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VideoSP 192x64, new DMD controller board for SEGA large screens

By pinballsp

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

The new DMD controller board, VIDEOSP 192x64, is already available, for large 192x64 screens installed in SEGA pinball.

Price 209 Euros plus shipping. Includes one game in two PLCC32 eeprom mounted on socket.
Orders by private forum messaging, Email [email protected], Skype pinballsp, Whatsapp +34693344445, Facebook private message https://www.facebook.com/Pinballsp/

Main features:

1.- 100% compatible DMDMK66 192x64, DMDMX7 192x64 and original Plasma DMD.

2.- Supported all SEGA games (Baywatch, Batman, Frankenstein, Maverick)

3.- High quality, professional design, surface mount SMD components.

4.- High performance EEPLD chips (replaces the old PAL).

5.- Game eproms in PLCC32 mounted in sockets.

6.- Optimized for Advanced Coloring with DMDMK66 and DMDMX7.

7.- Reduced consumption, 925 mA compared to the 1227 mA of the original board.

8.- Voltage loss not appreciable, measured 4.96 volts with standard harness (reduces the problems of the original controller boards)

videosp_192x64 (resized).jpgvideosp_192x64_003 (resized).jpgvideosp_192x64_004 (resized).jpgvideosp_192x64_005 (resized).jpgvideosp_192x64_006 (resized).jpgvideosp_192x64_002 (resized).jpg

#2 3 years ago

I got some cheaper components, so I lower the price of the VideoSP controller, from 249 Euros to 209 Euros. If I can I will lower the price a bit more, but I can not confirm it yet.

2 months later
#3 2 years ago

Final version of the DMD controller board VideoSP 192x64, for pinball SEGA with large screens of 192x64, finished, tested and working.

I have replaced many components of the original prototype. All components are now smaller (0402 and TSSOP), for a more compact design, the PALs are now TSSOP surface mount welded to the board.

Of the six original sockets for the ROMs, only two have been left, the ROM0 and the ROM3, which are really the only two that are used in the 4 SEGA games.


#4 2 years ago

Today I've been doing some tests, and when I measured the consumption of the final version of the Videosp, I've taken a surprise. It only consumes between 395 and 424 mA.

The reduction in consumption, compared to that of the original SEGA controller, is enormous. From the 1227mA of the SEGA board to the 400mA of the new VideoSP.

I suppose that having replaced all the 74xx chips, for the TSSOP 74HCT version, as well as the PALs from DIP to TSSOP, has worked the miracle of this surprising reduction in consumption.

All this prevents the problems caused by the original SEGA controller, with frequent voltage drop and failures.


2 months later
#5 2 years ago

The controller board in my Baywatch was being so problematic it was causing the sound board to reset due to the draw on the 5v rail. So I wired it up to an arcade machine power supply and installed a 2.5A inline fuse between the power supply and controller board. With the board on its own power supply, the 5V level in the game showed much better and the sound board stopped resetting.

As for the display controller, it was still only showing 4.83v at the board itself. I had to increase the arcade power supply up to 5.2v, which is what we normally use in arcade machines with similar issues. After making this adjustment, the controller now shows 4.95v.

I played a few games with no display resets and no sound issues. But the 2.5A fuse runs warm to the touch, and the various PAL chips on the controller board are nearly hot to the touch. Not sure how long this will work until my original 24 year old board dies completely, but it must be pulling 2A of current (10W).

The experience of mine and others is irrefutable evidence that as these controller boards age, they consume more and more power. I don’t know if the PAL chips are slowly shorting themselves out or what.

#6 2 years ago

Hi Crash

I have had similar experiences with two original controller boards, with voltage drops that prevent the board from starting. As for the heating of the chips, both the processor and the PALs tend to get quite hot.

I thought I had also put the video here testing the VideoSP board. I put it now, taking advantage of this message.


4 weeks later
#7 2 years ago

Whoever finds it appropriate to disagree with measurable experiences needs to know that participation in this thread is optional. These are real world facts. You just don't like someone because they are solving a problem?

2 weeks later
#8 2 years ago

Would like to order one

3 months later
#9 2 years ago

This is cool. Still have some gremlins to work out before giving up on my original controller and dmd but damn glad there is a replacement. What’s also interesting is you can bench test this. Looks like just the 5volts to the mpu and display driver and whatever power is needed for the display?

10 months later
#10 1 year ago

Are these boards and ROMs compatible with ColorDMD's X-LED?


1 week later
#11 1 year ago

Bump for a response. Has anyone heard from Luis?

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