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#320 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Alright folks, here's my story - ill try to make it short
I put a deposit down with gexchange (thanks JJ!) the day after the first initial stream with DF & KME. JJ reached out to me last Thursday and said games are on the way, need final payment - paid that instant. I asked Friday when we'd expect something and he said he'd hope they would show up at his shop Friday. I heard nothing all weekend so pretty much figured it would ship sometime this week and thought, with any luck I 'MIGHT' have this by Friday before the weekend. Then, the email came....shipping info! Finished up some work and then checked the tracking #, it was already in Los Angeles! JJ had shipped it out Friday night! Holy crap JJ you rock! I call freight company and they said they'd deliver Tuesday (today) between 11am-3pm....yea, ive heard that before (..3pm...4pm....5pm....crickets...6pm...7pm...) Not this time! Guy made me my first stop and was here before 11am! Needless to say, I was not prepared; no shaker motor, no extras, luckily I had 5 new PBL Glossy balls in my tool chest and one opened but unused gloss ball. Score! This is a 6-ball game btw for anyone ordering balls.
On with the pics!
This thing looks sweet.

Yes! I have room for it....

Uh oh....first issue! Luckily it's super minor.

This ramp is much bigger than it looked on videos:

I think you have to be Keith Elwin or something to make this super jackpot...

Some play field pics, artwork and insert matrix is amazing...

Now that's a shooter protector!

Shipped with .91 code (already updated it to .92)

Looking good!

Backglass art is amazing

Make sure it's level...

This is new to me, I like it! but I think they've been doing this since introducing LCD...

All snug and cozy at home!

Ive only a handful of test games so time to get playing so I can come back with a full review

Congrats on your new pin it looks awesome. I should have one soon but I’m waiting to see if the premium is worth the upgrade, the suspense is starting to get to me so I might just have the pro shipped.

#392 1 year ago

Finally got to play this and after having my hopes up so high I was a little worried it might not play to my expectations, but it did and has me wishing I didn’t order the premium. I played it at AYCE Gogi with my wife and she loved it too. We are not die hard Iron Maiden fans but the music is awesome with the pin, I might have to download a few songs to my iTunes to rock out. The game is very forgiving and yet has so many modes and bonus stuff to shoot for it makes for a perfect combo. This is going to be a wonderful machine to add to my small collection.

52D786D0-E9D8-4497-9D75-F75054305FFF (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#512 1 year ago

Spent the day at Retrovolt arcade playing IMD and just had a blast. I can’t wait for my machine to get here.

1 month later
#1454 1 year ago
Quoted from Palmer:

Just ordered an IMDN Pro and should be here the end of this week. Excited to put it next to my TWD Pro. Have space for one more. Thinking GOTG, SW, or MET.

SW or Metallica would be a great neighbor for IMDN and TWD.

#1482 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Agreed. SW gets my vote. It’s fantastic next to IMDN. Two different styles of rules and integration, plus two LCD’s look goooood next to each other. But be warned; you might actually find SW to be the better game don’t say that in public though
I just reset my audits Friday on SW and IMDN has been reset since day 1 of the latest code.

I’ll have IMDN pro sitting next to my SW pre this Friday or Monday, finally.

#1483 1 year ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

I think Iron Maiden looks good in this lineup too And this, IMO, is the best Stern pin ever made. And I've owned a lot of great ones over the years (LOTR, ACDC Prem, SM, IM, TSPP)

Nice line up, my line up is close to yours just swap kiss with Hobbit.

#1519 1 year ago

I’m finally in

9A626551-7D5A-4A94-88E1-D86851B134B2 (resized).jpeg
#1524 1 year ago
Quoted from Billy16:

What happened to the top of the box?

That’s my shaker and stern t-shirt that I got with it.

#1532 1 year ago

Put in a few games this morning and I’m starting to feel the shots.

B59DB3E5-BD43-4FA7-AD3D-278ABA24D1AD (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#1896 1 year ago

Had a good game today but came up short from getting to battle the beast, 3 Eddie cards collected but the one I was missing was the one I usually almost always get from trooper multi ball

9301A6A5-CE25-46BD-9787-774BDD25DBCA (resized).jpeg9B1FEF71-9CDD-4252-A054-83DB24B7F800 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#2108 1 year ago

Finally got to battle the beast tonight, he kicked my a** but it was awesome. Love this game.

#2126 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

What did your score end up being?

A little over 566,000,000.

#2194 1 year ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Anyone else get to number of the beast? Got to it yesterday for the first time! Holy crap it was awesome! The Devil you see when you do a super skill shot stays on the screen and the goal is to hit like 15 shots to beat him. I didn't finish but damn it was so cool! Freaking love love love this pin!!

Got there once and it was pretty awesome, I’ll be seeing that beast soon

1 week later
#2265 1 year ago
Quoted from mrgregb123:

PSA: Your flippers may be binding and reduced in power.
The bullseye was designed to be hit from both flippers from a held (stand still) ball, regardless of your game's pitch. If you cannot make the bullseye or higher from both flippers consistently, your flippers were installed improperly.
Most Maidens do not have the proper spacing between the flipper bat and the bushing, so it rubs and power is noticeably reduced.
If this issue affects you loosen the clamp holding the bat under the playfield, adjust the flipper up so there is a tiny (less than a credit card thick) space between the white bushing and the flipper. Then retighten.
The results will be glorious...
Backstory: For the longest time I thought my flippers were fine...I've put up scores as high as 1.5BB but I would get frustrated having to always make Soul Shard shots from the left flipper in a short amount of time. Read people on here making the bullseye from both flippers which wasn't possible on my machine. So I checked both flippers with the flipper gap tool and realized they were smack up against the bushing. After adjustment it's a night and day difference. Easily make the bullseye from each flipper, ball flies around the right ramp instead of barely going around. Def check this.

Can you consistently back hand the bullseye from the right flipper after you play 3 or more long games? I can back hand from the right flipper and hit the bullseye on my game when I first play but after a few long games it becomes very difficult if not impossible.

#2272 1 year ago
Quoted from pickleric:

I was having this issue as well. I noticed the end of stroke switch is normally closed. (Opposite of most other games?) When the flipper was up, my EOS was not opening. Curious if this is the reason why flippers start to feel weak after the game is on for awhile.
[quoted image]

So I checked my eos on both bottom flippers and the one the right was opening to early so the flipper power was not getting a full powered swing. After I adjusted it to match the left side and to make sure it was not touching when flipper was all the way up I was able to backhand the bullseye with no problem, even after a few long games. The left ramp is a little more consistent to hit and do I dare say...easier.

#2303 1 year ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

For us guys that suck at pinball...can we get some strategy tips here? Like, when you plunge ball one, what are you immediately shooting for?
My best so far is 226m and that's pretty sad, and was awhile back. Can't seem to break 150m anymore. Too drunk prob.

I plunge for the super skill shot in the left outlane, next I try to drop all three drops at once to get my locks lit to start Trooper Multiball and I’m also trying to start my first mode no matter what it is because all modes have plenty of points to be had. The first mode is easy to start because all shots add Eddie letters. Mummy lock should be also a priority at this point and if you lock two balls for trooper and bash away at the captive ball you should be ready for two multi balls to start. I usually start mummy multi ball first since it’s pretty hard to get the Eddie card. After mummy multi I jump right in to Trooper Multiball and priority in thus for me is to hit drops to fire cannon a hit enough jackpot shots to lite super jackpot, if you get super jackpot during Trooper Multiball you get a Eddie card and after every Eddie card you also get a tomb treasure. It’s nice to cash in your 1st tomb treasure when you have a 2x or 3x Playfield as this will turn you 15 million into 30/45 million in one shot. I also play every mode as soon as possible to get closer to 2 minutes till midnight. Cyborg Multiball is pretty easy to get as long as you remember to hit ramps as the others( power spinner, pops,orbits,etc)usually are randomly picked up. If you remember to sneak in a few loops once in a while loop jackpot should be no problem to obtain which will award you another tomb treasure, after your 5th tomb treasure you get a extra ball. I use this strategy to try and get to battle the beast and I usually end up with a decent score.

1 month later
#2568 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

How's everybody still loving this game, several months in now? Still looks pretty positive

I’m still loving how this game plays and can’t get enough of the modes. I’m always looking forward to the next battle with the beast, I’m thinking that is what keeps me coming back for more.

1 week later
#2687 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

Finally, finally... Got a Mummy super jackpot!!!!!!
I think the mode finally clicked with me. As I got really close to it in an earlier game.
But, I think focusing on my ramp shooting has really helped my game out. It leads to longer ball times, and I believe all the other shots fall in line when you got the ramps figured out.
I also got to 2 minutes to midnight again.... But, sadly I didn't get the mummy super in the same game I reached 2 minutes to midnight...
Otherwise I might have been able to challenge the beast or whatever is unlocked with 4 cards...
But, that isn't true... I drained after the ball save timer on 2 minutes... So... The game would have ended...
Still, I'm super happy to have gotten that card, as I think I can get it again.
My strategy is simple. Focus on the spinners to get the jackpot shot unlocked as quickly as possible. And hit the yellow arrows to add a ball. And as I said... Being dialed in and accurate with your ramp shots really helps... I know a no brainer.
But, I do have to admit. As I stated my ramp count is set at 6 to start and 6 to complete. And I get an extra ball at 108 million, 250, 400, and 550... I don't always reach the 550...
And right now just for fun before I update the code I have all the ball timers set at max with the exception of the ball start ball save.
And that makes it a whole lot easier to get super jackpots... Easier, not guaranteed.
I might set up 10 ball play to see if I can finally challenge the beast...
Its cheating I know... But, I just want to see it. And then I can focus on achieving it during normal 3 ball play.

When I go for the mummy card I hold a ball on the left flipper and and try to catch the other ball on the right flipper. Next I release the left flipper button a little bit just to let the upper left flipper drop and then shoot the spinner with the ball from the right flipper. At first it’s a bit difficult but once you get your brain to not push the left flipper button as you flip the right the mummy card is pretty easy.

4 months later
#3816 9 months ago
Quoted from pinchamp:

I just feel like I have no choices with iron maiden. Mode.. mummy...mode... trooper... mode... cyber multiball.
Just wish there were some or any other options. No chance that more will be added? What we have is all we are going to get?
I play 10 games and each one is the same as the previous. Can’t really “go” for something else. Gotta do the mummy and gotta do that mode.

If you play ten games and they are the same then you might want to try and hit the left spinner to change your mode before you lock it in. You can also attack the game in different ways to to get to the wizard mode. Each Eddie card has a different way to earn it, try going for the cards you normally can’t get first. I find this game has so many different ways to approach it. Each mode is pretty unique compared to the each other. Once you can start to kill all the modes the game opens up a land it feels pretty deep. I sometimes just play a game to see how many loop jackpots I can get.

#3836 9 months ago
Quoted from sbskins:

Just got my NIB Maiden Pro set up! I can't find the right orbit shot for the life of me...
A few issues out of the box, nothing major though;
Naturally the auto plunge didn't work perfectly out of the box, I got it down to about 90% success rate at a pitch of 205.
Also, the right outlane post rubber was blocking the ball from properly draining out the right outlane, the ball didn't have enough room to drain. Very strange, but we managed to fix the problem by unscrewing that post, and screwing it back in while applying pressure to the post in the opposite direction, the ball drains just fine now.
A few slight dings on the backbox and chipped wood here and there on the machine, but nothing that can't easily be fixed.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Congrats on your new pin. The right orbit shot is pretty tight but as all games you’ll get it after you put in a few games. I Sometimes will play a few games and only go for that shot until I have it down.

#3869 9 months ago
Quoted from bigduke6:

Doubled my high score tonight! Here’s the funny thing, still haven’t seen 2M2M yet. Love this game.
[quoted image]

Wow... please a little story of your crazy high score.

#3872 9 months ago
Quoted from bigduke6:

I really can’t give you an accurate account. I started trooper in HBTN mode and kept it going for 10 minutes. I had 4 balls rocking FOREVER. I concentrated on ramps and the Pharoah shot. I looked up and was over 900. I did end up with 3 cards and a few soul shards and a looong Can I play with Madness mode. Sorry for crappy explanation.

It’s all good man I was just trying to pick your brain to see where I can step up my game.

#3876 9 months ago

Can you get level 2 Eddie cards before you get all level 1 cards? I mean once I collect the trooper card can I work on level 2 trooper card or do I have to collect the other 3 cards first?

#3908 9 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Interesting...never noticed the taper. The only thing I noticed when replacing the posts is how hard they were...they don't flex at all. The stock posts feel like solid plastic...not rubber. I much prefer the feel of the Titan rubbers/posts on this game. fwiw, I don't notice *any* airballs from hitting posts.
Since many folks replace the stock rubber, I'm interested if they believe the Stern hard/tapered posts had any effect on airballs.

I replaced all my post rubber and I didn’t notice a jump in airballs. Now that I think about it I really don’t have as many airballs.

3 months later
#4669 5 months ago

Just went to battle with this guy....and he kicked my a**.

179CC6A9-0E8F-40E4-B679-00329F8F9656 (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#4789 5 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

I wonder why Iron Maiden doesn't have a Midnight Madness mode...?

Seems like a perfect pin for midnight madness, what recent pins have midnight madness?

4 weeks later
#5022 4 months ago
Quoted from CHIEF1893:

Fellow Pinsiders
I have my IM pro for about a month and while playing we notice alot of air balls. Ball lands on left wire form, when shooting center ramp flies back and lands on plastic covers. Tried putting the stern balls back that I replaced with some marco ones didn't do much, playfield is at 6.8 and centered L/R. Also when starting trooper do all 3 balls come out from left loop? Lately only 2 get trapped there and other comes out from right orbit. Thanks in advance.

I had a lot of air balls when my game had the original post sleeve rubbers on it. I changed them out to perfect play silicone ones and it has stopped most of the air balls from the post rebounds. I also had a lot of air balls caused by the slingshots that would go out into the out lanes, not cool when you almost have a mode complete. I went into the menu/settings and turned down the power to the slingshots and it helped a lot.

1 week later
#5083 3 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

I just adjusted the first opto on the big loop. Haven't missed since. I'd try that before buying something that just blocks some light. Tape would work as well as that...

What adjustments did you do to your opto? I’m starting to think I’m getting cheated on my loop count.

#5085 3 months ago

I just put a piece of black electric tape over the opto eye that covers it halfway, on the side with 3wires(on my game it was the left side of the opto bracket). I also added a few washers to lift it about 1/4”. If you decide to lift it you’re going to need longer screws 4/40 threads.

#5091 3 months ago
Quoted from mjruser:

Thank you for the instructions.

So far the tape over the opto trick is working good. Today I’ve had multiple loop jackpots in all the games I played. Before I did this I was lucky to get one per game.

#5094 3 months ago

The opto eye that I modified is located behind the small hole on the big loop(left loop). I took a few pictures for you. You can get to the opto from underneath the Playfield by removing two screws from the metal bracket. One of the brackets is located on the bottom left of the Playfield, and the other opto bracket for loops is located on the bottom right of the Playfield when it is in the lifted position. The opto is used to count loops on the left loop shot and to count loops on the right mini loop( it also is used to lock the ball on the right orbit and collect tomb treasure).

3460FCA2-9CF2-471F-9850-903FCA2C0714 (resized).jpeg88BF2AA5-447F-4F3A-9CE8-63B1D06CB103 (resized).jpeg838C3DDB-3418-40AB-B2C4-E5042042B6B0 (resized).jpeg7620CF02-B894-44A1-83E8-53008A549FC3 (resized).jpegF144BD8D-1ECA-40F9-A8A0-2D60C8FDE9B6 (resized).jpeg129577DE-AF33-4035-B2B5-6055D0622D36 (resized).jpeg
#5099 3 months ago

After getting my loops to register I really got motivated to play this game again. Had a good battle with the beast and had his health down to 2...and drain

D25D4E8A-D7EF-431B-8F5A-5D53A4A03935 (resized).jpegEB2268D8-A545-40F0-8302-1BCB218F62A2 (resized).jpeg
#5102 3 months ago
Quoted from mjruser:

Damn, I was happy to get 300 million. You still on 3 balls with all factory settings and open left/right outlanes? That's just insane. The world champion got like 800 million on IM.

I earned 3 extra balls(1 from finishing 2power pyramids, 1 from loops which I ended up with 91 total and 1 from tomb treasures)so technically it was a 6 ball game which helped a lot. The first thing I go for now is loops on every ball during ball save and multi ball especially since I get credit for all loops now. What a good game.

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