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#593 2 years ago
Quoted from Sethman:

Hey guys,
Finally joined the club. I've done some light reading on this issue but figured I'd ask as well. Having some issues with high wire lock dumping multiple balls. The switches are rollover style, all register properly on switch edge test. If I happen to already have another ball or two locked up there before the 1st lock, its always dumping out all of them when it should be just one for the kickout.
The bottom attachment near up/down post has the small white washer installed, the next up nut attachment does not.
Does the wire guide of the ramp typically need to be bent down really close to where the 1st ball locks? Or is it a case where the up/down post is too slow?

I’ve had this problem, but it only seems to happen on multiplayer games. I always figured the computer had gotten confused. With two physical ball lock systems (juggler and highwire) CV does a good job of keeping track of things. Also, sometimes I think it has dropped both balls off the highwire wireform if I just made my fifth ramp shot with one ball already on the highwire and started strike an arc multiball.

On a similar note, I notice in the pinball arcade software version of Cirqus Voltaire, at the beginning of highwire multiball all the balls roll off the wireform together in a bunch. On my CV it drops each one separately each time the post going back up shortly before releasing the next ball. Do all non-virtual CVs drop the balls separately or is there a menu setting I have overlooked which adjusts this ?

2 weeks later
#605 2 years ago

I think there’s a screw like this on the plastic around the ringmaster - I think it’s on the left side.

I was able to figure out why the highwire dropped the balls one at a time at the beginning of HW multiball. The 2nd switch was holding the 2nd and 3rd balls briefly. So I bent the switch a bit to let the ball roll freely so the the switch wasn’t registering. After numerous iterations I got it working right.

11 months later
#754 1 year ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

Is there a way to test/fix the single ball out of the high wire? Oftentimes I end up with 2 balls when it is clearly trying to release just one.

I would start by checking the mechanical movement of the rod. Does it move freely or is there friction? The three microswitches on the ramp might be worthwhile looking at. If they are not all working right the ramp can do unexpected things.

1 week later
#760 1 year ago

are the spinners in CV supposed to make a noise when they spin ?

It’s so often the small things in pinball which make a difference - like the sounds the spinners in FT makes when they spin. In CV I’m not really that aware of the spinners unless I’m looking at them (which is always dangerous as the ball is already somewhere else).

1 month later
#768 11 months ago
Quoted from PhillyArcade:

New owner checking in! Belgium re-import.

I’ll just take the opportunity to ask the question - how will you do that with the power supply? Will you buy a different transformer? Or will you have to take one from an older game? I have wondered how folks do this as I have never seen a pinball parts store (at least not here) offering new transformers. Or can you do something else and not have to replace the main transformer?

2 months later
#813 9 months ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

Can anyone explain why I would be getting a high wire ramp kickout after two balls? It doesn't even attempt to wait for that third.

When multiball starts is a third ball being shot out from the plunger? Could the third ball be locked virtually - i.e. from a skill shot?

Quoted from Aniraf:

Also I can't get the piston to come back up and just release one ball :/. I had this a while ago but I moved the machine and I've not been able to get it back.

does the coil core/piston move easily or is there friction somewhere?

Otherwise I recommend to check the function of the three switches on the highwire wireform. If one is not recognizing a ball or if one is permanently closed the ramp would possibly not function right.

7 months later
#979 60 days ago

I constructed a stick out of wood with a slot on the end the size of the lamp socket in the hopes I wouldn’t have to remove the ringmaster. Unfortunately it never seemed to work. Sometimes sockets turn real easy and sometimes they don’t. I have two bright orange WOW LEDs and one significantly less bright one, it’s kind of irritating, but I figure at some point I’ll have another reason to remove the ringmaster and I can improve the WOW lights as well.

1 month later
#1017 5 days ago

Lately I’ve been a bit frustrated with STDMs after shots which don’t make it all the way up the left ramp and roll back down. I checked the angle last night and took it down from about 6.9 to 6.5 degrees (manual recommends 6.5). Game is level from side to side. This definitely helped, especially with balls that go more than halfway up, but I still got a few, now more with balls not making it halfway up. Just wondering what other folks experiences are - do incomplete ramp shots cause drains for you?

Just a general comment - I think I like the game better at 6.5 degrees - I enjoy the floatiness and increased lateral movement. At 6.9 the game is crazy fast. I also felt like it was easier to hit the acrobat ramp - no idea why.

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