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Walking Dead LE Sound Replacement v. 0.9

By milhouse

4 years ago

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Post #602 Eskaybee's modified Cleland package. v1.56, LE/Prem only Posted by Eskaybee (3 years ago)

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Post #616 Milhouse's v1.56 Pro/Prem/LE Posted by milhouse (3 years ago)

Post #628 Chart with addresses for various sounds. Posted by milhouse (3 years ago)

Post #699 RandomKG's v1.56 LE/Premium version. Posted by ATLpb (3 years ago)

Post #714 kpg's v1.56 LE/Premium version, includes some Negan. Posted by kpg (3 years ago)

Post #755 Ezeltmann's v1.56 Tool Edition. LE/Premium & Pro Posted by ezeltmann (3 years ago)

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#1 4 years ago

--==New version released 8/28/2015==-

Gamecode 1.41 Info can be found here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/walking-dead-le-sound-replacement-v-09/page/11#post-2644882

--==New version released 7/21/2015==-

Gamecode 1.28 Info can be found here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/walking-dead-le-sound-replacement-v-09/page/10#post-2573969

--==New version released 6/18/2015==-

Gamecode 1.25 Info can be found here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/walking-dead-le-sound-replacement-v-09/page/7#post-2521894

Below is for Gameode 1.19

I have released a Sound Pack and Pinball Browser macro that will replace TWDLE sounds with sounds from AMC's The Walking Dead. Approximately 95% of the callouts have been replaced. (996 unique samples replacing about 1900 callouts)

Instructions and links to the files are available here. The sound samples should fall under the "Fair Use" exception to US Copyright law and the samples and macro released solely for non-commercial use under GPL v.3. Feedback appreciated.

Release notes:
I have not divided the sounds between PG and non-PG sounds, so don't get mad at me if your kids learn new words. I have left in most of the instruction call-outs, and where possible I have linked in-game modes to dialog (e.g., if Shane is talking about cleaning out a well, you are probably in well walker mode). You can look at the included Excel file to see the changes in detail. I may revisit this after the fifth season of the show. I will certainly revisit it once the game code is updated. Released under GPL v3.


Post edited by milhouse: new version released

#6 4 years ago
Quoted from Rensh:

awesome work. Am a real TWD fan of the series and played last week TWDLE and the lack of real voices/callouts was dissapointing.
However, a TWDLE is out of my reach, any idea if this will also be usable on a PRO?

Someone tested it and it worked. Obviously you will need to change the instructions somewhat, but it should just be a matter of changing which .bin you use.

#9 4 years ago

I'll try to post a video later today, as I realize that reflashing is a PITA.

#11 4 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

How many lines got replaced with "CARL!" ?

I wanted to use "Carl, get in the house," but despite its popularity on the Internet, that particular line isn't actually said.

#18 4 years ago
Quoted from dgoett:

when I ran the Macro, it loaded *most* of the sound files, but there's a few it errored out on and couldn't find. One was Again.Daryl and another one was 112 ounces of pudding.....
don't see them anywhere in the sound folder.
Anyone else experience this? I just canceled the file and skipped it's replacement. Loading rom on game now. I'll post in a bit.

Weird - I just checked the file on Dropbox and both files are in the zip file...also uploading a video now. Does anyone else not have those files?

#19 4 years ago

Sorry for the potato quality, and that not that many callouts were actually called...

#21 4 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

Crappy Vid, lots of sounds.
ยป YouTube video

Your video is about 100x better than mine.

#39 4 years ago
Quoted from TaTa:

I think that many, as myself, are intimidated by computers. I wouldn't even know where to start doing it without a step-by-step video holding my hand. Alot of us want it, but our lack of programing knowledge and lingo are holding us back. If there was a way to implment it easier for us common folk, I would think more would be on board.

Well the easier way would be to post a modified ROM file, but at that point I would be redistributing Stern copyrighted materials and there could be legal issues there. Oga, the developer of Pinball Browser, has also asked that people share modifications using macros and since he has done all the hard work here (mine just took time), I'm going to respect his wishes as well.

That said, I think the instructions are pretty detailed which unfortunately makes the process seem harder than it is. Its really not that difficult.

#40 4 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

This is really cool. How much of this work will need to be redone once a code update hits?

Don't know yet. Part of why I added checksums and created the excel was so that I could see how much changed once the new version is released, and hopefully mini!ize the necessary modifications. But only one way to know for sure...

#45 4 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

I Keep getting errors when I go to Run the Macro. I double checked everything, I cant figure out what is going on

What is the error?

#50 4 years ago

Zampinator - Looks like something went wrong when you unzipped, based on the screenshots. (It looks like, from the second screenshot, that you are loading the macro from 'C:\TWD_Sounds\Sounds\TWD_Sounds\Macro' so I assume your sound samples ended up in a similar location, such as 'C:\TWD_Sounds\Sounds\TWD_Sounds\Sounds' which isn't where the macro expects them.) Move all the wav files inside 'C:\TWD_Sounds\Sounds\TWD_Sounds\Sounds' to this location -> 'C:\TWD_Sounds\Sounds\' and try again.

PinballZach - Depending on how new your mac is, it might be better to run Pinball Browser on your mac via Parallels instead of on an old windows machine. The Pinball Browser thread has more information on doing that. What version of Windows are you running?

I can try to put together a youtube video tonight of running it.

#53 4 years ago

Maybe this will help...

#61 4 years ago

Glad it is being enjoyed....

#69 4 years ago

My wife wasn't happy about the callouts (though she wasn't overly so), but I got it as a gift for her and it annoyed me. I was willing to live with it until I went to Atlantic City where she played the Walking Dead slot machine. Those machines have show voices and it makes it so much better, and since Pinball Browser makes this possible, I figured I'd give it a try. Luckily I have a programming background so I was able to automate a good portion of it. But some hillbilly yelling about bags of cats and guts just didn't do it for me.

#78 4 years ago

So there is less confusion, that error is a Pinball Browser issue:

From the Pinball Browser thread:

- When you save a firmware without the option "Keep CRC consistent", do not verify the image when upgrading : The upgrade process will end with a message saying that there was a problem ("Update Failed - Error code 8"). This is normal and it works.
If this option is set, you will not have this error, but your high scores and configuration will be erased after the upgrade (but you can backup/restore them - See "High Scores" section above). Please note that you cannot set this option back for a firmware that has been saved without this option.
- As the boot loader is in prom (not in flash), it is very unlikely that you brick your pinball when you patch your firmware. However, I am not 100% sure. So don't blame me if this happens...

More info here

#80 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballZach:

Whoa! This isn't going to mess the pin up when we go to update once the next code update comes out from Stern. I love this but still will obviously update when new un-modified Stern code is out!?!

Probably best to post this question in the Pinball Browser thread here because this is a Pinball Browser issue.

That said, there is no reason it should be an issue. Currently you have the ability to flash this custom rom and if you don't like it, flash back to the stock 1.19 rom. When the new release comes out, you should be able to flash that. Obviously you will lose the custom sounds with the new version (until someone releases another macro with a soundpack), but there shouldn't be any problem flashing a new version once released (as I plan to do).

#84 4 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

Question to OP: If i export mode music and add voices to it, does sharing that file fall under the same type of "fair use" exception. Seems like sharing the Audacity project (and having others import the music) might be the safer way to approach this.

I would be hesitant to answer because I am a lawyer and that's not my area of expertise, so I wouldn't want to give anyone else advice. Publishing your samples without the Stern songs is probably ok. People could then use Pinbal Browser to export the sound requests, import into Audigy, and save out. But I understand that's more of a pain.

#89 4 years ago
Quoted from n0s4atu:

Random question, why is the file so much smaller than the Stern original file? Obviously it doesn't matter, I was just curious.

The .bin file you flash to the machine should be the same size as the original Stern .bin (89,760KB). The .pbm (macro) file is smaller because it is just a text list of instructions pointing to the sound files.

#90 4 years ago
Quoted from itshowtime:

can anyone help me find this file..i know where to look <here>.it sends me to a site called paste bin.com

Go to pastebin and read the instructions. Links to all required files are in the instructions.

#95 4 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

Anybody who watched last nights Walking Dead must be dying to get Ricks sound byte into the game . I know it will be in mine by today. Spoilers excluded. When i find a good place for it and have the sound byte ready, I will send it to whomever PM's me.
i wish updating software didn't take so long.

I heard that too. I'll probably try to update it with sounds from the past two shows this week.

#104 4 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

Maybe you and milhouse can do a collaboration on the sound file and just knock it out of the park

Just did Episode 9. Got about 20 new lines. Hopefully Episode 10 tomorrow and a new release later this week.

#108 4 years ago

50 more sounds cut and ready to be integrated, and built a rudimentary installer. Stay tuned...

#111 4 years ago

New version posted. Essentially the same instructions as the original (but fixed some errors in the instructions). More sounds are used now (at least 400) and all callouts - apart from instructions or menu items - have been completely replaced. I've also reduced the frequency of the Michone - Jackpot callout, so you may not realize you get a jackpot every time. Also cleaned up sounds so that few if any sounds will get cut off. Should be the same link as the same as the original post, but just in case, it is here. 996 unique sounds samples are used in-game now, replacing 1,959 built-in callouts.

No installer yet. I have other more important things to work on first.

#113 4 years ago

I actually tried to do quite a few of those, but usually there was either background noise that made the clip unintelligible, another character spoke over the line a bit, or it was too long for the Souund Request. I've sped a few clips to try to fix the last issue, but there is only so much that can be done.

If you have any of those clips already cut - or can identify which episodes they are from, I could take another look.

Also, some of the above are in the Sound Pack, but because all the Sound Requests aren't actually used in the Game Code (I think), you may never hear them.

#122 4 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

I agree. milhouse should have a paypal account we can donate to if we want for all his hard work.

Thanks but I didn't do this for any money, and I would have done it for my wife for free anyway. If you want to donate to anyone, donate to oga83 for pinball browser.

#125 4 years ago
Quoted from DocRotCod:

This is my first time using pinball browser, worked like a champ. How do I raise the overall level of the voices?

I don't think there is a way to directly do it, so I lowered the Background Music Volume (Standard Adjustment 47 I think) and then increased the volume using the volume buttons.

#136 4 years ago
Quoted from Hashman:

I love this. Only suggestion is maybe a better call out for the Jackpots. I prefer just one "JACKPOT" or "SUPER JACKPOT!" so might put the originals back in. Apart from that...this just keeps getting better and better. Thanks again for the hard work milhouse.

Yeah, I know its an issue. You can change the macro easily enough using a text editor, but because I so rarely hit jackpots I didn't notice it was overused until I saw a video online. I have replaced some uses since the first release, but it still may be used too frequently.

I can put back in the crap voices in future releases but am also open to suggestions on alternative samples.

#141 4 years ago
Quoted from huo:

Not sure if this was explained. But when I tried patching my bin file, I received an error code 8 when updating my TWD. Since I don't have a very good Windows PC I reached out. I then flashed it with theirs. I questioned why it also received an error code on update. So I flipped the dip switch 8 off and pulled the usb stick then rebooted. It worked. But now I have 1 question...
Are the callouts in the current version sounding like they are cutting off like a walkie talkie? Overall, it's quite nice to have the voices from the show. I was growing used to the Stern callout guy. But at least with this you avoid questions like "You paid how much for this and they didn't get the voices from the actors?"

If you look at some earlier posts and the Pinball Browser thread, you will see the Error 8 is completely normal. It can be avoided by saving the bin file with "Keep CRC Consistent" checkbox. If you keep this checked, however you will lose your high scores and settings.

As for cut off sounds, I haven't noticed it much, but its possible that some sounds are cut shorter than others. The included Excel file can show which they are, but I used no more than 0.02 MS as the max cutoff where I didn't notice an abrupt cut. If you don't like those, you can remove them from the macro and reflash. The problem is that there really aren't enough short sounds that fit within the short clips the game uses. So to have any variety, sacrifices had to be made.

#150 4 years ago
Quoted from Gooch:

I have noticed the walkie talkie squelch on my LE as well. First time using PB and I plan to make a donation no matter what, but I too would like to know if the registered PB version addresses the issue and if I need to reload the code. Amazing improvement to the game, thanks Milhouse!

A squelsh? I don't know what would cause that. Getting cutoff is possible, but I don't undestand a squelsh.

Is there a particular line its happening with? I can make sure there isn't a problem with the wav file.

1 month later
#188 4 years ago

Back from vacation and going to start going through the last 5 episodes to get sounds....

#194 4 years ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

The one thing that kept me from doing the update where the repititive jackpot callouts. If those could be addressed in someway that would be great.

I don't like them either, but since I am pretty terrible I never get jackpots. And the latest version has them cut down pretty substantially.

But any community input on whether its better to use:
(1) the Stern Jackpot calls or (2) show audio that doesn't reference a 'jackpot'?

2 months later
#239 4 years ago

Well I finally got around to downloading the 1.25 update and seeing what changed. It will be a while until a new pack is released...

#287 4 years ago

As a follow-up, it looks like it isn't as difficult as I thought to update the sounds (i'll blame excel for my initial pessimism). I will be working on a new one in conjunction with clelands sounds and add sounds from the last 5 or so episodes of the most recent season.

1 week later
#317 4 years ago

For the adventurous....

A beta of my 1.25 Sounds Replacement has been released. I have installed on my TWDLE and its working pretty well.
But as I may not have time to look at this again until next week, I am letting everyone who wants to try it, try it now.

As always, back up your Rom BEFORE you flash.

Instructions: http://pastebin.com/wtavDEMj
Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rq7344gmp5amcrs/TWDLE125_Sound_Replacement.zip?dl=0
1.25 Game Code: http://www.sternpinball.com/game-code/game-code-the-walking-dead-le

All music is from the show/sound track or from the original machine.
Approximately 1100 samples from the show are used.
Jackpot/Super Jackpot Callouts have been "fixed" (you will hear Michonne less frequently).
Samples are up to date as of Season 5 Episode 16 (i.e., June 2015).
Less repetition.

- I am guessing more samples will be cut off than in the 1.19 version. I will revisit. But even so, 90% should be fine.
- If you find issues, please let me know and provide as much detail as possible.
- There is cursing. If you want a "clean" version, search the macro for words you don't want to hear and remove that line
- The commhex patch is no longer included in the macro. If you want to use it, you will need to include it yourself. Add it before the sounds.
- I haven't checked it on the Pro or Premium models.
- Don't bother verifying. It will take a long time. It will fail. You will email me and I will tell you the same thing.

YOU WILL GET AN ERROR WHEN YOU FLASH (ERROR 8). THIS IS NORMAL. STOP EMAILING ME ABOUT IT. Just turn off the machine after the erro and turn it back on (setting the jumper back and removing the USB Drive)

To be safe, write down your High Scores and so you can restore them using a USB-232 Cable.

#318 4 years ago

Also, don't message me about sending you a modified game code. I won't.

#321 4 years ago
Quoted from Weust:

Works like a charm.
Thanks dude.

Glad to hear it.

1 week later
#336 4 years ago

I hope to address the cut-off issues within a couple of days or a week.

#357 4 years ago

It doesn't look like there have been many substantial changes to the audio files that matter (I don't modify walker noises, gunshots, etc. which may have changed), so this shouldn't delay things much. I really just need to fix the cut-off sounds. The biggest problem is that the sounds in the pin are very short, while the lines on the show are pretty long. So its hard to avoid over-using the few shorts lines there are, and I want to get lots of variety by using the longer lines, but with limited places to use them.

2 weeks later
#464 4 years ago

Since Stern/AMC don't care or don't know...


Updated to 1.28 (Designed for LE/Premium)
- Music from the Official Soundtrack and Show
- Over 1,100 Different Sound Samples Used
- Fixed callouts/instructions
- All sample lengths verified against replacement - so nothing is cutoff.

Haven't compared to cleland's but I'm sure his is good. This is just a different option.

If anyone wants to Macro and Sounds to edit the macro to make their own version, just send me a message. Might also be required for Pro version?

#475 4 years ago

I don't have a video but I can try to make one tomorrow. The music from the show involves about 10 songs / snippets and the actual theme song.

I have uploaded the macro file here, which in conjunction with the sounds in this file can be used to make a custom set for the pro version or a clean version if you edit the macro to match the path to the sound files.

I also uploaded an Excel sheet that shows the lines from the show that I am using along with the speaker and number of times it is used in game.

#477 4 years ago

I really wasn't planning on doing this because I have no way of testing this, but because I've received so many requests for a Pro version, I have attempted to make one. I completely disclaim any liability on this because I have no way to test it. Earlier versions have worked with the Pro, using the Macro method, and you can look through the thread for more information. I don't think there will be a problem, but I cannot guarantee anything. Also, cleland has created versions designed for the Pro, so you can use those.

However, if you are one of the people who likes to live dangerously, here is the file. I accept no liability if it blows up everything you love and hold dear.

#478 4 years ago

The soundtrack for the TV show is here. amazon.com link »

In the video I was able to get a couple to play (not all. I'm still not sure what mode plays which song), but it also plays my own custom music that I have on the machine for the wife (Ministry, Revco, Johnny Cash, Fugazi, Sister Machine Gun). I don't usually include those since not everyone enjoys those bands.

2 weeks later
#497 4 years ago
Quoted from cleland:

In the early stages, I felt Milhouse's were random and cut off samples that were not thoughtfully placed. His latest build is better IMO.

Can confirm. I tried to put samples where they made logical sense, but there weren't enough to make sense (apart from Well Walker). So now it is about 90% random and I left in the game callouts where the instructions were useful and it made sense. The bad news is that it means you don't have mode-specific callouts from the show (on the show they never discussed Bicycle Girl or Prison Riots). The good news is that the game can still tell you what you are supposed to do, and no samples from the show are ever cutoff (unless I made an error, in which case please let me know).

1 week later
#522 4 years ago

You don't need to install Stern's 1.28 before installing my or Cleland's update. Both are built using Stern's 1.28 with the sounds replaced. Do not verify, and you will probably get Error No. 8. Ignore it, turn off the pin, change the jumper back, and turn it back on.


1 week later
#531 4 years ago

I've looked at it, and apart from three new songs (not sure where they are used) and about 90 "walker" sound effects, there isn't anything new in terms of sound. So I should be able to get updated Roms out today.

#533 4 years ago

Feel free to use ezeltmann's, otherwise I have uploaded 'official' versions:

LE / Premium: http://1drv.ms/1fL0Vjo
Pro (untested because I don't have a pro): http://1drv.ms/1fL0Mwu

For those who want to edit the macro, the original files & macro: http://1drv.ms/1fL0Qwc

I am not including the Communication Patch by default, so if you want that you will need to use the macro version. Pinball Browser now requires you to enter your Pinball Machine's serial number to use it. If you don't need it, its more of a pain, so I have dropped it. If you are using a serial cable, you know your way around Pinball Browser well enough to use the macro version.

#534 4 years ago

Accidental post...

#540 4 years ago
Quoted from AttilaK:

My only complaint is that I liked the music that came on after finishing the game much better then the current one.

Me too, actually. I will probably move some songs around once I figure out where the 3 new songs that Stern added are used.

#542 4 years ago
Quoted from Raiders:

Any chance the sound upgrade will be available for the new 1.41 software version that just came out?

It already is...

3 months later
#591 3 years ago

For those who have been asking over messaging, 1.53 is now available. No new sounds have been added (compared to 1.41). I will update after this season.

Same instructions as before. Files have been zipped so be sure to unzip before putting your correct .bin file on a thumbdrive. Be sure to backup your settings / high scores if you want to keep them.

- TWD153 LE
- TWD153 Premium
- TWD153 Pro

If you would prefer the macro and the sound files, please let me know.

As usual, I can't guarantee bad things won't happen if you use this.

#603 3 years ago

Ugh. Why do they seem to always update it less than a week after the last update?

#611 3 years ago

I haven't updated it to 1.56 yet. It looks like I can't load the Communications Patch with the new code, which is annoying (no more serial communication unless the Pinball Browser developer updates), but I should be able to upload a 1.56 version tonight.

Also, I am aware that the music in particular has changed from 1.41 to 1.56 and I don't like it either. I am working through the machine to try to figure out when certain songs play so I can identify which need to be switched.

#614 3 years ago

On second thought, I will just do a bigger update tomorrow. I am going to spend some time tonight to get the music right in this release.

#616 3 years ago

Below you will fine my last binary release of my Walking Dead Sound Replacement (v 1.56). There are several reasons why I am no longer releasing binaries, but really it comes down to time and Pinball Browser. The only reason this project exists is because of Pinball Browser and the author has asked me to stop posting binaries. He has valid reasons for doing so which I agree with, not least of which is that Stern can change their code so that future updates cannot be read or written using Pinball Browser, which would mean we will have to choose between running old code with replacement sounds, or newer code with original sounds. Neither seems like a good option, so while it may not make any difference and Stern can do whatever they want, I am not going to force their hand.

There are other options out there for those of you who want binaries, and I do plan to release my Macros/Sounds so that you can do the update yourself, but no Stern code will be included in the files. Its not hard to do, but its not as easy as plugging in a USB drive either.

1.56 Pro
1.56 LE
1.56 Premium

#622 3 years ago

I couldn't test crossbow for some reason, but I will fix it.

#625 3 years ago

Fixed and re-uploaded. Links are the same.

#628 3 years ago

I don't use Requests, but I think you can use the addresses in the attached to figure it out using Pinball Browser. I don't think the Calypso music is used anywhere, but I don't know if there is a way to confirm that.


2 weeks later
#642 3 years ago

You can blame the music changes on Stern. I set up the music for 1.41 and then Stern moved some stuff around. I wasn't able to figure out what changed exactly, so unfortunately the music changed with it.

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