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Very strange reset problems on a roadshow. Anyone have a clue about this?

By Captain_Tilter

8 years ago

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#1 8 years ago

Hello everyone I am having a very frustrating issue on my roadshow. So everything was working fine when one day the machine just rebooted itself while in attract mode after being on for about 2 hours. This continued to happen ranging between 5 seconds to about 1 minute between resets. The DMD is showing random garbage as well.This was not caused by hitting both flippers together but rather just when the game is sitting as in the video... So far this is what I have done.
Checked the 5v on the board and it measures as it should.
Replaced BR1 & 2 as well as C5 and C4 caps.
Jumped the legs on the Thermistor. No help.
Checked and reflowed solder on all male pins on the Power driver board.
Switched the DMD with a newer one that I know is not gassing out. (remained garbled) I should mention that I bought the machine with a rottendog DMD board that the previous owner said was about 2 years old..
Disconnected all the connectors and ribbons from the CPU board except for J210 and tried watching the 3 leds... Everything boots then resets on the cpu so it seems as the problem is isolated to that board correct?

Anyhow I am really stumped and tried looking through the forum/internet for anything remotely close to this problem. Anyone have an idea? Thanks for any input you might have, anything is helpful!
Here is the video.

#2 8 years ago

Also I forgot to mention that the game is a reimport if that might hold a clue.

#3 8 years ago

Have you reset the socketed chips on your CPU board? Ease them out with a screwdriver and then push them back in.

#4 8 years ago

Thanks for the advice. I did actually do this with the exception of the ASIC-89 chip. What seems even more odd to me is the strange almost surging towards the end of the video

#5 8 years ago

Bump for some advice from the evening shift hopefully

#6 8 years ago

Check the little short cable from WPC to driver.

It's weird...normally I would think a ribbon cable got shifted by a row or something.

Also, press your thumb on the ASIC and rotate your wrist in a circle.

That's all I got...

#7 8 years ago

Try this ,actually check the voltage coming out of the wall socket make sure it's over 114 volts .

#8 8 years ago

Yea thanks you guys I have pressed the ASIC and checked the wall voltage... Everything tested good with the voltage and I have 4 games on 1 beefy power strip (all with 100% LEDs ). These were one of my first suspects. I should also mention that I have tried multiple other outlets and checked for shorts under the pf and close to the sides as I installed mirror blades on the game.... I thought something was shorting against the metal blades. Thanks for your responses but any other suggestions? I have basically been following the wpc reset guide online. I kinda feel like I need to send some boards out but at the same token I feel like tracking this issue down would be a major confidence booster

#9 8 years ago

There was no battery acid damage in the past ? That's come back
Have the playfield standing up and dim the lights and see if you see any sparks when the reset happens .

#10 8 years ago

Here you go.
Reseat these power connectors on these boards....J210 (MPU), J101, J102, and J114 on the driver board.
I had the same issue with my STTNG. Though reseating will help for a time, but repinning the female wired connections would be ideal if it happens.

#11 8 years ago

Thanks you guys. No sparks or anything but I will go ahead and repin all the male connectors and switch the female idcs to molex and report back. Still pretty concerned more about those flickering power surges towards the end of the video. Have you guys seen this before? I have seen resets obviously but not like this.

#12 8 years ago

Oh, yeah, since you'll have the driver board out anyway, check for crack solder joints on all the male pins. I know I can't see them without a magnifying glass.

There is no need to replace the male pins on the boards unless you can see evidence of burnt pins on the female connector. Changing out connectors for no reason, may end up with other issues. So I'm sure resoldering any male pins would be beneficial to the issues you are seeing along with repinning female pins on J210, J101, J102 and J114.

#13 8 years ago

So update. No burnt pins or connectors. Reseated all the roms double checked all connections etc. still measuring a solid 5.05 v and 12v on the board and pin 32 of the game rom is getting 5.04v. Now when I turn of the game d19 and d21 stay lit and the CPU will not boot. When I disconnect everything but the power then I get a single bong but d19 and 21 still stay lit. Maybe a chip problem somewhere? I think it's time to send the board out to someone. Any suggestions?

1 month later
#14 8 years ago

Did you ever get this issue resolved?

3 months later
#15 8 years ago

Hey sorry for the slow response I ended sending the board to Clive and he worked some magic. Game has been pretty good over the last month with an occasional reset which I am now further looking into. I'll report back soon

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