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Welcome To The Jurassic Park Prem/LE Club!!

By EightBallTexas

11 months ago

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#1638 8 months ago

My LE is on the way from the ditro's main hub to my "local" warehouse... It's a bit of a road trip so plan is to pick up on 5 Nov. Hopefully my other NIB(not Stern) will be there by then too!

Super excited. My first NIB. Why buy one when you can get two at twice the price???!!!!! lol

#1640 8 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

I feel you pain. LOL.
I bought 2 basically back to back....both NIB. I have decided I am not an old school pin guy even thou I am 50. We played so many and I wanted to like something from the 80's but I am ruined with my babies.
When the time comes to play eight ball deluxe that might be the one as I played it when I was a kid.

I am the same age as you.. I was a collector 10-15 years ago but took a break and sold everything 10 year ago due to ummm.. let's call it a life changing event.... lol *cough* divorce *cough*....

Now getting back into it and I just don't feel like working my way back up from the bottom by restoring what I find as boring games. I owned/repaired/restored many 80's games.. Meh... I need depth of rules to keep me interested. The only games I have owned that I have not beat were LOTR and TSPP. Hope to get them back eventually.

Anyway I took the plunge. JP seems like a very decent effort from Stern. Have not played it yet. Leap of faith that it's as good as I think it is...

#1836 8 months ago

My LE is sitting at my distro waiting for me to go get it. It's about 150 miles away and already have a road trip planned in 11 days but man... I want it NOW!! (My first NIB too).... Will post my LE number once I get it..

#1842 8 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

150 miles in Snow....no thanks...lol

LOL.. Americans are so funny....

Snow is usually only in December. Not much different than Vermont. It's nice and sunny and about 50 degrees today (average for this time of year)...

I need to borrow a truck and that's the delay. My truck is dying and I don't have enough confidence in it to drive 300 miles round trip.

#1848 8 months ago
Quoted from hawkmoon77:

So I'm assuming you are already on your way right now to pick it up, and wrote this message while you were driving there (at a stoplight of course, safety first!)

I wish!!

May need to call in sick next week lol. Distro is only open weekdays 8-4.

#2019 8 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Awesome News.
Added to the growing list.

Based on my invoice it looks like I will be getting 449 but I will confirm Monday.

#2028 8 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

What you guys think?? added a little touch of color.
Which look do you like? Behind the Plaque or In front of plaque?
ulekstore - Thanks for sending the green cover as a test.[quoted image][quoted image]

Behind looks better IMHO. It highlights the plaque nicely. In front washes out the details too much.

#2044 8 months ago
Quoted from MrMikeman:

I wish!!
May need to call in sick next week lol. Distro is only open weekdays 8-4.

Couldn’t wait anymore. Picking it up tomorrow morning

#2082 8 months ago

LE #449 has been adopted. Hope it likes its new home!!

Unboxing in a few hours.

007021AE-3394-4102-B8AE-113B5537237B (resized).jpeg665E62DD-8772-4C64-AE91-231BDA63D747 (resized).jpeg
#2102 8 months ago

Soooo... My LE has black legs. Is this normal? the Stern website has the LE with green legs.

#2109 8 months ago

Manufactured on a Friday(27 Sep).. *eye roll*. Other things that I consider minor:
Found loose screws in box and in cabinet. Plastic had come undone to the left of the T-Rex.
Flippers are not even. One is too low.
Not a big deal to adjust. But the legs. F#$*...

A4AFEA67-57E2-43E2-9AF4-3DE581034B1D (resized).jpegCAAA6534-EEA1-4A00-BF86-F522D0308418 (resized).jpeg

#2120 8 months ago
Quoted from Phillyaudio:

Your dealer have to check before delivering!

And how would the distributor do that without opening the box?

#2122 8 months ago
Quoted from Manic:

They'll send you the correct ones and tell you to keep the black ones. So you got an extra set of legs for nothing. Not the end of the world considering some of their other recent problems.

Yeah. Had a quick look at the playfield and seemed good. It’s a bit dark in my basement. And frankly i was too busy playing to care lol.

Not sure my velociraptor is moving when I hit those targets will check tonight. It was freely moving by hand.

Got a 436k score yesterday but not a clue about what i was doing. Shoot the flashing lights! I think i may have started CHAOS multiball. It got pretty crazy. Lol

Lovin the game.

#2123 8 months ago
Quoted from Manic:

They'll send you the correct ones and tell you to keep the black ones. So you got an extra set of legs for nothing. Not the end of the world considering some of their other recent problems.

Distro has ordered the replacement legs from Stern. Awesome service.

#2124 8 months ago
Quoted from C_Presley:

Cool little mod, met the guy that runs filament printing at expo and he was super nice. He was selling these with a black face and green base. I contacted him asking if he could print me a black on translucent pair so I could light them up with green LED’s and I think it came out pretty well![quoted image]

Did you remove the "Tournament Start" button or did it come like that?? (just below the regular start button).

#2125 8 months ago

So am I the only one who opened the goodie bag? Everybody I know seems to leave them stapled in the machine and even buying another manual so as not to open the bag.. Really??

I've never actually paid MORE for a used game just because the bag was still there.. And in Canada with the exchange rate and taxes I paid nearly $14k for my LE which was my first NIB. No way I'm letting someone else get the goodies!! Bag removed and opened. Plus I want the key fobs for my keys anyway.

Was that a bad thing??

#2219 8 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

2 more happy pin owners checking in today.
LE Owners 0- 500

Hey you were supposed to add me a few days ago!




#2243 8 months ago
Quoted from marksf123:

How can you tell that you have the wrong Raptor pen? I bought the pen but my game is a little ways out before it gets delivered. I would like to make sure mine is correct.

Mezelmods sell 2 versions. The pro and the premium/le. They are slightly different. I had to check too because I wasn’t sure I had ordered the correct one.

1 week later
#2645 8 months ago
Quoted from TheBigDog:

Does anyone know if the LE has a connection port for an external sub? Or if you need to buy one from pinnovators?
Has anyone tried connecting one?

The manual indicates that there is a line out connection on the main board (it's a .100 pin male header). However you would need to make the .100 connector to make it work and hope that the manual is correct about the pinout.

I went the Pinnovators way and works awesome. Oh and BTW, once you add the sub you will never want to play without it....... ever.....



#2656 8 months ago
Quoted from Gotfrogs:

I got my topper today!

Lucky you!! I am a few weeks away from getting mine...

#2672 7 months ago
Quoted from MrMikeman:

Distro has ordered the replacement legs from Stern. Awesome service.

Green legs received and installed!! My forklift attachment on my escalera was useful today!
C06F5001-1556-4574-B19A-DD969A3CED24 (resized).jpeg669CC763-F48F-4123-8B98-6F3CC315693B (resized).jpeg
998D41FB-8BBA-41F5-AED7-59FAC874983D (resized).jpeg

#2761 7 months ago
Quoted from jeffgoldstein2:

I’m having a problem when I plunge the ball at full speed a lot of the times it doesn’t make it up the ramp and dribbles out. I’m not sure what it’s hitting to make it lose momentum. Anyone have this problem before and have any solutions?

it’s been discussed and covered a few times in this thread. Browse through you should find the info you need.

#2869 7 months ago
Quoted from MANTO1975:

Tell me about it, I just thought that someone else might have found the same screw and where they thought its location was. could it possible be out of T rex mouth/head.

I found some too(in the cabinet AND in the cardboard box - glad I looked) but they were black and came from the trex fence.

#2880 7 months ago
Quoted from DougAUS11:

Number 266 arrived and set up in OZ/Australia. Amazing game played non stop all night with no TREX problems .
Always get my distributor (AMD Amusements) to unbox check and adjust and re box every time a buy an LE[quoted image][quoted image]

Nice!! You need a topper now!!

#2914 7 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

it could be worse, you could have paid for yours on 10/21 in the Stern Store when they were supposedly in stock and have nothing to show for it: no shooter, no notification, no contact, nothing....

I resemble that remark!!

#2917 7 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Speak of the Devil: Just got a UPS package scheduled delivery notice for a package from Stern Pinball, to be delivered tomorrow! That should be it...
Still no notifications from Stern, just my original order invoice from last month.....

Lucky you! My order was placed Oct 31.. So probably at least 3-4 more weeks for me lol..

#2920 7 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

I ordered mine Oct 21st and nothing. I called, pressed 2 and got a lady and told her it's now one month + and no emails, calls etc etc.
She said, they are not in stock. GRRRR.
I have to wait for a email when its shipped until then " Wait"/
Wow.....lovely service after spending a small fortune and plus I signed up to be a insider , well that get's me nothing...lol
I think it's noon somewhere....time for a Manhattan- who wants one?

Too funny.. I did the same things with the insider bit... LOL

Yeah a drink would be nice right about now... I'd have one if my ass wasn't parked in my cubicle at work..

My mods aren't in yet so it's not like I am waiting for that ONE thing to finish. Shipment #1 (Fence post upgrades and sign covers) is at the post office. Gotta pick it up tonight. Shipment #2 (Raptor tower) got sent 2 days ago so at least 1.5 weeks to go before it arrives...

#2930 7 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Guess who just got a email from UPS that some item is coming my way in 2 days from Stern. No phone call, no email saying sorry and your order is coming...lol
My phone call complaining about why are others getting shooter rods who purchased after me ----worked.


Happy for ya! Gonna be installing mods in an hour or so.. but not the shooter rod obviously lol..


#2947 7 months ago
Quoted from Flynnyfalcon:

For those using Pinstadiums on JP, where are you plugging your UV flashers into? Not even convinced the game needs the UV, but will plug it in and decide.

Plugged mine in with the raptor pen. Cant remember exactly which flasher and i am at work. May have been that bright white flasher near the control room.

#2948 7 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Cool. post up pictures after each one.

It’s just the standard mods most ppl are doing. Will have to search the pictures to see what folks are doing with the pteranodon after removing it for the sign cover..

While I was at it I discovered the lock nut for the velociraptor hips/legs had fallen off. Found it in the cabinet and re-installed. Also found a very small screw and washer that I'm not sure where they came from. I'm sure I will find out at some point. The lock nut holding the support string on the speaker panel had also fallen off. It was stuck to the speaker magnet. Re-installed.

Should have taken the pics with the glass removed but forgot. Gets dirty quick because one of my cats like to jump on it and walk all over it lol.

My inclinometer thingamabob arrives today so I will set the angle to 7 degrees on the weekend. Hope it makes shots a bit more consistent.. If I trap the ball on the left flipper there is currently no way to make the helipad shot. Not enough power. Only way to make it is to have the ball roll down the inlane then make the shot. Flipper power set at default (255 I think?)... Ordered coil stops in case that's the problem or becomes the problem..

Upper right flipper is set almost centered on the alignment hole which means the ball doesn't hit the post on the way down from the orbit. It doesn't drain STDM (hits the middle of the right flipper - albeit FAST) but that setup makes my orbit and tower shots from the upper flipper more consistent. Will play this way for a while.

0434435B-28D0-438E-A184-6378193074BF (resized).jpeg18CFFBAA-5EFE-479B-859D-7FCD5B13396E (resized).jpeg8BE17F24-7799-4603-A437-B93610BC4760 (resized).jpegC86F0879-36F9-4DD7-B199-A3C50CABB511 (resized).jpegF9525BB7-0E2F-45D9-96D7-975AB63123A0 (resized).jpeg

#2986 7 months ago
Quoted from MrMikeman:

My inclinometer thingamabob arrives today so I will set the angle to 7 degrees on the weekend. Hope it makes shots a bit more consistent.. If I trap the ball on the left flipper there is currently no way to make the helipad shot. Not enough power. Only way to make it is to have the ball roll down the inlane then make the shot. Flipper power set at default (255 I think?)... Ordered coil stops in case that's the problem or becomes the problem..
Upper right flipper is set almost centered on the alignment hole which means the ball doesn't hit the post on the way down from the orbit. It doesn't drain STDM (hits the middle of the right flipper - albeit FAST) but that setup makes my orbit and tower shots from the upper flipper more consistent. Will play this way for a while.

Well shit. Turns out my playfield was at about 5.8 degrees.. no wonder the side shots(helipad and control room) were almost impossible. Set it to exactly 7.0. Now I have to re-learn my game. And probably re-adjust the flipper bat positions again. Certainly faster play now. Only played 3-4 games at the correct slope so not enough to tell if it needs further tweaking yet. The outlanes seem worse than before and they were already pretty unforgiving. My gf won’t like that part lol. In her words “the game cheats”. Do nothing and the ball just drains in the outlanes all the time! Lol.. Still only have 2 games in the lineup so far and they are both outlane drain monsters lol. Sttng is the other.

#3078 7 months ago
Quoted from JOESCHALL:

I have a JP topper on order from Tilt as well. I just inquired, and I have been told that mine is shipping with a large run on Friday and that I'll get a shipping confirmation and tracking number on Monday. Hopefully that applies to yours as well. It sure looks great in the pix!

Lol I inquired also Same response. Shipping Friday. Can't wait!

#3083 7 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Tempted but holding off to see 2-3 others that are being built.

In any case you're too late for that fancy tilt topper now. Limited run. They do have a plain one though.

#3095 7 months ago

Well i wrote to Stern yesterday asking why I haven’t received any info on my online order(shooter rod and mats). Maybe it’s just coincidence but today I got my UPS notice. It’s on its way!


#3142 7 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Talking about adjustments...I need some help.
After installing the most bad ass shooter rod EVER and loving the light show from my living room . I want to soften, slow down or just make the start button stay constant. It flashes so fast it ruins the shooter rod and distracts us. I know it's a silly thing .
Thanks for the help.

I think your only option would be to unplug the light. It's set to flash (no other possibility in settings) when there are credits, or all the time when it's on free play. This is to show people "Hey! This is where you press to start the game!"..

#3185 7 months ago
Quoted from beaplayer:

I had it happen the first game after .95. Hasn't happened in 30 games since.

I had it happen twice in the first few games. Once was tilt warning. Once was when the raptor pen was ready for multiball. Hasn’t happened since. Switched my speaker setting back to 8 ohms this morning and the sound is much clearer/nicer now. Also helps with the rattling glass since the overall volume is now lower.

This morning also had weird trex issues for the first time. Dropped the ball beside the ramp instead of on it. Twice in the same game. And no it wasn’t rampage mode. Hasn’t happened again though. Strange..

#3310 7 months ago
Quoted from Burley9043:

I am experiencing the same thing after the new code was installed. At first I thought it was connected with game play, but it has been flashing at times for no apparent reason.

I'm a bit surprised by some of the comments/complaints in this thread.. People just seem to blindly update code without even reading what's been changed and then coming here to ask about it. The read-me file isn't all that long.. The speaker settings is the same. It's clearly stated that LE's now default to 4 ohms. Why are people asking if that is normal?

Now on to your issue. Here it is.. Straight from the read-me file:

- Mosquito in Amber Accessory Shooter Knob - many more lamp effects added during Amber Pops / Slings / Targets / Ramps



#3312 7 months ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Because a) now the game sounds like shit; b) Keith said just change it back to 8 ohms so it doesn't sound like shit; and c) when you DO change it back to 8 ohms (which makes it all sound great again), it automatically defaults back to 4 ohms. You don't see that as a problem?

a) Yes it sounds like shit at 4 ohms; b) I now do this every time I turn on the machine; c) annoys the hell out of me. Yes it's an annoyance at this point. It's the same for everybody with an LE. However the question keeps coming up. Every day. "Why is it changing to 4 ohms"... Because it's been coded like that now. Send Stern a bug report if you don't like it! I did!

My response was more about the "why are the shooter lights flashing?". Ummmm.. Because it's been programmed that way now?? As clearly stated in the code update.... BTW I find that annoying too.. A flashing shooter button means some sort of action in other games. Press the button to get something. A flashing shooter knob that means nothing is an attention diversion I don't need when I am playing lol. They need a human factors specialist on the team at Stern lol. I'm a pilot in my real life.. A flashing light is meant to focus your attention and usually means do something NOW.

Sorry if I sounded like a bit of a DB.. Monday morning. Tired.. Caffeine hadn't kicked in yet lol.. Here in the North Pole.. oops I mean Canada, it isn't a holiday today

Have a nice Monday y'all!

#3321 7 months ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

It parallels/mimics the Amber target Insert in the pops. It starts off a slow pulse on the plunge and then turns off if the target is not lit, then if lit ... rapidly pulses and matches the insert until the Amber target through the pops is hit and the insert extinguishes... and so on. I like the feature since the insert is in the backfield, I can immediately see that the insert is lit in my peripheral vision down at the shooter rod

Maybe I should figure out and start paying attention to the "amber" modes.. I honestly have no clue what they do but I do hear the callouts once in a while..

I mostly focus on the paddocks, a bit on the TREX modes, and not starting MBs needlessly (trying to start them when something else is going on).

#3336 7 months ago
Quoted from Lounge:

Noob question ....
Do I use this update file as a replacement for the Stern .95 and update as normal or do I need to do some tech whiz-bangery to finesse this onto the machine?

You update to .95 with the Stern files, then do this sound update.

#3339 7 months ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Why would you do that? The sound update is original .95 code with sounds changed. Updating to .95 with the stern files is redundant.

They way I understood pinball browser is that you load the NEW code (.95) in PB, apply the macros (change the sounds), then create an update file, which will only contain the changes from the original code (.95). Therefore to apply the sound changes you need to start with the .95 code.

Maybe I am wrong...

However, as AUKraut mentioned, there are other firmware updates(node boards) included which may not make it through the PB update file?

Is there a PB expert around here?

#3387 7 months ago
Quoted from Green-Machine:

Unfortunately the amber shooter quality isn’t great. Don’t feel like you’re missing out. It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I actually agree.. it’s ok but that’s it.

#3400 7 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

You would figure that Stern would have released a quick update for this, as it makes JP unusable in a match play tournament & league setting...

Agreed. Stern is rudderless. Nobody with any brains in the leadership. Pretty basic software QC here. If you discover a major flaw/bug you fix it and provide a quick patch to correct it. Never mind adding other things/bling. Fix the hard reset issue now.

"oh it'll be fixed in the next update in Dec".. that could mean 31 dec.

#3413 7 months ago
Quoted from JediMcMuffin:

They showed you, huh?

Hell yes!

I love to get proven wrong in situations like this!!

Booyeaah. Time to update and "test" out the new code.. It's not that I love playing the game.. I'm really just testing out the code..



#3446 7 months ago

Just did the Amazon pteranodon mod. Looks awesome. Perfect size. Drilled the pteranodon in the butt. Bent a coat hanger in there and flattened the other end to attach it to the ramp mounting point. I know some were asking how to mount so i took a few pics.

449E940E-3193-446B-8534-5F5326877AC0 (resized).jpeg732F7BC8-A790-4E6E-A0A9-CFAE966F07D8 (resized).jpegB07362C6-599B-4EFC-8A68-C1533DB889A8 (resized).jpeg
#3476 7 months ago

Love the holiday season when the postal service delivers parcels on weekends

The last piece of the mod puzzle arrived this morning
BD3AA20E-824E-4A5B-856F-4238AD0FBDE6 (resized).jpeg

#3477 7 months ago

And here is my cute Roxy pretending to be a TREX lol..

269E47D4-A11E-4B31-A12F-459DC442A71B (resized).jpegD0CA70CE-5D0D-4466-A113-421CFA118256 (resized).jpeg
#3482 7 months ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

I'm really digging those toppers. That small acrylic edge that is glowing around the border really sets them off.
When looking at your pictures I'm wondering why the left speaker cone is getting more light bleed from the backbox vs the right side? Behind the right speaker does have more components making it a tighter area back there, but I have never noticed it making one side get less excess backbox light than the other.
Doug (SpeakerLightKits.com)

Probably shade from the power supply. I plan on backlighting them in green anyway. Soon!

#3501 7 months ago
Quoted from Green-Machine:

Yeah just in a joking mood. I see I’m out of place here on pinside!

I thought it was funny. While I understand the angst of the OP, it's a bit like asking a mechanic "my car makes this squeak squeak noise, what's wrong with it?"...

I found screws and washers in my LE and I don't sweat it. If I can't find where it fell from and the game is working, I keep them in the coin box until something stops working. Then I have the parts to fix it!


#3511 7 months ago
Quoted from adamross:

I just received Mezel Mod's raptor tower mod but cannot seem to find an installation guide. Does one exist, or is it pretty self explanatory?

It’s online on their website. You should have a piece of paper with the address in the package. Or just go to mezelmods.com. You should be able to find the installation guides.

#3530 7 months ago
Quoted from scooterd:

An update and a question for all the Stern experts here... (and sorry for the longish post):
I am the owner of LE 313, which upon delivery had a malfunctioning TRex (sat high off the ramp, and didn't eat any balls), had a small piece of green paint chipped off the top of the frame and a random selection of nuts and bolts in the bottom of the case.
I immediately let my distributor know that day.... finally yesterday heard that "Stern will replace both parts".... they wanted to ship them to me, and expected me to install them!!!(WTF)
Now, I'm just a home user, this is my 2nd LE Stern purchase in less than 6 months - I am just wondering, out loud - is this what I should be expecting for spending this kind of money on a game? If so, it pretty much means that these machines should NEVER be bought new, as the risk/reward is 100% on the end buyer.... if I bought a new small car and on day 1, it's systems didn't work... would Ford send me a new muffler or brake kit and expect me to install it myself?
I understand many of the buyers here are using these for business reasons, and so any downtime is missing profits, so, those owners will take the parts and fix things... but, this approach to a "home user" seems completely a$$ backwards and basically tilts my future decisions to no longer consider NIB, as I cannot be sure that I could actually have a working game on Day 1.
Is there someone beside my distributor and the Stern service department I should be contacting, to perhaps better impress upon them, the lunacy of this approach and from a business standpoint - that this completely anti-consumer approach to shipping defective products on day 1, with 100% of the risk on the consumer, is opening Stern up to some bad press?
I don't want to be "that guy" -- I just want, what I think anyone deserves, a working game from the factory, and then I am happy to fix it, when is in a working state, while inevitable things come up... I shouldn't be the onsite warranty/service department on day 1....
PS the "tape trick" on the opto has improved this LE a bit, so, perhaps the issue is the opto alignment... but again.... where is the quality control and testing before shipping out a $10k "game" ? thanks for reading - scott

You've had some bad luck I guess. However, to keep your analogy to the car purchase, when you buy a car the manufacturer doesn't send it directly to you. They send it to the dealership who will then inspect and prepare it, then you get it. Your distributor should have offered the same service. Take it out of the box to inspect and prepare, then sell it to you. If however you chose to have the unboxing experience well then that's the risk you take. Things do happen in shipping. My distributor(from Montreal) offered to check it all out for me but I declined, knowing full well what I could be getting myself into. Even though this was my first NIB, I've owned many pins and feel comfortable fixing issues. I also had nuts and bolts in the box and in the cab, but the game functioned pretty much as it should have. I still get the odd nut or washer sliding down the playfield but it's getting less frequent.

#3533 7 months ago
Quoted from scooterd:

Agreed, bad luck... I feel like the distributor is the one in the "wrong" here... but, wondering how to get a more fair solution... the distributor was paid to deliver and setup... and that is when the discovery happened... so, I feel like I did everything I could to ensure the risk was on the distributor to deliver a working & undamaged game out of the box... what else can a buyer do?

Did you deal with the "local Kingston distributor"? I don't think he's an authorized Stern dealer. I believe the only 2 authorized distros in Canada are Nitro Pinball and Player One. I dealt with Player One and the service was awesome. My LE had the wrong legs (black) and the distributor got the green ones from Stern and then shipped them overnight to me. Obviously I had to install them myself.

In any case whoever came to install the game in your house was responsible to ensure it was functioning properly. Pressure them.

#3539 7 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Unfortunately, this isn't the way it works. For good or bad, pinball ownership is a hobby. If you don't have time for it to be a hobby, you need to pay someone to take the glass off and fix stuff. For a brand new game like yours, it's reasonable to expect the distributor to do the fixing, but that also rarely happens.

Yeah unfortunately even though they are targeting the home users more than the commercial operators now, their business model/philosophy hasn't caught up. They sell these things with the assumption the end user can maintain and fix it themselves. Warranty covers parts only (I think).

Also, it's a commercial money making device. If it was on location it would still make money whether the trex works or not. The operator would just disable it in the settings and the game would play normal. Same with a ramp opto that sometimes misses the ball.. In a home environment it sucks and isn't really acceptable. In a dark dingy bar it doesn't matter...

#3541 7 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I played a premium the other day on location and really liked it. I think I'm going to be placing an order for a premium next year. Does anyone have a count and or list of modes based on main modes, multiballs, and mini wizard / main wizard modes?
Thank you!

It's on the Stern website if you click on JP. Documentation. It's called Jurassic Perks. It's a PDF.

#3546 7 months ago
Quoted from scooterd:

P1 has been responsive, I think we are awaiting Stern's move...

I really hope it gets resolved sonner than later. Wish u were a bit closer I could go help.

#3553 7 months ago
Quoted from DarthSinex:

Ok. 2 Quick questions here. The file for download is a different size than the official stern .96 file and that is a zip that contains 2 files whereas when I download this file it doesn't appear as a zip and i can't open it. Should there be 2 files in a zip and should that be the same size as the stern originals. If yes, I'll look at why my download isn't working

There is only 1 file. ends in .spk and no you can't open it (unless you use Pinball Browser). It's the same as the uncompressed files Stern puts out except it's all in 1 file, and already uncompressed.

No zip

I tried it yesterday and it works fine but backup your scores first. You will lose them.

#3554 7 months ago
Quoted from timlah79:

Nope and I'm definitely in their first batch since I ordered in July. On 11/15 Stern responded to me saying LSOG should get theirs in 2-3 weeks. On 11/29 LSOG said they were told by Stern, "we will be getting ours on the next shipment out from the factory." I just emailed both again. Very perplexed. Maybe next week? LOL

I also noticed on the Stern shop that it's no longer listed as "Out of stock" when you check out. It's listed as "sold out".

Sucks if it's true.

#3555 7 months ago
Quoted from MrMikeman:

There is only 1 file. ends in .spk and no you can't open it (unless you use Pinball Browser). It's the same as the uncompressed files Stern puts out except it's all in 1 file, and already uncompressed.
No zip

I removed it and went back to original code. It's not for me. While I totally understand how much work is involved (I've done it), I just don't like the multiple movie quotes that simply have nothing to do with gameplay but are in there because they are cool movie quotes. This is nothing against delt31's work but it's not for me. For example when I get an extra ball I like to hear "EXTRA BALL" lol.. "Life finds a way", while a memorable movie quote just has nothing to do with getting an extra ball. There are many other quotes and call outs that I find out of place. I also don't like how the end music plays half the regular song (way louder than it should), then ABRUPTLY switches over to a piano version which ABRUPTLY quits when the timer runs out for end game audio. All regular or all piano would be my preference (and a fade out).. Anyway to each his own. I know I'm a minority here. Folks like their movie quotes lol. Nice work done by delt31 whether I like it or not.

#3585 6 months ago
Quoted from SkillShot:

Just bought a JP Premium, can’t wait. What are the must have mods for the game? I already have the tilt topper, which is pretty amazing. The Stern shooter rods seem like they’re a must, but are hard to get.
What are the thoughts on Mezel mod tower and raptor pit? Interested to hear from ppl who made the purchase what their thoughts are.
Following the Pteranodon mod as that looks addition worthy. How ‘bout pinstadiums? Never owned them before, do they have a big impact?

I have all the mods you talk about. The tower and raptor pit. The sign covers. And just the helipad road sign because it just fits perfect near the upper flipper. I also added the Amazon pteranondon. Looks perfect near that right ramp.

I have the Pinstadium Omegas. Really like them. My basement is very dark and I have pinstadiums on both my games. Not a fan boy by any means but they work great for my JP and STTNG. I find them very expensive though. That’s the downside. They are a bit overkill also. Brightness is set at less than 20% and they are super bright.

I am not a fan of over the top mods. I stick with things that integrate well and enhance the look.

#3613 6 months ago
Quoted from skink91:

There are a number of rewards for it, the primary one being completing CHAOS.

Which then lights chaos mb (same smart missile target). So if the ball bounces around the bumpers and hits the target again then yes, hitting the smart missile shot would end up starting a mb(chaos).

1 month later
#4222 5 months ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

OMG That is amazing! Nice collection and way to show it off

Agreed but part of me think this is a waste of valuable pinball space!

#4232 5 months ago

Trex only throws in certain modes not all.

#4236 5 months ago

Did you try re-seating the ethernet cables at the main board?

#4238 5 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

The past few games my Dino has picked up the ball, Fone through the theatrics and then forgotten to release it like he doesn’t know it’s in there. Before I investigate, any ideas?

Opto in the mouth.

#4285 5 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Sounds like a good idea, though it hasn’t happened much to me.
Something that’s more common (for me, at least) is having the ball trigger T-Rex MB without getting caught by T-Rex. For the other T-Rex modes (chase/rampage/etc.) it never seems to happen. Have you noticed this?

It’s designed that way and has been discussed before. The trex mb is meant to be easier to start. It’s triggered by the ramp opto. The other trex modes are triggered by the trex mouth opto(captured ball).

#4317 5 months ago
Quoted from madscientist101:

This vibrates like crazy with just the normal sound coming from speakers let alone the shaker motor.. originally I thought the back box speakers were blown.

Try dialing down the cabinet speaker (not backbox). lower the volume on it a few db and see if it improves the rattling issue. It did on mine. I'm too lazy to install tape right now lol.

1 week later
#4433 5 months ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

A friend gave me a ModFather Amber shooter rod for working on his pins, so I did a little modding and lighted it up like the Stern one. I hooked it up to the same connector as the Stern one (CN15), so it is fully interactive with the game. No more waiting for Stern to make these available again!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

FYI the 2 LEDs on the Stern shooter operate independently. Sometimes they light/pulse together. At other times they pulse left/right.

#4499 5 months ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

Yes there should be 3.. chances are it fell through the play field and is either in the bottom of the cabinet somewhere, stuck in the wires below the playfield, possibly in an insert cutout, in the actual coin drop box, or the ball trough, it just under the Shaker motor plastic box... I'd check all those typical places first... If not, give Stern a call for some replacement screws or you can search a hardware store

Don’t forget to check the speaker magnets!! Found many screws there over the years!

#4514 5 months ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

I miss Mr. DNA...

Me too!

1 week later
#4575 4 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

If you downgraded and the issues are still there, I agree it might not be software related.
Sorry you are having problems...

I disagree. The problems with writing on the SD card may indicate some corruption on it. They are cheap. Buy another one and try again.

1 week later
#4700 4 months ago
Quoted from rlslick:

Guys, thank you starting a list or factory replacement parts. I recall there was issues with one side of the house breaking (pop bumper side?) and a support plate was in development. Was this ever released?

wrong thread maybe? There’s no house in Jurassic Park!

#4723 4 months ago
Quoted from LoganJK:

So after about 1000 plays our left flipper is very weak. The coil and sleeve both look normal and clean. Is step 1 replace the coil and see if that fixes it?

First step is replacing the coil stop. Common fail point.

#4751 4 months ago
Quoted from snappahead:

It's level, but what pitch should I have it at. I just have it at the Stern recommended setting.

Designed to be at 7 degrees pitch. Makes a significant difference.

#4756 4 months ago
Quoted from Patcraig1:

dumb question....what tool is used to measure pitch? I have just ordered a JP, but my TSPP has only a little level that doesn't give acctual pitch reading.

I bought a digital inclinometer on Amazon for pretty cheap. Similar to this one:
amazon.com link »

#4758 4 months ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

Inclinometers are ok, but I would make micro adjustments on the rear leg levellers until the game plays right for you. I have never found that inclinometers were enough to set games up to my preference. In other words, save your money.

Let's agree to disagree. In addition to quickly finding the correct slope, I find it a time saver for the left/right level (both top and bottom of playfield). A bubble level looks ok but you can still be a bit off.

2 weeks later
#4906 3 months ago
Quoted from Arcade:

Oh yea.
We will get the guard tower for sure.
Maybe the lit shooter rod.
What else is awesome for this game?

The Amazon Pteranodon.

IMG_1169 (resized).jpg
#4910 3 months ago
Quoted from Arcade:

Nice. Which one is that?
There are so many listed.
Is it the Papo?

It is
Looks awesome and really looks like it belongs.

IMG_2025 (resized).jpgIMG_2026 (resized).jpg
#4912 3 months ago
Quoted from Arcade:

Thanks guys.
I’ll order that one.
And yes easy mount pics always welcome.

Bent coat hanger. Drilled the Pteranodon right in the butt lol. Flattened the end that's attached to the ramp mounting post.

1 month later
#5289 64 days ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Am I losing my Mind or is their some secret for Adjusting back and front Leg Levelers...

You’re losing you mind. Quarantine induced cabin fever lol..

Maybe if you describe the problem we can help?

#5291 64 days ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Not Possible to spin levelers....Top of Bolt has a slot, and looks like a lock nut.
Standard nut below leg.
Ive locked and double locked, and cant move....Screwdriver in top?
Or, I am just weak as shit right now?

Never seen levelers like that. Here’s mine.

image (resized).jpg
#5306 59 days ago
Quoted from mthirkell:

I thought the game was dark; had to add the Omegas, too. So much of a difference.

Same. Agreed.

3 weeks later
#5411 32 days ago
Quoted from gblack:

Yea already seems to be in the 1.01 code. Since the code is encrypted now blocking pinbrowser the chance a modder can enable this mode without the topper hardware is slim to none. You would have to find the hardware addresses used etc. doesn’t seem worth a modders time.

You probably just need a node board to enable the code. But the boards cost 250$..

1 week later
#5497 21 days ago
Quoted from ScottyC:

Might want to fact check. The Capacitor Service bulletin was for SPIKE 1 and 2.

I can confirm that my JPLE with the factory installation of the shaker has this mod.

#5503 21 days ago
Quoted from Utesichiban:

Thank you! If it isn't too much trouble, when you get a chance could you take a picture of whrte the capacitor plugs into the node board? I think I've figured it out but want to make sure I've done it correctly.

The LE has an extra board. See pics.

15F34C14-CA20-4225-8965-B66D9F8CCACF (resized).jpeg72E8108C-3107-4788-B2B4-F428D9F69E2F (resized).jpeg
#5504 21 days ago
Quoted from jsitaly42:

You're not making this easier! haha. But the LE has the upgraded sound and shaker and I don't have to mess with it at all which is nice...

I got the LE and haven't regretted it one bit. You also get the HD anti-reflective glass. That's more value than the mirrored BG. On a side note, that HD Glass is now on my MMrRE until I can get another sheet. It's awesome.

#5529 18 days ago
Quoted from Utesichiban:

Key posts in settings? Where would I find that?

No. Key posts in this thread (near top of the screen).

#5556 14 days ago
Quoted from Mutt:

My 3 week old newborn arrived today w/ a June 5th build date and my lineup is officially full. My 1st NIB & like every other pin, my wife says we'll never sell it. she's already started going crazy ordering mods. Now just need a topper.


I see you parted with a lot of cash for the Munsters topper so maybe you won't mind the steep price of the JP topper... LSOG has the topper in stock...

Mine is on the way.. I already have the awesome Tilt Topper (in green to match my LE) but got sucked into the "I can't have an LE without all the features" trap. I will decide which to keep once I give it a try. Or I may try to modify the Tilt topper with the hardware(node board etc) from the Stern one and get light up letters... Who knows..

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