We are building a minions pinball! updates every friday!

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We are building a minions pinball! updates every friday!

By pinballrockstar

3 years ago

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#4801 75 days ago
Quoted from pinballrockstar:

...don’t wanna be associated with trailer park boys.

hey now...they are Canadian royalty!

trailer-park-boys (resized).jpg
#4802 75 days ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

hey now...they are Canadian royalty! [quoted image]


#4803 75 days ago

Allright! We arrived!!

image (resized).jpg
#4804 75 days ago

Don't forget to have a great time..remember, don't sweat the petty things...pet the sweaty things! (Somethin like that!) Cheers boys!

#4805 75 days ago

Our special amigo envelope with event armbands

1A4053F2-F385-4DE1-82F5-1012216B37C9 (resized).jpeg
#4806 75 days ago

Let’s fill that space!

E1B264DF-835D-46FD-AAA2-E6A6D85670E9 (resized).jpeg
#4807 75 days ago

Yes! We have a great area!

508A1E47-9818-45EC-A72E-51EBB0D36A6B (resized).jpeg
#4808 75 days ago

666E2DEE-A3D1-4FFE-9FC3-422E5F03F344 (resized).jpeg8F11DB50-BCC1-4F36-9A24-EEA4F908AB44 (resized).jpeg
#4809 75 days ago

Hahaha,we nicked some dudes pinball wheels!!

72D85E17-FD98-4FAD-A692-A95E700335DE (resized).jpeg
#4810 75 days ago

Getting there!

8A336E5A-C0AB-40D4-BD83-4ADC8B14D537 (resized).jpeg
#4811 75 days ago

A lot of nice pinball friends come over to have a chat,good times!

54600402-7E4E-431D-B235-2FA869D749DA (resized).jpeg
#4812 75 days ago
Quoted from BorgDog:

actually if you look up a few posts you can see the front of it, and they definitely have an RV, also called a motor home.

Right you are. My bad. They have an RV or "motor home." A mobile home is something else entirely of course.

#4813 75 days ago

Our boot is coming together!

16D5FF8C-41EA-4F6F-A7ED-B69C95A0CD1C (resized).jpeg9ABFEE89-AF8F-4C43-9470-2FB6B1DAE390 (resized).jpegF3DE1950-E4D7-44F1-A6B9-666600EA0684 (resized).jpeg
#4814 75 days ago

The area you guys have is coming together nicely!!

#4815 75 days ago

The amigo flee market!

07AAFA13-6E19-4CED-9A8A-270B29DFC4A7 (resized).jpeg
#4816 75 days ago

You guys are RIGHTOUS! Every American reading this wishes so bad they could be there!

And you're letting us see what we're almost missing, great job.


#4817 75 days ago

Dudes! Check this thing out!!

0A188665-56B2-453E-89E4-C7BA67D677E8 (resized).jpeg3F863F2F-A6DD-4A49-879B-AC8F7C6CD226 (resized).jpegD3AF9D2F-FCCE-4CA4-ADF7-9FD88F495AA4 (resized).jpeg
#4818 75 days ago
Quoted from mcbPalisade:

You guys are RIGHTOUS! Every American reading this wishes so bad they could be there!
And you're letting us see what we're almost missing, great job.

Dude,we can accomodate you in our RV?!
Just come over

#4819 75 days ago

Ah...it is a new thing!

6B964DB0-140A-46B7-90F1-8704C6D0578D (resized).jpegA5FDAB46-2568-4F39-A302-324E3F10B4B0 (resized).jpeg
#4820 75 days ago

Ah!? First deal!
We sold Dieter 2 dmd’s and promised him 5 year warranty
But bro,it will never fit !

05FDFB29-5DDD-41B0-9E90-9B6DCD06B7B2 (resized).jpegEFC5B4F1-CA5F-4642-B26E-4BA28A1C139F (resized).jpeg

#4821 75 days ago

So we took off our bikes cuz we are not allowed to drive anything at this point.

#4822 75 days ago

Dude you promised me beer and food!!!

#4823 75 days ago

Look at my great bike!
Sanded down the fenders so they get nice and rusty!
And i found a lonely minion on the street to accompagny my keys.

684E4C02-A7D3-4DC0-A2B3-3AA1F8ADB330 (resized).jpeg9B4C6EC3-B3B9-4FA6-B2C8-8E34A5CF3F17 (resized).jpeg
#4824 75 days ago

Thanks Albert Heijn!
That’ll hold us for a day

5C477DA6-3A8E-407B-BF7B-DE6457127CBB (resized).jpeg204C5788-1657-4C64-9D09-AA0C81A6000F (resized).jpeg
#4825 75 days ago

Wow! Look at this rig!!! Sweet!

7751C9D3-9A3A-4F3C-8D2E-0CF1B88183DA (resized).jpeg
#4826 75 days ago

Meantime the room is filling up!

C90F1E1F-7BB5-435B-92A2-7928A82DD6F9 (resized).jpeg
#4827 75 days ago

So now we here chinese restaurant!

3184101E-1D58-486B-AF00-2CFE028AD4A4 (resized).jpegF0759664-87EF-4502-B49E-5E684E7E8E75 (resized).jpeg
#4828 75 days ago

Eet smakelijk!

#4829 75 days ago
Quoted from FreeBee:

Eet smakelijk!

Thanks dude,we are crazy full and it costs next to nothing over here

732884D2-0520-451E-B1A1-28ACD2575DF2 (resized).jpeg5E4FB695-9387-4030-9D41-EAB529EB795B (resized).jpeg
#4830 75 days ago

have fun guys and look forward to lots of pics

#4831 75 days ago

I found an odd machine,supposively made by Heighway pinball emloyees?
I will try to play it tomorrow

3CC8AC86-C4C1-4370-ABD8-C18B4CDE49CC (resized).jpeg52EB3AD5-B38C-49E0-8438-4AF9E0A446E8 (resized).jpegCD7085EC-8868-4A00-88F8-1DEDC2397C5E (resized).jpegD7FC8A69-E8B5-41B4-8099-01191F8D2E8D (resized).jpegDA79E6FB-D9EA-4ABC-A72E-6B12FD3064C8 (resized).jpeg
#4832 75 days ago

Our neighboors!
Jabdoa and his friend (part of the mpf posse) are supercool...they brought the head to head “good vs evil”..

8907C1F1-8BFF-4C0C-821F-B0D67832A165 (resized).jpeg
#4833 74 days ago

Gonna annihilate you bro lol

1F6A822C-550A-41C0-9DC2-45ABB4F911D7 (resized).jpeg
#4834 74 days ago

The machine runs on fast hardware and ofcourse mpf!
I cannot begin to describe how awesome this thing is.
The game works so smart and it is real clear what to do.
Best neighboors ever.
Jabdoa helped me understand how to debug the led problem.
These guys are lightyears ahead of us.

703D3293-1A20-4967-8A40-A6886CC39482 (resized).jpegD15EA042-878D-4F1C-8A0B-D89FB081F868 (resized).jpeg
#4835 74 days ago

They have so many switches,the interface cannot display them all

1F65830B-18A5-4914-B85C-410171334B41 (resized).jpeg
#4836 74 days ago

Oh,Jack Danger wanted a picture with a celebrity and i willingly volunteered

7A84161F-F01C-4C86-BD27-6AC86746CF8B (resized).jpeg
#4837 74 days ago

Jack really digged the head to head game.

7F88BF35-1D70-4EF2-B0EE-B4EAA1CA9419 (resized).jpeg591DF59F-C241-4AE7-9F2A-323D0517E8EC (resized).jpeg
#4838 74 days ago

Duuude we are beat,gonna do an alley meeting now and hit the sack(yeah we brought our alley along too)

image (resized).jpg
#4839 74 days ago

I wish I was there! Looks like a blast already!

FAST Pinball

#4840 74 days ago

Mic: Dude!
Me: huh sup?
Mic: we need to wake up!

A4AB4C36-9613-412C-931A-BA6223C0FCF7 (resized).jpeg
#4841 74 days ago

Let’s go bro

899F134F-8FDE-47C4-944F-FD8845644FC7 (resized).jpeg
#4842 74 days ago

After a shower in a mini me shower(but hey,we are clean!)
Mic is baking eggs for breakfast

22281CCF-8A29-4476-9A0D-2D4957C097BA (resized).jpeg
#4843 74 days ago

Rise and shine!

AA66B1A9-4D20-49B1-9FD7-5EE9EE0C55E3 (resized).jpeg
#4844 74 days ago

So this is the location,also supernice,not as awesome as the Evoluon in eindhoven but that was a one off treat.

4F2067AA-FF21-4EE7-98AE-598D8AE053AA (resized).jpeg8A5F8621-8D11-4D58-AF5D-89B094253F0E (resized).jpeg
#4845 74 days ago

We immediatly started playing pong..they cost 3k but it is the grooviest table ever.
Great sound and great game,you can hit the square ball with effects and such...nicely done.

1D71C6C6-760F-4297-85B5-E8BCCC85435A (resized).jpeg1BAF67BD-CD12-412E-A3E2-36FBA3CFAEA2 (resized).jpegACC2958A-D358-46EB-BAC3-0FB64FE24521 (resized).jpeg
#4846 74 days ago

I pinball has a real nice boot

08375930-90B1-4887-A016-D40D5C41D4D8 (resized).jpeg
#4847 74 days ago

Jack danger started filming..

854BCF4D-21B9-4A3C-873A-AEAE68D54907 (resized).jpeg
#4848 74 days ago

Still nice and quiet

D99263AB-55B5-4873-9E48-9C38F047A8AB (resized).jpeg67416993-7240-40F4-9D64-21AA2A9147A9 (resized).jpeg
#4849 74 days ago

The dudes from led4pin and other sellers

29ED8A5B-1516-4DD5-A7FF-02E87C71DD89 (resized).jpeg

#4850 74 days ago

We played mafia and nuclear annihilation,the latter was the biggest blast!!
Way to go Spooky!

6F3B1869-7D00-43CF-BDBD-EDFC6CA1CA51 (resized).jpeg779DC7EF-F648-4314-85F5-FA60CDC36779 (resized).jpegB9951576-A141-4A14-9EE7-D4904B463DAE (resized).jpeg7F4EC28B-48EA-43DB-9C4E-43C6E6484490 (resized).jpeg
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