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what did you do to your pins this weekend?

By ccotenj

7 years ago

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    #1 7 years ago

    we had some fun with this topic for a few weekends awhile ago, so let's try again...

    today i:

    bought a pf rotisserie (thanks blackjacker!) that i will pick up tomorrow...

    did my 2 "favorite" ( ) pinball maintenance items, both on my 4 square... first i r&r'd a pop bumper that had developed an issue, and then i r&r'd the "1's" score reel...

    after rebuilding the score reel, i then drank excessively to recover...

    ok, what did everyone else do?

    #2 7 years ago

    Replaced the flipper buttons, caps and flipper switches on Diner and installed a new LED display in Diner as well. Power supply and aux driver board should arrive on Monday...

    #3 7 years ago

    Played them

    #4 7 years ago


    I hung a door between my gameroom. Then I put Cliffy protectors, PinBits protectors, and a Flipper Fidelity kit in my LotR, and cleaned the game up a bit (read: pant load of waxing and cleaning). The shaker will have to wait until I get more ambitious, but the FF kit is nice for the time being.


    #5 7 years ago

    Played 2 of them. Then only looked at the others.

    #6 7 years ago

    Perfect timing for this thread! Just fully protected my acdc. Jukebox and bell cliffys, 2 slot protectors, left and right shooter lane cliffys and the stern wall protector. Then played the hell out of it because its indestructible now!!!

    #7 7 years ago

    I made a new (prototype) pistol style trigger for my STTNG shooter. I never cared for the sharp metal one, it was too sharp around the edges and the travel distance was too long so I made a fancy one with rounded edges and a shorter pull to activate the switch. image.jpg

    #8 7 years ago

    Played NGG but plan on playing playing and playing.

    #9 7 years ago

    Didn't do anything to my old pins, but took a road trip with my son (5 hrs. round-trip) and scored a good package deal on 2 new pins, The Shadow and a '66 Williams Full House.

    Also stopped at Hooter's for lunch, and got picked on by my son for "staring" as our well-rounded waitress walked away. Yeah, like he didn't notice!

    EDIT: Sunday afternoon, scored a Royal Rumble as well. 3 pins within 24 hrs! A great weekend!

    #10 7 years ago

    Rebuilding the flippers and head mechs on a roadshow over here.

    #11 7 years ago

    Played pinside first, then put a pinball machine back into the box it came in, installed a chrome lock down bar on RobT MB and played it for the first time after rebuilding it . Made a check list for things to adjust on Sunday .

    #12 7 years ago

    Set up my MB that arrived yesterday, it's been a year in the making. But it was well worth the wait.

    #13 7 years ago

    Ordered a couple hundred in parts. I'll get back to you next weekend...

    #14 7 years ago

    Installed new shooter rods, cleaned them and gave them their weekly waxing.

    #15 7 years ago

    I finally got the GC score on my AC/DC. 98 million. I think I had all 3 multiballs going at the same time. I think that was the most fun i have ever had playing a game.

    #16 7 years ago

    Attempted to re-tap a leg bolt plate on my TZ. The threads were too far gone so I ended up replacing it. Changed the "first hard multiball" setting to 1 (yeah, that counts as work)

    #17 7 years ago

    I had to replace the tube dancer tube on my BBB. The plastic had started to crackle.

    Maybe the plastic had a chemical reaction to the black light over time.

    Has anybody else had this problem or know what may have caused it?

    Nevertheless, I can see her bumping and grinding again.

    #18 7 years ago



    #19 7 years ago

    Here is another picture. The site would only take one at at time.


    #20 7 years ago

    I actually got to do some work on a few things this weekend for the first time in a long time...

    Dragged 4 Square into it's new spot. Replaced most of backbox lights with LEDs.

    Dragged Popeye into place and set up. Fixed an issue with the back right VUK. Swapped backbox LEDs.

    Popped the hood on Airborne to figure out a few switch issues and try to get the game to 100%. Had an awesome 30 minute repair session - I've looked at this one a half dozen times before, and found and fixed all three issues within the 30 minutes this time so the game is 100%. Feels nice. Now, gotta drag it downstairs too.

    #21 7 years ago

    Oh yeah, in addition to having a great game on AC/DC today, I also sold my Tempest and Donkey Kong. This was my first ever game sale to fund pinball mods. The money will be used for OCD LED boards and LEDs. I never would have thought this would happen as the two games are my favorites. I just can't stand old looking games sitting next to AC/DC though. lol

    #22 7 years ago
    Quoted from Magic_Mike:

    I had to replace the tube dancer tube on my BBB. The plastic had started to crackle.>

    well, time to sell it to me.

    I wired in a new spotlight on my Indiana Jones to light up the bottom portion of the lost plastic. I had already wired in a very bright LED strip that works very well on the top part above the rope bridge. Im very happy with it. It didn't light up the lanes INDY too much either.

    #23 7 years ago

    Did some work on my LOTR. Replaced shooter rod (the shooter rod handle was broken in shipping), replaced ring magnet fuse, and installed POTD mod (minus LED's). Still need to work on my Balrog switch, as it is not registering all hits. No work on my Stargate, but I do need to replace two bulbs soon.

    #24 7 years ago

    Been working on the games for the last four weeks straight, every day. I got a scheduled time line to keep in order to be ready for this years party on November 2nd. Remember you must RSVP.

    John P. Dayhuff
    Battle Creek, MI.

    #25 7 years ago

    MOPLE..changed the GI LEDs in the back right corner, between the shooter lane and the pop bumpers (on the inside of the bend) from white to blue. Adds a bit more mood to that corner of the PF and makes the blue plastic pop.

    #26 7 years ago

    Having a birthday party today for my boys. So been getting my games into shape over the last few days.

    I finally installed the light cycles to my tron, the cliffy's, pf support brackets and a few other small mods.
    Fixed an issue with the ball launch on DM. Fixed the drop target to the battlefield on TS. Then just a quick cleaning of all the games

    #27 7 years ago

    Played a lot, and swapped out RFM for SWEP1. That'll last a couple weeks or so before I un-swap it.

    #28 7 years ago

    Shopping out the DE Time Machine I picked up. Planning to take it to Expo for free play in a few weeks.


    #29 7 years ago

    Cleaned up and added LED's to my DESW.


    #30 7 years ago

    Replaced a fuse and a coil on MB. Played a lot of MM and MB with my daughter.

    #31 7 years ago

    Played a little bit. My quest to score over 100k on Magnotron continues.....

    #32 7 years ago

    Nothing...seriously...get off your ass me.

    #33 7 years ago

    I only played one game this weekend on my TSPP. Looked at the others. Actually turned them on Friday and thats as far as I went. I gotta get in there tonight!

    #34 7 years ago

    Played the hell outta them!! Had our Cincy League session here.


    #35 7 years ago

    ...And now somehow managed to do a quick fix on my Jurassic Park sound. I haven't got so much done in one weekend that I can remember.

    Oh, and "beat" Popeye today too.

    #36 7 years ago

    Finally moved the pin from the garage to the basement. Ugh ... I hate stairs with tight turns!


    #37 7 years ago

    Got a bone busters delivered, and went out and bought a compressor and airbrush to give my first attempt at a cabinet touch-up. Love my first SS machine, love to clicking of the switches inside as it does the lighting. So many new things to explore and learn about.

    #38 7 years ago

    I am modding the shit out of my Metallica while I watch my Broncos and Peyton Manning kick ass. I had mods piling up, and finally got to it. Installed LED's, shooter lane protector, cliffy for mystery,mylar for magnets shooter and flippers, Z Door Sparky Mod, CoinTaker LED Buttons in Green, shaker and Halloween is in season so I made a temporary topper. Boy I got to say that the shaker really is awesome in Metallica. It really shakes whole machine and hitting Sparky with shaker is like hitting Iron Monger with shaker, very intense. 2013_0929Image0110.JPG 2013_0929Image0111.JPG 2013_0929Image0112.JPG

    #39 7 years ago
    Quoted from pinmister:

    I am modding the shit out of my Metallica

    Good mod the shit out of your camera and add some megapixels to it

    #40 7 years ago

    ..I had some time on my hands-homemade topper.

    GEDC0089.JPG GEDC0092.JPG Metallica.jpg

    #41 7 years ago

    Installed cliffy mystery hole protector and eyeballs coffin overlay on my met pro this weekend. Also gave it a good wipedown cleaning with novus1 and some cotton "tshirt" rags i picked up at lowes. I was beginning to see some ball trails in the loop around the top of the playfield. As well as some down near the flippers and in/out lanes.

    Installing the cliffy protector was a snap once i got that small post to the top left of the hole off. Simple nut and washer on bottom but the clearances on both the top and bottom made that a pita for me. I dont know why the post had like an extra inch of threads on the underside... Hehe.

    Just a simple wipe down was noticable in gameplay. Ball is a ton faster now. Only had the pin for two months and it was NIB. Hehe

    #42 7 years ago

    I got tired of trying to fix JP

    So today I sold it as a project to a good friend at a fair price to both parties.

    Now I have more money, space & decisions to make!

    #43 7 years ago

    installed a new slingshot assembly, new lock, a pingulp, and novus'd the play field.

    #44 7 years ago

    Finished the shop job on my JP. Working the bugs out of it (came out of an operators storage unit - had been sitting for 5+ years). Plays well and nice to have Dino's in the house again.

    Fixed a startup sequence issue on a '73 4 player Hot Shot that I had previously sold (buyer moved it and had a coil fry on the score reel when a ball got stuck on a switch - coil was replaced and switches in the reel got messed up).

    #45 7 years ago

    Trying to finalize Donut Heaven with LEDs

    #46 7 years ago

    Started shopping a party zone and finished sanding and preping ToM and AFM Cabinets.

    #47 7 years ago

    Repaired the Mars Beacon on my HS2 which was damaged moving from TX to OH.
    Sold a Rush 2049 driver vid so that I can put the money into pinball!

    #48 7 years ago
    Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

    Installed new shooter rods, cleaned them and gave them their weekly waxing.

    Huhuhhuhhh.... he said "weekly waxing."

    #49 7 years ago

    Installed a few tables on my virtual pinball machine as I daydreamed about my WOZLE finally getting here.

    #50 7 years ago

    Played - AV le - TAF- Tron- ACDC- TSPP- Metallica.

    Made this and installed it on Metallica.

    Also added Flashers behind TAF to tie into the Cloud.


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