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#899 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Just wanted to post this in case anyone else has similar Flipper Issues.
After about a week of play, my bottom left flipper started sticking in the up position. It wasnt the coil staying energized, but that the coil wouldnt not spring back to normal position. I put a tighter spring on the mech and that helped but every once in awhile it would stick especially when i'd cradle up and stage the flippers during play. I requested a whole new mech but Patrick Powers (stern - great support) wanted pics of the coil sleeve thinking it might have gotten the wrong one accidentally installed which was causing the shaft to stick. With the help of JJ at GEX (Great customer service on a weeknight!) he helped me identify what i needed to look for and to check out the coil stop as well.
<<<Insert time to laugh at me comment>>> after 13 years in this hobby i didnt know what the coil sleeve was or where to find the coil stop - i always thought the sleeve was the paper around the coil and you took that off to expose the coil and look at its 'sleeve' and thought the stop was the rubber that stops the flipper mech on the return - after JJ corrected me that the sleeve is in fact the plastic sleeve the coil goes in and out of and the stop is at the end of the coil (opposite) the wires, i embarrassingly unscrewed 2 screws (super easy) by the coil stop to investigate. <<<end laughing at me comment and back to troubleshooting topic>>>
I found that there was a big washer around the coil stop and it was warped to all hell. JJ was like wtf is a washer doing on a coil stop? Needless to say, we both agreed lets just remove it. This was approx a week ago and have not had a single problem since. Flippers work great and no more intermittent sticking. Hopefully someone gets use out of this post, or at the very least gets a good laugh at what i thought a coil sleeve was or maybe finds out what a coil sleeve and stop is like i didnt lol now at least i know what is involved when people talk about cleaning coil sleeves and/or filing coil stops. Its not replacing paper or filing a rubber stop

Isn't that "washer" a spring of sorts to help with vibration/keeping the coil tight? Pretty sure my Sterns (all two of them...) have had those on each coil stop, and I'm surprised the distro wasn't familiar.

EDIT: yes, I believe you're referencing the "spring washer" part 269-5002-00 per my Avatar manual, same washers were on my LOTR. http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/269-5002-00

2 weeks later
#1180 1 year ago
Quoted from hank527:

It's bad ass. The ramp flap moves up and down and you need to time a shot right to hit the scoop. It's not a game changer, but it is cool.

That sounds killer to me, but I would be concerned with wear and peening on the front edge of that ramp from ill timed shots. Is that something that has any merit?

1 week later
#1348 1 year ago

Just joined the club after buying a show game from Marco Specalties for SFGE. Loving it so far, I'm a fan of Iron Maiden so it would have been silly for me to not end up getting one of these eventually. Might as well be now...

Question for the group, what is the easiest/cheapest way to step up the sound quality a bit, without an external sub? I need to read back through the thread focusing more on sound improvements. It sounds good stock, but seems just a little "tinny" our something. Just looking for a little improvement, I'm not an audiophile. Not sure if just a replacement cab woofer is the way to go, or if the head speakers are needed too/instead for the best bang for your buck.

#1384 1 year ago

Just got it home Sunday - here's my IMDN Pro tucked into my meager collection. Awesome game, so many cool little details with the code and shots, combos, etc. Longtime Maiden fan here, so a perfect package for me personally.

imdn-1 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#1816 1 year ago

I think it usually says that right before the same line in the song, and generally coincides with the time about to start counting down to end the mode - I thought that was a nice touch...

#1861 1 year ago

My Pro autoplunge would hit the upper flipper at least 50% of the time, manual plunger was fine. I had thus far just gotten in the habit of holding the left flipper up at the plunge, which didn't work great in the middle of a multiball, etc, where I couldn't concentrate on that...

Looking at the autoplunger "prongs" or whatever and moving it by hand to see how it would impact a ball sitting in the shooter lane, the left side would hit the ball well off center, the right wouldn't touch it at all. So clearly when it would actually fire it would have been knocking the ball up out of the channel in the lane, getting it rattling around or imparting spin.

I loosened the 4 nuts holding the mech to the underside of the playfield, but had no play to adjust it really, so I just used a pair of needle noise pliers and just lightly bent both prongs so that with the ball at rest they would impact centered on the ball, took like 2 minutes. Boom, did the trick and the auto plunge is now at making the loop 95% or so. Plays much nicer now, I hadn't realized how much that was handicapping me.

I would definitely recommend looking at that vs messing with the lane guide...

#1865 1 year ago
Quoted from OnTheSnap:

Can you post a pic of your bent prongs?

This is how the ball rests now, right on the middle of the channel, with both legs or prongs in contact with the ball. You can tell they are bent slightly differently, but they make even contact with the ball. So far so good after a few hours of play...
20180721_163419 (resized).jpg

#1881 1 year ago

Same here on Aces High - I seem to usually score very little on that mode compared to the rest. I've blown it up several times but I'd say that has been my lowest scoring mode on average and feels unsatisfying usually...

Seems to come up a disproportionately high amount of games vs the others modes too, but maybe that is my imagination. Looking forward to the new code.

2 weeks later
#2128 1 year ago

I can hit the target from a cradle on the right, but only just barely once the coils get warmed up. Significantly easier for the first few games after powering on... I believe I'm at about 6.8 degree slope fwiw

I haven't made any setting adjustments, default 1.02 here.

#2134 1 year ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Y’all with the weaker right flippers after some playtime, did you have the same issue with 1.01 software or just 1.02?
Is the general thought if you have 1.01 just wait for 1.03 to be released?

Yeah mine was that way since new (came with 1.01 I think). Pretty sure it's just a matter of the coil weakening with heat, and having the machine at a higher 6.5-7 degree slope vs others who don't mention this - could be wrong.

Would be interesting to see if rigging up a cooling fan for the coil like people have done with LOTR, etc, resolves that minor issue.

To be clear, on mine I can always hit the target from the right, just needs to be a cleaner shot after longer sessions, and it'll probably only be the outer ring that hits. Still feels strong otherwise and no issues making any other shots.

The grace periods on some jackpots and add-a-ball opportunities was worth the upgrade to 1.02 either way imo, though we are close to the next release supposedly...

#2150 1 year ago

That's a major change to the game, that I wouldn't think is necessary unless there is something seriously off with your particular example...

#2152 1 year ago

I never hold up the right flipper, not sure I can recall the ball ever hitting it at launch.

After adjusting only the contact of the prongs/legs of the autoplunger on the ball at rest in the shooter lane, mine launches and makes the loop at least 90-95% of the time with no interaction on my part. Works just fine imo...

1 week later
#2277 1 year ago

Got a set of the plastic protectors from playfield-protectors.com - looks pretty sweet. Neon colored, translucent pieces. Got a pic of the set as they come, with plastic sheeting still attached, and a before and after. Not sure if the camera captures it, but they really glow and pop - some pieces more than others though depending on how well they are lit from underneath...
after-plasticpro2 (resized).jpgbefore-plasticpro1 (resized).jpgplastic-pro (resized).jpg

#2281 1 year ago
Quoted from hoby1:

Thought about getting these a few times... Did you order the one for the backboard also ? If not why .

I mistakenly thought it came with the pharoah plastic, but that is $30 extra it seems. If the shipping didn't take two weeks from Europe I'd get it now. If I order protectors for another game I'll add that on...

1 week later
#2354 1 year ago
Quoted from markymark2400:

I know I have mentioned this before and I am aware it is a known problem, but would be eternally grateful for anyone that can help by summarising how the hell to fix the fact that autoplunger flings the ball into the upper flipper , it rarely goes where I think it should (this is a new pin for me) round the loop and this effects multiball obviously as it ricochets, I know someone helpfully said to read through this thread, but guys its almost 50 pages and I am a hard working guy!
Anyone can help with what is the easiest fix for someone with literally no tech ability? lol I just bought the pin to play not to start messing with.
Also how the F are we meant to spend this kind of money and when there is a design fault, there is no real way to get it fixed, the dealer wont likely be able to help , but if this was a car we would have a warranty that would fix a major flaw to the design... thoughts?

Start by taking a look as the ball at rest in the shooter lane - is the ball resting against both legs of the autoplunger, relatively evenly? If so, if you actuate the autoplunger slowly by hand, do both legs keep contact with the ball through the entire stroke?

On mine the legs needed to be bent (I used needle nose pliers with a rag wrapped over the leg to keep from marring it) to make even contact with the ball. Prior to that only one leg was touching the ball, and when actuated by hand I could see the ball would ride up out of the channel there at the base of the shooter lane, and would presumably rattle up the lane when launched. Anyway, adjusting the contact of the legs on the ball cleared up the issue of the autoplunge shots hitting the upper flipper for me...

Others have adjusted the guide in the shooter lane, but to me if the manual plunger works well, it would seem to be more down to the autoplunger itself and how it is uniquely impacting the ball.

#2383 1 year ago

Got my mirror blades installed from pinballsidemirrors.com - first time I've added a set to pin. They really add a nice touch - my pic doesn't showcase them very well, but those and the colored plastics set from playfield-protectors.com help this machine really pop. I'm sad I didn't get the pharoah plastic piece with this set though, bet it would look great back there...

imdn-mirrorblades1 (resized).jpg
#2394 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr-Worf:

Nice, you addet Blue or Aquamarin LEDs in ?

No LEDs changed our added, but the colored florescent plastic protectors light up from the factory lights. The edges basically glow. The inlane guides, and the plastics over the drop targets and super jackpot targets are blue with this kit and maybe a couple others - several others are yellow-orange... I think I posted a pic of the set back a few pages. Edit - post 2277, just one extra pic.

#2460 1 year ago

Looks to me like you could use a standard post rubber, maybe cut down slightly if necessary, no?

3 weeks later
#2702 1 year ago

I just installed the standard FF 8" kit, it sounds great but unfortunately I can't offer a good before and after opinion - as the main reason I had upgraded was to hopefully fix what I thought was a bad cab woofer originally - I had nearly no sound coming out of the stock woofer, and couldn't find anything wrong. Swapped in the FF set and still nearly nothing from the woofer, could barely hear it with my head right under it. Turns out their is a connector about six inches from the woofer that I had verified was connected, but one of the wires going into it was not seated in the plug housing, so it was making only the slightest connection.

Once resolved the FF set is booming and sounds great. With just the FF backbox speakers it was noticeably improved, so I'm sure the woofer is a solid upgrade too... More than good enough for me, your mileage may vary if you live for thumping base.

1 week later
#2776 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Hey all - just joined the club!
Game works and plays great - one question though: I have a Premium, and the sound is AWFUL. What is the deal, ?! Are the songs in mono, or perhaps my speakers are out of phase? I am willing to upgrade the speakers if that’s the issue but man... man it is bad. It is actually hurting my ears to play. This is also my first Spike game, are they all like this?
Before the jokes start, let me say that I love Maiden, so the songs aren’t the problem!

On my Pro, the connector at the cabinet speaker/woofer was connected but one of the wires wasn't actually seated in the connector, I had virtually no sound coming out of the cabinet speaker when I would stick my head down at the speaker. That killed 90% of the bass, and was like this since purchase I believe.

I suffered wondering why the sound was a little weak for months, only realized this issue when I upgraded to Flipper Fidelity speakers and had the same problem, LOL.

#2778 1 year ago


2 weeks later
#2884 11 months ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

Aug 24th in Indy, prob hit Cincy show too.
[quoted image]

YESSSSSS!! I'll be at the Atlanta show July 20th for sure. Awesome! I was hoping they'd make it here in 2019 for a rumored LOTB continuation, but didn't think it would be that huge and make it nearby. \m/

Can't f#+&ing wait.

#2956 11 months ago

Perhaps someone else can confirm - I understand the post sleeves are apparently tapered, if I understand it correctly. You'll get significantly more airballs if you install regular sleeves. Just from what I recall reading in early discussions, I haven't changed them myself... Not sure if Titan or others offer those, but I've been curious what the options are there if accurate.

1 week later
#3041 11 months ago

I'd personally like to see the shatz target give you more for a successful shot - say possibly credit all outstanding x targets to lite 2x immediately, or at least count towards 2 targets or something. Otherwise I don't see much gain in shooting for it vs an actual target. Maybe I just suck at shatzing/don't trust that shot myself.

Getting to 3x could be left 1 for 1, but it somehow doesn't feel worth it as-is, at least on the 2x level.

3 months later
#4120 7 months ago

Thought I had some better pics handy, but seems this is it currently. Mirrorblades are a great addition, IMO. They really make the game pop.

Note mine has a colored plastics protector set, which is also awesome imo.

imdn-mirrorblades1-1 (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#4373 6 months ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

So what’s the highest base loop jackpot value you’ve guys seen? I had a sweet game last night where I got the loop jackpot value up to 11M had 2x ready. Started it with one loop, then drained, game over haha...if only; what that could have been.

I think I've seen up around 20 mil maybe for one of the later loop jackpot levels - but 11-12 mil is the highest I specifically remember seeing. A couple weeks ago though I nailed a loop jackpot set total of over 400 million due to 3x running and just nailing a huge string of loops - I have no idea what the base value was at that run though. My previous best was in the 150 range I think, lol.

2 weeks later
#4485 5 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I just installed the IMDN loop adjuster kit and wow what a difference it made. My loop shot from the top right flipper was probably registering 60% of the time roughly and after i put it on tonight i hit the loop at least 25 times and it counted every single one of them. I cannot recommend this product enough for people who are having loops that don't register.

Quick question, do the two opto shields install on both sides of the same opto pair (ie transmitter and reciever), or one shield on one pair in the side loop opto, and one on the opto pair in the right loop too?

Their install picture shows just one shield installed, but I'm not sure if that was intended to be the completed install pic.

Does it matter which side of the opto pair you install on if it is one shield per pair?

Mine registers 90+% of loop shots, but it's annoying when you get robbed for a major jackpot or whatever.

I might also try just making my own shields too out of sheet metal or something, though I have yet to remove the opto pair and check if there are any major hurdles to doing that...

#4486 5 months ago

I've got the full set of colored protectors here: https://www.playfield-protectors.com/Home/Details/MfkA4xRMeEaJXRiwRSwxwA

There is an optional colored pharaoh piece that I wish I had gotten as well.

I ended up adding longer screws on the pops, and a couple other nuts were iffy on factory posts due to the extra thickness of the protectors. I presume that is similar for all.

20190106_204816 (resized).jpg
#4490 5 months ago

Thanks for the info. You're right, pretty easy to get to those opto brackets. I went ahead and made some L-shaped shields out of some scrap sheet metal I had, seems to work great.

I played a couple games concentrating on loops only (one game with 86 total loops, my new record, LOL) while keeping track of the counts, and so far it's 100% now. Mine also already had the ball trap fix, so nothing needed there. Hopefully this truly did the trick.

Here is a crappy pic of mine fitted:

20190502_183217 (resized).jpg
2 months later
#5073 83 days ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Has anyone here installed those little plastic blinders for the loop opto? Do they work? My game is only registering about 2/3 of the loops when they get going fast.
I can hit about 5-6 in a row now but I sometimes collect as little as 3.

*Edit, here was my post on that - had been asking Who-dey about the kit and his results just a few posts before that. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/up-the-irons-the-iron-maiden-pinball-official-owners-club/page/90#post-4973870

In either this thread or the issues thread, at least a couple guys reported having the opto blinder kits, and them working well. I posted about making up my own out of some scrap metal sheet I had, and I'm not sure that I have missed being credited for a loop since. Either way it has made a big improvement on mine, easy to install.

1 month later
#5385 46 days ago

Maybe ping him for a reminder? I received mine within approx a week or so from sending my serial number and a pic of the mylar condition. Just received and installed yesterday. I feel better knowing I don't have to worry about wear there going forward.

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