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Warlok NOS playfield, full game restoration.

By sethbenjamin

3 years ago

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#51 1 year ago

I like to get a clean cabinet interior, so all the wiring gets cleaned and all the mechanisms get broken down and reassembled, coin door gets a repaint (in this case, sandblasted first.) and the light panel always gets freshened up unless there’s some practical reason I can’t do that. EAE2550A-E81F-40F6-BBFA-499F1D59AB54 (resized).jpegEAE2550A-E81F-40F6-BBFA-499F1D59AB54 (resized).jpeg

3418DAA0-0032-4941-B241-2D3D2D674ACE (resized).jpeg3418DAA0-0032-4941-B241-2D3D2D674ACE (resized).jpegD8238F65-BD62-44B5-9E72-5132177FA84A (resized).jpegD8238F65-BD62-44B5-9E72-5132177FA84A (resized).jpeg

I’m out of sequence again…Of course, before any of that stuff goes back into the cabinet, the cab gets fully sanded down and repainted. I didn’t take pics of everything, but you’ve seen it before.

17A673B4-6251-4A50-B827-5AAD4AB7F209 (resized).jpeg17A673B4-6251-4A50-B827-5AAD4AB7F209 (resized).jpeg07567856-409F-4BDE-804B-D3453D27F436 (resized).jpeg07567856-409F-4BDE-804B-D3453D27F436 (resized).jpegECC82C09-319C-494A-A8A2-49D7FC5E8A12 (resized).jpegECC82C09-319C-494A-A8A2-49D7FC5E8A12 (resized).jpegC92D63BD-277D-4DF7-B397-A8B7BC25B906 (resized).jpegC92D63BD-277D-4DF7-B397-A8B7BC25B906 (resized).jpegA7353164-8999-4EC2-AD25-A279A72108D0 (resized).jpegA7353164-8999-4EC2-AD25-A279A72108D0 (resized).jpegA5F3F85D-CE0E-44FE-A4AE-E8A3931BCEDF (resized).jpegA5F3F85D-CE0E-44FE-A4AE-E8A3931BCEDF (resized).jpeg

131B4663-2B3C-41CB-9C61-4EB1F76A0D14 (resized).jpeg131B4663-2B3C-41CB-9C61-4EB1F76A0D14 (resized).jpeg86EF7EE4-0507-467B-B6CE-D254D82E4EC9 (resized).jpeg86EF7EE4-0507-467B-B6CE-D254D82E4EC9 (resized).jpeg
#52 1 year ago

Finished and reassembled cabinet.
I used a special flat clear coat in this, which I like a lot. Completely non-glossy, it really looks like an old style pinball cabinet. High gloss also tends to really accentuate surface imperfections, which can be hard to get rid of even with a lot of hours of bondo and sanding. Flat clear really pushes those imperfections back. It really looks “correct” when it’s finished.

38358F33-2A4E-44A0-9829-156E5144C876 (resized).jpeg38358F33-2A4E-44A0-9829-156E5144C876 (resized).jpegADB7B305-BB96-4623-9021-5BC5FAB0490C (resized).jpegADB7B305-BB96-4623-9021-5BC5FAB0490C (resized).jpeg

Meanwhile, I’d been reassembling the playfield.

F9504472-9FF9-4456-916B-7CEDAE995517 (resized).jpegF9504472-9FF9-4456-916B-7CEDAE995517 (resized).jpeg

Popped in and almost finished…

C5976D12-77A1-460B-8852-E946A6B2BFB2 (resized).jpegC5976D12-77A1-460B-8852-E946A6B2BFB2 (resized).jpegC19ADC97-CC68-496C-93CB-7C1B5EB0A656 (resized).jpegC19ADC97-CC68-496C-93CB-7C1B5EB0A656 (resized).jpeg

And I printed up my custom rules cards now that it was in the cabinet.
E198927F-01D2-4261-8C48-C20C0306BD84 (resized).jpegE198927F-01D2-4261-8C48-C20C0306BD84 (resized).jpeg
E838A6C2-9C90-4921-A798-0C05D6812017 (resized).jpegE838A6C2-9C90-4921-A798-0C05D6812017 (resized).jpeg

#53 1 year ago

The finished project.
I had a bunch of delays on this; my local CNC guy is swamped, and I had to figure out another way to get the plastics cut. I didn’t take photos of the process, but yes, I did end up making a partial set of replacement plastics. Some of the old ones were broken, and any of them with halftones weren’t going to be a match at this point since I had redone all the halftone areas on decals.

There were other holdups as well, but all of them just mundane things that were nobody’s fault really, so I won’t go into all that. Suffice to say, this thing was mostly done in *Augist*, but it’s taken until today to iron out the last of the kinks. Luckily, we live in a universe where there is no such thing as a “pinball emergency.”

Here’s another dose of Warlok porn:
55253D67-CF00-4281-9CD6-13940FBEA1B0 (resized).jpeg55253D67-CF00-4281-9CD6-13940FBEA1B0 (resized).jpeg
61C6616D-371E-4CA3-8E64-55A500919729 (resized).jpeg61C6616D-371E-4CA3-8E64-55A500919729 (resized).jpeg71FDC216-8FBA-47BB-874F-1DE31A133FFA (resized).jpeg71FDC216-8FBA-47BB-874F-1DE31A133FFA (resized).jpegB8F07FF5-8A67-4C2E-9C8A-8694E2DEAABB (resized).jpegB8F07FF5-8A67-4C2E-9C8A-8694E2DEAABB (resized).jpeg63D8B119-9CC9-4AE0-90A3-5F2A35C49594 (resized).jpeg63D8B119-9CC9-4AE0-90A3-5F2A35C49594 (resized).jpeg

#54 1 year ago

2CDB2E0C-8834-4E2E-8270-5E5D912F1188 (resized).jpeg2CDB2E0C-8834-4E2E-8270-5E5D912F1188 (resized).jpegF5149413-D121-4C79-8006-30A7A0743BED (resized).jpegF5149413-D121-4C79-8006-30A7A0743BED (resized).jpeg0EB4A39D-213B-499A-A798-A7D49C141915 (resized).jpeg0EB4A39D-213B-499A-A798-A7D49C141915 (resized).jpeg111B39CF-ECE5-4AEA-B5C0-53D547755EE7 (resized).jpeg111B39CF-ECE5-4AEA-B5C0-53D547755EE7 (resized).jpeg5949F223-AE15-40E8-9166-0306114E7BFA (resized).jpeg5949F223-AE15-40E8-9166-0306114E7BFA (resized).jpeg5E9FB25E-04D9-48B3-9A3A-AAF124A9F5E3 (resized).jpeg5E9FB25E-04D9-48B3-9A3A-AAF124A9F5E3 (resized).jpeg69F4D796-83CE-4533-BF26-6551CB691953 (resized).jpeg69F4D796-83CE-4533-BF26-6551CB691953 (resized).jpeg6C887170-2619-404E-B824-8D8AF9F758FE (resized).jpeg6C887170-2619-404E-B824-8D8AF9F758FE (resized).jpeg

FD6E8F17-D8DC-4F20-9E84-09930A1C285D (resized).jpegFD6E8F17-D8DC-4F20-9E84-09930A1C285D (resized).jpeg
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