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Wall Art from Playfield

By rufessor

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

I got this done and it ended up being a pretty fun, rewarding, project. Figured I would share here.

Long story- short version:
I picked up a nice used Addams Family PF from a user who had done a swap. For a while I had been planning on turning it into wall art. So I also got a pile of wood to make a frame for it.

I built a shadow box frame with the playfield recessed 2 inches. Ended up clearing that and the playfield and picked up a couple meanwell DC powersupplies of the 5V variety (adjustable) and got a bunch of light sockets (EM bayonet style) and wired up two strings- a GI and a insert. Color matched LEDs and threw switches onto side of the frame and ran a cord and its done.

I did not take pics with the intent of documenting this build but I have enough to share some progress and final.

Here is the playfield after light cleaning- with me having played with the old plastic parts I got along with it. Just toying with how I might put it “back together” for a display. One goal was not to damage the playfield. That succeeded and this could be put into a game again zero issues.

5D5ACB18-A71A-489A-995E-05E0FEABE38A (resized).jpeg
#2 1 year ago

Next the frame got built and the playfield got wired up.

13F4EFA4-56FE-4CDF-99E2-5DA10CC61C7C (resized).jpeg70EFB089-C498-40F0-8F45-6A6CBBFFA0CE (resized).jpegBB0A30D4-D4DD-4CD1-8761-C68F03F9A196 (resized).jpeg
#3 1 year ago

I suppose technically i had clear coated the playfield first. Anyway- that got done.

379F64E0-D12F-49A3-9CD7-8C8D6D395530 (resized).jpegE81DECC2-F096-41F6-8780-CF49749EE333 (resized).jpeg
#4 1 year ago

Then it all got put together

5BB52842-8BF7-4435-AC55-A1F102BC149E (resized).jpeg
#5 1 year ago

It looks great. Are you going to do any more?

#6 1 year ago

I guess I dont have a final wiring shot. It will suffice to say wiring was completed and no issues were encounterd but for one, which was bone headed and easily fixed of which we will not speak overly (wire a few bulbs to the isolated terminal (diode) and see how well they work....).

It hung nicely and filled a corner with something cool.

You can just see switches on bottom left side of fram on left side photo.
39CC8840-5FF5-4F5D-95E1-E3FE6BB6D494 (resized).jpegCCE83579-6BEB-4243-9469-C11C76596E30 (resized).jpegD54283E6-1BE7-4DD6-B0CB-4C9C95EA60CA (resized).jpegEDBA6494-66D6-481A-B9CE-4609B17F2A44 (resized).jpeg

#7 1 year ago

Nicely done!
I was thinking of doing the same thing.
Thanks for the motivation!

#8 1 year ago
Quoted from Daditude:

It looks great. Are you going to do any more?

I have another space on the wall- funny you ask because my wife has been somewhat monitoring progress. When we were testing different walls/spots to hang it she began to ask if I was going to make another (she knows I *might* have another playfield). As soon as I turned it on once it was hung, she asked me that question again and now started running through the playfields we could use. Suddenly I became aware that indeed, large boxes containig playfields had been noted upon thier arrival and that she knows more than she lets on!! Haha! Its great because she had ideas about which would look good on the other wall and so I now have a order backlog of 1.

If you were asking with a desire to own one for yourself, you will have to make an attempt on your own- this is a one off never to be repeated by myself anyway (but I suppose I will be making another similar attempt with a different playfield). Happy to help with advice and lessons learned if anyone wants to try their hand.

#9 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Nicely done!
I was thinking of doing the same thing.
Thanks for the motivation!

Thanks!! Its a fun project. Go for it!!

I was looking at photos and wondered if any would notice- I left the big holes in the playfield open to able to see through to the wall behind. I think it looks good, but I suppose I might try it to see how it looks using some black paper to cover them (from behind) as a test case for building polished black acrylic inserts. But for now, having just literally finished, I think I like it open. Also the openings are great ventilation (I would add a spacer to gap plastics anyway).

#10 1 year ago

I keep messing around with the display, am adding some pop bumper rings to this.

I want them to be as close to a mirror polish as I can get. I do not have an official polisihing set up but do posess a drill and pads and several compounds for polishing. Anyone have a trick to holding these steady!

1 year later
#11 4 months ago

I too have a Addams Family playfield and I'm a skilled woodworker so the shadow box will be easy.....but it looks like you spend a HUGE amount of TIME and money on the lighting. I find myself thinking that the electric part of your FANTASTIC project looks like more work than I'm interested in doing. I'm wondering if I could achieve 90% of the same look using bright white Christmas LED lights affixed in the proper locations with some sort of adhesive clips or perhaps Hot Glue?

#12 4 months ago
Quoted from BAMcDonald:

. I'm wondering if I could achieve 90% of the same look using bright white Christmas LED lights affixed in the proper locations with some sort of adhesive clips or perhaps Hot Glue?

Yes, Christmas lights work fairly well. You can carefully use a staple gun. Looks good with blinky lights.

4 months later
#13 12 days ago

Way late here.... but the lighting is pretty cheap. A power supply is maybe 20, I use two so 40 bucks. Old light sockets can be had cheap if you look around and ask. LED bulb order is 100 or so. Total to light this is less than 200 and it looks amazing with color matched lighting. Highly recommended if you can take the time to solder up the wiring (that takes a little tike but not excessive)

#14 11 days ago

Nicely done. Perhaps I missed it, but why the Bumper skirt on the upper left?

#15 11 days ago

No reason other than it looked cool and shiny and took up some empty space! Hahah

This is closer to art than pinball as I am just hot gluing any salvaged parts I can find!

#16 6 days ago

I am working on a Black Knight 2000 wall art playfield and came here to get ideas. I just want to say damn nice work! Mine is still in the more work to be done before I can put it on may wall stage…but I hope to put a sound board that plays the Bk2000 theme when a button is pushed, leds, and t-molding…Your works is beautiful.

573ABDFC-53AD-4F88-AFDE-B5DDD850F2E4 (resized).jpegE30A58F9-947A-4226-944B-7B5929A2158E (resized).jpeg
#17 6 days ago

I did a last action hero, regular GI with Christmas lights from Amazon for the inserts.

14d6bd93b223684af4cc17a8f3a9fa5ea0cc7b81 (resized).jpga332c713e29a42bab54402f3547abb0d5106c2ed (resized).jpge90177a10b9d2a166ef4f6caf0ab52a8572a3e25 (resized).png

#18 6 days ago

You made an apron! I love it. Now I am looking for pop bumpers for mine. I need to make it less flat. I do have the sling plastics I think I will add those to it as well.

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