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#3370 9 months ago

Santa hooked up my IMDN Premium today! Stern "Egypt"-themed armor kit, mummy shooter rod, TrueColor plastic protectors, Pinball Life knocker kit, and a PinSkin cover. Also I finally got around to installing the quiet fan mod so we didn't hear the game running during Christmas dinner. Nice!

0DAD0EA9-D673-487E-A652-1EB2D5A95944 (resized).jpeg
#3371 9 months ago

Realized the shooter rod was cut off in the last photo. It's the official Stern one. A little smaller than I expected but really comfortable to use. And it fits the theme perfectly.

6114DC89-6522-4CAD-828C-B63BEF61FF1E (resized).jpeg
#3373 9 months ago
Quoted from bigduke6:

Looks great. I was considering the mummy fist armor. Could you maybe take a pic of the side of the cabinet? Thanks!

Sure! See attached.

I didn't want to put holes in the cabinet for the extra screws so I just used some black electrical tape on the backside to fill in the empty holes. I was a little worried it might flap around without the screws but so far it feels pretty solid.

DAE75A31-E5EF-475D-9C8A-27387B751488 (resized).jpeg
#3375 9 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Looks great, but I'd definitely change out that T-moulding to the light (or dark, your choice) blue that looks soooo much better. That yellow is just completely wrong for the color package of the cabinet and backglass.

Funny you mention that... I actually have both the dark and light blue t-moulding that I ordered a while back. I haven't gotten around to installing them yet, partially because I was considering powder coating and hadn't decided on a color yet. I like the "fist" armor so I'm probably going to abandon the powder coat plan so maybe I'll get around to swapping out that t-moulding now. Now just need to decide on dark vs. light.

2 weeks later
#3559 9 months ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Backbox – 8ohm

Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Cabinet speaker type – 8ohm

Aren't the FF speakers 4 ohm?

#3591 9 months ago

Trying out bigdaddy07 's audio settings. As soon as I adjust the balance to negative (anything below 0) the backbox speakers completely shut off and all I hear is the cabinet speaker. Is this a bug with the new 1.06 code? I don't recall it doing this before.

#3595 9 months ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

That's strange. What do you have for speakers? Are they upgraded or stock?

It's the FF 10 inch kit.
Are you upgraded to 1.06?

#3596 9 months ago
Quoted from Billy16:

My thought is what works with FF speakers might not work with the stock speakers--as FF's have a different crossover (I'm pretty sure).

Yeah the FF kit I have has a built-in low pass crossover in the cabinet speaker (it's treated as a sub).

#3599 9 months ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Yes. Are you using my new settings? Post 3585? I can check those again on my side. My game was killing it with those settings.

Yes, post 3585. I think it's just a glitch in the menu. After I exit out of the menu with those settings and start a game it works fine.

Thanks for sharing!

#3630 9 months ago
Quoted from jrivelli:

Finally got the yellow acrylic back in stock, sorry for all the delays on the latest round of orders!

Do you have any plans to do pop bumper protectors as well? I ordered the ones from Mezel mods but the color doesn't match yours (and I like yours better).

2 months later
#4289 6 months ago
Quoted from jardine:

Had a play with some custom cards...happy to share but somone needs to help me find a printing program so I can customise the printing size!! Can't find anything that does 7.5" x 13.5"!
[quoted image]
[quoted image][quoted image]

Hey these look great, thanks for sharing! Just one thing: You have a typo on the last line: "Ligt" => "Light."

I'm confused why you need that printing size. The cards aren't that big. Are you trying to fit them on one sheet?

3 weeks later
#4478 5 months ago

Truecolor sells a set of matching pop bumper protectors on the site as well. Good stuff!

3 weeks later
#4602 4 months ago

Question about the Egypt topper: Does it flash or give feedback based on gameplay or just cycle through patterns? It says "fully interactive" in the description but it isn't really clear what that means.

I think I'm just trying to justify to myself dropping 400 bucks on it.

#4614 4 months ago

Do toppers significantly factor into plays/revenue when used on location? I wonder if Stern considers that in their pricing moreso than just "looks cool" value for home users? It might be easier to justify if you could count on getting another 400 plays at $1 each (or whatever).

1 week later
#4678 4 months ago
Quoted from dtown:

What two Maiden songs would you ask for?

So many to choose from but for pinball I'd probably go with something like Iron Maiden and The Clairvoyant.

Revelations and Stranger in a Strange Land also great songs but don't seem as suited to pinball IMHO.

Honorable mention to Doctor Doctor although it's technically not a Maiden song it's such a part of their live shows it would be perfect for an attract mode.

It would be fun to start a poll for this.

3 weeks later
#4843 3 months ago

Two more: Above the shooter lane (behind the UR flipper), and behind the drop targets (the upper bulb not the one right behind the drops).
944CB015-B484-4E26-9A25-81252F78025E (resized).jpeg8BFD77B9-D7AF-4148-B8FE-2C6E3548D3EE (resized).jpeg

edit: One of these might what you referred to as "mid-right."

#4844 3 months ago

In this diagram, it's the bulbs marked 151 and 154. Stern PN 112-5034-02.

719E8A58-15CE-4D73-A1C7-C09BFF23BA96 (resized).jpeg
2 months later
#5518 23 days ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Having an issue with my auto-launch not making the full loop.
Half the time, the ball goes off the post, or hits the little upper left flipper.
Any suggestions on how to get it making the full loop consistently?

For me it took three things to get it working reliably:
1. The coil upgrade (see earlier post).
2. Added a flat washer and lock washer to the adjustment screw at the end of the ball guide. I haven't seen much discussion of this on here but before I did this it would work for a few days then loosen up and stop working again.
3. Adjust the angle at end of the launcher ball guide and/or mess with the launcher coil strength in settings until it is working well (both manual and auto plunge). Tighten the screw.

3 weeks later
#5586 21 hours ago
Quoted from Billy16:

I made one more adjustment to my shooting guide today that made a big difference, so I thought I'd pass it along. I have made all the normal adjustments and installed the more powerful coil, which has helped. After time my percentage of accurate auto launches was decreasing so I thought I'd take another look at it. Stern had sent me the new and "improved" metal shooting lane guide. I tried to install it and found the adjustment mounting tab was in the wrong place--and I didn't want to drill another hole in the playfield. Both guides are very similar, except the new one does not have the threaded rod riveted onto the guide near the adjustment screw tab. So, I cut the one off of my original guide, filed down a small burr that was right at the end of the guide, polished the guide and put it back on. Oh, ho--a little more adjustment is available with that rod gone! I had to lower the tip of the upper right flipper to make use of that adjustment, but now auto launch is at 100%--and it has never been that good. The only neg to dropping the flipper a smidge is that the ball will not loop all the way around to the lower right flipper, but I can live with that. Another plus is the loop shot is way easier to hit with this new alignment--so I like that a lot.

Are you using a washer and/or lock washer on the adjustment screw? Every time I adjusted mine it would work perfectly for a day or two then work itself loose again. Super frustrating. Finally added a flat washer and lock washer to that screw and haven't had a problem since.

Sounds like you have it dialed in but if it stops working again I'd recommend trying the washers.

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