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Welcome to the dark side, uhm, Pinside!

By robin

64 days ago

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    #1 64 days ago

    Update part 1/2
    Today I'm pushing out an update with lots of optimisations, bugfixes and some UI improvements. This is in preparation of a bigger update coming later this year, but I decided to pull this piece of that update forward a bit because it solves some annoying bugs while I polish the big feature update that's coming soon.

    And while most of this update contains bugfixes and server-side optimalisations (i.e. boring stuff), there are a few cool front-end things that I hope you'll dig!

    Reading Pinside at night?
    One of the most requested features I had in my inbox was a dark mode option for Pinside. Turns out a lot of you browse Pinside in dark rooms. Ugh. Gamerooms. Right, why didn't I think of that sooner?

    Turns out that this was one of these things that seems easy to implement while, in fact, it took many days of work to get done right.

    Switch to dark mode and save your eyeballs!

    It's still not completely perfect, so please report any odd-colored stuff you find, preferably with a screenshot, to my PM box, or to

    Dark mode toggling is currently manual; You toggle it using the little sun icon in the top right of any screen. Or press CTRL-B. The setting is remembered per browser. There are plans to eventually have this toggle automatically based on your time of day or OS setting, but that's something for the future.

    (btw, the logout icon has moved and now appears when mousing over your user name, or go to your profile page and find the logout button there. I mean, who ever logs out right?).

    Slightly bigger fonts
    While designing dark mode, I also decided to increase the overall font size for Pinside slightly. This follows design trends and also helps my own old eyes.

    New PM design
    I'm working on a PM screen design specifically tailored to messaging about Marketplace ads. This will include information to help you determine if someone is legit. This is not entirely finished yet but the PM screen already has a new look. Instead of repeating someones profile information (the "backbox") a gazillion times, I now only display this once and then use only the avatar for a much cleaner and leaner look.
    talking_to_myself (resized).png

    Improved image tools
    I have made some improvements to image tools. The tool buttons will now always be visible. Easy rotating!

    Speaking of rotating, that pesky rotation bug should be fixed now!

    There is also a cool new "sorting mode", which will help you put your images in order. This only works right after uploading them, when they're not yet auto-inserted in your post text.


    Cleaner homepage
    Clean up the home page by hiding the sub-forums. Easy peasy and it is remembered accross devices.
    Hide the sub-forums side-bar for a cleaner forum home page!

    Bugfixes create new bugs
    I think this update touched about 90% of all Pinside code. So yes, there will certainly be new bugs. Report them to me via PM or in the Pinside >Bugs sub-forum please!

    More cool stuff...
    Almost ready, but not quite yet. Soon!

    #6 64 days ago
    Quoted from PinballTilt:

    Is it control d or control b? Your post says b but top of page says d (I can't try as I'm on a mobile). Good work as always, I like the marketplace ad changes

    Oops! It's CTRL-B. I changed the hint text.

    I changed this pretty last minute because it appears CTRL-D is already taken for making bookmarks (on Windows) I'm on a Mac myself, so I didn't notice this until final testing.

    #32 64 days ago

    Thanks for the feedback thus far! I'm considering all requests and will try to fix any issues asap.

    Font size is easily adjustable on desktop via ctrl-+ and ctrl--, but not so much on mobile. So I'm considering adding a site-wide font size setting for content. Small (which was the default up to today), medium (current) and maybe also large. We're talking font size 13px, 13.5px and 14px respectively.

    I'm also working on a "automatic" dark mode setting (follow your operating system), turns out that's pretty easy to implement. This will be combined with a proper cross-device setting (currently a cookie, which does not work for all users). This should be ready soon!

    And lastly, hiding the promo box is already possible for + members:

    pasted_image (resized).png

    If you like my work you can always say thanks by making your gray heart red. Red hearts are a great motivation!

    #35 64 days ago
    Quoted from jawjaw:

    I still notice that pictures are shaded/less saturated in dark mode. Image will appear normal when you hover mouse over it.

    This is by design. Following guidelines/ideas for dark mode that I found on the web, I have reduced the display brightness of images on the forum. They will show full color when mousing over them or, on mobile, by tapping them to view in full screen "gallery" view. This dimming only happens in darkmode.

    #43 64 days ago
    Quoted from Black_Knight:

    Like the dark side, but the larger fonts are tough on mobile.
    The banners take up the entire screen on my iPhone now. Can you go back or give us the option to reduce them please.
    [quoted image]

    Thanks. I will absolutely look into that aspect of the general Pinside design some more in the coming days.

    #56 64 days ago

    Quick update!

    Okay, the promo bar should now stay put at the bottom.

    Dark mode is now a setting in your forum settings.

    You can choose permanent light or dark or let it depend on your OS setting. And hey, there's also a font size setting there. I will probably expand on this later, but for now it's just a simple setting.

    Choose your Pinside dark mode setting

    This setting carries between devices. So your dark mode setting will be the same on your phone and/or ipad and/or desktop.

    Note that you can still temporarily override your setting at any time using the sunshine icon on the top right of the screen (or ctrl-b). This will last for the duration of your visit.

    Changing your OS dark mode setting updates Pinside dark mode setting.

    Notice how I'm changing my system setting and this automatically also changes Pinside's darkmode appearance. This should also work on Windows, but I have not tested it.

    More work on mobile UI (space saving) and several reported bugs will be fixed later! I will also look at tweaking the dark mode design. But there's a time where you push out what you have and see what kind of feedback you get. Get the conversation going and all that! All feedback is welcome!

    #62 64 days ago

    That means you have another setting enabled, namely the promo box setting. That would be the only reason for getting this message. Or it's a bug. Can you check and make sure the Promotion box setting is set to its default?

    #70 64 days ago

    Just pushed some more changes/fixes based on your suggestions and feedback.

    Phew, long day! Time for some relaxing now. Of course, in dark mode style!

    black_ipa (resized).png
    #93 63 days ago
    Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

    The serif font used on the header categories (MACHINES, TOP 100, etc.) is difficult to read, especially on mobile, and doesn’t match the style of the rest of the site.

    This was a mobile bug. Thanks for reporting.

    Quoted from Strohz:

    I noticed on my PC (Chrome browser) I keep getting a "there are too many results" error when I try to scroll down the list of forum topics. I've never seen this before so assume it's related to the changes.

    This actually changed a few years ago. Due to the load it generates on the database, I no longer do real-time counts. I replaced this by “too many to count”


    I also did some older browser optimizations today. Mostly older IE. And still looking into an uploading bug that some folks are reporting. Keep reporting those bugs

    #106 63 days ago

    Appreciate the feedback, I will investigate improving the contrast and work on the other reported issues.

    Meanwhile, happy to report that the uploading error ("could not get upload id") has been fixed!

    #109 63 days ago
    Quoted from Crash:

    That's great! Just curious, what was the issue?

    A missing zero in my maximum upload filesize setting. So the actual max upload size was 1MB.

    #121 62 days ago

    More stuff today done!

    - Lotsa little bugfixes!
    - Dark mode has gotten a little bit darker today.
    - PM screen bubbles now use more real estate to help avoid scrolling. Avatars go smaller on mobile.
    - Did a bunch of mobile optimisations.

    Quoted from skink91:

    Love dark mode (thank you!). Hopefully I didn’t miss a previous post about this, but is there a way to get rid of the flashing to original bright/white mode before it goes to dark mode on a page refresh?

    This was a problem with the initial release but should not be a problem anymore. What browser are you experiencing this on and would it at all be possible to make a screen recording of this happening?

    Quoted from Malenko:

    Yeap. So I picked "disabled, always light" saved settings.
    Hit the back arrow and this page loaded....... in dark mode.
    went back to settings, follow system settings was checked.
    changed it to "disabled , always light" saved settings.
    Hit the back arrow, this page loaded in dark mode.

    Hmm, I seem unable to replicate this bug. what browser is this happening on?

    #132 62 days ago
    Quoted from La4s:

    There use to be a "Top" hyperlink at the bottom of the page. Any intent in returning this link to the bottom of the page?
    [quoted image]

    Flippers! Use the flippers!

    #135 62 days ago
    Quoted from AUKraut:

    macOS Safari issue, does not do this on iOS Safari nor Chrome on a Mac. Confirmed on 2 different Macs: When you scroll down on a page the blue directory bar disappears. When you then scroll back up the blue directory bar reappears, however it only comes out 2/3rd of the way
    [quoted image]

    Which version of Safari is that? I'm not seeing it on my Safari (tried two different computers).

    #143 62 days ago
    Quoted from DennisDodel:

    I am STILL having problems when returning to a page after reading a post. It's all over the place. Usually way below the thread I had just visited. This has been happening off and on for a at least a year now. Not the end of the world but very annoying.
    Anyone else still having this problem?

    Just to make sure I understand your issue: you are on the front-page. Scroll down to, say, page 3. Click a topic. Then click back. You are not returned to that same scroll position you were at when you clicked the topic?

    This is part of some tricky code, due to the way extra pages of topics are loaded on mPinside (dynamically added to the page while you scroll). While most browsers, when you hit 'back', will return to the previous page the way it was before any dynamic stuff happened. So I remember building a mechanism with a #hash in the url which then helps figure ouot what page you were on and at what scroll position and it then re-triggers this loading.

    However, I think recently many modern browsers are starting to remember the 'state' of the page and will now return to the page as it was right before navigating. I'm pretty sure Safari does this.

    I will need to investigate across different browsers

    What browser/os/version are you on?

    Quoted from Gryszzz:

    I am always on my LG Android when I Pinside (yes it's a verb now) annnnd, I guess I'll get used to it, but us there any way to move the FORUM button up top back to the left corner?

    There were some typography changes/tweaks, I'm assuming that's causing 'market' to not fit on the top row anymore. It really depends on your phone type and resolution though. I'll take a look at it.

    3 weeks later
    #164 37 days ago
    Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

    When I make a post or add a high score, the site used to show them immediately when I screen refreshed. Now, when I post to a thread, the thread disappears from my forum page and the post doesn’t show up until much later. Same thing with high score I just posted. I am going in to it and not seeing my score listed among the others.
    Why is there a delay to view my postings? Is anyone else experiencing this?

    I think these are two separate issues.

    The posting issue sounds like you have the 'hide idle' switch enabled. Look for it at the top right op the front page topics list. When enabled, it hides any topics that don't have new posts to them since you last visited. If you just posted to it, then it will not have anything new.

    As for the high scores, this could be due to your privacy settings? Are you sharing your high scores or have them set to private?

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