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What are we grilling?

By Rascal_H

1 year ago

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#14 1 year ago

Boneless, skinless chicken thighs stuffed with jalapeño peppers and cream cheese, then wrapped in bacon. Smoke them, pull them off and dunk in BBQ sauce. Throw them back on for about 5 minutes to tighten up the sauce and enjoy. These things are phenomenal.

Actually, anything I've made that this guy comes up with is incredible. I highly recommend his channel if you're into grilling at all.

#23 1 year ago
Quoted from mbaumle:

Anyone into smoking?? I'd take that over grilling any day. Brisket, pulled pork, ribs, chicken... Low and slow is the way to do it!
I've used an offset side firebox smoker for years, but it's getting harder for me to keep track of temperatures and vents. Just got a cabinet style dual fuel smoker that auto regulates everything, and I'm anxious to start her up!

I bought a Woodwind last year and love it. I had never owned a pellet smoker before, but it's really easy to use. Fill the hopper, turn the dial and that's it. Mine even has a propane sear box on the side in case I want to put a sear on a steak or something.

Did these a few weeks ago.

IMG_7477 (resized).jpg

IMG_7479 (resized).jpg

#54 1 year ago

Just threw these on. 45 minutes until the first basting.

4A570A43-5B17-4B96-96D2-FD6B491B50ED (resized).jpeg

#57 1 year ago
Quoted from RVH:

Nice, I’m doing a dry rub today!
Just put em on a little bit ago.

I’ll be expecting updates through the cooking process.

Mine get pulled and wrapped in about 20 minutes.

Update to follow.

#58 1 year ago

They’ve taken all the smoke I want at this point, so now it’s time to get them tender. All wrapped and back on for another 2h. Then I’ll start checking them for doneness.

3DBC45E8-67E4-4070-B63F-762DB030E16C (resized).jpeg

6361493C-4FA1-4036-A9D1-3E9B20FBA171 (resized).jpeg

1CFB325A-1137-4BC1-B4B5-08813D45824C (resized).jpeg

#62 1 year ago

Out of the foil and ready for sauce. I’ll sauce them 3 times over the next 30 minutes and then they’ll be ready!!

C61F3BDB-201E-4748-B7F0-8C9D805CEAAC (resized).jpeg

#63 1 year ago

I’m officially stuffed!

71D9642B-101C-452C-9A4B-89F13BEA6AE6 (resized).jpeg

#68 1 year ago
Quoted from PokerJake:

I love my Camp Chef. The sear box is what sold me on it. A reverse seared smoked steak is the greatest way to cook one. Brats/sausage were perfect, ribs were great, going to do pulled pork next weekend.

The first time I did a steak on this thing, I was blown away. The only steak I've had that was better was a $156.50 7oz Kobi.

Anyway, it was so good, we did another one the following night to make sure it wasn't one of those "We just spent $900 on a grill, so the steak has to taste good".

I should have bought one of these things years ago. It was worth every penny.

#74 1 year ago

Does anyone buy steaks from any of the online sources that sell Wagyu? I've never tried going that route, so I figured what the hell, ordered a tenderloin and a ribeye. I paid way more than I should have, but it will put a smile on the wife's face.

#76 1 year ago
Quoted from PokerJake:

To reverse sear the steak, you smoke it until its internal temp is to your liking. I use 110°, and then I throw it on the sear box which is set at 900° for a minute on each side to give it a nice crust. Then I'll let it cool for about a half hour to let the juices redistribute. Give it a shot, you won't regret it.

I do mine in a very similar way. I smoke it to 115 degrees then let it sit for 5 minutes while I turn up my sear box to high. My sear box gets insanely hot in 5 minutes, so you're might be different. The steak goes on for 30 seconds a side and then I pull it.

I don't let it rest again after searing.

Just a dumb question for you PokerJake. Don't you end up with a room temperature steak after 30 minutes? I've read a few articles that say allowing your steak to rest prior to the reverse sear accomplishes the same thing as allowing it to rest after the sear. Hummm......I wonder how a 30 minute rest between the smoke and the sear would turn out?

#86 1 year ago
Quoted from BillyPilgrim:

I made these yesterday, because of your post! They were great, everyone loved them!

Glad you liked them. Everything that guy does is delicious (at least that I've tried).

Everyone that's had them at my house fell in love. I have found that on my grill, I don't need to keep them covered as long as Malcom does. If I go as long as he does covered, they are over temp and I lose a lot of the cream cheese.

#88 1 year ago
Quoted from crlush:

Here is a turkey i smoked.

Nice! Looks delicious.

I did one for Thanksgiving last year and it was definitely a hit.

1 week later
#111 1 year ago

7.75lb Pork Shoulder just went on the pit. Should have pulled pork in about 10 hours.

ED1FC641-DEE3-4310-8C14-83169FC0FF93 (resized).jpeg

#120 1 year ago

Whoops. I forgot the finished pictures. I didn’t even think to take one until after it was shredded.

I did learn that I need to let it rest more. I used to do 60 minutes. I was forced to do almost 4 hours in a cooler since it got done so early. Turned out it was the best one yet. Took it off the pit at 201 and stuffed it in a cooler with a bunch of towels still wrapped. 4 hours later it was still hot and 168 degrees.

It was the juiciest pulled pork I’ve ever had.

B5192A37-0376-4612-8B23-B18F0225B7BD (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#130 1 year ago

I've never done burnt ends, but this guy has some great videos. This might help. In this one he separates the point from the flat prior to smoking.

#133 1 year ago
Quoted from Turtle:

spyderturbo007, I'm also a big fan of Malcom's.
Finally, I tried reverse searing some gourmet hamburgers last night. They were really good. Sorry no pics.

We tried his Steak + Fried Oysters + Blue Cheese Hollandaise Sauce recipe last night. I highly recommend giving it a try.


#135 1 year ago
Quoted from Budman:

Give me a good baby back rib dry rub recipe. I like a touch of heat.... maybe cayeene pepper?

I'm not sure what your level of heat is, but this one has a nice pepper note to it.


#153 1 year ago
Quoted from crlush:

Watched video twice, when I save up enough money to buy a slab of brisket, im trying that. Last one i made cost over $50.00

Those little buggers are expensive. I tried one when I first got my smoker. The flavor was really good, but it turned out dry. I just learned that it needs to rest a lot longer than 45 - 60 minutes. I'm going to try another one and leave it rest for about 3 -4 hours.

I was forced to let a pork shoulder rest for almost 4 hours and it was the best one yet.

#192 1 year ago

I haven't tried this guy's recipe yet, but it's definitely on my list. I think he does it in a smoker, but you can really do it on anything.

#200 1 year ago

Put a reverse sear on some 1"+ thick Ribeyes last night. Smoked them to 112 degrees over some hickory, let them rest for 10 minutes while I heated up the sear box and then seared them for ~40 seconds per side.

The first pictures is right after they came off the smoker and were resting.

Throw in some "home grown" beans and viola, dinner!

Steak 1 (resized).jpg

Steak 2 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#252 1 year ago

SRF American Wagu Gold Grade read to hit the smoker. This bad boy is 1.75” thick.

1AC52572-A2DB-425F-BDCA-B25AE7692C40 (resized).jpeg

#255 1 year ago

It’s a Ribeye. My wife and I shared it which is why I just hacked it in half.

It was delicious. Rich, buttery and insanely tender.

91C7E1DC-4959-4467-BD0F-4A3B7C07C3AD (resized).jpeg

CCCE2816-5937-4D17-B48E-BC9405ACE812 (resized).jpeg

2 weeks later
#263 1 year ago

Had a nice dinner out on the deck with the wife last night after getting home from ReplayFX. Did a few pork chops from the half a pig we bought awhile back. Two with Killer Hogs rub and Sauce and the other two with just the Killer Hogs AP Rub. Turned out awesome.

Smoked over some Apple pellets to about 130 degrees, then a quick sear and then back on the smoker for a few minutes to set the sauce.

A4B063F7-931E-4F58-9309-AD206108AB46 (resized).jpeg

1 month later
#279 1 year ago

I’m up at 5am to throw my brisket on the smoker over some Apple pellets. It’s a 12.6lb full packer and only the second one I’ve ever done. I’m hoping it will be ready and rested by 6:30pm for my party.

I’ll check it’s color and wrap in about 5 hours. Back to bed!

2FC590D6-4530-4B4A-811C-5437B24BE54D (resized).jpeg

#280 1 year ago

Damn thing is done about 2 hours early. At 250 degrees there was no stall. I came out 5h after putting it on and it had nice color, but was already at 180 degrees.

Time to see if I can hold it in a cooler for the next 6 hours. Wish me luck!!

52F6E939-04A9-4E9F-A932-FDCFD1D473E3 (resized).jpeg

#284 1 year ago
Quoted from mcluvin:

Every brisket is different. That sure seems quick though I usually smoke at 225 and crank it up once I wrap it. Did you trim a lot of fat off?
Good luck!

I left most of the fat cap and just removed the hard fat that probably wouldn’t have rendered. Nothing that I would consider aggressive.

I sent my wife to the store for a heating pad and have that set at 160 degrees and in the cooler with the brisket. Current temperature is 159 degrees. I’m hoping I can hold it for another 2 hours.

As long as I don’t get down towards the danger zone at 140, I should be fine. I think the worst case is that it’s mushy from being held so long.

How do you brisket experts handle timing? I’ve read 1-1.5h per pound. Mine got done in 37 minutes a pound. Something seems off....

How can you possibly plan a party around a brisket?

#289 1 year ago

It turned out really well. The flavor was good and it was still juicy. It didn’t take as much smoke as I wanted, but the flavor was there. Maybe I’ll try hickory next time.

I didn’t take a picture of it all sliced up. Just what was on my plate.

I’m stuffed!

1834FB43-2682-4C22-9BE6-74E77FB8F68D (resized).jpeg

4 weeks later
#295 1 year ago

That definitely doesn’t look like choice, that’s for sure. That looks more like Prime to me. Either way, I’d be going back to buy more at that price!

Wagyu, In my experience, has more marbling.

This was gold grade Wagyu as a comparison, which I think is the highest grade you can get.

3CFF621C-E310-451B-86C0-92478FCEF31D (resized).jpeg

1 month later
#299 12 months ago
Quoted from sadler28:

Any suggestions for smoking a boneless turkey breast on a BGE? My father in law bought two 9 lb boneless turkey breasts. Gonna fry one and smoke one for Thanskgiving dinner. Frying is easy. Worried a bit about smoking.
From what I've read, cook at 325 for 1.5 to 2 hours. Cook until internal temp of 165. Let rest in foil for 20-30 minutes. Inject and rub before smoking. Plan to use hickory chunks and cherry wood with lump I have leftover from the summer.

I do whole turkeys for Thanksgiving, but have never done just the breast. I did mine at 300 degrees over Apple pellets. I used some Killer Hogs AP (All-Purpose) Rub and then a light coating of the Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub. Then I injected it with Tony's Creole Butter. I sprayed the skin with regular old cooking spray to help with the nice brown color. I stuffed it with apples, onions and celery to give it some mass in the center.

It took just under 4 hours to finish and was 11.25lbs. I pulled it when the temperature was 164 degrees in the breast and 173 in the thigh.

Not sure if any of that helps, but thought I'd throw it out there. Damn thing was the best turkey I've ever had.

IMG_5919 (resized).jpg

IMG_5921 (resized).jpg

IMG_5922 (resized).jpg

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