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What Arcade Games do you own?

By HighProtein

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

I've got...
Alien Vs Predator
Dark Stalkers (turned in to SF2 New Challengers)
Golden Axe 2 (blue elf in it now)
Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct 2
Neo Geo signal slots (2 of them)
Pac-Man cocktail (project)
SF2 15th (2 of them)
Tekken Tag
TMNT in Time

20 of these are on route.
4 others will go on route someday.

Most of my vids are here...

Seeking someday...
4 cart NEO GEO
Spider-Man (have a lead)

#2 9 years ago


#3 9 years ago

Punch-out/ Super Punch-out
Donkey Kong Jr.
Final Lap 2 side by side

#4 9 years ago

720, paperboy and a nice Mame cabinet. Not played as much as I would like but 720 really is fun when I play it occasionally.

Not sure how a video gamer like myself ended up playing pinball more then video games in my garagecade.

#5 9 years ago

Heavy Barrel just for nostalgic reasons. I used to play that at the local Putt-Putt Golf when I was in high school. It's a lot of fun with two people. My brother-in-law would play it with me.

#6 9 years ago
#7 9 years ago

I used to own about 16 arcade games, but I sold most of them to get more pins. Berzerk and Satan's Hollow are all that remain, but I plan to grab a few vids this year.

#8 9 years ago

Missile Command, Tempest, Battlezone

Atari Vids are where it's at for vids. =)

Dave (Doc)

#9 9 years ago

Donkey Kong (D2K game hack and high score save mod)

Analogue Interactive CMVS Neo Geo (wooden consolized Neo Geo arcade board) - The King of Fighters '98 & 2002, Blazing Star, Pulstar, Metal Slug X & 3, Windjammers, Twinkle Star Sprites, Garou Mark of the Wolves, Magical Drop III, Sengoku 2, Street Hoop, Baseball Stars 2

#10 9 years ago

Right now just a Neo Geo MVS 2-slot, however I'm certainly looking to expand.

#11 9 years ago

Asteroids with multigame kit installed (Asteroids Deluxe, Lunar Lander)
Battle Zone
Pole Position
Turbo x2
Space Invaders II
60in1 Vert.
138in1 Horz.
Daytona USA twin
Track N' Field Cocktail
Super Offroad w/ Track pack
Capcom Bowling
Operation Thunderbolt
Satan's Hollow

#12 9 years ago

Only a few,
Ice Cold Beer

#13 9 years ago
Quoted from starbase:


Not played as much as I would like but 720 really is fun when I play it occasionally.

Not sure how a video gamer like myself ended up playing pinball
more then video games in my garagecade.

I had paperboy on pc or apple 2 or something back in the day and
just finally played the arcade version last year, what a game!!!

720 has good replay unlike most arcade games to me...

Pinball = replay value, but video games have a place on our hearts haha

#14 9 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Right now just a Neo Geo MVS 2-slot, however I'm certainly looking to expand.

What carts?

#16 9 years ago

Killer instinct
Bad dudes
NBA showtime / NFL blitz combo cabinet
Total carnage / smash TV
Double dragon
NHL open ice
And a bunch in storage that need work.

#17 9 years ago

Nobody has Crystal Castles? My all time fav. Sadly I haven't been able to bring myself to buy a vid yet. Every time I think about buying one I think i'd rather use the money towards another pin.

#19 9 years ago

Magical Drop
Puzzle Bobble
Fatal Fury
Samurai Showdown 2 (x2)
Art of Fighting Something
World Heroes Perfect
Metal Slug
Top Players Golf
Magical Drop II
Blazing Star
Ghost Pilots
Metal Slug 3
Baseball Stars Professional
Riding Hero

Odds are some are bootlegs, but I got them for cheap so I didn't bother to check.

#20 9 years ago

Some of you guys have great collections of arcade games. If I had more room…!

Only a few:
Marble Madness and have control panel and daughter boards for IJ & TOD and Road Blasters
Gauntlet Legends (With Dark Legacy CF card)
Original Ms Pac Man redone with 60 in 1 in it currently (These seem to be big hits for the non pinball crowd)

Had an original Gauntlet I restored with both Gauntlet I and II cards to swap but sold to a friend
Special Criminal Investigation (Not really missed)

IMG_8869.JPGIMG_8869.JPG IMG_8871.JPGIMG_8871.JPG Basement Pics 05 NOV 2012 004.jpgBasement Pics 05 NOV 2012 004.jpg IMG_5847.JPGIMG_5847.JPG Before and After 1.jpgBefore and After 1.jpg IMG_0317.jpgIMG_0317.jpg
#21 9 years ago

I have an Arcade Legends 3 and a SuperSprint 3 Wheel.

#22 9 years ago
Quoted from Squeakman:

Nobody has Crystal Castles?

Yes; along with a DK cabaret, Playchoice 10 countertop, and a Nintendo Super System

#23 9 years ago

In addition to what I listed above, I used to have:

Gauntlet I and II
Time Pilot

But all got sold to make room for moar pins.

#24 9 years ago

I've got a 2 player Super Offroad with track pack and a 2 player upright Demolition Derby. I'd like to get more, as these offer a fun diversion from the pinball machines, and they are popular with non pinball types.

Edit: Added a Donkey Kong Jr with DK Jr and original DK boards which you can swap between, allowing you to play both games on the one cabinet.

#25 9 years ago

Big Buck Hunter dual shooter with all the games and critters
Sega NASCAR Arcade driver game
MACH 3 laser disc game set on demo mode so you can't loose. 15 minutes of non stop action so it's all about the points. It's down now because I can't find anyone local who knows how to fix it. I want it fixed sooooo bad.

#26 9 years ago

Arcade Legends 3

#27 9 years ago

A very nice Mini Gorf.

#28 9 years ago

Satans Hollow
Space Invaders II
Midway Infinity (Playboy Edition) Touchscreen

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#29 9 years ago

I only have tutankam. but would like to get Frontline if someone has one near me.

#30 9 years ago

Jurassic Park III - recently sold though
Global VR Global Arcade Classics multicade 80
iCade JAMMA multicade - awaiting installation of JAMMA switcher and original Tetris board

#31 9 years ago

arkanoid and arkanoid II revenge of d'oh!

#32 9 years ago

Mortal Kombat II - dedicated
CarnEvil - dedicated
48-in-1 Classics multicade
25" Dynamo w/ SF2 controls and 4-player controls.

Boards for the Dynamo that I can think of:
The Simpsons
Final Fight
Bad Dudes
Soul Edge 2
SNK vs Capcom
NEO.GEO (12 games)
WWF Wrestemania
Double Dragon

#33 9 years ago

In order that I got them.........Joey

60 in 1
Capcom Bowling
19 in 1
138 in 1
MAME cab (over 10,000 games)

Few pics

#34 9 years ago

I currently have the following arcades:

Golden Tee 2005
Target Toss Pro Bags and Lawndarts
Extreme Hunting
Ranger Mission
60 in 1 in a restored Galaga cabinet
Sega Out Run - picking it up this week
Megatouch EVO 2009

Previously owned:

NBA Jam Tournament Edition
Blitz '99
SportStatation Blitz 2000 and NBA on NBC
Capcom Bowling
Spy Hunter
Pac Man
Ms. Pac Man
Mortal Kombat 4
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Dig Dug
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey
Space Invaders
Final Fight
Ivan Stewart's Off Road 3 player
Track and Field
Hyper Sports
Dragon's Lair
Space Ace
Pole Position
Pole Position 2
Die Hard
War Final Assault
Operation Wolf
World Class Bowling
Rally X
World Series '99
Mario Bros.
Mad Planets
Q Bert
Food Fight
Bad Dudes
Street Fighter II
Turkey Hunter
Virtua Tennis

I'm sure there are a 15-20 more I can't think of right now. Most of these games were sold to fund the pin addiction and make room for pins.

#35 9 years ago

Arcade legends 2, but I'm hoping to fine time one day to build a MAME.
no space for dedicated arcades unfortunately

#36 9 years ago

I had a nice collection of my favorite vid years back including , Robotron , stargate, tempest, moon patrol, joust, to name a few. When I discovered how awesome pinball can really be, they started to move out and pinballs started moving in . Now I have 0 vids and all pins...oohh well

#37 9 years ago

I have had a Donkey Kong, Space Duel and a Dynamo cab wit SFII in it. All have been sold and I now have a NeoGeo 4 slot I am putting a MAME system in as I just do not have the space for pins and vids so I would rather have a handful of pins in the house and one MAME cab. Not ideal but it allows me to play what I want still and have room for pins.

#38 9 years ago

Star Wars (upright w/ ESB kit)
Star Wars cockpit
Zoo Keeper
Wild Western
Food Fight
Donkey Kong
Super Pacman
Screw Loose

probably a couple I'm forgetting....and lots of projects in storage.

#39 9 years ago

I have a megatouch ion fusion upright (highly recommend having one) and an ultracade with 250 games. I would love go get a big buck hunter one day too.

#40 9 years ago

Not to derail this thread, but reading this reminded me I've been wanting to ask the community...

Let me preface this by saying I know that it's considered blasphemy by the arcade purists, but I have a 60 in 1 in an upright Commando cabinet and was thinking of changing it out to a 412 in 1 card.
Has anyone done this? Is it fairly straightforward following the pinouts?
I find myself playing it less and less with the games on the 60 card. I feel spoiled by all the great pinball guides Vid (and others) have created, but haven't found a tutorial on this type of project while scanning the web.

#41 9 years ago

arcade legend 1 with every game/pack that i know ever existed
star wars and empire kit
tempest and tempest kit
discs of tron - chopped (bought that way) so no longer environmental
cruis'n world
JVL retro

i think that is it. gotta go look lol

#42 9 years ago

Not many left (sold a bunch before the big game move). I have an upright Tron, a pair of linked Rush 2049 SE's, and a 48 in 1 cocktail table (old Bally table converted).

I would love to get a Space Harrier, Track & Field, and dedicated MK cab (if someone local to NH has any of these, let me know) Also looking for a standard 2 player jamma upright or cocktail cab with horiz monitor (for my Magical Tetris board)

#43 9 years ago

Spy Hunter
Battle Toads
Police Trainer / Sharpshooter
Golden Tee 99 / World Class Bowling

Previously had a Ms. Pac with Speedup and a DK. Neither got much play.

#44 9 years ago

I used to own Vindicators and a Crazy Taxi upright.

Needed room for pins so they got sold / traded.

#45 9 years ago

I still have:
Black Widow
Arkanoid Tournament
Virtua Racing
Star Wars Arcade Game
SFIICE Turbo Hyper
Asteroids/ Asteroids Deluxe (combo cocktail)
Crystal Castles
Ms Pac cabaret
Star Trek
Rip Off
GT2K3 consolized
Mr. Do consolized
Neo Geo MVS consolized
2 MAME disasters. I'm converting one back to 25" JAMMA for the Mylstar multi-pcb

#46 9 years ago

Ive Got a restored Double Dragon! Spike and Hammer
And a multi Rotary cab with Heavy barrel and Guerilla war

image-433.jpgimage-433.jpg image.jpgimage.jpg
#47 9 years ago

I just sold my last one (Pump it Up: NX2). Used to have a Daytona twin, Area 51, Silent Scope, Klax, Metal Slug, and P-47 The Phantom Fighter. Refinishing my garage and getting ready for pins. Arcade games are fantastic, but I have quite a few ways to play games on screens. I need every bit of room for pins.

#48 9 years ago
Quoted from shovelhed:

Spike and Hammer

Bimmy and Jimmy!


#49 9 years ago

Exidy Death Race and Atari Basketball but always on the look out for a Midway Boot Hill

#50 9 years ago

Sunset riders ,out runners and a mame multi arcade ....

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