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1 year ago

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Post #2390 Ordering Eddie LE/Prem parts for a Pro (part numbers included) Posted by Mudflaps (1 year ago)

Post #2584 Part numbers for the components of the free ball trap kit from Stern. Posted by mollyspub (1 year ago)

Post #3081 Setting to change so Keith shows up in Iron Maiden more Posted by Who-Dey (11 months ago)

Post #4413 Loops Optos not registering the ball - mod fix Posted by f3honda4me (6 months ago)

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#1631 1 year ago

Technically IN the club..premium ordered and the wait begins

#1749 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffsarcade:

Thanks Mike. I always put them between the head and the body of the machine... not where the glass slides up. I'll have to try that to see if it works better for me.

I have them on all of my machines (where the glass slides up) and it makes a big difference.

1 week later
#1893 1 year ago
Quoted from jardine:

My custom cards for everybody here!!! Go on...I know ya'll want them

Get your machine out of the bloody box first

#1925 1 year ago
Quoted from gearhead:

This is what I'm working on for a translite. Kind of a mashup of album covers and posters. Still kinda keeps with the Egyptian vibe

Not too bad but i think the "Number of the beast" figure out of all of them just doesn't sit well on that colour background. I realise it's still a work in progress though but that figure alone looks like it's been cut out of the album cover literally and glued on. It's probably just the contrast between the red and the background sand/yellow colour that makes it stand out strangely for my eyes.

#2021 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Yep this game has been a real eye opener for alot of people including me. It shows you what a pinball machine can and should be.

Making me hang out for my coming Premium even more now about 6 weeks to go

#2044 1 year ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

$2 converter to take 12v down to 6.3v

Got a link for these particular boards?

1 week later
#2115 1 year ago

Seems like i chose the best machine for my first and possibly only NIB judging by previous posts......4 weeks or so to wait and then Yeeeehaaawww

#2117 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

You did, great choice for sure! Congrats and make sure you let us know how you like it after you get it! Which model did you get?


2 weeks later
#2311 1 year ago
Quoted from Quadrat:

Thanks for that. Just ordered books 1-5

I did too, went with 2 sets cause i couldn't make my mind up So a set of A covers and a set of C covers....some of the B's were bloody ordinary.

1 month later
#2602 1 year ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

I know it is not cool to say you like Maidens music but F it - I think the music is good for pinball playing.

Why not cool?? it's not like we are talking Nickelback here

#2620 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

Not cool to like Maidens music...

You all do know they are one of the biggest bands in the WHOLE WORLD right...
And they did that without RADIO AIRPLAY!!!
I cannot stress how amazing of an achievement that is... Yes Metallica is a bit bigger than them... But, only really in the us market.
And Maiden never sold out, and Maiden never got airplay. Since black albumMetallica has been all over the airwaves.
If Maiden got half the airplay of the other popular bands Maiden would be even bigger.

But, its fine that people don't like Maiden. Just means the concerts will be less crowded... Oh wait, they've been on Arena tours in the states for the last 8 years or so, and selling em out...
I kinda wish they were back to the Rivera and Aragon Ballroom days. Something about a club show that has a bit more energy to it... Still I saw them once at Allstate Arena, and twice at tinley park. Big venues and big shows, but always a great show.

But, yes... People on pinside do like to try to bash Maiden, But, its old hat by now. Nothing I didn't hear in highschool. And you know what.. .Doesn't matter. Maiden kicks ass.

I think you misread my post. I've been a fan of Maiden since before Bruce joined the band. The IRONS ROCK!!! and if people don't like them like i do i really don't care. I'm going to see Bruce do his speaking tour in a few weeks in support of his recent autobiography (which is an awesome read i must add). On an aside i like Nickelback too but their more recent albums aren't as good as their earlier work

1 week later
#2684 1 year ago

My fav is Isle of Man Eddie

Fan art 10 md (resized).jpg

#2685 1 year ago

New T-Shirt OCH The Irons

DSC03859 (resized).JPG
#2693 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

Still not a good player though.. Not yet.

Just don't forget to have FUN along the way To me that's the most important part of the hobby, achieving high scores are great, comparing these scores against others is just part of human nature to be competitive. I personally just love getting on Maiden and smacking the balls around head banging (as much as possible without losing sight of the PF ) to the music, sometimes the scores come without even trying. I guess my point is that it's really easy to forget the journey when you're solely focused on a goal.

#2709 1 year ago

Maybe i'm weird but i'm happy with the sound from my Premium, it's far better than any of my other machines and a couple of those have FF set's on them

3 weeks later
#2862 1 year ago
Quoted from jalpert:

Also don’t buy button protector guard rails, get the clear button protector guards if your worried about it.

The amount of artwork hidden by Lollipop rails is minor really and certainly not any of the main art. I'd prefer the rails over stick on guards that could quite likely damage the cab decal later on if or when needed to be removed

#2896 1 year ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Finally got to Can I Play with Madness! What a cool mode--hope it doesn't take me another 5 months to get back! It most likely will...

I did too last night, no bloody idea how i did it but it was very cool

#2939 1 year ago
Quoted from DrMark12PA:

Looking for opinions on lighted flipper buttons on the premium. I'm trying to decide on what color might complement the game best before PinballLife order.

I went with orange for my premium, plus changed the rails.

DSC03909 (resized).JPG
#2941 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

But that T-molding...ugh. Gotsta go with the light blue to class it up!

On the head? i was actually thinking about maybe going chrome. The guy who runs Pinballplating over your side of the pond offers Lollipop rails in chrome and also the back box brackets but i don't think he does the lock down bars for these later Sterns. Otherwise i would have gone for the full chrome look

#2943 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

So did you replace with chrome armor already

Nahhh i haven't but sure thought about doing it. Not being able to match with a chrome lock down bar put me off, using the standard black powder coated bar with chrome rails would look out of place. I kinda disagree about one colour too many although i understand where you are coming from with that thought. I think chrome works well on most machines as a neutrality between any colour cab decals and the play field art/translite art. For example : Fish Tales has a lot of orange/red on the cab but looks fantastic with some nice new chrome armor and lock down bar and brackets, especially the one i spotted that had matching chrome back box trim. The combo works with most B/W games to be honest. I'm just not a huge fan of powder coating everything but i must admit that some colours do match up very well on certain machines.

2 weeks later
#3075 11 months ago

This has most likely already been mentioned but at the end of my first game this evening i spotted a cool little animation of a figure walking through a forest being ghosted by Eddie (Eddie may have been the one in front?, didn't spot it right from the start) Now i thought it was because i had both flipper buttons pressed in at the time but i haven't been able to recreate it again. Anyone know the "secret"?

#3077 11 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

There are two animations for Fear of the dark. The one you seen doesnt come up very often but you can change it in the settings to where it will play like 25% of the time i believe.

The guy walking and being chased is Keith Elwin. He speeds up if you nail the spinner. Its an awesome animation and i wish it played it 100% of the time.

COOL!!, for some reason i thought it was after the end of game sequence.....well, before the Match animation anyway but it musn't have been.

#3125 11 months ago
Quoted from tilted81:

I like the stern lollipop rails for this... anyone got pics of some installed?

DSC03909 (resized).JPG
#3156 11 months ago

Added some mods in the past few days. I used a pico size rgb LED for the Clairvoyant globe and very fine wiring (normally used for Lego LED lighting). I did consider drilling the arm to hide the wires but there really isn't much room for error to do that so didn't try and risk it. If i can find a good colour match i'm intending to blend the wire into the blue of her cape at the back. I fully intended the globe to be lit all the time and not connected to the globe underneath, the RGB colour sequence wouldn't match anyway. Piece of mind Eddie isn't exactly where i wanted him but he was never going to fit where the original was, just too tall. I'll most likely adjust where the chains attach also as i have some small eye bolts coming which should look far neater.

Unfortunately my camera washed out the colours on the globe but you can spot the colour changes on the Clairvoyants face and upper torso. These pico leds are damn bright for their size!

DSC03942 (resized).JPGDSC03943 (resized).JPGDSC03944 (resized).JPGDSC03948 (resized).JPGDSC03947 (resized).JPG

#3176 11 months ago
Quoted from Gogdog:

That...actually is really good. Wait, did you add lights to the piece of mind eddie's eyes?

YEP although it's only 1 red LED not 2. The eye holes were drilled from the front to a center point in the back of the head with a smaller bit and then part drilled with a larger bit from the back to expand the hole enough to fit the LED. These figures are a weird consistency inside, more like rubber rather than the plastic i was expecting.

Quoted from Eskaybee:

If you can get that orb to light up only when Orb or Power jackpot are lit, it would be dope!

I thought about that but i only wanted to use 1 small LED for the colour change and to make the LED + Wiring as unobtrusive as possible. The colour change sequence in the led would never match the orb colour changes although yeah it would turn on at the same time. I still prefer to have it lit all the time, same with Eddie's eyes

Quoted from Shapeshifter:

How did you fix the clairvoyant to the plastic?

I used the same double sided tape that is used to attach side rails on machines, the figure is light and i didn't want to drill holes in the plastic. It's been rock solid so far and i haven't noticed any movement whilst nudging in play.

Quoted from dts:

Looks good! I tried that and found the effect is incredible if you sync it to the color dome underneath. Make a wiring harness for each color with .062 pin molex connectors, and then get each color individually in a nano or chip, R G B. I replaced the plastic bead, which is around 8mm, with a larger agate 12mm bead and the effect is phenomenal. I’m still experimenting with a single RGB chip like the one under the plastic, so this was my test subject. Syncing the colors makes gameplay much clearer and the target more fun. It’s also beautiful.

I hear what you are saying but i wanted to keep the whole figure as "neat" as possible. IMO i don't think it's necessary to game play to have the Clairvoyant globe match the orb underneath, personal choice

#3177 11 months ago

Just for reference here's a pic of the LED used in the Clairvoyant globe with a regular sized match for scale. The LED is inserted into the globe about halfway (facing forwards) with a small drop of superglue applied to the wires at the edge to keep it in place.

DSC03949 (resized).JPG
#3182 11 months ago
Quoted from dts:

That’s actually a situation where connecting the slow color changing RGB pico LED could look really cool if connected to the flasher or perhaps general illumination with alligator clips like mancave above. Lighthouse LEDs (see link) has great slow color changing and fast. But with the Pre or LE, I think it is worth the effort to sync the colors.

In my experience i've found that RGB LED's only work with a constant DC current, any fluctuation will cause the colour sequence to continually reset to the first colour in the chain (usually red) I'm not positive about this but i think a flasher circuit wouldn't be successful with an RGB. My Clairvoyant mod, Eddie eyes and my LED flipper buttons all run off 12V sourced from the bill validator connector behind the coin door (with a resistor added on the power wire of each of course) I also add small red RC connectors to any of my mods so the mods are easily removable wherever possible.

#3271 11 months ago
Quoted from Gogdog:

I'm not finding the pico slow changing RGB on lighthouseleds….did you get them somewhere else? I see the pico single color leds, and 3mm round top LEDs that I'll use for the spitfire guns, but not the RGB pico

Nahhh i found them on Ebay, supposedly a US seller but shipped from China they still turned up fairly quickly though.


Disregard the headphone emoji, link still works, just so happens that part of the link corresponded with the bloody emoji
Choose led type 0805, the smaller types aren't available in RGB and also 9-12V prewired, the rest of the choices are obvious.
I will add that i joined the wiring from another LED (cut off between the LED head and the resistor) so that the resistor attached was underneath the playfield. I'm a bit anal about trying to keep the wiring on mods as unseen and neat as i possibly can.

#3326 10 months ago

Loneliness of the short distance flipper is great too

#3328 10 months ago

My best game ever the other night, finally cracked into the billion club. On a side note, anyone heard any rumours about an update to the code? Seems a lot of Stern pins are receiving late year code love at the moment.

DSC03950 (resized).JPG

2 weeks later
#3473 10 months ago

It would be awesome to have a topper that's like the Stern one as far as overall looks go BUT have a 3D Eddie head inside the cockpit that moves side to side like the "reworked" Dalek head topper. That would look so cool I do agree though, suits the LE version alone.

#3484 10 months ago
Quoted from Alex_swe:

This game haunts me right now..
I really want to get a Premium, but then another game have to leave the collection

I have an AFM LE, Metallica Pro and a Monsterbash LE on the way.
Only have room for 3 games.

Leaning to sell AFM, but it is an awesome game

Just make space for a 4th machine

2 weeks later
#3705 9 months ago

New code and best score ever so far, finally got to 2 minutes to midnight mode also BUT duffed it not long after

DSC03967 (resized).JPG
2 weeks later
#3802 9 months ago
Quoted from Dantesmark:

Wierd thing.... my flippers work fine, but my top right one has a wierd clunk sound after the flipper sound. Havent opened it up yet but figured id ask if any1 else has heard of this?

Yeah my top right flipper has made the clunk sound straight out of the box, always on the release of the flipper too. I haven't had the chance to open the hood lately to suss it out but have been meaning to.

1 week later
#3902 8 months ago

Errrmmm can we get back to talking about our Iron Maiden pinnies? I don't give a rats scrotum about the LOTR machine, partly cause i don't own one and mostly cause this is the WRONG club thread

1 week later
#3930 8 months ago
Quoted from Ven:

I am sure you didn't mean anything by it but I wouldn't say he's a freak. He is just one hell of a pinball player

I think you will find that was said and meant in the Aussie vernacular! Not meant as a put down in the slightest, more a compliment!

#3984 8 months ago
Quoted from bigduke6:

Finally got Eddie straightened out. Forgot whose post the idea came from but thanks! It’s the only mod my sons immediately saw and screamed “Badass!”

Could have been me Before i even added my Neca figure to the machine i was thinking...... "Ohhhh yeahhh that will work"

2 weeks later
#4079 8 months ago
Quoted from rikity:

but I liked it so much I think i'm just going to get a new one.. at all costs. Because life owes me

You won't regret it, TOP game

1 month later
#4395 6 months ago

Anyone got the Pinball Life real knocker kit on their machine and know what the setting needs to be changed to? I seem to have misplaced the instruction sheet that came with the kit and the last time the pin was updated the setting reverted back to normal Geez i hate that digital screech, bloody shocking

#4403 6 months ago
Quoted from Maide:

I don't have it in-front of me, but it's the I believe it's the coin door accessory setting, set to ticket dispenser? It's definitely something set to the ticket dispenser setting..

I believe you can use the knocker test after you've set it, and it will fire your real knocker.

Found it and pretty close Adjustment 51 in standard adjustments. Coin meter > Knocker > Ticket Dispenser, set it to knocker and done. Cheers

#4405 6 months ago
Quoted from Maide:

Yes, that's the one. I reset mine by memory when I did the last update, I wonder if I have mine set wrong now...

I didn't even realise mine had stopped working, maybe i need to stop having bourbon whilst playing
I saw it match just recently and no delightful crack so that sussed me onto it
All good now

#4431 6 months ago
Quoted from mettle64:

Tried to represent some classics that lots of folks will recognize, so a track each from Super Mario World, Sonic 2, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Pokemon Red/Blue, Final Fantasy VI. My niece is a big Undertale fan, so there's a cover of Megalovania. The rest are from Persona 5, which is a pretty niche (and modern) game but the music is fantastic and the battle themes lend themselves well to pinball.

The full tracklist is on my other computer, but if there's interest I'm happy to include the specific covers I used.

Each to their own....BUT WTF??
I can't for the life of me imagine playing Maiden without hearing Maiden tunes!!
Would you buy a Beatles pin and use Eminem C-Rap?
I don't mean to start a tunes fight in this thread honest, just seems weird that someone would buy an Iron Maiden machine specifically and want to change all the music, makes no sense to me.

#4476 6 months ago
Quoted from Arcade:

Perhaps someone that does not live in California would order a strip of this stuff for $11.00 and see if it really works as advertised

At 4mm thick wouldn't that be a fairly tight fit between the cab side and the PF? Possibly tear/knock it off whenever you lift up to do some service? I like the idea though

#4480 6 months ago
Quoted from Arcade:

I was just thinking maybe a small piece could be put just below where the upper right flipper mech hangs down when playfield is at rest and maybe that would be enough to dampen most of the thumping sound.
It may even work on the very bottom of the cabinet side or even just laying in the bottom.
I may try it out sometime just for fun.

Been a little while since i've had the hood up on my machine so i can't visually recall the gap but is it possible to attach a small piece to the back of the mech bracket itself?

#4482 6 months ago
Quoted from Arcade:

I considered that possibility as well.
Certainly worth looking into.
Can’t hurt anything.

Ordered this >> https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DYNAMAT-XTREME-SPEAKER-KIT-SHEET-PACK-10415-SOUND-DEADENING-CAR-BODY-DOOR-10/400835417349?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

Very similar to what you linked but only about 1.1mm thick. Should have it tomorrow so when i get the chance later in the day i'll add a piece to the back of the mech (perhaps double up on it) and report back. Hopefully it will make a significant difference

#4493 6 months ago
Quoted from JMK:

if this ends up dampening the upper right flipper sound, would you mind posting a pic showing where you attached the deadening sheet?

I used a piece big enough to just wrap around the side edges of the mech bracket and slightly larger top to bottom so i could it fold over the top (which is clearing the flipper pawl despite how it looks in the pic) I then added a 2nd piece exactly the width of the bracket but folded about a 15mm length underneath.
Short answer.... it's made a difference. I would guesstimate a reduction in noise by about 20-25% although it's still noticeable. Having said that my focus would have been directly on the flipper noise alone so that accentuates it in your head if that makes sense and quite possibly was a better result than i realise. This particular product i used has a SUPER sticky backing so adding some to the cab side in my opinion is not an option, removing it later down the track would most definitely take some paint off!!
If anyone plans on doing something similar, i would just say don't expect to completely cut the noise out, i don't think that will be possible to accomplish.
After a few test games my thoughts were that it's definitely "taken the edge off" and perhaps changed the tone to less of a wood knocking sound <<<< most likely the crappest description on Pinside but that's the first thing that came to mind
DSC04143 (resized).JPGDSC04144 (resized).JPG

#4502 6 months ago
Quoted from Arcade:

Thanks for posting the results and photos

Quoted from JMK:

Thanks for posting the pics. I don't have the same product on hand but will give this a shot as well with something similar or deadening foam.

No worries at all I've been thinking about this today at work and whether there's a better way to go about this. One idea i was toying with was to create a "barrier", probably out of thin acrylic sheet (say 2mm) that could screw onto the bottom of the PF, perhaps using the existing rail screws to attach it with. This would sit parallel with the edge of the PF but not flush with the edge, so basically as close to the mech as physically possible and then use the Dynamat sound deadening on both sides of the acrylic sheet. I would make the acrylic sheet perhaps 30cm long (depends where the rail screws are situated) so it may be much more effective having that larger surface area to block the sound. As mentioned before i'm not keen to attach a piece of the Dynamat to the cab sides cause i'm damn sure it would wreck the paint if removed. Ideas???

3 weeks later
#4679 5 months ago
Quoted from dtown:

What two Maiden songs would you ask for?

Holy Smoke!
Bring your daughter to the slaughter!

3 weeks later
#4815 4 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

In the club

Congrats on the Pro with a Premium translite? awesome game Left handed drinker??

#4859 4 months ago
Quoted from Rat:

Are there any people here who found theirs was easy to set up and play and does not require constant adjustment?

Also are people happy with the quality of these games? or are there some issues like in previous recent releases such as ghosting inserts and other playfield and build quality issues?

I have just sold the pin that is going to fund my next purchase, still unsure on IM I really don't want to buy into trouble and headaches.

I haven't had any issues with my Premium as far as either Newton balls or the Sarcophagus lock are concerned nor have i had much issue with the auto ball launch, still works at least 90% of the time which i think is in acceptable parameters. I've had more failures with the manual ball launch, as far as not making it around the loop but after a bit of adjustment and putting on my own Eddie head shooter rod that's much better. Perhaps i haven't put in as many games, in 9 months since purchase like some of the guys in the club (last time i looked it was 575 games) but certainly haven't noticed any playfield issues so far. This is my first NIB Stern so definitely can't comment on past build quality or comparisons but so far the machine has been solid. Mine, like a lot of the Aussie delivered machines, weren't first machines off the rank as far as i'm aware and already had the wing type leg bolt mounts inside and also had the pointed newton ball shaft already in it. I LOVE the game, just so much fun to play + i LOVE Iron Maiden songs so that's a double bonus in my book

1 week later
#4935 4 months ago
Quoted from HC2016:

I’ve found with many years of playing , once you have learn the shot it comes easy every time ... it’s probably me , who knows , but squeezing thru those bumpers seems like luck to me , not skill

Must admit i found it hard when i first got my machine but over time it's gotten "easier" Sometimes you can gauge the shot by watching where the ball is on the right flipper before activating. I would call backhand shots, left flipper-left ramp, right flipper-right ramp more in the the luck category though

1 week later
#5004 3 months ago
Quoted from Redketchup:

What your opinion, do you like it

I'll be honest, it's not blowing my hair back...... having said that it absolutely doesn't matter what i or anyone else thinks of the colour, main thing is that YOU like it I'm wondering if the colour differences between the photos is more the camera and the angles the shots are taken from which is directly due to where the light is coming from in relation to the camera itself. I take photos of a lot of my Cymbidium Orchids (yeah go figure, the metal loving pinny head digs flowers too ) and the colours in the photos can quite often be totally different than the reality, all down to the amount/lack of light and the angle of the shot.

1 week later
#5042 3 months ago
Quoted from mjruser:

I only had to change the auto plunge so it would make the loop, too strong and it hits the lower post on our machine.

Feature #78 set to 220 now

Although i wasn't have as much issue with the auto plunge as i had been with manual plunge this has made a big difference i must say. Anyone having issues with the auto plunge try THIS first before moving the ball guide, changing this changing that, waxing on waxing off etc etc At least you can always change the setting back to where you had it if there's no change to the problem. Worked for me and i hadn't tried any of the other suggestions that have been made in this thread

1 week later
#5081 3 months ago
Quoted from Supersquid:

I got them through Pinball Life

Me too but i haven't added them as yet.

1 week later
#5179 3 months ago
Quoted from BobC:

Anyways, the stem was off center and that top part seemed to slide around? So I centered it.
Now the right flipper no longer triggers the orb...the left one does LOL

Going off your description i would guess that your switch stack screws could perhaps be loose, usually the spoon part of the switch shouldn't move around very much at all. Different flipper same issue though

1 week later
#5278 84 days ago
Quoted from RA77:

Mine is bubbled and wrinkled
How hard is it to remove ?
Im worried about the art coming off with it?
Not that it really matters, you can't see that spot anyway

If you get one from AMD, let me know please as may need to enquire about one myself.

2 weeks later
#5412 63 days ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Anyone have any luck getting this installed without taking out the ball guides?

It was a little tricky to get in and took some extra patience for sure but i managed mine. I followed the same vid guide i believe.

#5414 63 days ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

How the heck did you get it under the guides that stick out and direct the ball to the hole?

They are pretty much flush to the pf.

Think i backed off the screws to the guides a little bit from memory, not all of them, just the couple that are at the back. This definitely helped but it still took me a while to pop the protector in there. This being my first NIB i was being super bloody careful not to scratch the PF with the edges of the Cliffy.

1 month later
#5610 22 days ago

Has there be any whispers for when the next code update is coming?? Seemed to be some stirring a while back but nothing happened

#5645 17 days ago
Quoted from Oxidus:

Unfortunately, Eddie is too big for the sanatorium area

He sure is!!! had to place mine in a similar area

1 week later
#5663 5 days ago

I did spot these but the design doesn't really blow what's left of my hair back. My thoughts are that despite being heavier vinyl decals, in those particularly extra heavy traffic areas the decals won't last the punishment.

#5667 5 days ago
Quoted from Gogdog:

I also like the look of plian metal ramps too. Metal ramps are an upgrade over plastic ones so leave the stickers for trying to cover up plastic.

Yep, totally agree!! And it's also relevant to mention that the decals on plastic ramps are underneath the ramp for a reason

#5704 1 day ago
Quoted from Kawydud:

They go on the flipper assembly, rubber stop for the linkage.

Would that not make the flipper sit a bit higher up though? as the linkage wouldn't be going back as far as the flat bump stops?

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