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    #1 6 years ago

    Want to show off your Hyperpin?

    Looking to build/purchase/sell?

    Trying to figure out if they will cure the pinball addiction?

    Pimped out your Virtual pin with new gear?

    This is the thread to show off your stuff.
    Give or get advise:
    pros/cons buying, building, modding, etc... Let's hear it.

    Got a cab built for cheap - this would be the thread showing the love.

    The best part up virtual pinball, IMO, is the code update. In the past few years we went from no toys to RGB flashers, shakers, force feedback, gear motors, knockers, and what's next?

    #2 6 years ago

    I'll start off with:
    I spent the past few hours backing up the SSD, following with DOF (Direct Output Framework) installation:

    I believe that my cab might have a tad bit "snappier" solenoid response time. Really need a second opionion, since I'm probably biased - not really sure if it was worth the upgrade time (since I have to manually setup the older B2S tables) The newer tables were a breeze.

    FWIW: Here's a vid of my cab

    #7 6 years ago
    Quoted from LukeInOklahoma:

    Is a 60hz monitor for the play field fast enough or do you have to have a 120hz?

    60hz is fine - It's really all about the responce time, not the refresh rate. The TV response time should be as low as possible. It's usually a hidden number that the manufacuters don't like to disclose, so it's definately a headache to research.
    Usually the budget TV's will be 60hz, but they may also have a slower response time.

    #8 6 years ago
    Quoted from hassanchop:

    I am a vp author. Can I be in the club?

    LOL - you wrote the book, um I mean table. Of course, you're in.
    I believe you also did graphics for other authors too, right?

    #16 6 years ago
    Quoted from gregh43:

    Awesome Kick A$$ Virtual BOOGIES!! you making any to sell??

    Thanks! I have sold some in the past, and might be able to help you out if you were local....
    There might be someone joining the club local to you with one for sale

    #19 6 years ago
    Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

    Made mine last year. 3 monitor mini-cab. Recently added another button for nudge left, right and up. Not that fancy but gets the job done. The computer is a bit dated but it runs Pinball Arcade on medium/low settings. I may have to upgrade it when true cabinet is released.
    » YouTube video

    I have some mini mercury switches that u can have. They were cheap, so I bought extras. Shipping from AU was the only killer
    I can bring them to the tournament finals. Are u planning on coming?

    #21 6 years ago

    Yup, just hook 'em up to ipac, then level them out to the point of a bump setting them off.

    Wow, I never seen a 3 monitor setup running with only intergrated video. Thats an achievement

    #25 6 years ago
    Quoted from cwg29:

    Even made a FLASH Visual Pinball FS version based on my custom FLASH machine.

    I remember seeing your FLASH build project - but don't have a link to it. It was (still is) bad@ss! Love the artwork - it's been a while, but I'm thinking that your current pinMame cab has the same style artwork. I think that your's is the first tabletop-2 monitor build that I've seen.

    FWIW: I believe that there was a HyperSpin 2 monitor project that BadBoyBilly worked on - displaying the Marquee artwork on the top monitor - do you have that setup and running too?

    #26 6 years ago
    Quoted from magnoliarichj:

    anyone have any vertical shooters setup?

    I was screwing around with one of my systems - a LOOOONG time ago, and put MAME with galaga. You could use the flippers to go left and right and magna flips for firing. I couldn't figure out how to get it to work in HyperPin at the time - just by itself

    Since then I've dug further into the fplaunch and figured out how to hook Settingson's dwjukebox wrapper into the hyperpin. I could probably figure out how to get Galage to run in hyperpin - ughh, now that's a brain tease

    #28 6 years ago
    Quoted from LukeInOklahoma:

    when mounting the playfield screen, should it be flat or follow the slope of the cabinet?

    It's a matter of personal preference. I prefer to have it a little lower in the back than the front with newer cabinets. The older 70s cabs were pretty flat, so for those I would probably follow the same slope of the cab.
    It's definetaly better to have a little gap for air flow cooling between the glass and monitor.

    #37 6 years ago
    Quoted from LukeInOklahoma:

    ok, been researching a bit. I found a few ranging from 4ms to 6.5ms to 8ms. Is there going to be a noticeable difference between these three? and these were 40". is this the optimal size once it is de-cased?

    I dont know how much noticeable difference there will be, but it will be a noticeable amount. IMO, you should probably spend the same amount on your tv as your computer - if your computer is high end, dont go withcheap tv. If you are doing budget build, probably not going to miss much getting the slower tv

    1 week later
    #39 6 years ago
    Quoted from hassanchop:

    Hmmm... I thought author meant graphics guy, designer also, not only the code guy. So that means I am not an author after all, just art guy and designer
    Yeah I did art for a few of them. And I did the design/art/rules on the original Scarface, with jpsalas on the coding.

    I got my flame suit on - Ready for some BURNER.
    You got another hot original going.

    2 weeks later
    #47 6 years ago

    Mameman also does the flat packs http://www.xtremepinball.com/

    3 weeks later
    #52 6 years ago

    So anybody else update there VP to 9.20 and/or above?
    The physics seemed a little different and I noticed there were some global table physics options, so there was some tweaking going on, not just too many beers for me
    The flashers effects are awesome with the newer versions. Overall I'm loving the upgrade.
    I've been really loving the ball reflection, but there are a few tables that it kinda messes up.
    IE: Haunted House - The reflection causes a funky look when you are on middle playfield above the bottom playfield

    I've been playing alot of 85Vett's Tron LE, but can't seem to get that damn Daft Punk Multiball I've completed Daft or Punk, but not both. Does anyone know if the multi ball just starts automatically, or do I gotta put the ball in the arcade after it's completed?
    If you haven't seen it, here's the Tron LE in action:

    #56 6 years ago

    I reached SOS this evening - didn't complete Gem, and finished the game with only 41million

    Quoted from 85vett:

    Glad you are having fun with it.
    To get Daft Punk you have to spell daft punk 2 times. First time it lights the extra ball

    I've been having fun with it - The extra ball makes some sense - that means I've actually completed DAFT PUNK once on a couple different games and didn't know it. I gotta work at it some more

    Quoted from hassanchop:

    Yeah completed it!!........and drain. lol

    The shaker motor was working fine with small intermittent shakes, that time I believe it went through the spinner turbo with either SUPER SPINNERS or ZUSE activated. The longer shaker shook the tilt sensors - ughh.

    My vid of the real tron was even bigger failure

    #60 6 years ago

    That was some killer gameplay Hassanchop. I would've sworn your quorra mb was finished before you restarted. Seriously impressed with your left flipper cradle / upper flipper control. I can only do that when practicing - but in gameplay I really suck using the dual stage flippers. I have never had portal last as long as yours did

    The head tracking (BAM - Better Arcade Mode) is currently only for future pinball. I don't use FP anymore, since I didn't like the physics. They have improved alot and honestly, I should take the time to try FP again.

    VP has started to utilize 3d models, so this could be added on at some point - but probably only with titles that could support it.

    #67 6 years ago
    Quoted from DeeGor:

    VP is a pinball simulator, and it's not going to be 100% accurate. Just like a flight sim is not exactly like flying a real airplane. It gets you about 90% of the way there. It's great for novice players who typically bat at the ball whenever it gets near the flippers or good players that don't mind that flipper physics typically are tailored to hit the specific targets on the table.
    For people like Markmon who play a lot of real pinball. They notice all the shots that you can't easily make in VP. Yeah, sure you may get lucky every once in awhile, but it's more luck do to the randomness the CPU generates than your skill.

    Ok, everyone is entitled to opinions - Just curious, if its great for me, does that mean I'm a novice player? LOL.
    I won my last tourney - and I NEVER played at least 3of the games in REAL life. I guess I'm just a novice who doesnt relize that u cant make some shots - Nevermind, I did, then I adjusted the flipper settings. Wow!

    I think I'm gonna join the Star Wars pinball club - even though I dont like the pin. Hell I sold it, maybe I can go in and tell everybody how bad it is. Nahh, I'm not that kinda hater -

    #70 6 years ago

    Deegor, Sorry - I was outta line. I didn't mean to across like the @$$ that I am.

    I just sent a PM to another pinsider pointing him to your wiring diagram this week.
    Your opinions are usually balanced, pros and cons, and are legit. I shouldn't have taken it personal

    I believe that some of VP's tables, can make you a better "real life" player.
    I owned a T3 and enjoyed it - and the VP version was a little too fast - flipper shots were often really hard to make. I did some adjustments on the table - went back and forth with the author - released a mod - etc... In the end of the day - it was still harder than the real thing. If you can get to Wizard mode on the VP version - you'll kick @$$ at the real thing - the real T3 was hella easier.

    Think of runners training on treadmill when they are going to race something that's a different terrain. At least they have been training

    The Tron version is obviously very new to VP - theres been about 3-4 revisions already, and there'll be more in time.

    There is a newer option in VP9.2 for flipper override. You can place a 1,2,3, or 4 in there to use your personal preference as an override to the original settings. You must change all 4 settings - since they default to the same values. I have 4 different setting, going from strong to weaker - If I don't like the way a table plays, I can easily see if any of my other personal flipper settings work. If they don't work better, replace it back to 0.

    2 weeks later
    #73 6 years ago

    I got my 24v Fan hooked up last Friday.
    I'm going to be bringing my cab to PAGG 2014 so I hit up the local peeps for game suggestions to hook up the fan to.
    As the theme and event permit, here is a list of fan events that I currently have installed.

    F-14 Tomcat - Beacon Motor
    Rescue 911 - Helicopter
    WhiteWater - Whirlpool
    FunHouse - Rudy Spitting
    RCT - All 3 Coasters
    Cyclone - Cyclone and Comet Ramps
    Comet - Center ramp
    Addams Family - The Power Magnets
    Indiana Jones - Propellers Mod
    POTC - Ship Movement
    The Shadow - Ball Lock - Disappearing
    Whirwind - Fan
    Twister - Fan

    I''m still looking for more suggestions - anybody have any thoughts of games that would benefit from a fan?

    3 weeks later
    #74 6 years ago

    FWIW: I added some games to the list for the fan.

    Airborne - Center Ramps
    DE Star Wars - Ramps
    Star Wars - Center Ramp
    STTNG - Right Ramp and Left Flipper (Left or Center?) Ramp

    A few more ... I'll update a bit later.

    3 weeks later
    #94 6 years ago

    Markmon, outta curiousity, have you tried the newest version of Centaur? The table is pretty nice and gives you enough bounce to feel pretty good.
    Maybe I'm just thinking slower table = better flipoer control, but the ball control feels really good with the default flippers.

    #105 6 years ago

    Awesome news with the physics update. I hope all plays out well, and we can get backwards compatibility. If not, I can mod the fplaunch to be able to run different exe's for tables that use the new file extension (or whatever it is).
    I actually havent tried the FP Tron, but the VP Tron is really nice. Its a must have with Tron artwork

    #121 5 years ago
    Quoted from gregh43:

    Thanks again Arcade. Pinsiders are the nicest and most
    helpful.. never get any help from any users on VP Forums....
    any idea when the new VP program and DX 10
    are coming out?? does anyone know if theres a updated Guns n Roses
    table out or coming out.. thanks again

    The DX9 Test 13 seems to run almost everything close to glitch free. I've only noticed a little bit of graphical glitches, but definitely worth the upgrade.

    Quoted from Arcade:

    Once installed you must open up the video settings and choose to run in "Windowed Mode".

    It sounds like the naming convention is still gonna be worked out - Here's the topic page for the newer Physics Engine.

    #122 5 years ago
    Quoted from gregh43:

    Arcade I have one more question to ask you. I was wondering why most people use Windows XP to run VP?
    does it run better with XP? Iam in the process of building a virtual. would Windows 7 work as well or Use XP????
    Thanks again!!

    To Concur with Markmon, XP is older and Win7 should run your newer games faster (Pinball Arcade and Pinball FX). Most people that have ran VP have had more headaches with Win7, but I believe that most people have headaches trying to just get everything setup, even with XP. This kinda leads to alot of older users of XP to stand behind the OS - like myself.
    With the newer engine and DX9, win7 might even be a better choice for VP too but the LEDWiz runs slower on Win7 than it does on XP, so it mighta catch22 situation for VP. I believe that 85Vette might have some info on this, I think he did Win7

    #136 5 years ago
    Quoted from gregh43:

    How about
    Force Feedback and having solenoids. is that
    must for a true pinball experience? or is it just a luxury to have?
    i wanna build a nice machine but dont wanna go over

    If you are building it for VP purposes, get 'em - Definately worth it, especially since you said it's not budget build....
    I have bought them for two different builds, about $100 shipped, used - on ebay for a set of 6 or 8.

    Quoted from Pinzzz:

    How would i go about converting my pincab hyperpin win xp running VP, fx2 and TPA.Over to win 7.I know it will benefit TPA when they do the DX11 upgrade.Do i have to start from scratch?.

    Can't really comment on Win7 installation, but I have to agree with Bub - If it ain't broken, don't try to fix it....
    If you gotta give it a try, make sure you do it on a seperate hard drive, or at least create a full back up of the existing HD, so you can do a real restore if you need to. FWIW: I use R-Drive Image to create full HD backups.

    Quoted from neurokinetik:

    Here are some shots of my setup. Built as a compact space-saving unit out of spare materials, and using the 24" monitors that I already had. I initially built this as a conversion to my triple-screen racing simulation rig , but as I got more into it I built it as a standalone unit. The table portion now sits next to the wall-mounted MAME rig, all running off the same computer.

    I've seen that materail, and often wondered "what's it called?", so seriously - THANKS!
    That is seriously cool material, maybe I can make my next "project" outta it - hmmm....
    PinCamera rig or a Rotissere?
    FWIW: Here's my racing cab:

    I would be in trouble with that pin-setup, as I get way too much dust. As it is, I hate cleaning my screen in fear of some kinda foreign object (like a metal shaving), so I usually blow the dust, suck ( with vaccuum) the dust, then clean with monitor wipes, followed by the monitor spray and wipes. I would hate to have the playfield monitor exposed. The BG isn't really a problem.

    #137 5 years ago
    Quoted from callmesteam:

    Got a lot of help from toyotaboy today on adding some FuturePinball games to the machine I picked up this week. It's all foreign to me, but after an hour, I got a table added! The table image and backglass didn't make it over to Hyperpin, but the wheel image did. I need to figure out VisualPinball now too. Lots of great EM's I'd love to add, as well as stuff like Capcom Kingpin and a lot of the custom games people have created. I've been in the hobby for several years, but this all feels totally new and different to me!

    Cool - It sounds like your gonna be "getting it" by actually doing it. I don't think that there is a Full Screen version of Capcom Kingpin on VP yet - maybe on FP It's awesome that ToyotaBoy is helping ya...
    I usually have problems with the artwork when I have longfile naming convention. If you name it as short and direct (like Kingpin) as possible, then it's usually less problematic.
    On my version of Hyperpin, I can run the table, then press the O and U keys to create the playfield and backglass images (in VP). Maybe it will work in FP?

    #139 5 years ago

    They are 24v Siemens Contactors. Not sure of current availability, but in the past there were quite a few ebay "lot" purchases of 6 to 10 for around $100 shipped.
    Here's a thread that covered alot of models:

    2 weeks later
    #147 5 years ago

    That Star Wars cab is SUPER clean. Beautiful artwork

    I've been looking at something like this for one of my real pins, but know it's coming to VP http://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/diy-addams-family-poor-mans-color-dmd/page/4#post-1553152

    Good times ahead for LCD DMD guys: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27440&page=3
    Now I have LCD envy

    1 month later
    #187 5 years ago

    I have a 47" Vizio. 3d smart tv, wifi, etc....
    On the VGA port, it will auto power save, and shut off/resume properly 95% of the time. I ended up wiring a button to turn it on, the smart strip will then virtually unplug it when I turn off the pc.

    Other than that, its been a great tv for me

    #200 5 years ago

    If you are gonna build / buy a cabinet, plan the monitor with it....

    Guidelines (please do some research - don't blame me )
    37 internal LCD or LED
    up to 40 LED with edge trimming

    Widebody (SuperPin):
    42 internal LCD or LED
    up to 46" LED with edge trimming

    FWIW: I have a 47" in a DM cab, but I HAVE to use the fat rails to cover my TV. "A dress can hide a mess"
    I was prepared to take a risk in that build; luckily the 47" worked out.
    There is a video, showing mine on 1st page, to give an idea of what a widebody can look like.

    In the past, widebody lockbars were scarce. Since JJP, widebody lockbars have been available without crazy costs.

    Quoted from Luckydogg420:

    I went with a 46" tv. That's almost perfect width for a widebody game. Even then, the tv is about 6" inches to short in depth to match a real pin

    My 47" covers almost all the real estate of a Demolition Man. I had approx 1/2" leftover, filled with my flasher bar. Not sure how you would end up with 6" left over, using a 46"? I would guess 2".... Did you use SuperPin measurements, and a 3" Lockbar?

    Quoted from markmon:

    then build the cab a bit short so there is no need for extra dead space

    If you are building yourself, this is definitely a good tip. If you end up buying a cab, then you can need to fill this space. You can use a custom frame matte from Micheals, then add instruction cards in the front "dead space" and/or place some flashers in the rear "dead space".

    Opinion 1) The less dead space the better.
    Opinion 2) The more it blends in as a real pin, the better.

    #209 5 years ago

    Everyone has their bandwagon - Mine (I think most) is VP.
    For a cabinet - It integrates everything - table, external calls (shaker, flashers, knocker, etc...) 3 screens, physics are on a undergoing a rewrite (improving).

    #210 5 years ago
    Quoted from bartoparcades:

    was tweaking more than playing...

    I had this EXACT issue many years ago, and have heard many people saying that it's improved go figure

    #238 5 years ago

    I've bought a tv from Best Buy, tried every freaking setting, and it was just crappy for pinball. You would see/feel/notice the latency. It wasn't a cheap tv either... Best Buy has a easy return policy, limited to X number of days. I returned, got a different TV (from Costco) and it was noticeable better.
    Just get testing ASAP!

    7 months later
    #312 5 years ago

    I made a new toy...

    PinballX Mame Cabinet:

    Definitely nothing like my past builds, but cool in an alternative way.

    2 months later
    #349 4 years ago

    These are people with opinions - mine varies from theirs. I like mine sunk in, with flashers as well.
    I've built multiple machines with the monitor at the same angle as the glass and sunken in. If your monitor has a 160 degree viewing angle IT CAN SUCK, and the more sunken in, the worse it can become. If your monitor is a good monitor and has a 178 degree viewing angle on all sides - It's impossible to see any "darkening" or "distorted" angle difference in sunken or flat.

    Quoted from gregh43:

    Guess ill sell it and have another one built.

    What is your opinion? If you like the monitor at the same angle as the glass better, then OK.

    Quoted from gregh43:

    i notice when i have a table on it looks
    close up and the bumpers look flat. thanks

    You realize that changing your monitor layback position isn't going to change how the flat the bumpers look?

    #376 4 years ago
    Quoted from gregh43:

    your insulting the guy that built my machine.

    Greg, After seeing Markmons post:

    Quoted from markmon:

    For one thing, the idiot that built the first cabinet put the monitor 4 inches away from the front so the there's a huge black bezel and the flippers are way far away

    I went back and looked at your cab, and IDK who's cab he's talking about, but it's not yours.
    FWIW: He's built cabs for his buddies in his local area, and you'll notice that peeps close to him will give him "thumbs up" or support him. He's built a few $500 cabs for buddies, and he know what he likes. Don't worry about it.

    For an example of "opinions gone bad":
    "JD is a $1400 game, folks" This isn't necessarily what current market is valuing JD at, just what someone believes it should be valued at. I get that someone doesn't value something and thinks everyone else is just crazy, but it doesn't change the value of something. It just sucks when someone argues an opinion as a fact.

    An example of mine:
    I had a monitor with a bad viewing angle. It darkened from the sides. It required me to be center to see the monitor with full colors. I didn't notice it 'til after I built the cab. I told the person that I sold it to about the problem and suggested to replace the monitor. They did and were happy with the results.

    Quoted from markmon:

    The ideal viewing angle would be where the center of the monitor is where the center of your eyes hit and the distance from your eyes to the front and back of the monitor are the same.

    Do you know that there are around 100 seats in a movie theater? Nobody asks for refunds due to bad viewing angle. It can be seen clearly from every seat. Now, many people WON'T sit in front, due to neck strain. I get that. I won't sit in the front rows - some people actually like it (IDK why).
    I would like to sit in the middle, but alternative, I'll sit right or left rather than the front. You don't like that - OK, we differ.

    #378 4 years ago
    Quoted from njgsx96:

    So I guess my cab is crap and I am a idiot too.

    The whole idea of this thread isn't for people to judge, but for people to get some ideas. There is some awesome stuff I've seen in this thread...

    Quoted from njgsx96:

    The community as a whole is quite friendly and you will get some great ideas playing one before building (or buying) one.

    Exactly. There is no law that dictates how to make a virtual pin, so each cab can be very different. Just like real pins, you should "try before you buy".

    #381 4 years ago
    Quoted from markmon:

    Huh what? I don't build $500 cabinets. Wtf who has time for that?

    IDK, U in about 12hrs?

    Quoted from markmon:

    Honestly, I have done several cabinet conversions in about 12 hours time each. That's about 10 hours of assembly and 2 hours of software tweaking, which is extremely fast for me now. This does not include any cabinet art. It does include mounting and installing all the hardware.

    Quoted from markmon:

    I am happy to build them for cost + $500 for locals. For friends, I have a Dropbox sync install that gives them auto table updates, rom updates, and let's us all share high scores.

    #383 4 years ago

    First off, sorry if I offended you. Maybe I should ask a mod to close this thread if people are attacking each other, since it's against the site rules.

    Quoted from jrivelli:

    Just not sure on your prestige about your cab being built by this upmost top tier virtual pinball builder who is only top tier based on how many he has done

    Once again, maybe a little confused on "who's on first". I built all my cabs, never had one made for me.

    Quoted from jrivelli:

    I'm sure he'll be the one to freely answer your tech question when you have it as well.

    If you are referring to Markmon, he wrote an awesome program for VP - um.... something like SETDMD. He's also pointed out some interesting facts, but his opinions come across very abrasive. I'm not trying to cast stones, more like trying to smooth things out after he's

    Quoted from markmon:

    idiot that built the first cabinet

    But, like I said:

    Quoted from boogies:

    FWIW: He's built cabs for his buddies in his local area, and you'll notice that peeps close to him will give him "thumbs up" or support him.

    And you come back with:

    Quoted from jrivelli:

    Why exactly are you being an asshole?

    Quoted from jrivelli:

    Reading comprehensions says "Cost + $500"

    Quoted from boogies:

    He's built a few $500 cabs for buddies

    I should have typed "He's built a few cabs for $500 labor for buddies" - sorry again for calling it a $500 cab, instead of a cab for $500 labor. Reading comprehesion.... Ughh, next time I'll be clearer. Obviously offending to the point of name calling.

    2 weeks later
    #446 4 years ago

    Never heard of that one, but when I upgraded to PinDMDv2 from PinDMDv1, it wouldn't work with my any of my onboard USB ports (IIRC, not the same error). I contacted Russ, and he directed me to an dedicated PCI USB card (~$18) that resolved my issues.
    FWIW: I never tried to get PinDMD working with FP - Just kinda curious if you are using a dedicated USB card

    2 months later
    #473 4 years ago

    I have not been a very active member of the club, since I am currently without a Hyperpin

    Quoted from 85vett:

    Brightness and contrast will be TV specific as well as personal preference. I believe my brightness is at 50-55 and my contrast is at 90. The LED backlight is at 10-12. Can't recall the figures 100% but those should be close for my 46" samsung LED tv.

    I remember using setting similar to 85vette for the backlight in "ideal situations".
    I liked having my virtual pin in a darker location without much lighting. My overhead lights are not too bright, but sometimes the light comes through during the day and changes my needs. I would then increase the backlighting for the time being, then change back once the situation was back to "ideal".

    I hate to compare a virtual pin to a phone, but the back light is a setting that is very similar to your phone. In the dark you need it low, and in the light you need it high. I believe that some TVs might have an auto-sensing feature, but I didn't use it on mine. I didn't wire the sensor to the glass (so it could tell how bright it was) so it was non-optional for me.

    When I bring to shows, that was something that I had to adjust based on the placement of the machine and the lighting. Don't forget the backbox TV. It can be easily overlooked, and needs to be turned down to look it's best as well. IMO, the backbox tv didn't need to be changed (increased) after getting it in the ideal settings.

    I know it sounds kinda crazy, but if you try to take a picture - you would be able to tell if your backlight is too high. It will cause an overexposure. Adjust down as needed. Afterwards you should be able to take nice pic, then you know that your setting is right. Also, it should look better too

    #487 4 years ago
    Quoted from horseypin:

    Actually one thing, but I wouldn't expect you to be doing this (even though it's not difficult)
    Let's say 6 of the 7 B2S are perfect for your screen and the rogue one got on your nerves. You could probably load this into the B2S Designer and tone it down with bulb intensity's inside there or replace the image.

    Also, there are multiple B2S's for some titles. It can be good to try them both to see which one you like more.

    Quoted from gregh43:

    I took some pics of my backglass. please give
    your input if these look about right. or need more
    tweeking.. in settingsIMG_20150804_014221631.jpg thanksIMG_20150804_014221631.jpg IMG_20150803_244722565.jpg


    It looks fine

    2 months later
    #742 4 years ago
    Quoted from gregh43:

    Looking for help on getting the Real DMD to work on
    Tables. Some tables it doesn't come on. Is there something
    In the scripts that needs to be changed or added? to have it
    Come on. And does anyone know how to remove the DMD on the
    Backglass? I right click and select hidden on the DMD/grille and
    Restart the table. But it still shows up? Thanks for any help

    Go into the Editor Script then
    Find the With Controller statement for the controller and add this line between the With and the End With

    .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value("showpindmd") = 1

    This line above will actually work to change the registry value, while just putting .showpindmd = 1 doesn't work.

    You can also change the value to 0 to hide the dmd

    #774 4 years ago
    Quoted from pudluther:

    anybody know what causes this? it looks like the DMD is running properly, it's just all out of whack...like maybe it's zoomed in waaaaaaaayyyyy too far?
    is this another script issue? i've looked on some other tables at trying to find where the dmd size is controlled, but haven't been able to find it quite yet.
    thanks in advance for any help.

    Screen_Shot_2015-10-23_at_9.21.17_PM.png Screen_Shot_2015-10-23_at_9.21.41_PM.png

    PinDMD is rotated - easy fix.
    Go into script, find the line that has .rol = and change the value to 0

    1 month later
    #856 4 years ago
    Quoted from luvthatapex2:

    Nope. I have Cc running fine on my cab, its Cactus Canyon Continued (by epthegeek) that I'd like to have working on my cab. This is a p-roc game and mocean and others have gotten the visual pinball to p-roc controller working, but I've never seen CCC working this way. I think this would be spectacular for others to enjoy Erics work on their cabs if they don't own the game. Basically you use the VP 9.9 version and change the controller from vpinmame to vproc after installing the p-roc code and erics project. A few others are trying to get it to work on their cabs.

    I tried, but couldn't...
    I did, however, get the JD p-roc version to work ( although the ball would hang up ).

    3 weeks later
    #921 4 years ago
    Quoted from luvthatapex2:

    If it errors in the vpinmame test the rom is bad or the vpinmame needs an update

    Or it needs to be named properly. All the SAM games require the file inside the rom be renamed as well as the rom name itself.

    The pinmame test is the best way to figure out what it looking for (is valid).

    1 week later
    #1017 4 years ago
    Quoted from 85vett:

    Yes. LEDBlinky is a program that lets you test your outputs. Easy way to identify your ports that way.

    Just be careful on your knocker (if u have one) It sends the ground signal UNTIL you unclick it. This is not a PULSE like a real pin test menu, and can easily fry your fuse (if you have one) or your coil.

    1 month later
    #1373 4 years ago

    I installed a PinDMD-v3 yesterday in a buddys cab. All went well and its running
    Does anyone know an easier way to change colors besides using the vpinmame setup program?

    #1387 4 years ago
    Quoted from markmon:

    I suspect any solutions would be heavy on performance.

    It's funny that you mention that, because an LCD for your "DMD" taxes the CPU hard when you have 3 monitors. Running two monitors, I.E. your setups, usually has no problem at all running "DMD". Using a real DMD and a PinDMD doesn't tax the CPU like a third monitor. I've done a few setups (3 monitor and 3rd DMD) and a real DMD is way smoother install and better performance than a 3rd monitor.
    Its awesome that there is now a RGB DMD so the best of both worlds is obtainable

    #1389 4 years ago
    Quoted from markmon:

    A third monitor has zero impact on the CPU. It would be all video card and as long as the video card has enough ram (since there is no 3D processing on the other monitors) there is zero impact there as well. The most basic systems can run 3 monitors ultra smooth on one video card. Sorry but your response is just plain wrong.

    The most basic systems are using XP - which has RAM limitation. That 1.5gb main card and that 2nd card added another .5gb RAM. That leaves the rest of the system with around 1.5gb RAM or less. VP wants up to 2GB RAM and will require that on certain tables when running 3 monitors. You haven't ran into this issue, probably because you don't do 3 monitor setups on multiple cards or maybe not using XP - IDK, I'm happy that you had nothing but

    Quoted from markmon:3 monitors ultra smooth on one video card.

    The PinDMD doesn't use allocate a system glob of RAM, and in my experiences, it's ran tables smoother - even when they would crap out using a third monitor. A real DMD fits into a DMD Speaker panel with little to no modifications ( A piece of plexi/glass in front ). A monitor requires relocation of a bunch o' crap in a real stern speaker panel.
    If I had the energy, I'd debate this more, but I'm gonna leave it at I've never ran 3 monitors on a single card, so maybe that's why.

    Quoted from markmon:

    A real DMD limits the whole idea of running a multi platform virtual machine into converting it into only a visual pinball machine.

    This is basically true. I believe that FP can support, but FP is not my cup o' tea

    #1391 4 years ago
    Quoted from markmon:

    It's not valid to move to pindmd to allow use of XP. That's super silly

    LOL, I love that reply. I've barely stareted using Win7, and the OS is shoving win10 at me. The reality is when I have a dedicated cabinet for a "gaming" system, it's offline unless its for online gameplay. Virtual pins aren't for that. Too each their own. Dont forget that

    Quoted from markmon:

    most basic systems

    include WinXp, multiple GPUs, and 3 monitors.

    Quoted from markmon:

    This isn't 2007 anymore

    BTW, you are about 7 yrs off:
    But, I did say that I didn't want to debate this and here I am O_o

    Reality is every system is different. Every virtal pin is different. We have choices and opinions. Dont try to make your opinion a fact, or try to dismiss others.

    2 weeks later
    #1427 4 years ago
    Quoted from shakenbake:

    Lots of friends here in this thread so I'll share the good news. VPcabs will be on ABC's Shark Tank later this season!!

    AWESOME!!! Let us know a week or so before it airs, so we can catch it.

    #1428 4 years ago
    Quoted from gregh43:

    Looks Sweet! I would like to sell mine and get a VPCab. what did you pay for yours if you dont mind saying? Boogies I was thinking on getting the PinDmd3. Was it easy to install? I had my machine built so didnt install any hardware. Thanks

    It was easy to install. The cab I installed in already had 5v and a USB cable ready to plug in (from previous pinDMD)

    #1430 4 years ago
    Quoted from gregh43:

    Thanks Boogies. i have the PinDmd2 now. but want the color advantage from PinDmd3. assuming the hook ups should be the same then?

    IIRC, we had to change the plug type on the 5v.

    2 weeks later
    #1457 3 years ago
    Quoted from Deaconblooze:

    Anyone build a virtual pin cocktail cab? I've been thinking about it..

    Ahh, you're publicly taking my idea I've thought about it - it can be setup with all the vertical arcade games too. I even had a buddy selling a cocktail cab ( that I could've talked him into giving away ). I've been too busy to ever get to it. Probably never will, but keep us posted if you start to. I'd love to see it.
    I did this one that would work (software) the same as a cocktail:

    #1458 3 years ago
    Quoted from BorgDog:

    Actually I think if you had the force feedback that you have in a vp cab

    Yup - It'd also be cool if it could sync - IE: Dual output to cab. I just don't think that today's hardware would be able to support the 3 monitors + VR. Not that a 4th monitor would kill it, but the 4th monitor being full life motion 3D, yeah err umm "Danger Will Robinson"
    If it dual output, it would be cool to spectate too - someday it'll get there. Unfortunately, it might be a different type of tech (holographic monitor?) by the time that happens.

    Unit3D with dual output might be more of a possibilty (in time to come), but not sure how it plays. I have only tried to load it (with issues) and it seemed like a spinoff of Future pinball. It just made me kinda cringe at the thought of the physics issues that Future pinball has.

    1 year later
    #1930 2 years ago
    Quoted from gregh43:

    Where did Boogies go?

    I've been lurking since I traded off my last build. I've been having the itch to rebuild, but haven't started yet (kinda still debating). With the newer Spike systems being started, it might make a little more sense to have an LCD instead of an RGB DMD. Anyways, I have been working on something a little different - I"ll update once it's closer to finished.

    3 weeks later
    #1970 1 year ago

    I finished up a cocktail cabinet with visual pinball and MAME. (Roughly 115 VP and 275 MAME games)
    The MAME features head to head horizontal and regular vertical in cocktail settings.
    I've yet to see anyone make a head to head cabinet, hence why I was quiet about it. I'm sure that I'll see these start to pop up now
    It started with a wine barrel and lots of sanding.
    The top plywood and control panels are hand made out of plywood and I stained the barrel and the plywood with gunstock color.

    8 months later
    #2054 1 year ago

    A little off topic...
    I just finished a MAME cab and wanted to share

    #2060 1 year ago
    Quoted from gregh43:

    Thanks Boogies for sharing the video. Looks Fricken Awesome. Wish I had a Arcade mschine like yours. You do such Amazing work. your Virtual Pinball is great too.. Would you build and sell em? or share out your plans.. would like to have one built

    I don't ever build with intent to sell, but it does happen. I intend on keeping this one. FWIW: It's essentially a gutted put "Z-Back Arcade cabinet" that I picked up locally and cleaned up.

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