled. Tschnick tschnick tschnick. They all worked nicely. Reassembled everything and put it back in. Started up a game. No reset. F*ck. Raised the PF and noticed that I forgot to put the wire connectors back on. Put them on. Started up a new game. Target bank worked perfect!!!

There was just so much greasy, waxy dirt built up in the assy that it could no longer move.

#50 4 years ago

Today I learned, from reading in the Taxi manual, that you can run the switch test and jumper between the connector and pin for the row and the connector and pin for the column to find out if a specific switch is not working at the boards, or off the boards. Holy cow this is huge. Today was worth it!

1 week later
#93 4 years ago

Replaced the pf switch in the Tiger Saw lane in TOM a couple nights ago. Removed the diode from the old switch to attach to the new switch. After desoldering the old one, I stood up to talk to someone and raked my finger across the now exposed wire of the old diode. Those mofos can be sharp and I cut my finger deep. My lesson was that if there's a way to injure myself, I will, so I should always pay better attention.

#103 3 years ago

That it sucks swapping flipper assemblies in the machine. Desoldering the old wires sucks. Unscrewing everything that needs unscrewing sucks. Screwing new assemblies back in sucks more. Soldering the wires back also sucks. I wish I had a rotisserie.

#110 3 years ago

That the person who designed the sys 11 interconnect board was a crazy man (some crazy long connectors on that thing).

That some previous owner of my Taxi was a silly f*&k and had hard wired GI inputs to front AND back of board (when they could have actually just jumpered 2 pins at the back, if they really couldn't get their hands on a new molex connector).

That Vid rocks and his guides rock (technically, I already knew this).

Replaced the GI input connector and reflowed pins for any relative connectors and I now have full GI on my Taxi instead of the lame handful of Gi I used to have.

1 week later
#136 3 years ago

It's definitely worth while doing a full assembly swap when doing maintenance on flippers, rather than trying to rebuild. Now I can use a rebuild kit on the old assemblies. It's like keeping winter tires on a spare set of rims.

#156 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Before you replace that 9-year-old microwave oven that suddenly "died", make sure there's actually power at the outlet. I was really disappointed in myself when I plugged in the new one and it didn't work either...hello, it's a GFI outlet and it tripped.

Hehe. I recently called a plumber because my hot water had gone cold. Turns out the breaker tripped, and I never thought to check for that because it's never happened before. I DID end up replacing the breaker though, it was old and busted and tripped again twice that week. Def the breaker, not the heater.

In the pinball world, TIL that when rebuilding the upper flipper on No Fear, it's really hard to keep it aligned perfectly when tightening everything, since there is no toothpick hole on the upper ramp. It went ok though.

2 weeks later
#179 3 years ago

That there's a hole in my spinout, dear Liza. This explains why I still can't get above 75k, even after replacing the launch assy.


#182 3 years ago

That installing nvram to make the battery pack obsolete is a snap.

That the hakko desolder gun was a sweet sweet purchase. Already knew this, but desoldering a 28 pin chip in like 60 seconds underscored the fact.

#195 3 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

This machine desperately needs new flipper rubbers. If the rubber maintain a it shape when removed, well...

Needs a good scrub with a cleaner / polish too. Looks kind of like someone dumped an ashtray across the PF. A good cleaning will make it seem like a new game.

#202 3 years ago

That a coin door (at least WPC) is a cinch to swap. I was intimidated, before I tried it.

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