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What Arcade Games do you own?

By HighProtein

4 years ago

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#117 4 years ago

I've got a Daytona twin, Manx TT twin, Mame (shitloads of games) machine, Ikari Warriors, Championship Sprint, Super Sprint, sit down 60 in 1 cocktail machine and coming soon, a Sprint 2 machine. AND forgot my Super Hang ON machine !!

#123 4 years ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

If your successful, you'll be...
In the arcade people always laughed when I was doing this.

Is that the code that changes the bike to a sheep?

#127 4 years ago

YEP, done that

2 months later
#488 4 years ago

A few pics from some recent restore projects. The cocktail cabinet (an Aussie Hankin copy, but a GOOD one) was under a guys house, had no cash box so was full of rat turds, covered in 10 years worth of grime, all the metal parts were rusted, the monitor was shot, controls were dodgy and the SNK Jamma cartridge system also didn't work. I picked it up for free along with a bunch of bit's and pieces and about $300 later and a lot of hard work it really came up nice i thought. It's currently running a 60 in 1 game board but i've also got a working jamma system to swap over to with a multiple game cartridge.
The other Cabinet is obviously not an original Ikari Warriors (they are hard to come by in OZ, very rarely see them for sale). Originally this machine had a wrestling game in it but i wasn't keen on that. I've used Happ rotary joysticks (the original SNK one's are also bloody hard to find) and added some decals, etc. I would love an original but this plays awesome, so i consider that just as good

DSC01369.JPG DSC01377.JPG DSC01379.JPG
#538 4 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

Yep! Almost done, just need to screen print the gauge plexus.

I'm looking at your restore pics and all i'm thinking is i'm SUCH a bloody amateur

3 months later
#682 4 years ago

Finally finished the restore on my Super Sprint after doing bit's here and there over nearly a 4 month period. I'm fairly happy with the results as this is my first major (balls and all) restore project. I've got more pics of the machine in various stages and how the process unfolded in another thread if people are interested.







3 weeks later
#718 4 years ago
Quoted from Darth_Chris:

Anyone bought that one ?

If i had a LAZY $100,000 US dollars just lying around begging to be spent, OH HELL YES !!! i'd be right on it

#724 4 years ago

I still think we need a dedicated club for anything arcade related (including for sale posts, wanted item posts, restore projects, etc). I realize this is foremost a pinball forum but it seems that a high percentage of peeps have at least 1 or more arcade machines in conjunction with their pinball collections. What do you think guys and gals? I did actually message Robin about doing this but he never got back to me, most likely either missed it or was probably swamped with other messages etc at the time. I'm happy to start a club thread for ALL things arcade related.

2 weeks later
#763 4 years ago
Quoted from Ockeyhead:

What we're looking for is a board or SD Card that would include the verticals on a horizontal screen. Since I'm a relatively new to this, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

My understanding is that the only way to have both on a machine is to have two boards (hard drives, whatever) and swap between the two whilst also changing the orientation of the monitor from horizontal to vertical to suit that particular board. I've not seen horizontal and vertical games on a single board.

1 month later
#912 4 years ago

Well this restore project is finally finished after a bloody long time (been over a year since this machine was dragged out from under a blokes house), it was T-rashed at the start of this "mission", every metal part rusted to hell, virtually no stickers left, the front part of the shroud was busted from the top of the monitor (in the middle) almost up to the top and cracked in a lot of other areas, the monitor was cactus (snapped off at the back) and the game board was too corroded to be used (also the complimentary rat turds ). It also had been altered over the years in various places (checker plate metal panels on the base sides) and bits just plain missing (all the chrome edging). I can't thank my bro enough for the awesome fibreglass repair job and fantastic paint job on the upper shrouds, without that it just wouldn't have come together. I've tried to keep this machine as original as possible but there's some obvious omissions, mainly the chrome edging (very hard to find) and to be honest i didn't want to spend the extra time making them from scratch. It's also difficult to find accurate pics for decal placement, a search on google reveals machines with varying placements and missing stickers. In the end i used an original flyer as a guide but i've also taken a few liberties as well. Although i really felt i did a good job on my Super Sprint restore THIS one is my fav so far









1 month later
#1033 4 years ago
Quoted from SilverUnicorn:

PACMAN is the Chris Hutchins of video games. Absolutely stunning work!

I'm even more jealous now

1 month later
#1084 3 years ago

Be sad to see ya go Pacman. I did ask Robin ages ago in a pm message how he would feel about a club thread specifically for Arcade machines but never got a reply back, i guess it got lost in the sea of pm's he probably receives. I'm not even sure if "Club status" actually places threads automatically into the above ground floors
Maybe we can ask and see if this is possible??

1 week later
#1095 3 years ago

Just brought this home in the last few days and it will need a bit of work to get it back to nice condition. Currently the board doesn't fire up but shouldn't be an issue to get going. You guys will probably notice first up that it has non-original US release Side Art, this is the art work they were released with in Oz (gotta love that Toyota Landcruiser doing some scrub bashing) and YEP that's a gum tree in the background although missing the normally ever present "Drop Bear" Someone has also attached (very crudely) a steering wheel off an Atari Sprint machine as well. Another difference in the Oz cab is how the pedal units attach to the main cab, all up the cab is in pretty decent shape structurally. There's some chunks out of the side art decals but i doubt very much i can get these redone though and the after market decals are only the US version. Anyone got any ideas on how i can go about recreating the side art?? The next project has BEGUN






2 weeks later
#1109 3 years ago
Quoted from girloveswaffles:

Uh, Disregard my previous post:

I just checked this out Hmmmm is all i can say. Thanks for the idea though, much appreciated. I don't have the computer program/s to send them a file in the relevant format anyway so i would have to find someone local who could sort it for me. I would love to reproduce the side art decals, i like them better than the US version one's, got a bit more character to them i feel. Without opening the suggested thread issue here, i have bought decals off those guys before and was happy with the results BUT the Gist of the thread is just WOW, Not Kosha !!! Hoping to start on this project in the next month or so and get Ivan scrub thrashing again

3 weeks later
#1117 3 years ago
Quoted from Buzz:

With prices like that how could anyone say no. Nice collection. Would like to see pictures of everyone's arcade line up.

Check back through the threads pages, there's a power of good stuff in here

3 months later
#1166 3 years ago

I just picked up this machine today. It's structurally in really good nick for it's age besides all the rusted metal parts at least and a rare beast indeed At this stage i'm a bit wary about actually hooking it up to the power, all seems ok inside visually though, no obvious burnt out relays, etc and also looks complete. The more i look at it the more a line from a Foreigner tune comes to mind "I'm in too deep, i'm in over my head this time". This is going to be a LONG TERM project for sure. Does anyone have any leads on where i could find documentation for this machine?? All i've been able to track down is the original flyer!




#1168 3 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

That side art is insanely awesome!!!

Sure is, really pops. I know it was called decola, certainly not a decal. I'm not sure if these were screen printed on or not, finding it hard to dig up any info at all on this wee beast

#1170 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

is that a full-sized cab? looks short

Well it was made in Japan
But yeah think it's definitely original, bit shorter than me so about 5 foot 7 or so. Still has the rego plate on the back and all.

#1175 3 years ago

OMFG, finely got brave enough to plug in Night Rider and turn on, almost 100% working after at least 20 years of sitting idle and unplugged, in my books that's BLOODY amazing!!! Does anyone know if it's possible to contact Sega? ( the arcade division, NOT the home entertainment side ), i'd really like to be able to get some documentation for this machine. So far i've tried a few other places that possibly could help me out with no luck at all.

2 weeks later
#1194 3 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

which almost nobody likes LOL

I liked it MP BUT then hated it cause i don't have a GB and i'm bloody jealous

#1195 3 years ago
Quoted from Mancave:

Does anyone have any leads on where i could find documentation for this machine?? All i've been able to track down is the original flyer!

BUMPING this again, machine in question is a Sega Night Rider (see earlier post on this page), i've had no luck at all and not even sure i can contact Sega??? does anyone speak competent Japanese???

4 weeks later
#1235 3 years ago
Quoted from Schusler:

Has anybody run across one of these beauties? It's on my nostalgia hit list.

There's one for sale on Flippers.com site, although it's been converted to another game apparently, cab looks good though!

5 months later
#1457 2 years ago

Anyone know of a comprehensive list of non jamma and jamma game boards going by the numbers/code that is printed on the boards themselves?
I've just bought a bulk lot of game boards (most likely all not working) and only 4 are known (1942, Vendetta, Ninja Princess and Wardner Forrest?) I found one hit on google but it was supposedly an unsafe site and Firefox wouldn't automatically connect to it. Thanks in advance

#1458 2 years ago
Quoted from Mancave:

I've just bought a bulk lot of game boards (most likely all not working) and only 4 are known (1942, Vendetta, Ninja Princess and Wardner Forrest?)

After a bit more detective work i've identified 3 more boards. 1 is Sonic Wings/Aero Fighters and 2 others are the same board, both being the main board from Midways T2 game. ANY help working out what the others are would be most appreciated! I can supply pics of the unknown boards in PM. Cheers from Oz

#1467 2 years ago

I've worked out that one of the unknown boards is Capcom's Gun Smoke but i really need some help with the last 7. The only identifying codes on 3 of them are BR-0125 (duel boards), PG-930 (solo board) and another has Model 8630 (solo board). No company names on these and the others have no code or name but all are non jamma. Any ideas guys?

3 weeks later
#1532 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Question, is the neck of a tv picture tube supposed to glow a bit when it's working?

Sure does MP, usually a slight orange glow.

7 months later
#1715 2 years ago

Just brought this home today, still in really good condition for it's age (1976). I believe this is the Australian released version being called Indy 2, couldn't find any reference to this online but it is of course Sprint 2. The board is currently being worked on and i'm pretty sure the monitor works, the chassis may need some help though. It needs a bloody good clean up for a start
I would love to be able to find an original Sprint 8, played one heaps when i was a teen but i haven't seen nor heard of one of those for a very long time

DSC03297 (resized).JPG
DSC03298 (resized).JPG
DSC03299 (resized).JPG
DSC03300 (resized).JPG

#1717 2 years ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

Sprint 8 is a holy grail.

One of our local mini golf/arcade halls had a resident Sprint 8 machine dating from about 78 to the time it closed down, which would have been around 96 or so. I believe it was actually owned by the the people who ran the business, most of the rest of the machines were placed on route by a business from the Latrobe Valley area of Vic. At the time of the business closing i was far too young to be a collector...well....didn't have the money nor interest and have no idea what happened to any machines left over. That Sprint 8 brings back so many memories and joy, having a lot of mates playing at once, cutting each other off (as you do ) and the hilarious and annoying trait of several of the horn buttons getting stuck on at the same time ...even a Fonz whack didn't fix it

2 weeks later
#1747 2 years ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

Picked up this project today! Just needs the boards, manual and a few broken bits! any out there

Yeah there's bit's out there, i have an extra PCB board but it's the trak pack version and planning on keeping it. The manual can be downloaded from the net, that's where i got mine from. What other spares you chasing? By the way, is yours the Oz version with the Landcruiser decals on the main cab sides?

#1749 2 years ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

otherwise pretty complete except steering wheel breaks

I do have some spare wheels but i'm not sure exactly what i'm gonna need at the moment. I'm hoping to change my panel over to the US version as the wheels spin heaps better, they use bearings not the Atari style bushes the Oz version has. I have another spare US CPO but only 2 of the 3 wheels (including the coloured front metal panels) and a complete US CPO +wheels. My machine is the Oz version also so i have 2 spare wheels on that ( the middle wheel was substituted with an Atari wheel)

#1760 2 years ago

Anyone happen to have a spare Sprint 2 gear shifter bezel for sale? The one on the right on my cab has had the numbers ground off

1 month later
#1862 2 years ago
Quoted from Mopar:

I have a quick question for you Arcade Guys. I'm 100% EM Pinball/Arcade but
have a Ms. Pacman where at start up, the screen has fuzzy white lines, and the
play meter just keeps counting. Actually this happens when it's first turned on.
Activating the coin switch doesn't do/change anything. Not sure, but a coin may
have gotten stuck leaving the coin switch closed. This is probably a problem in
the main board, right? (T)

Does the machine have a CRT? could be the monitor chassis too.

2 months later
#2001 1 year ago
Quoted from j_m_:

kind of a left-handed compliment there

I would have said a back handed compliment but you know us Aussies we're all upside down and backwards

2 months later
#2102 1 year ago

Must admit there's been times when i've considered moving on the Daytona and Manx TT twins, to make room for some more pins or uprights, but i still enjoy playing them far too much

4 months later
#2255 1 year ago

Oh man, i really need to get my eyes tested, on first glance i thought that machine was named Chicken Shit

2 months later
#2324 12 months ago

Just recently completed a modest little restore on an original Aussie LAI cab (not dedicated). When i got the cab it had Digger decals on the side and the matching marquee but no game board. I had a nice Aero Fighters PCB hanging around so decided to do the cab up like this.

DSC03973 (resized).JPGDSC03974 (resized).JPGDSC03975 (resized).JPGDSC03979 (resized).JPG
2 months later
#2432 9 months ago

Hope there be some bourbon in them barrels

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