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Post #2584 Part numbers for the components of the free ball trap kit from Stern. Posted by mollyspub (1 year ago)

Post #3081 Setting to change so Keith shows up in Iron Maiden more Posted by Who-Dey (10 months ago)

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#90 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Quickest LE sell out since AC/DC?

It will be interesting to see what the price is on this one which could have an effect on sales. Rumor is that Stern is adding upgraded "JBL" sound system, HD Glass, shaker and a bunch of stuff above what they have done in recent LE models. I'm guessing this means a price increase as well. My guess is that it will be closer in line to BM66LE than GOTGLE in price. We'll find out soon enough.

#97 1 year ago
Quoted from Hougie:

What has bee the typical price of recent LEs? I was quoted 8,800 for this one.

MSRP on recent LE's (SW, GOTG) has been $8999 but street prices were averaging around $8300 around release time. so about a ~$500 price increase.

3 weeks later
#309 1 year ago

Has anyone successfully installed a shaker in their Pro yet? Saw a couple threads with people having issues. I have a shaker on order but will wait until I have confirmation it works before installing in my machine.

If you did install it is it well integrated into game play yet? Thanks!

#314 1 year ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

Considering picking up a pro model...
Weren't there issues with stern playfields recently?

My Pro playfield looks great! No hints of any ghosting and the clear looks glossy and thick. My game has about 500 plays on it and so far playfield dimpling is pretty minimal as well compared to what my TWDLE looked like with a similar number of plays. -leads me to believe the wood may be harder for this batch.

Out of the 30 machines at MGC i know there was one with some smudging/blurriness of the ink below the clearcoat.-likely that the ink wasn't completely dry before the clearcoat was applied. Other than that I don't know of any with any ghosting or playfield issues out of the box.

#317 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Probably a bit early for ghosting

Has anyone heard of anyone with issues with GOTG playfield ghosting.-I haven't been following that game at all. It seems like Stern may have mostly resolved the issue on recent games as I haven't seen any posts about it.-compared to how it was in 2016 during the Ghostbuster days.

#326 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I screwed with ours a bunch. It seems like the game requires a pitch at 7.5 or more to have reliable plunger and autolauncher shots.

That's about where I have mine set for pitch and my autolaunch and manual plunger work really well.-I did upgrade the plunger spring to give it a bit more power though.

IMG_20180417_200302 (resized).jpg

#334 1 year ago

Is the handle on the back side of Stern games a new thing? This is really nice for when you have to slide the playfield in and out!

IMG_20180418_210430 (resized).jpg

#345 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

So be brutally honest with me here. How are you guys at hitting the super skill shot / super jackpot? Not the actual loop or setup but the actual shot into that tight shot. I’m fixated on that shot trying to hit the X to light my 2X and 3X. Some games I can hit it left and right, but most games I’ll take 20 stabs at it and not get it once. Makes for a very satisfying hit, but also frustrating when I’m in trooper mb and have nothing lit but that super jp shot.

It's tough! I'm probably at about 15% accuracy. I agree with Hougie that it is a bit like the Gem shot in that you do kind of have to nudge it off the rail in order to hit it. I've only hit it off the super skillshot a couple times.

Mini loop I've done 3 loops twice now. I had one game tonight where on ball one I just started hitting loops and got a bunch of super loop jackpots on both the main and mini loop and put up about 97 million just from loops alone! They really build up quick. I agree that this may just be the best pin ever! I've certainly never seen a game this good right out of the gate.

#358 1 year ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Biggest negative I have with this game, no band member call outs.

I think that's a positive. The callouts in this game blow away any of the band callouts in Metallica or KISS! I hope whoever does "The Beast" does a bunch more games for Stern. The Female vocalist "Claire" is really good too. Best callouts since LOTR and these sound so much clearer since they are on Spike instead of Whitestar.

#359 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I’m finding you can sometimes hit the super shot from the bottom left flipper.

I did this as well last night and was surprised when it still gave me the super-skill! I do have games where it seems like I can hit that shot fairly consistently but those games are few and far between.

#362 1 year ago
Quoted from Dr-Willy:

Steve Ritchie did those callouts.

It isn't Steve. One of the podcasts mentioned the guys name.

#372 1 year ago

There's definitely an issue with using PBL shaker motors with this game. I'm at least the third person to report a slam tilt when using one. I emailed Terry and he is looking into a solution. I know Stern also released a service bulletin and a fix for their motor using a Cap kit.

#375 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffsarcade:

That sucks. I just ordered the PBL shaker motor for when I get my Premium next month.

By that time I'm sure there will be a solution. My guess is that we'll need some kind of Cap kit as well to keep noise out of the line. I wouldn't worry about it.

#377 1 year ago

I installed the official Stern headphone jack in my game tonight and highly recommend it. This should allow me to get some extra game time in after the kids go to bed. When headphones aren't connected it allows you to control the game's volume without having to open the coin door which is really nice! I bought mine through PBL. Install was simple and only took about 10 minutes.

IMG_20180420_202210 (resized).jpg

#378 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

I know of a PBL shaker used in IMDN and they didn't have a issue. I have it in my AS and no problem.


He must be lucky or maybe he was shipped a game with the Cap kit already installed? There was a service bulletin put up 2 days ago by Stern for this issue.


#399 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

You know you’re having a good game when Rime of the ancient mariner is your song choice for the game and halfway during your game you’re at the songs melodic breakdown and then almost get through the whole song too lol!

That said, anyone know what run to the hills mode is? I don’t recall doing any special modes or hearing the song in fact, but apparently I did good lol

Damn dude! You're putting up some killer scores. What's you're strategy for points? I've been focusing just on trying to get to Cyborg MB and 2MTM. Been to Cyborg a handful of times now and gotten to the 5th mode numerous times but just can't seem to find that blow-up game yet! My highs are all in the 250-350m range.

#405 1 year ago
Quoted from Beerpressure:

So I just rememberd while I was playing yesterday I got a few balls hung up on the drop targets and if you just let it sit there for like 20 seconds they will spring back up and shoot the ball off back into play. I swear that they stayed back up. Is that right, or should they remember which ones you had already knocked down?

That's normal behavior for a ball search. There's no way for the game to individually reset drop targets so they all pop back up.

#407 1 year ago

I know there's been a lot of praise about this game's layout and how much it flows and opens itself up to so many shots but the genius part about it is that the layout completely changes when you are in multiball play. All of a sudden this open layout changes because when you have more balls in play the upper flippers block the 2 easiest shots in the game (orbits) and force you to take more difficult shots (ramps) and play more in control instead of fast and loose. It also makes it difficult to trap up and pick off shots with one of the flippers because of this. You have to work on techniques such as ball transfers and using flipper staging way more than you have to do in a 2 flipper game. I think it's a game that will drastically improve your multiball skills the more you play it.

#413 1 year ago
Quoted from Ven:

It isn't the music on our Iron Maiden that is too loud it is the flipper mechs. These are the loudest mechs of any pin I have ever owned. Have they changed something on these? I have had several sterns and never had anything this loud.

It could just be because there are 4 of them? I used to have a TSPP and those flippers were super loud because there were 5 of them.

#436 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Oh! Does that fix the shaker motors issue I imagine?

I installed in my game and it seems to have solved the shaker issue. I've got about 5 games in and so far so good! The shaker is used pretty sparingly (even on max settings) but has a nice effect. No other changes in the code from what I've noticed. The update was tiny and installed really quickly.

#508 1 year ago

I think one of the most fun things about this game is that you have the ability to "blow it up" at any time. I was having a terrible game until ball 3 and then I caught fire during Flight of the Icarus mode! Best score yet.... And what sucks is that the EB lit off the mystery just seconds before my last drain. Love this game!!!

IMG_20180429_151910 (resized).jpg

IMG_20180429_151907 (resized).jpg

IMG_20180429_151905 (resized).jpg

IMG_20180429_151902 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#627 1 year ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

What do the red and yellow lights above the left ramp signify?

Yellow is power ramps and red is lit when A Pharoahs tomb treasure is available.

#741 1 year ago

The new code is awesome! So much extra polish and improvements all around. Lots of extra sound effects and visual improvements. The new Cyborg MB intro animations are stellar!

#830 1 year ago

I replaced all the cool white Stern LEDs in the GI on my Pro with Comet warm white 2835 frosted LEDs today and it is a huge improvement! It really makes the artwork pop and warms it up vs. the cool LEDs which wash out the artwork. I'll try to get some pics although it can be hard to photograph.

#835 1 year ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

Do you know how many it took?

Approximately 28. All bayonette style. They were all easy to change from the bottom side except for the back left corner. Those you have to remove some plastics and possibly the ramp depending on how agile your fingers are. It's worth it though!

#870 1 year ago
Quoted from Fytr:

The same thought occured to me too. Seens like the warn colors would benefit from warm white bulbs.

Took a few pics of my game tonight with warm white frosted Comet LEDs in the GI. It really brings out the color in Zombie Yeti's art and looks far better in person!

DSC04084 (resized).JPG
DSC04083 (resized).JPG
DSC04080 (resized).JPG
DSC04081_1 (resized).JPG
DSC04082_1 (resized).JPG

IMG_20180514_205638 (resized).jpg

IMG_20180514_205728 (resized).jpg

#961 1 year ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

So today the song chose itself, then flippers were scoring points. Then points just started adding on their own. Checked leaf switches, they all seem fine. Any ideas?

I'd check the leaf switches under both the captive ball and orb shots. May be set too sensitive?

1 week later
#1139 1 year ago

Was just listening to Head2Head podcast where they interviewed KME and Keith mentioned that the LE/Premium had an exclusive mode "Can I play with Madness" which is the 3rd tomb award. He said they pulled it from the Pro because it relies heavily on the lift ramp/scoop which made it not work well on the Pro. Just wondering for those that have played it how the mode is and how it fits into the overall rules? Is it stackable with other modes/multiballs and does it change overall scoring much? Can you earn Soul Shards, etc. I think this is the first time since Tron LE where the Pro model is actually missing a game mode. Kind of bummed to hear this mode won't be coming to my Pro since it was on the original Stern "Backstage Pass" rule guide and it seems to be the one song that isn't represented in the Pro ruleset. I'll trust Keith though and think that it's probably for the best that they pulled it if it didn't work well with the layout. Still love my game and think it's incredible!

#1143 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

So, how will pro owners get the third tomb award then?

I think the third tomb award on the Pro is typically "add 15 million to power jackpot" which can be pretty lucrative with multipliers! Still a pretty big change from the LE/Premium as the third award is quite attainable in an average game. That's why I was kind of curious as to how valuable the Madness mode is.

#1158 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

That, was a feel good shot...

Holy crap dude! Nice job! Power Jackpot is the new Song Jackpot... Just one of many different ways there are to blow it up. I just put up a 159 mil Icarus tonight and a couple days back had a 120 mil Hallowed. So fun!

IMG_20180529_191417 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#1601 1 year ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

1) you clearly have a faulty start button and/or wiring which is receiving pressed commands. Take a look and compare it to one of your other machines, see if it looks physically stuck. Check the wiring, call Stern and have them walk you thru if needed.
2) the flippers are purposely weaker on this machine by default but are also adjustable. Set them to HARD in the adjustments for more power. And HARD still isn’t quite as strong as other new releases in my experience. Note that every time you update code the flippers will revert back to default.

In the new code the lower flippers default to hard I noticed

#1725 1 year ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

Oh, that's a little cheaper than I thought I saw before... Thanks!
Now the question - do you think it makes a big difference on IMDN?

The biggest thing you can do to deal with glare on SPIKE games like IMDN is turn down the backbox lighting to 10% during gameplay and also turn off any direct overhead lighting in the room. I also have one of those bent plastic thingies to reduce glare from the LCD display. Glare is really a non-issue on my game and the $250 could be better spent elsewhere in your gameroom. Also, changing the GI LED's to warm white instead of cool white makes the game's lighting a lot easier on the eyes.

#1729 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffsarcade:

Hey Mike, how did you get the bent plastic to stay on a Spike 2 game? I kinda jerry-rigged mine in there but it will probably fall out at some point when the cabinet is moved or the shaker motor gets used.

I wrap the part that goes under the glass with a few layers of electrical tape to make it fit nice and snug.

#1747 1 year ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

I already play with the lights off and the BG turned down - is probably around 10% but will have to check.
What's the "bent plastic thingee" you're referring to? Most of the glare is from the LCD so sounds like it could help.

Pinball life sells them. I put them in all my games and they do the job well.

2 months later
#2424 1 year ago

I changed all of my GI to warm white frosted 2smd LEDs from Comet. Looks phenomenal!

#2430 1 year ago
Quoted from treborlicec:

Got a pic? I love the idea of using warm in there with the largely desert based PF art.

Check out post #870 (page 18) in this thread for pics.

3 months later
#3303 10 months ago
Quoted from DrMark12PA:

Does Maiden have a magnet anywhere in the playfield? I don't see one in manual but I could swear there are times the balls spin off in directions not expected other than with magnet use.

No magnets in the game

4 weeks later
#3680 9 months ago

On the Premium do Mummy locks on the left ramp still take precedence over Flight of Icarus combos in newer code? I remember being annoyed by that on early code.

1 month later
#3866 8 months ago
Quoted from pinchamp:

No that’s not what I am talking about. But that is true as well.
LOTR has 3 multiballs which can be had and can also be completed... these get to the destroy the ring mode or closer to super wizard mode (valinor) if you complete them. Also I can start each one and progress toward them as I want with different shots...
IMDN has trooper (one or two of the same shots to lock) and mummy multiball ( one shot again and again to start) and they are just multiballs for points ... doesn’t have the deeper dive ... can u complete those multiballs and get to something else? I don’t think so.
That’s just one small example but the games codes are completely different in terms of depth and sophistication. IMDN does not have nearly the depth of LOTR... that’s all I am saying for whoever asked the question.
I am a deep code guy. I don’t play for points I play to accomplish and LOTR gives much more to the player in this regard.

In Iron Maiden you need to get a Mummy Super jackpot to collect the Mummy card which allows you to progress towards Number of the Beast which isn't an easy task. You also need to get a Super in Trooper MB to get the Trooper card which progresses towards the same thing. Number of the Beast is the mid wizard mode in the game which is somewhat similar to DTR in LOTR.

You need to do well in modes and other objectives which give you Soul Shards which are similar to "Gifts of the elves" in LOTR. You need to collect 10 of these to get to "Run to the Hills". Once you play the 5 main modes in IM you get to 2 Minutes to Midnight which is the equivalent of starting modes in LOTR to get to "TABA". There area lot of similarities between LOTR and Maiden as they are both mode based games. Maiden also has additional stuff such as Cyborg Multiball (for completing all power features) and power jackpots which can be super lucrative! There is a lot more than just points in Maiden, and the multi-balls such as Trooper have a lot of depth (and stages) to them similar to LOTR. I think they are closer in depth than you think. I owned a LOTR for many years' and while it's a fantastic game I was ready to move on from it. Guess we'll see if I feel the same way about Maiden in a few years'.

#3889 8 months ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

Compare and contrast LotR & IMdn - they're a lot more alike than you think
Flippers 2 - 4
Skill Shots 3 - at least 4
Modes 6 - 5 (2 of which are MBs)
MB Two Towers - Trooper
MB Fellowship - Cyborg
MB Return/King - Mummy
Mini Wiz TABA - 2mtm
Mini Wiz DTR - NotB
Wiz Valinor - RttH
Awards 6 (7) Elf Gifts - 10 Tomb Treasures
- 4 Eddie Cards (x 2 for Lvls)
Extras Golum MB - nothing comparable
Extras nothing comparable - Playfield multipliers
Extras nothing comparable - Loop Jackpots
Extras nothing comparable - Combos / Death blow
Extras nothing comparable - Power Jackpots
Extras nothing comparable - Player-lit Ball save
(I can't format the way I'd like to - but you get the idea)
People can make their own opinions as to which game they prefer, and good luck to them in doing so, but there is no doubt that there is more on IMDN to do, with more different strategies to focus on.
IMHO, having owned both (LotR being the machine I had chased for such a long time) IMdn wins hands down.
The modes are more enjoyable in IMDN requiring more varied shots to complete, AND have to be completed to get to RttH - unlike modes in LotR.
The mini wiz modes in LotR are quite simply inferior to IMdN. TABA doesn't have to be completed to progress to Valinor, DTR is 5 shots. I've completed it in 19sec.
I sold my LotR after only a couple of months having got to Valinor 3 or 4 times. It's not difficult to get to Valinor, it just has the potential to take a long time. Progress is saved in all Mbs, and completion isn't required of everything to get there. Keep the ball alive and you'll get there by default. The same cannot be said of IMdn - you actually need to complete requirements.
That's without even going into the playfield layout, sound quality and variance of callouts, display.

I see you have WPT in your line-up. Have you made Keefer Invitational yet?-now that is a tough wizard mode!

I wouldn't say Valinor is easy, but game setup plays a big part on that game. I owned LOTR for six years' and never made it on my personal game because i had it setup extremely difficult. I had the tilt set tight, outlanes all the way open and the game was always waxed and pitched high (which made the ring shot difficult) in longer games. I've made it to Valinor on other LOTR machines which played slow with loose tilts and stock outlanes.

2 months later
#4457 5 months ago
Quoted from JMK:

Aside from cranking up the music, is there a known fix to dampen the sound on the right flippers?
I can't recall any other pin I've played nor owned where the flippers were this loud.

Have you every played a Simpsons Pinball Party in a quiet room. 5 flippers makes that game exceptionally loud.

#4460 5 months ago
Quoted from JMK:

@ MikeS: I haven't played a TSPP in a long time and it wouldn't surprise me that those would be louder.
For my Maiden, I should have indicated that I haven't owned nor played a more recent title that had such loud flippers- particularly for the right flippers. I just don't know if there's any remedy known to dampen the sound.

I'm not sure if there's too much you can do? I suppose you could try to put some sound deadening foam inside the cabinet and see if that absorbs some of the sound?

Another thing you could do is get one of the headphone kits for your game and play with good quality noise canceling headphones. I do this on my Maiden and it blocks out all other noise and allows you just to hear the music and callouts.-and the sound quality is far better than the stock speakers.

1 week later
#4539 5 months ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Is there a headphone/exterior volume control for Maiden and other Spike 2 games yet?

I have the Official Stern one in my game, but recently there is also also a non branded one for half the price



1 week later
#4630 4 months ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Rest of the items fall in the "to each their own" to me but this one gets me scratching my head a little bit. How is the pro captive ball shot more satisfying? Both captive balls do the same thing and feel the same (assuming Prem captive is dialed in properly). The only real difference is the ability to knock a ball out of there to start mummy which feels way more satisfying to me.
The ability to lock balls during Mummy or getting a 4 ball Trooper is pretty cool to. Maybe I'm missing something on the pro here.

Maybe because the Pro always has a second ball behind the contact ball whereas the Premium starts off as just a single ball which isn't as satisfying to hit.

#4631 4 months ago

After watching the Robert Gagno video where he reached RTTH without a flipper rubber on the upper left mini flipper I thought I'd give the "no rubber" thing a try myself and the results are fantastic!

I can make 4-5 mini loops in a row pretty consistently which I could never do with the rubber. I can also make the "Super" shot more easily and shooting lower orbits is easier and more lucrative because you no longer need to raise that flipper when doing loops. The only downside I can see is that it could make that flipper more prone to breakage with it off. I think the ideal solution would be some kind of low profile rubber to use as a compromise but I'm not sure if something like that exists?

If you want to see the difference yourself, give it a try!

#4645 4 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

After watching the Robert Gagno video where he reached RTTH without a flipper rubber on the upper left mini flipper I thought I'd give the "no rubber" thing a try myself and the results are fantastic!
I can make 4-5 mini loops in a row pretty consistently which I could never do with the rubber. I can also make the "Super" shot more easily and shooting lower orbits is easier and more lucrative because you no longer need to raise that flipper when doing loops. The only downside I can see is that it could make that flipper more prone to breakage with it off. I think the ideal solution would be some kind of low profile rubber to use as a compromise but I'm not sure if something like that exists?
If you want to see the difference yourself, give it a try!

Decided to play around with my upper flipper alignment to see if I could find a solution that didn't involve having to leave the flipper rubber off completely which could leave that flipper vulnerable to cracking. My flipper was previously centered on the alignment hole but I moved it forward about a cm. The results aren't as dramatic as with the rubber removed but it is much easier to hit the super jackpot shot now. Loops are slightly easier to hit than before and the lower loops shot is more open now. Overall it's a nice improvement from before. Not as dramatic of an improvement as with the rubber removed but a nice compromise.

IMG_20190526_091624 (resized).jpg
#4647 4 months ago
Quoted from RGR:

Is the video on youtube?

Yes it is

#4649 4 months ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

that seems, like that's where is should be. Straight line down that top rail.

Agreed. Kind of ticked at myself for waiting a year to change it but oh well... I used to have to bump it off the rail a slight bit to hit the super but now I can hit it flush. I think the reason the "no rubber" solution works so well is that the feed is in front of the flipper vs. gliding directly on the flipper. Kind of felt like cheating playing that way though so an adjustment is a better compromise.

3 weeks later
#4809 3 months ago
Quoted from tktlwyr:

I'm still having occasional issues with the game losing track of the number of balls in play during Mummy MB. Some code to address this would be nice.

That's likely a mechanical issue with the switch vs. a software issue.

1 week later
#4894 3 months ago
Quoted from TheGunnett:

I have an inconsistent error that causes the game to immediately choose a song at the start of a game and hitting the left flipper scores points. It doesn’t happen every time I power the game up but when it does it will do it for several games in a row. It awards immediate points when the song is selected and each time the left flipper is pushed 20k(not sure the exact amount).

You probably have a switch that's registering intermittently on your playfield. My guess would be one of the two captive ball switches.

2 months later
#5483 29 days ago
Quoted from Thunder90:

After about 6 months of playing with Titans, I one day decided I was over the stickiness and bounciness. Ordered some rer rubbers and threw them on yesterday. Old loop record with Titans: 24. New loop record after two games with red rubber installed: 39. Scored 700m and 910m
I think this game plays exceptionally better without silicone bands.

I love the look and durability of silicone bands but regular bands just play so much better and predictable!

#5521 25 days ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Which wizard mode uses Wasted years? I assumed battle the beast was number of the beast and run to the hills was, well, run to the hills.

Cyborg Multiball is Wasted Years. And I agree with Eskaybee that a different song just wouldn't sound right with that intro.

2 weeks later
#5557 9 days ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

For those of you with shakers installed:
I'm about to install one in my Maiden Pro. There are no holes in the bottom of the cab, so I'll just drill them. Are you installing these shakers on the left or the right side of the coin box (when looking at the machine).

There should be t-nuts already on the inside-left front of the cabinet. You don't need to drill holes.

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