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Vector Owners Club & Restorations Fans Also Welcome

By Hellfire

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

Heres one of the last great SS Bally machines made in my opinion. Alot of stuff going on and great gameplay.

I got 2 of these in for restoration but i was recently able to talk the owner out of them finally, to take care of the balance on some other machines i fixed up or him.
Basicly have 2 machines to make 1 good one in the end. If i can get plastics i could prolly make 2 full machines.
Mine is warehouse fresh ATM havnt done anything to it yet realy as soon as I get the 2 current customer restorations done finally Ide like to bring it in and start working on one cant wait to play it

#2 7 years ago

Heres one of the vectors i have I have one with a bally coin door and the funky international double coin door Ill obviously go with the bally door cabinet.
Its not much atm but it will be beautiful when its done.
Ill prolly do a restoration thread on it sometime down the road.
! machine was nuked internaly every coil cooked except the flippers and appears the driver board was on fire and has most traces burned off. first time Ive seen that lolvec1.jpg.vec2.jpgvec3.jpgvec4.jpgvec5.jpg

#3 7 years ago

How many of these do you guys think went to the UK?

#4 7 years ago

I've been wanting a Vector for a couple years now. It's at the top of my list! Very cool game...

#5 7 years ago

I own this game - again - Just picked up another one for.. well, almost nothing. Getting it back and running. Such a cool looking game, but I just couldn't get into it the first time. Maybe I will this time!

#6 7 years ago

I've seen several of them in my childhood, think I even played it once or twice, but can't remember anything about it except backglass and the that it was fantastic to me because it could speak. those were the days...

it seems like most of them went to us in Europe as I rarely heard anyone on this forum even mention it.

#7 7 years ago

There was a nice one for sale at Allentown last year. Wish I brought it home with me. Fun, challenging game.

#8 7 years ago

I feel that Bally tried to pack too much stuff into this game. It is fun, but the playfield seems so cluttered that it can be overwhelming.

#9 7 years ago

"How many of these do you guys think went to the UK?"

The frequency they come up for sale, I'd say they shipped all of them here!

#10 7 years ago

Stu from Cpr makes nice score cards for this game as well he sells.vect cards.jpg

4 weeks later
#11 7 years ago

Has anyone led'd their machine?

2 months later
#12 7 years ago

Very psyched to join the club - been looking for this machine for a long time vector.jpg

#13 7 years ago

Congrats pinballhelp yeah took me a couple years to get my vectors as well

#14 7 years ago

I have owned 5, last one with the weird double doors.

#15 7 years ago

I had the one I purchased sent to Chris Hutchins and when he finishes I'll post pictures as it should look out of this world.

#16 7 years ago

Yeah have one with a bally door and the second one has the international double doors as well.

Hep vector? hmm bet that bill is going to hurt
itll be interesting to see how it turns out I havnt seen him restore a highly detailed playfield like this yet.

#17 7 years ago

Had a Vector and sold it, but really liked it while I had it!
Just a short tech-tip to any owners reading:
The Vectorscan timed shot used to always seem to read up to 999 really easily, kind of a drag.
After messing with it I finally figured out that the entry switch would "bounce" back and forth when hit, and would actually trigger a couple times while going to the 2nd switch to read the time.
I gapped the entry switch to barely make contact when the ball passed through, thus eliminating the additional reads.
The result was lower times that didn't peg at 999 quickly, and made the game play as it should.
Hope this might help some Vector owners that have the same problem.

#18 7 years ago

I'm jealous.... Been looking for one for a couple years now... Someday... *sniff* So glad this group is around, so I can live vicariously through you guys!

3 weeks later
#19 7 years ago

Dont feel bad took me quite awhile to get mine as well

#20 7 years ago

Wow. A HEP Vector. Can't wait to see that one done. Very cool.

1 month later
#21 6 years ago

Well brought vector home and set it up ok well shes pretty rough but i have a extra parts machine as well so its a matter of getting it tore down and starting the restoration process.
Playfield has some wear and damage, cabinet needs a repaint but is pretty solid and completely saveable. i do also already have a perfect set of backglasses as well for this machine 073.JPG074.JPG075.JPG076.JPG077.JPG078.JPG079.JPG080.JPG081.JPG082.JPG093.JPG095.JPG096.JPG097.JPG098.JPG099.JPG100.JPG108.JPG109.JPG117.JPG118.JPG120.JPG

#22 6 years ago

I don't have a Vector, but I do collect Kmiec Red Post pictures...


My picture for Vector isn't so great...


If you have a Vector picture that better shows the red post, please consider sending it my way.

#23 6 years ago

Ok I had a extra realy nice coin door so its installed currently and since the backglass door frame was coming apart i decided to tear it apart Re-glue, clamp, add screws do the body work and spray in bc/cc also put the good glasses in it now.
I like to get the machine complete015.JPG up and running before i start the full restoration process.018-641.JPG005-706.JPG009-831.JPG010-304.JPG011-190.JPG016-626.JPG013.JPG

#24 6 years ago

HI all I jjust joined the club, I just bought a very nice original surviver. It still has all of the original targets even! It works not too bad but just has a problem with it accepting 3 balls in the trough. It works fine with two though. Is there a setting to run it with two or three balls or is it a switch problem or mpu problem?? any ideas?


#25 6 years ago
Quoted from clodbusterguy:

HI all I jjust joined the club, I just bought a very nice original surviver. It still has all of the original targets even! It works not too bad but just has a problem with it accepting 3 balls in the trough. It works fine with two though. Is there a setting to run it with two or three balls or is it a switch problem or mpu problem?? any ideas?


Yes check the switch 31 & 32 for ball setting per game but if your trough dosnt accept all 3 balls its likely a switch issue with the ball trough or check the switches in the 3 saucers in the ball lock chamber one might be shorted.
Or the top ball switches in the ball trough might be out of adjustment.

You should post some pics of your machine

#26 6 years ago

I've joined the club too! Picked mine up on 30th March 2014 for £350 GBP, just under $600 USD. In the UK there are seemingly plenty of Vectors and it's not a particularly highly rated game here so they tend to be quite cheap. Mine is in reasonable original condition, no obvious or hideous hacks (a well done external bridge rectifier mod on the power supply), bit of playfield wear in the usual spots by the H-Y-P-E targets and bonus inserts, but all in very good playable working order.

I recently discovered I have a custom ROM in mine created by okaegi: http://www.pinball4you.ch/okaegi/pro_soft.html. The giveaway was the the Player 1 display shows "05" after power-up tests whereas normally it shows "00" with the original ROM (the other displays still show "00"). The "05" represents the Version 5 of the home ROM. So, I currently have "free play" mode enabled as credits never go below 1 and there is a skill shot of 75k to hit to star rollover on the upper playfield before anything else. It also brings into use 4 speech samples that are on the sound card but not used in the original game. Nice

Tinkering so far includes tightening down the screws on the linear slingshots. They are notorious for working lose - one of mine was held on by just 1 screw! New coin door lock as the key snapped. Vacuuming the playfield and giving it a quick clean with Mill Wax. Polishing the glass. Fixing the braided wire back on the tilt bob: I was wondering why my boisterous nudging in the outlane saucers wasn't registering a TILT!

And this evening I replaced the incorrect standard 3-inch flipper on the upper-playfield with the correct EM-style "FLIPPER" embossed 2-inch mini-flipper. This part is incorrectly listed in the manual and is often wrong on the game (read all about on the IPDB for Vector).


I've started to add photos to a new Flickr album for Vector. I've got a bunch of other albums of pinball stuff including a set of my other Kmiec machine: PARAGON.


#27 6 years ago

Cool Hellfire, thanks very much for the info. I will check those things out. I will post some pics of it shortly....

3 weeks later
#28 6 years ago

I asked on the other thread, but might as well ask here too. How does one get the CPR repro parts onto those plastic spacers for the vertical "Vector" rectangle peice and the transparent back of pf arc-shaped part?

Here's mine from some shopping last weekend. Some confusion about the posts near the left main flipper & upper left flipper. Initially, it wasn't matching other photos.


After many moons on here I'm finally part of a club!

2 weeks later
#29 6 years ago

Here's my machine, tons of close up pictures if you click the zoom button twice on the site for each picture: http://s1293.photobucket.com/user/bffargo/library/Vector

Currently up for sale, asking $950 for it (will trade for the right Williams System 11 game). Don't really want to deal with shipping however, so anyone up in the ND/SD/MN area that would be interested, LMK.

3 months later
#30 6 years ago

Hoping to join the club soon... still looking.

2 months later
#31 6 years ago

i bought one. 380 € with some playfield work but with full function


2 weeks later
#32 6 years ago

I have a nice original survived. I'll post some pics. They are fairly rare in my part of the world in eastern Canada.

1 month later
#33 6 years ago

My neighbor has this Vector pin, and is interested in converting to led. Is it as easy as just swapping out old bulbs for new led bulbs? He seems to think new wiring, or some other alterations need done before installing led bulbs. I thought we could just plug in non ghosting in the GI? Also, what dealers have replacement parts for this machine? He asked me to research it for him, so I appreciate any input on this. Thanks

#35 6 years ago

Got a question about the left-side 1 1/2" plastic lane guard. Mine is white, some are red, some are blue, and some are translucent. Do we have a consensus as to what it should be/looks best as?

I plan to replace the top flipper with a smooth-top (no FLIPPER text) 2" which is the correct size according to IPDB's interview with Greg Kmiec (designer). Apparently the parts catalog had it wrong. I've also seen 3" flippers installed on the upper left between the drop targets but that appears to be a non-original substitution.

#36 6 years ago

I'm still looking for a Vector Pin, PM me with what you have and asking price.....

#37 6 years ago

Didn't bother with rivets, went with tiny screws & nuts instead.

Haven't done the other vertical plastic, but since it's 100% intact, I wonder if I should just make 2 fresh l-shaped brackets & go from there. Trying to Dremel out the old rivets was a failure.

2015-02-14 15.57.23.jpg

#38 6 years ago
Quoted from NicoVolta:

Got a question about the left-side 1 1/2" plastic lane guard. Mine is white, some are red, some are blue, and some are translucent. Do we have a consensus as to what it should be/looks best as?

The flyer shows it as Blue, so I'd say go with that.

The factory may have used any color within reach to keep the line movin'.....


#39 6 years ago

Can someone take a picture of the backbox door latch next to a ruler? I'm going to have to craft one.

#40 6 years ago

Wow never seen this game but it looks awesome.

#41 6 years ago

It's a really awesome game.

With the velocity meter display in the playfield, the guarded ramp, the targets that need to be knocked down in order, the saveable outlanes - it has a lot to offer a good player.

Probably way too hard for beginners.

2 weeks later
#42 5 years ago

Welp, I got some repairs done with bulb replacements. Looks better. A few bulbs are still out, and checking with the voltmeter is showing a mere 2 volts. Hmm.

But the biggest problem with mine are the goofy switch mistakening. A left ramp hit will intermittently add a player, the pop bumper doesn't respond at all, and, well, that's what I've found so far. Anything I need to check/replace on the switches themselves? What I think should be diodes on the switches don't look like diodes, nor resistors.

I'm stumped.

#43 5 years ago
Quoted from s1500:

Can someone take a picture of the backbox door latch next to a ruler? I'm going to have to craft one.

Heres some pics of mine

Also pic of the updated and modded sound board Im working on108.JPG109.JPG117.JPG

#44 5 years ago

Ooooo nice. Am working on a Vector Squawk & Talk right now. What do the two pots adjust in the middle of the board? Did you get new roms?

#45 5 years ago

Thanks for the pics. Now I just need to find a piece of scrap metal to Dremel & make my own. Start with the square hole, then cut & bend it(if I can find a long-enough lock. the PBL one's too short on the barrel) and done.

Found out today that several screws were missing from the hinges holding the backbox together. And then somehow I found a bag of just-fits-right screws. So now the backbox door at least is a bit more secure.

Whole row of lights around the "sun" in the bb isn't working at all. In fact, it never has. Swapping with good bulbs confirmed this, so I have to track it down.

Still need to get 2 mounting screws on one of the coil assemblies to the underside of the PF.

Also need to find out what stuck switch there is in the service mode, which I'm thinking it does when it sounds the "dwoop dwoop dwoop" service mode phase.

The drop targets aren't lined up right(my fault) so the ball can sit in there. Just a quick adjustment and it shouldn't do that, plus the rear defender targets should reset(they don't).

Nico: I'm on my 3rd set of ROMs for it. They are "home v2" I think? Dunno the differences.

#46 5 years ago

Boy it helps to read the manual. Shoulda dun that ages ago. I un-stick one switch(in this case #9, the added-on coin-adder button), and now I have to resolve the stuck switches in one of the defender target sets. The droppies are much too low, so I'm assuming they are stuck on(the 3 switches) as a nice byproduct. What's weird is hitting the slam tilt switch turns on the backbox ring lights.

#47 5 years ago
Quoted from NicoVolta:

What do the two pots adjust in the middle of the board? Did you get new roms?

The echo and delay for the reverb mod mounted on the board.

#48 5 years ago

Oh cool like Centaur Say It Again all in one board?

#50 5 years ago

Such a good game... My dad has one, I wanna talk him out of it or find another

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