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Welcome To The Jurassic Park Prem/LE Club!!

By EightBallTexas

11 months ago

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Post #885 More info on aligning the TREX. Posted by pickleric (9 months ago)

Post #1396 Shooter fix Posted by Chambahz (8 months ago)

Post #1619 read before dismantling the raptor Posted by timlah79 (8 months ago)

Post #1830 KME gives info on how to adjust the T-Rex. Posted by sk8ball (8 months ago)

Post #2358 TREX Adjustment info Posted by imagamejunky (8 months ago)

Post #2625 Adjusting the raptor pit. Posted by yancy (8 months ago)

Post #2994 How to Remove TREX Head and also fix Jaw Screw that came out/loose Posted by f3honda4me (7 months ago)

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#1397 8 months ago
Quoted from SMI3:

Finally[quoted image]

Awesome!!! Man you had Elvira in Copenhagen the weekend of the EPC?!?!

How did you get them so quick? Did your distributor air freight them?

#1398 8 months ago

My LE is on the boat to the UK a should arrive two weeks today hopefully!

1 week later
#1641 8 months ago

My JP2 is arriving tomorrow!

#1643 8 months ago
Quoted from JustLikeMe:

I'm still waiting for a call from Hadfields!

did you order LE? They aren't very organised.

#1829 8 months ago

lineupnewjp (resized).jpg

#1832 8 months ago
Quoted from sk8ball:

All calibration is done is software. Use the last 3 adjustments in the ADJ-GAME menu to calibrate home position bias as well as left and right. If t-rex is dropping too far to the right move the bias a couple steps negative. Too far left move it a couple steps positive.

thanks Keith, added as a Key Post.

#2026 8 months ago

I've had the stuck ball on the helicopter a couple of times. I thought I was missing a screw in that hole that was causing it!


#2037 8 months ago
Quoted from ercvacation:

Premium arrived today. Playfield issues are present at each of the 4 up posts. The post on the left inlane has a chip and a small piece of missing paint. There doesn't appear to be any rubbing. Doesn't seem like any of the posts were finished properly. You can feel a roughness with your fingers on each. I've already contacted my distributor. Build date of 10/22. I knew this was a possibility but still not happy. Hopefully they address this issue properly. Definitely a bummer after spending over $7k and waiting since July 23rd for my premium.
Trex works fine. Plunger doesn't always make the shot properly but does most of the time. How do I test the raptor movement? Action button had to be adjusted to work, as it didn't ose the switch at all. That was an easy adjustment. I love the actual game but pissed about the quality control. Your move Stern.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

man that sucks.

#2040 8 months ago

My LE was made end of September and doesn't have that. Although it did have crooked flippers which I've fixed now.

1 week later
#2523 8 months ago

seen a few of you with a surround on the lockdown bar - where did you get that from?

#2602 8 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

You talking about this?[quoted image]


1 week later
#3039 7 months ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

I completely agree. Absolutely no need to swap out the factory balls from a new pin. I always clean the oil off of them with rubbing alcohol before putting them in a new game. I inspect them every month or so. If balls show any little scratches after a ton of plays then I replace them with more standard balls from marco.

I never use the balls that come with the game, they are terrible.

Quoted from cscmtp:

So owners that have a Prem or LE and also have a Deadpool Prem/LE, how do you rate it compared to your DP? I just got a Prem DP which the kids and I are loving, and I'm thinking about getting a JP Prem. Thoughts?

JP tougher than DP and not so funky with the music and theme, compliment each other well but I wouldn't let my DP go for JP.

#3261 7 months ago

not unless you are sharing it!

3 weeks later
#3667 6 months ago
Quoted from ShineSpark:

Hey guys,
So I'm ADORING!!! this game (got a premium) but as a first time pin owner I'm wondering if there are a few things I'm missing vis a vis proper setup. I know this is a difficult pin but my top score thus far is 550 mil and I can't seem to get anything going for the vast majority of my games. Haven't come close to any of the mini wizard modes even if I'm focusing on a single one because:
- Tons of outlane drains, often a surprise
- Brick many shots from the left flipper (A, O and S shots all difficult, C to a degree as well) I am much more able to make the loop and the tower shot from the upper flipper than make anything reliably from the lower flippers except for the middle spinner and the T-Rex ramp.
- Very hard to gain control of the ball and even post passes are tough
Now, I know, GIT GUD, but there's more to that I think, I'm 95 percent certain I just haven't dialed everything in properly? For example even though I have the pitch set to 6.5 degrees currently (steeper than the shooter lane level bubble setting) things feel a little sleepy around the flippers, dead bounces go all over the place. First thing I did was wipe the playfield and apply blitz, everything is lightning fast when the ball is in motion but I'm wondering if I should crank the back legs to get 7 degrees?
Also I'm running 0.96 (reset some of the default flipper power levels if I read the readme correctly) but I haven't messed around much with flipper strength which I plan on doing tomorrow. Again, the biggest issue for me is shots from the left flipper (C shot from the right is difficult but often manageable) so I will do some tests tomorrow but I'm curious as to how others have their power settings and if they've noticed a difference?
Perhaps with a steeper pitch and maybe some lowered power settings I'd be in business?

There is one solution to all of these issues:

"Play Better!"


#3728 6 months ago

I dialled down the power on the auto launch by about 20 and its made a huge difference to successful launches. Going to try a few less strong springs.


#3730 6 months ago

yeah I meant a weaker spring on the plunger - I think that will help also.

1 week later
#3860 6 months ago

I keep getting ball stuck under TREX jaw - it finally loosens and heads STDM, not on trex multi ball but on other TREX modes - anyone else? what's the fix?

#3881 6 months ago

It’s not a handle, it’s a crash avoider for when you put the play field back in the game which is needed because there is a a lot mounted on the backboard. But it works great as a handle!

3 weeks later
#4401 5 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Glare from the speaker lights looks really annoying...

looks worse in the pictures, on mine you don't notice it at all. the speaker lights Doug does for the LE's are superb.


1 week later
#4517 5 months ago
Quoted from Freakyguy666:

Is that a DP LE with Pro backglass?

pro/prem with LE armour

1 month later
#4958 3 months ago


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