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Warlok club. Let's see if we can get our membership up to 412 members!

By Caucasian2Step

10 years ago

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#51 5 years ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

How many people here need a new playfield/ or hardtop like overlay for their warlock?
How many people would interested in plastic sets?
I'm just gauging interest and seeing if anyone is motivated here.

I'd go for a plastic set. My playfield is fine. What do you mean with hardtop overlay?

11 months later
#52 4 years ago

Just got a Warlok and will post some pictures soon. Couple of quick questions to the group. Mine is missing one of the yellow pop bumper cap. The previous owner looks like they are using a red Black Knight pop bumber cap. Are these caps available on any online stores? Or what do people do for this as I cant seem to find any for sale. My back glass is in ok condition as it has some flaking is there someone who makes a replacement or translite for Warlok? I'm doubting anyone does since this machine is not very common. Just glad to being part of the Warlok club.


#53 4 years ago

I do not know if the pop caps have been repro’d. You may be able to go with a set of 3 similar caps and most would not notice.

Have fun playing this game!

#54 4 years ago
Quoted from jradams76:

yellow pop bumper cap

Rick cranked out some new yellow pop caps for cosmic gunfight a few years ago -- with and without stickers, so I am pretty sure those are the same design. I can't recall whether they sold out.

I also don't recall whether it was BAA or PP selling them.

Shoot him an email.


#55 4 years ago

Glad to see activity on this thread. Just got my NOS PF back from my buddy Clint who put down 5 coats of clear. I'll start the PF swap in the next 30 days.

WarlokPFClearCoated - 1 (resized).jpgWarlokPFClearCoated - 1 (resized).jpgWarlokPFClearCoated - 2 (resized).jpgWarlokPFClearCoated - 2 (resized).jpgWarlokPFClearCoated - 3 (resized).jpgWarlokPFClearCoated - 3 (resized).jpgWarlokPFClearCoated - 4 (resized).jpgWarlokPFClearCoated - 4 (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#56 4 years ago

Sorry it took me awhile to post some pictures. Noticed that my machine has a tag in it with the machine number curious anyone else have this? Playfield has a wear spot in front of the #2 dropdowns and missing the yellow pop bumper but super glad was able to get the game. Kids and I are loving it. Will get it cleaned up and then start looking to see if someone can touch-up the playfield and find a yellow plastic pop bumper.

IMG_5690 (resized).jpegIMG_5690 (resized).jpegIMG_5693 (resized).jpgIMG_5693 (resized).jpgIMG_5700 (resized).jpegIMG_5700 (resized).jpegIMG_5701 (resized).jpegIMG_5701 (resized).jpeg
6 months later
#57 4 years ago

Looking for a complete Warlok lower cab or a complete populated playfield. If someone knows of one out there please let me know. Thanks

8 months later
#58 3 years ago

Checking in. Anyone have a Warlok playfield in any condition? Still looking for a lower half of the game, but thinking I might have to build one from scratch. LMK what you have please.

3 weeks later
#59 3 years ago

Hey all - just FYI, I am documenting my Warlok restoration over here:


Slow going; most of the work is finished, I'm just waiting on a few last parts, and will try to write some new installments daily. It takes a fair amount of time for me because I'm verbose But I hope it's of interest...

#60 3 years ago

Quick question to the group about high scores. I would assume the game keeps the top 4 high scores which would be displayed via player 1 - 4? Mine for example shows the high score on all four players. If I beat this high score it then shows the new high score on all four players. Is this correct behavior or is there an issue? I had a Space shuttle and it kept the top 4 scores and would rotate them once someone beat a score.

#61 3 years ago

I have digital files available if anybody wants to make repros of the Warlok pop bumper caps. I sent them to the vinyl cutter and made stencils for airbrushing, but you could also do waterslide decals.

077E1A21-F1A2-41F6-9D39-3B298CAB54C8 (resized).jpeg077E1A21-F1A2-41F6-9D39-3B298CAB54C8 (resized).jpeg1BE9E9B0-C357-4D4C-8B40-B2AE269C16F5 (resized).jpeg1BE9E9B0-C357-4D4C-8B40-B2AE269C16F5 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#62 3 years ago

Here’s some Warlok porn for yez.
I’ve got a restoration thread going elsewhere, but this is the upshot:

08AC18B2-E7F9-49FD-A7AD-0ADA54CE9B87 (resized).jpeg08AC18B2-E7F9-49FD-A7AD-0ADA54CE9B87 (resized).jpeg2AEACC5F-21E8-4886-A5FA-4072939E5EA8 (resized).jpeg2AEACC5F-21E8-4886-A5FA-4072939E5EA8 (resized).jpeg2BF05E1D-7EE6-483F-B54C-E94BE954470B (resized).jpeg2BF05E1D-7EE6-483F-B54C-E94BE954470B (resized).jpeg4D257035-5213-49B8-A2C9-2512F2A807CB (resized).jpeg4D257035-5213-49B8-A2C9-2512F2A807CB (resized).jpeg8BDAE427-2CD3-4836-B32F-2502FB95DB3B (resized).jpeg8BDAE427-2CD3-4836-B32F-2502FB95DB3B (resized).jpeg930961A2-F904-4938-8301-11A60BF89C42 (resized).jpeg930961A2-F904-4938-8301-11A60BF89C42 (resized).jpegACE0149F-F85F-467D-B068-6EC6D77F936C (resized).jpegACE0149F-F85F-467D-B068-6EC6D77F936C (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#63 3 years ago
Quoted from sethbenjamin:

Here’s some Warlok porn for yez.
I’ve got a restoration thread going elsewhere, but this is the upshot:

That's a nice looking game. My also has a NOS clear coated PF, and NOS BG. It's bolted to the floor.

3 months later
#64 3 years ago

Has anyone scanned a playfield to make either a hardtop or replacement playfields?
What about backglasses, plastics, etc?
I have a spare Blackout and it seems like a Warlok conversion would be possible. (Not easy).
Anyone try this or a scratch build?
Of course, I'd need to find a spare system 7 boardset and some wire harness work.
sethbenjamin do you still have your original playfield?

4 months later
#65 2 years ago

Hey guys, looks like we will be picking up a Warlok that needs work. Any play fields or plastics out there any more?

#66 2 years ago

Put 2 red lamps/leds behind the eyes (backglass) to match with the playfield art.

1 year later
1 month later
#68 1 year ago

Joined the club today! Pretty stoked, never thought I’d own one…

AD00EC2B-4B59-4819-9FF6-74010B53EB0A (resized).jpegAD00EC2B-4B59-4819-9FF6-74010B53EB0A (resized).jpeg
9 months later
#69 5 months ago

New backglass has her looking good.. Really enjoy playing this one!

IMG_4040 (resized).jpegIMG_4040 (resized).jpegIMG_4041 (resized).jpegIMG_4041 (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#70 4 months ago

I have a manual but no machine if somebody needs one.
Ad is in the marketplace here on PinSide.
Photos are here

IMG_2785 (resized).JPEGIMG_2785 (resized).JPEGIMG_2786 (resized).JPEGIMG_2786 (resized).JPEG
3 months later
#71 16 days ago

Looking to buy new legs for my Warlok. I dont think they were original they are currently painted black and are in bad shape. Does anyone know what the correct length and style of legs that came with the Warlok? Looking online I have seen some sites post 28.5" smooth and some say ribbed.

Also one last question anyone selling or making pop bumper caps?

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