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Views on part one Rolling Stones review?

By Shapeshifter

9 years ago

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    #1 9 years ago


    I can agree that it is a drain monster on the left outlane!

    #2 9 years ago

    Looks like a plastic breaking nightmare!

    I may be prejudice though, since I have no interest in the band whatsoever.

    #3 9 years ago

    Agree @ manowar43...

    #4 9 years ago

    I know the overall concensus here is that the game is gonna stink, but I'm going to adopt a wait and see attitude on the thing. From the pictures, I think the playfield looks good. The real test will be how it plays and I doubt they'll be one on route any where near me soon...maybe at the big pin show in July. I like the music on Tommy and GnR so who knows.

    #5 9 years ago

    If I had the money for NIB pin, it would be the WOZ. I can't imagine stern selling a ton of these.

    #6 9 years ago

    Being an old fart, I kinda like the music. The playfield looks fun...... but every machine better come with two or three extra "Micks". I guess those thin plastic stand-ups would be easy to reproduce tho..... It's kinda weird seeing them on there.

    #7 9 years ago

    Ol' Gary Stern must be a fan. I'm not sure how many pinballers will be though

    #8 9 years ago

    I'm torn on the plastic guys. I think figures like in MB would be cool but the detail of an actual photo looks ok too. I would guess they made them strong enough to last. I think overall the game looks pretty cool. I am not a huge fan of TRS but I appreciate them as musicians. I bet a fan will be happy. I would absolutely buy a U2 pin though....

    #9 9 years ago

    I think I'm actually warming up to this machine. Originally I thought the cabinet was plain ugly, but I have to agree with Pinball News as it doesn't look that bad. Could be better, sure, but it's not an eye sore in my book.

    A friend of mine was over the other day playing IM and I told him about the new Stones machine and the moving Mick target. He said, in all seriousness, that I should have held out and got that one (he's 30 and not a huge Stones fan either). I think Stern made the right decision going with the Stones as, even though I'm not a huge fan, I still can appreciate enough of their songs to enjoy the machine and I think the general population can as well.

    #10 9 years ago

    Nobody else has said it, so I will. The Stones suck and are way over rated. I fear the only good use of the pin will be to cut lines on the glass. I also think that this machine could spell the final doom of Stern. I surly hope not.

    #11 9 years ago

    The Stones don't suck! Maybe they have sucked the last 15 or 20 years but in the 60's and 70's the Stones were a great band, songwise and performance wise. Look they are all old, Charlie Watts is like 68 years old!!

    I'm in my late 50's and have seen a ton of bands and the Stones in their first 15 to 20 years were very very good. And their shows and tours were right up there.

    Even today when they Tour, they sell out everywhere. But there is absolutely no way that a Stones show today can compare to the ones in the 60's or 70's , even the 80's.

    But to each their own on which bands suck or don't.

    #12 9 years ago

    What I dont like about this pin is the Mick J. figure moving across the PF
    perhaps in latter versions they may up grade to something more professional looking?
    I hate to say it and dont want to Dis. Stern the last pin MFG. on the planet but-
    for $4000+ USD a piece of cardboard - sticker on a stick?
    already I can see people looking for plastic action figures for replacements

    #13 9 years ago

    AF, it's those things about this game, that if they happen, could be a very bad thing for not just the company, but for the hobby as well. I'd hate for a newbie to go out to the bar and see a brand new machine for the first time and see nothing but cheese and cheap. That's not how to win over people.

    granted PDman, pre-1975, the stones were kick ass. Unfortunately, 1975 was a long time ago.

    #14 9 years ago

    I'm sure with the name or branding - the pin will sell strong
    actually wish the pub I frequent would get the new 'Stones' pin
    so tired of NBA and 'Fatguy' already

    #15 9 years ago

    If I was your average Joe, and I'm not, and I saw this Pin out in a bar or on location...I would think it was a pinball machine from the 80's or 90's but definitely not brand new.

    Rolling Stones are has beens. Kinda like pinball. I wonder who will live longer Mick or Stern? I'm rooting for Stern.

    #16 9 years ago

    I'm guessing Mick... this game looks like crap. Just about everything about it screams cost cutting—a telltale sign of a company on the verge of closing the doors.

    #17 9 years ago

    Stones just are not my cup of tea, then or now.
    In the 70's I was listening to Black Sabbath, The Scorpions, Judas Priest, Nugent, Aerosmith, Kiss, Starz.

    #18 9 years ago

    I think that Stern is trying to get one last boom sale in. The Stones are a guaranteed seller, in any avenue. Why? I don't know. But it's true. The people who are fanatical about them and are willing to pay $500+ a ticket for a show are all older and have disposable income. Some of those people will buy ANYTHING with a RS stamp. I predict that 25% of the HUO games go to RS fans who just collect RS stuff and have no interest in the hobby or the game. And that it will sit right next to a KISS machine. And it will be about as enjoyable to play.

    This screams to me as being a last ditch effort by Stern to remain viable and relevant in the younger market and they didn't nail it. If they wanted to do something that would entice and draw younger people to come and play their game, they would have sought out a musical group such as Tool. A Tool Pinball would be one of the most eye catching and title drawing games ever, simply because the art would be done by Alex Grey. If they were approached by someone offering to help do the fabrication/physical work, and they were offered complete 100% creative control, they would probably do it. And it would be fucking amazing.

    #19 9 years ago

    Too bad they didn't go for a Justin Beiber pin. That would get the younger crowd going.

    What I think we really need is a pin without a license.

    #20 9 years ago

    I would love to see a Joint venture with Bungie/Stern on a Halo machine. I think this could be a huge hit.

    Cool theme ... great graphic possibilities... HUGELY popular game. It could be advertised on TV as well as XBOX live, bringing in a younger and larger market (how many people NOT into pinball know there is a Rolling Stones machine about to be released?)
    Also being a futuristic war theme, any Pin fanatic would not be turned off by the theme, if the gameplay is good as it could (should) be with Bungie's input.

    #21 9 years ago

    I love the Stone's older stuff. But sadly, there are few of these songs in the game. I've never heard of half of the ones on there. Apparently someone else owns the rights to their classics. They must have sold the rights to pay for Kieth's blood transfusions.

    I think this will sell well in the foreign markets and to the over 40 crowd because they remember when the Stones were good. No matter which group they choose, Stern will get flamed for their choice. Old people won't buy a Tool or Metallica unless the gameplay is fabulous. That is the key IMO. The gameplay has to be great. Not saying those bands aren't good choices, cause I love them, but how many 50+ people listen to them? Tommy probably wouldn't be as popular if it wasn't for those cool blinders and nice artwork only because they didn't use the Who for the soundtrack.

    #22 9 years ago

    Simple reason why there isn't a Tool pinball: Go out on the street and ask 10 random people to name one Tool song and one Rolling Stones song. No brainer who'd win....

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