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Was starting JJP a good idea?

By pindome

7 years ago

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    #1 7 years ago

    I thought about the topic title for quite a while realizing it could be construed as defamatory but I wanted to get your attention.

    Edit: I do consider this defamatory and a needless insult so I have changed the topic title. - robin

    Here is a guy who has been in the industry for nearly 40 years. His passion for pinball is exemplary! He gets a crazy idea that he may be able to do something different than what we have seen for the last 10+ years. Not necessarily better but for sure different. I don't think Jack needs the money or the headaches but he really loves pinball and has a vision to try and provide all of us with something a little different.

    He rolls the dice and starts up a manufacturing company in the middle of one of the deepest recessions our country has every experienced selling very expensive toys that nobody needs. The business model for that is insane. He beats the odds and sells all 1000 LE's based pretty much on his passion & reputation (according to many here not based on theme). And if you want your money back because you see something you don't like, call him and the check is in the mail.

    We will all be beneficiaries of Jack throwing his hat into the ring (except the company that had a monopoly) as two competitors will push each other to produce better and more imaginative games well into the future.

    Would we as the pinball community prefer that no early pictures or video were released until just prior to shipment? I think not and there would be so many less posts on Pinside. Of course it is ok to comment on what you like and don't like but to continuously bash on the items that are still being worked on may lead to a different policy for JJP #2 and any thought of Stern going with a more open policy on their future games. And God forbid he misses a self imposed deadline for 1000 potential reasons........release the hounds!

    Here is the part where we have to determine whether Jack is an "Idiot" or not,

    The guy has sold all 1000 LE's and has a waiting list if anyone wants to drop off. He does not need to make any videos of unfinished games to try and convince anyone to buy an LE. The standard games are months away and the finished LE's will provide great marketing to sell the standards to those that have an interest.............So why would Jack release these videos of the game that is not yet finished and open himself and his team up to these relentless brutal critiques of items that are not yet finished?

    My guess is to keep his buyers informed on his progress providing loyalty to the faith the early buyers showed in Jack. We know it is not to sell more LE'S. Why take the heat Jack? Is it worth it?

    I love your passion, I love what you are doing for pinball and I love what the future now holds for all of us! But you my good friend my be an Idiot....

    Of course Jack is no idiot and he sure as hell has lot more asbestos in his skin than I ever will.

    For the record I enjoy the videos ........ even the sideways ones : ))

    #23 7 years ago
    Quoted from Tommi_Gunn:

    Jack Guarnieri isn't an idiot, he's a salesman. He's passionate about selling games.

    Jack Guarnieri - The Tony Robbins of Pinball

    So is what you are saying is that Jack fakes a genuine personal relationship with his customers to entice them to buy his hyped product?

    You said Jack is "lots of talk but little action".... is what we are seeing now with this new company, built from the ground up "little action"?

    #36 7 years ago
    Quoted from Dmod:

    I've been asked on a few occasions what led me to create the ColorDMD. My typical response has been "Because I'm an idiot."
    When you consider the enormous cost and complexity of developing a pinball machine, and the very narrow available market and volume with which you have to recoup that investment, it's a small miracle that anyone is dopey enough to create or even work in this business. It's passion that drives this industry (more than good business sense) and a desire to create something unique and truly great.
    Yes, Jack and Gary are both idiots, as are all the game designers, developers, and engineers who continue to dedicate their talents to contribute to this insane industry. Props to the idiots.

    Well stated Dmod,

    Nuance is not lost on a fellow neighbor (D.P.) Must be something in the air that came out of the reactor.

    #53 7 years ago

    Tommi_Gunn said: Jack Guarnieri isn't an idiot, he's a salesman. He's passionate about selling games. Jack Guarnieri - The Tony Robbins of Pinball

    So is what you are saying is that Jack fakes a genuine personal relationship with his customers to entice them to buy his hyped product?

    You said Jack is "lots of talk but little action".... is what we are seeing now with this new company, built from the ground up "little action"?

    Tommi Gunn,

    Care to comment on the above three questions, did I interpret your remarks correctly?

    #59 7 years ago

    Robin, no worries for changing my subject title. I thought about a similar title but I really wanted to make a very strong point, we as a pinball community should be thankful to Jack for taking a risk.

    While some may not like this particular game, a few years from now we will ALL see better and more imaginative games because of JJP. Not one person can argue with with this fact.

    Tommi Gun,

    Any response to what Jack wrote?

    Responses to my earlier 3 questions?

    I wonder if you guys would make these derogatory comments to Jack's face? All the seminars that I have attended where Jack has spoke, all the questions and or comments were positive.

    Thanks Jack for taking the time to personally respond.

    #61 7 years ago
    Quoted from Tommi_Gunn:

    Jack Guarnieri isn't an idiot, he's a salesman. He's passionate about selling games.
    -content removed-
    Jack Guarnieri - The Tony Robbins of Pinball. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a coal walk at the next convention.

    Post edited by robin: please don't make it personal.

    Tommi Gun you were simi saved by Robin that he took down your words. I wish he would leave them so that the world can see who and what you believe in.

    Feel free to respond to my previous post. Lets hear how you really feel...............

    #75 7 years ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    First of all, use the quote option.
    Second, Why do you have such a negative attitude towards Tony Robbins? Why do you feel Tony Robbins is faking relationships with people, or that his products are "hyped."
    I'll be waiting for an answer.

    Either you are taking a shot at comedy, which is not easy and best left to the professionals or you missed the fact that the post had been edited by Robin. I have nothing bad to say about Tony.

    I knew Tony personally about 30 years ago when we lived in Santa Monica.

    You can now stop waiting.

    #87 7 years ago
    Quoted from AkumaZeto:

    So when is Jack gonna say why Nordman left.....Free lance my ass......

    Why not ask Nordman why he left?

    #90 7 years ago
    Quoted from pinball_keefer:

    What makes you say that? It's certainly not the facts, so I figured you must have some other reason.

    Welcome to New Jersey! Have a great time and wishing you the best. Hope all goes well with the programing. Looking forward to seeing what you've done at P.P.E.

    #102 7 years ago
    Quoted from pinball_keefer:

    Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion.

    Some would read that as "trolling."

    KA - F-ing - POW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trolling is way to politically correct.

    Well said....... now back to programing. P.P.E. is only 11days from now.

    #103 7 years ago
    Quoted from PinballHelp:

    I've never seen a hobby filled with so many haters. It's one thing to ask tough questions, but I continue to be flabbergasted at some of the mean-spiritedness and hostility some seem to have towards people and companies that have never really done anything wrong. Ok, so JJP is finding out that making a pinball machine takes more time than they thought, or they picked a theme you don't like. Is that really a reason to go on a rampage against them?

    The dependable voice of sanity.....succinctly stated and well said P.H.

    #105 7 years ago
    Quoted from AkumaZeto:

    For sure nope, sure dont but its not hard to put the pieces together. Say i need a new Honda can you help with that?
    The fact that you evade the subject matter is still suspect as well.
    Good luck sir and i hope we do see number 2 3 4 5 6 because it makes the other guy make better efforts with his games.
    Why don't you tell us Jack why he left so people dont speculate. You should have been on top of that right away. Nordman was thought to be a big big big part of your team and then we all hear he left.....
    It is our business as the pitch you gave us was he was getting a unlicensed theme and now thats gone.... you have pitched lots of BIG things that lots of us where on board for and we followed you with hope and glint in our eye.

    Why does Jack have to tell you anything? There is most likely a confidentially agreement between the parties......That means they may not be legally allowed to discuss the terms.

    When you say you were "on board" with Nordman do you mean you have capital invested in this company or in the Nordman game. NOT! Grow up... it's business..... things happen. Take your "hope and glint" and trade it for what the Scarecrow is looking for.

    #128 7 years ago
    Quoted from Tommi_Gunn:

    I just noticed my comments got edited/deleted due too being personal??? If thats the case, this thread should have been closed in the beginning. Look at the origonal title. How are my comments any different? Almost all the comments are personal.
    I provided valid feedback and others agreed. I pointed out observations that Jack said publically.
    If you talk publically, stick to a safe script. Stick to the facts. If not, you going to find hypocritcal statements throughout. People are going to question your statements when expectations aren't meant. Providing any kind of feedback should be taken as a good thing.
    To delete my comments, just makes it look like a political JJP support move imo. That's sad, if that's the case.
    Either way, your house, your rules. Although, it seems that rules can be easily swayed when pressured.

    You should send Robin a case of wine as a thank you for deleting most of your post. The way it is edited now you look a lot let less foolish. It's your lucky day go buy some lottery tickets if you win you can start your own pinball company and we'll see what you can produce....

    #135 7 years ago
    Quoted from Tommi_Gunn:

    I like your pindome account better

    Thank You since we are two different people, sorry Alex he likes me better.

    I understand english pretty well, what I have trouble understanding is your motivation for such vicious personal attacks on Jack and his company. To call him a charlatan and that he fakes personal relationships to sell pinball games is so sad and so very far from the truth as evidenced by how many repeat customers / friends bought into this game sight unseen.

    FYI --- Shakespeare = Earl of Oxford

    #168 7 years ago
    Quoted from Snowdale:

    I'm sorry but most of these JJP fanboys are nice. I bet they stand up
    For Jack more than there own family's.
    PS: After reading my post, don't forget to look at my Avatar.
    Post edited by absocountry2 : Profanity edited

    Wanna test that theory?

    #170 7 years ago

    Your move.... you wanna say something about my family?

    #176 7 years ago
    Quoted from Snowdale:

    Yikes guy... reel it in!

    When I started the thread I wanted to point out that we as community will be better off with a serious 2nd pinball manufacturer. I also wanted to thank Jack for taking a big risk in starting this new business. I wanted to point out that the making of a pinball game is not something most of us have had the opportunity to watch unfold. It is not always pretty how a game comes together but I am thankful for the opportunity to have had this rare insight.

    I wanted to say from my own personal experience I have had great dealings with Jack in the past and believe him to be an honest and passionate pinball entrepreneur.

    I thought I may be able convince some of the skeptics to be a bit more patient. Jack and Keith both posted post on this thread but the skeptics still remain skeptical. Which is fine, I made the mistake of thinking a skeptic may have posted something like "you know you have point pindome" etc. etc.. Didn't happen.

    On the other hand I don't think any of the skeptics got the believers to see their point of view that the game is crap and Jack is con man.

    It became personal and that is not good for any of us. Skeptics and believers lets just agree to disagree. When the game is available and FINALIZED we will all have better informed opinions.

    Thanks to everyone that passionately participated on this topic.

    Robin or any moderator as the O.P. of this thread I respectfully request that you close this thread.

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