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What are we grilling?

By Rascal_H

1 year ago

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#50 1 year ago
Quoted from Chisox:

I wish tri tip was a thing around here. So delicious.

I've only seen them at Sam's Club around here. They are pre-seasoned which I found way too salty.

#61 1 year ago
Quoted from RVH:

Smoked for an hour then turned up to 325 for about 2-5 hours rotating once,.
Usually do 3-2-1 baby backs and when I wrap them I add some apple juice so thay braise, I keep the kidsize six packs on hand as the small serving size is perfect for 2 racks of ribs.

Those ribs look really good! I've been doing burgers and brats all weekend. Scored some really nicely marbled ribeyes at Publix today though. I love to grill.

If you like brats and have a Publix nearby, look for Savannah Sausage Company brats. They are good, especially the Andouille!

#89 1 year ago

My Costco has Prime Whole Ribeyes for $10.99/lb. I think that's the cheapest I've ever seen them. Might have to make some room in the freezer.

#92 1 year ago
Quoted from RVH:

My post #59 update I cooked at 325 for 2.5 hours not 2-5.
Thay turned out dry, need to work on my dry rub ribs. Probally wrap them next time.
So what did the op grill?

They still looked good I've got some in the smoker now. Using the 3-2-1 method at 225.

#97 1 year ago
Quoted from Arcade:

That is why I have been putting it off. But at $1.99 a LB it was worth the risk.
Everyone loved it. The larger end was more tender then the small tip end. I used lots of mesquite chips on the underside of my grill and did manage to get a small smoke ring. Cooked it for 8 hours at 250.
Probably should have gotten up earlier for a longer cook, but I am lazy. lol
Had to bump it up to 350 for the last 30 min to get the internal to 190 degrees. (Hungry people wait for no one. )

That is cheap. I try to start mine late at night. Then when it's done wrap in towels and toss in a cooler until we are ready to eat the next day. It's about impossible to predict exactly when a brisket is going to be done.

#102 1 year ago

I'm bored. Here's some pics of ribs in progress...

After 3 hours in the smoker at 225. I used apple wood.

rib1 (resized).PNG

After 2 more hours foiled at 225. Didn't have apple juice so used Strongbow Apple Cider. I left one rack with just the dry rub and the other is coated with Costas' BBQ Sauce. One more hour to go unfoiled at 225.

ribs2 (resized).PNG

Done. Covered with foil for 15 minutes. They are very tender and just about falling off the bone. Not dry at all.

ribs3 (resized).PNG

2 weeks later
#139 1 year ago

Learned a trick today. When making jalapeno poppers, slit down one side vs. splitting in 2. You can then squeeze the jalapeno like you would a coin purse to scoop the seeds out and then fill. Should be a lot less messy.

#154 1 year ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

Those little buggers are expensive. I tried one when I first got my smoker. The flavor was really good, but it turned out dry. I just learned that it needs to rest a lot longer than 45 - 60 minutes. I'm going to try another one and leave it rest for about 3 -4 hours.

I was forced to let a pork shoulder rest for almost 4 hours and it was the best one yet.

That's what sucks about brisket. It's an expensive lesson when you screw one up. Pork shoulder is very easy in comparison..

#157 1 year ago

I like using butcher paper as well. Parchment works too. And don't slice it for serving, especially the flat, until your guests are ready to eat. It loses moisture like crazy. You can go from moist and wonderful to kinda dry in less than an hour. Also, try to catch the drippings, the juice will help with the leftovers.

#179 1 year ago
Quoted from Risingjay1:

Here is what I'm serving today. 225 degrees for 2 1/2 hrs indirect on Big Green Egg with two big chunks of mesqite for a beutiful tone of smoke. Then sear each side for 10-15 minutes. $167 FOR THIS BAD BOY.

That's roughly what I paid for my grill.

Quoted from Bax1:

Ain’t nothing like a smoked bacon wrapped hotdog. It’ll be the best dog you’ve ever had!!!

I gotta try that.

#187 1 year ago

I've been looking at the pizza ovens you can add to your existing propane grill. Anybody using one of those? There are quite a few different models.

#195 1 year ago
Quoted from Bax1:

Ain’t nothing like a smoked bacon wrapped hotdog. It’ll be the best dog you’ve ever had!!!

I didn't take any pics, but tried this with hot dogs and Vidalia Bacon brats this evening. Everybody liked it a lot. Thanks for the tip!

All these pics of pizzas have me wanting to try one of my own. I'm gonna try to hack together a poor man's pizza oven using a few bricks and a couple pizza stones. Something like this...


#217 1 year ago
Quoted from RVH:

Behold the Trager Timberline 850!
Just picked it up this morning. It’s like the surgical instrument of BBQ!
Made some wings and corn, sorry no pics.
Love my Trager tailgater so upgraded to the new Ferrari of barbecue.

Cool! Are the grates stainless or chrome plated? The thing I hate about my smoker (not a Traeger) are the shitty chrome plated grates.

I nearly have my project grill ready to go. Anybody else own a Bull grill?

#221 1 year ago
Quoted from RVH:

Stainless steel and heavy as F.
Damn things got wi-Fi built-in so it connects to my home wi-Fi and I’m controlling it with an app on my phone!!!
Just put 2 racks of baby backs on now.

That’s cool! Wi-Fi makes so much more sense than Bluetooth for something like this.

#223 1 year ago

Savannah Sausage Company is just down the road from you and some sort of grill brush may be in order....

#224 1 year ago

Heads up! Some Costcos currently have Snake River Farms Wagyu brisket for $4.99/lb. Unfortunately, mine did not. I think you have a better chance at this the closer you are to California.

#229 1 year ago

Any of you folks using Grillgrates?


#234 1 year ago

I think I'm going to grab some. I bought a really nice 4 burner with a bit more surface area than my Weber Genesis, but it's pretty bad with the flare-ups and uneven heating. I want to make it work though as it's heavy 304 stainless with a rotisserie burner and 2 side burners. If it doesn't work out, I can at least use the Grillgrates on the Weber as they are the same length. Thanks for the comments guys!

#238 1 year ago
Quoted from Schabs81:

I put them in my pellet grill when I do steaks .they work great

Ordered a set last night. I could fit 6 grates, but was concerned about airflow so went with 5 + 2 gap panels to allow a bit more free space on the sides. If this takes care of my flare-ups and uneven heating, I'll be happy. An added bonus is that you can flip them over and use them as a griddle. If anyone else has an interest, I found a 15% off coupon code from December that still works.


#240 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Caught my first snakeheads today. Hear they are tasty.

How did they taste? They sure are fugly.

#242 1 year ago

Grillgrates arrived today. I originally intended to replace the existing grates, but I think it's gonna work better sitting on top. There just wasn't enough clearance for airflow on the sides unless I start removing sections, which I may yet do. An added benefit of doing it this way, the grates touch the lid in the back leaving a good 1/2" for airflow there as well. Time to start experimenting!

grillgrates (resized).PNG

#247 1 year ago
Quoted from RVH:

Smoked at 225F until 160 inside, about 3 hrs. Time to wrap.
Yeah that’s butter!
Turn up trager to 275F and braise in apple juice covered in honey brown sugar and butter until ribs are 205F.

Looking good! I'm about to get some Peruvian Chicken going on the rotisserie. My first time using a rotisserie. I hope I don't screw it up.

#250 1 year ago
Quoted from RVH:

Mission accomplished!

Those look awesome! FSU colors, garnet and gold!

#251 1 year ago

So if you need butcher string, Winn-Dixie for the win. Walmart and Publix did not have it, though a butcher at Publix gave me some for free. Unfortunately not enough, but it's the thought that counts.

#253 1 year ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

SRF American Wagu Gold Grade read to hit the smoker. This bad boy is 1.75” thick.

All I can say is please don't f' it up. I'd sous vide it and give it a quick go on the grill. Amazing marbling...

#256 1 year ago

My first attempt at a rotisserie chicken. I need to practice trussing a bit more. Had to remove the wings as I didn't have enough string. It looks a little burnt, but it was actually very moist. We don't eat the skin anyway.

I've got to find a good source for Peruvian seasonings.

rotchicken (resized).PNG
#258 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballerchef:

Burnt? Looks caramelized to me! Gotta eat the crispy skin

I'm focusing too much on that wing shaped blackened area.

4 weeks later
#267 1 year ago

Here's my first go at steak with the grill grates. Seems to have cooked evenly with no flare-ups, though I believe I may have overcooked the tenderloin side a bit. Sorry for the delay, but I picked up a Weber Q and haven't been grilling anything big enough to warrant using the large grill until now.

Update - Tenderloin side was medium well. Strip side was medium. I'll call it a success.

steakgrates (resized).PNG

1 week later
#268 1 year ago

Here's a top sirloin. Not my favorite cut by any means, but it was on sale. I should have tenderized it a bit more. Grilled to medium doneness and was very juicy. Again no flare up problems. I'm gonna try flipping a couple grates next time to get a full sear.

topsirloin (resized).PNG

#270 1 year ago
Quoted from Electrocute:

Finally got the Roccbox. Used dough you get at Publix. Got the oven to about 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Not good at all. Needs work. Crust on first try actually flamed up. 3 attempts and they all sucked. Garbage can had a great meal.
Going to make my own dough tomorrow, hope those pies turn out better!

Had to look that up. Kinda funny video.

#273 1 year ago
Quoted from RVH:

How it really works.

How many pizzas did that guy ruin getting the technique just right? Ha!

1 week later
#278 1 year ago

Grilled another sirloin from that same sale. This time I salted the shi* out of it about an hour ahead of time. Rinsed the salt, then applied Montreal seasoning. Yeah I know, more salt Night and day difference from that last sirloin. It was so tender. Not tough at all.

#281 1 year ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

Damn thing is done about 2 hours early. At 250 degrees there was no stall. I came out 5h after putting it on and it had nice color, but was already at 180 degrees.

Time to see if I can hold it in a cooler for the next 6 hours. Wish me luck!!

Every brisket is different. That sure seems quick though I usually smoke at 225 and crank it up once I wrap it. Did you trim a lot of fat off?

Good luck!

#287 1 year ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

How can you possibly plan a party around a brisket?

You have to plan on having it in the cooler for a few hours. I've never had any luck trying to time it just right. They are better after sitting in the cooler a bit anyway.

Quoted from RVH:

Crank it up to what? 250?

I go ~250. I prefer butcher or parchment paper vs. foil for the wrap. Don't carve it until you are ready to serve it, especially the flat. It will go from moist and tender to dried out real damn quick.

I'm no expert, but I've accidentally made brisket jerky, though I haven't done it in a while.

3 weeks later
#294 1 year ago

This was labeled USDA Choice Strip ($7.99 per pound) at my local Costco. Is this possibly Wagyu? It sure looks like it to me.

wagyu (resized).PNG

#296 1 year ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

That definitely doesn’t look like choice, that’s for sure. That looks more like Prime to me. Either way, I’d be going back to buy more at that price!
Wagyu, In my experience, has more marbling.
This was gold grade Wagyu as a comparison, which I think is the highest grade you can get.
[quoted image]

It’s definitely not the gold grade stuff. The fine, consistent, flow of the marbling has me thinking it’s something more than Prime though. It just looks different to me. But yeah, definitely not choice and a steal at $7.99/lb.

1 month later
#303 1 year ago

I'd inject a breast. That's the dryest part already and you don't have the option to stuff it like a whole turkey.

6 months later
#312 6 months ago

I've been doing a lot of kabobs lately. They go perfectly with beer.

#313 6 months ago

Thin sliced top round, Vidalia Onions, Campari Tomatoes, Baby Portabellos, green pepper and pineapple. Marinate in half a cup of Very Very Teriyaki, half a cup of soy, half a cup of honey for at least a couple hours. Grill each side ~5 to 6 minutes. Perfect, light meal when you are having a few beers.

Oh yeah, Sweetwater 420 16 oz. (not 11.2)
20190527_161716 (1) (resized).jpg

1 week later
#322 6 months ago

My first attempt at fish gyros with a Greek Yogurt based lime sriracha sauce. I grilled cod and am going to use a cedar plank next time. It was a bit messy. Was still very good though.

fishpita (resized).PNG

1 week later
#329 5 months ago
Quoted from scottslash:

[quoted image]

I've got a rule for that. If I'm grilling, I'm drinking. I don't mind grilling.

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