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What Arcade Games do you own?

By HighProtein

4 years ago

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#874 4 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

thats how i started. then i added nos robotron cabaret, nos make trax, nos crush roller, bubbles #1 prototype in cabaret.


Whoa, I didn't know they made a cabaret version of Robotron!

2 months later
#1064 4 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

Finished Section Z a couple months ago. Could only find this 1 pic.


I've seen a few of your posts now, you do really nice work! So do you have a store where you restore and sell games, or are all these restores for your personal collection?

1 month later
#1105 3 years ago

Finally got the arcade game bug. I restored a Neo Geo arcade machine myself just to see if I could do it and it was fun, but decided to buy my arcade games already restored. Got my first three, now just need to make room for more!


4 months later
#1162 3 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

The only arcade games it really makes sense to own are the ones with unique controls that just aren't fun to play on your home computer or even MAME cab.

That's mostly what I get. So I have games like Paperboy, Road Blasters, Defender, Outrun, etc, games where it really helps to have the original arcade control layout, those games just aren't as fun to me on Mame or emulation. I attached a pic of my Paperboy, I'm proud of it as I restored it myself


3 weeks later
#1187 3 years ago

Just picked up a QBert from a local seller, always wanted one of these. It's not saving high scores but I ordered a high score save kit that will hopefully fix that, and I ordered side art for it otherwise it's in great shape. Also bought a project Road Blasters that I've just torn apart for restoration, it's in pieces on the table as I prep the cabinet for work.



#1189 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

very nice.
i have a new CPO waiting for a Road Blasters cab

Sweet, they are always available very cheap for some reason, I guess they aren't in demand. I'm going custom side art for this one, ordered this set from This Old Game:


#1191 3 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Those look GREAT. What color T molding?

Going with yellow t moulding. I'm a fan of alternate colors for t moulding, I have purple on my Crystal Castles, yellow on Millipede, light blue on Paperboy, and had orange on my Marble Madness but I sold that one. I think yellow will look cool on Road Blasters but guess we'll see.


1 week later
#1205 3 years ago

Hey guys, just finished my Road Blasters restore with custom side art. Figured I'd post pics here in case people were wondering what a Road Blasters with yellow t-moulding and custom side art looks like. I think it came out nice overall. The side art was bought from This Old Game.

20160823_165442 (resized).jpg

20160823_190057 (resized).jpg

#1208 3 years ago
Quoted from jwwhite15:

Sooo awesome! Very nicely done. It is hard to beat a good ole' Atari!
How difficult are those vinyl side art stickers to apply and apply right?

It definitely takes some patience because it isn't precut to the contour of the cabinet, it just comes as a large rectangle. So I had to cut it out first right along the black edge part and then apply it. Probably took about an hour I'd say for both sides.

#1211 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

is the side art going all the way to the t-molding, or is it cut shorter, and the black is the cabinet side paint?
can't tell.

It goes all the way to the t-moulding except for one area, the lower rear part of the cabinet. Not sure why but the side art at that part was not as wide as the cabinet, it was maybe a half inch short. I had painted the sides black though so not a big deal, that's why it's really hard to see,

1 week later
#1218 3 years ago

Got my last three games and that's it, totally out of room so no more purchases.

20160901_151045 (resized).jpg

#1224 3 years ago

Pretty cool Road Blasters sitdown version, never actually seen one of those in the wild.

4 months later
#1271 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

What's the going rate for a Joust game/cab? I'd love to find one. Just in case I do, I'd like to know general value.

I recently bought a project version that was partly working but has various issues for $260, I made a video of me restoring it here:

As for which arcade games I have, some of them can be seen in this video I just posted a few days ago:

Hopefully that video won't offend anyone here because it definitely offended some over on Klov. But in that video you can see:

Crystal Castles
Ms Pacman
Jr Pacman (conversion)
Out Run
Space Duel.

Aside from the games seen there I also have these at another location:

Jr Pacman (dedicated)
Road Blasters
Super Pacman

I'm also in the process of restoring a Stargate and Twin Eagle 2 that I just bought. I am looking for Mouse Trap ideally locally, if anyone local has one that they would want to sell or trade, let me know!

#1273 2 years ago
Quoted from japespin:

Just when I was getting ready to put my Roadblasters/Marble Madness cab up for sale, you just HAD to post this. Having 2nd thoughts now. This is damn beautiful! Props.

Thanks I had a restored Marble Madness as well which I did sell and partly regret, I attached some pictures of it. I had gone stock art with it, although if I get another one I'll go with the custom art from This Old Game, they make killer side art for Marble Madness as well now.

Road Blasters is a keeper though, it's such a fun game! Just play it without continues for more of a challenge. I made a let's play video of my arcade Road Blasters here:

It's funny that back in the day I had no idea about the drive into the turrets trick to get a ton of points.

20160618_131709 (resized).jpg

20160618_131654 (resized).jpg

20160618_131625 (resized).jpg

20160618_130735 (resized).jpg

#1296 2 years ago
Quoted from timtim:

I hate Zoo Keeper
Tempest and robotron are some of my other favorites also

Robotron is my favorite of all time, I need to do a let's play video with that one. I don't quite get the appeal of Zoo Keeper either, but fans of that game are pretty hardcore about it.

3 weeks later
#1392 2 years ago

Well good god, that is a fine selection of games.

#1422 2 years ago
Quoted from 30FathomDave:

It's pretty collectible, but $2K is nuts. It's an $800-1200 game IMO, depending on condition. It's in the same ballpark as Robotron.

A Sinistar was recently listed on craigslist just a few miles from me for $1200, it was in pretty good condition.

#1426 2 years ago
Quoted from BulkOfTheSeries:

Just let me know if you ever need to use my arcade

We're the same time zone, but a few too many miles apart

Finished my Time Pilot restore, started as basically an empty cabinet missing most everything except a jamma harness and switching power supply. Kept it as a jamma cabinet, but made it look like Time Pilot again, pretty happy with the outcome. Videos of the restore are on my youtube channel, part one is here, it's four parts total:

before (resized).jpg
after (resized).jpg

#1435 2 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

Where's the control panel art?

Mine didn't come with a Time Pilot control panel alas, even that was stripped away. It came with a different size generic control panel so I kept it because I don't know if a Time Pilot cpo would even fit right. The other reason is the hole patterns would look weird as none would match, like the joystick is in a different spot (and there's two of them) and the buttons are in different spots (and there's more of them) so I thought it would look really weird. Hence I just left it as is, have to make compromises on jamma cabinets sometimes.

#1438 2 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

So it's a generic Jamma setup with time pilot art? Im guessing you wanted it to play multiple games instead of just one dedicated game?
It's not really a Time Pilot than is it? Also, to really play TP right it needs a Monroe joystick.
Is this going in your porn star arcade?

Yeah I got the cabinet completely bare, it only had a jamma harness and switcher power supply. So I turned it into a jamma cab that looks like Time Pilot, since it was originally a Time Pilot cabinet. Sure it's not perfect like not having a monroe joystick, but some games I want are so rare (like Juno First, etc) that I know I'll never get them, hence I did want one vertical and one horizontal jamma cabinet for those cases. I gather you aren't a fan but it works for me along side my other dedicated cabs, and now I'm out of room. All my games eventually do end up at my film house.

#1442 2 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

I did not realize what business you were in until now. I looked at your website what is up with the "She Smokes" videos? Is this a fetish? I would have never thought watching girls smoke as being a fetish? Some of the fetishes from today have me scratching my head. Man I am getting old. I think my dream fetish would be girls in near nothing polishing my pinball machines (;

Yeah there's a fetish for everything. Fortunately for me most people don't get it, which leaves all that money out there for me to collect

To get back on topic, I also got one of my grail games recently, Mouse Trap! Picture below and my restore video below that. It was filthy and arrived dead with no working audio but I sorted all that. The audio fix was indeed an interesting process. This is one of those games I suggest everyone try, it's really fun and frantic. I do a let's play of it near the end of the video. I didn't change any parts on this one because it was all original, so I kept it as a survivor and just cleaned it up and got it working again.

20170303_101915 (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#1508 2 years ago

Did anyone here buy the Star Rider at yesterdays auction here in LA? I was strongly considering it but decided not to since it probably exceeds my ability to repair it, and TNT doesn't work on laserdisc games anymore so I couldn't just send it to them either to overhaul it.

#1510 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Your in for a long search, I have a MACH 3 and I can't find anyone to work on it.

Yeah that's what I was worried about so I didn't end up bidding on it. I was curious if anyone here did though. They are working on Dexter support for Star Rider though, so maybe it will be easier to get them working in the future.

2 weeks later
#1571 2 years ago

There's a grail game right there, love Space Harrier!

8 months later
#1787 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Is there a list of games that come with those?

It's in the auction listing, check the last pictures. I had a Pandora 4 long time ago but hated it because it had screen tearing. I wonder if this Pandora 5s fixed that?

#1791 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I doubt it, these boxes are about quantity over quality. But people are pretty good about doing YouTube reviews, check out how things look when they're running. But yeah, if things like screen tearing or inaccurate sound bother you then I'd avoid.

Yeah just watched a Youtube video on the new Pandora 5s shown in that auction, still has screen tearing. Definitely not for me.

2 months later
#2036 1 year ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

Getting ready to organize the horde in the garage. See any favorites?

Quantum, Timber and Paperboy. Quite an impressive collection!

3 months later
#2141 1 year ago

I'm selling a few of my games from my collection, all nicely restored either by TNT Amusements or by me. Still have Frogger, Crystal Castles, Joust, Turbo, Outrun, Super Pacman and a Marble Madness kit. Message me if interested, they would be for local pickup only here in the Los Angeles area.

7 months later
#2377 10 months ago

Looking to sell or trade (for pins) my Space Duel / Black Widow / Gravitar machine. It's a Space Duel that was restored by TNT Amusements so it's in excellent condition with great sideart, and monitor has LV2000 in it. Also have boards, control panels and marquees for Black Widow and Gravitar that work plug in play in this machine so it's like 3 machines in one. If anyone local in Los Angeles is interested in it, hit me up! Also have a Frogger and Turbo that I could trade for pins, they were also restored by TNT Amusements. Mostly looking for a T2 pin right now.

5 months later
#2564 4 months ago

Looking to sell my Ms Pacman machine locally if anyone is interested. Restored cabinet side art, pink t-moulding, Ms Pac pcb has new caps, high score save kit, free play kit, also has a Jr Pacman pcb inside that you can just swap the harness from one pcb to the other to change the game. $1200, looking for local sale in Los Angeles, pics are below:


1 week later
#2575 4 months ago
Quoted from TwoHeartedMale:

Yours seems to have extra buttons. How come?

Probably for left or right handed play.

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