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Up the Irons - Stern Iron Maiden Owners and True Fans Club!

By AlexSMendes

1 year ago

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#21 1 year ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

I'm antecipating this sort of animation for the LCD screen. Sad to say I'm not too fond of it....
» YouTube video

Never played it, not biggest fan either, but I think yer right. Prob gonna be looking like that. With that said, I think I'm ok with that. We don't play the LCD, right? Gimmie 4 flippers, lots a beer, and crank those speakers till they bleed!

#31 1 year ago

Just put down my 48 hr refundable deposit with JJ (like I'll be gettin a refund lol). Not to light a fire under anyone's ass but was just told majority of LE's going overseas (surprise surprise) and Maiden themselves are taking 50!

#35 1 year ago

KISS did the same thing (member that debacle?!) but I seriously doubt if Steve and co. are gonna try to wrench every last farthing outta their loyal fans hands like Gene tried to.
Just a wild guess...but between the 15 members of Maiden, everybody's got a cousin that wants one.

#37 1 year ago

Same here, but I doubt I'll switch. Dream theme.

#38 1 year ago

Hey Alex, I'm glad it was you that started this club. I mean, yer an asshole sometimes, but who isn't? Absolutely fitting and perfect that a loyal fan from South America started this thread. Cheers my dude and UP THE FUCKIN IRONZZZ!

#40 1 year ago

In this house I have declared it "Iron Maiden Week". We've got a 10-1 Maiden to Napalm Death going on the stereo at this point. Tomorrow's numbers should be a little higher.
20180326_135331 (resized).jpg

#44 1 year ago

This one was a strong contender too. Tomorrow's selfie will be at the gym with me being crushed by a 275 lb bench press.
20180326_135336 (resized).jpg

#45 1 year ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Hey, I thought it was the norm here on pinside

220px-Norm_Peterson_drinks_beer (resized).jpg

#46 1 year ago

Wow. Did I really just post 2 stupid pics then actually used the word "selfie" in a thread?!?! Alex please fly up here stat and slap the FUCKIN SHIT OUTTA ME. Apologies... I'm a little over-excited. Like JoJo the idiot circus boy with a pretty new pet.

#47 1 year ago


#48 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballcorpse:

You can play IM's Rime of the Ancient Mariner and ND's You Suffer to balance out your listening time

I'll be honest (always am)....I didn't immediately recognize that ND track so I looked through the ole iPod and yup, there it was, in all of its 6 second glory. Well played Corpse.

#49 1 year ago

Been listening to Apex Predator a lot lately, which was actually sent to me by a Pinsider.
Thanks Jewboyflowerhead!

#54 1 year ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

The good thing is as long as the playfield looks decent the backglass is easily changed and the music as well so as long as the pin is fun to play and they develope quality code then the rest can be repaired. I have a feeling alt translites will be a big part of this game and the modders out there ain't stupid, I already know the songs I want so I don't care what Stern does really. I can't see Z Yeti creating bad art for an IrM pin but who knows. Tomorow.


#56 1 year ago

JJ at Game Exchange in Denver.

#65 1 year ago
Quoted from oopsallberrys:

As soon as I saw the reveal, I hit up JJ at GEX and he added the link for preorder to his site. Looks like he is sold out now.
I told my wife that I wanted two more machines: Orbitor 1 and if they ever made an Iron Maiden pin. Picked up Orbitor 1 last year and here we are with Maiden!

He didn't have nearly as many as I thought he would. Lotta Stern dealers.

#70 1 year ago
Quoted from Krakatoa:

Reserved an LE this afternoon.

Paul Revere Eddie is so b'dass and also the Framingham jail is one of this nation's finest jails.

#73 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

(do you really want to hurt me)

Why yes, I do.

#74 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

The code will be like not right

Like pm me about it! Delish!

#77 1 year ago

6fa3376e0871151deebf879ba6a8a188 (resized).jpg

#78 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

I see no one has this game on wishlist. It not out yet

Aarghhh. Ahhhrgreed.

#80 1 year ago


#84 1 year ago

So it's gonna be IMLOB?
That was this guys top pick...
6fa3376e0871151deebf879ba6a8a188 (resized).jpg

#89 1 year ago

Lil birdie told me there's gonna be some new letters on the backbox that spell JBL.

#99 1 year ago

Still speechless. WOW.
$8795 is hard to swallow, but you only live once right? Fuck it....
Also, I already paid yesterday.

#104 1 year ago

I'm comforting myself and my wallet by acknowledging that I would AT LEAST be in for a premium. So at that point,...what's $1500 more? I'm locked in for my LE and honestly couldn't be more goddamn giddy about frivolously tossing around huge wads of cash on a toy.

#107 1 year ago
Quoted from Dr-Willy:

Think about it this way, people who paid 10k for their B66 didnt get a foil cabinet.

Thanks Doc, that actually does make me feel better. It hurts a little, but I'M NOT ALONE.

#140 1 year ago

Will admit I'm surprised/wee bit sad that the Evil That Men Do didn't make it. I knew my other bestest on that lp the Clairvoyant wasn't gonna make it but was hopin on that too.
Pinball Browser will make this one. And nobody that ever comes to my house will ever even know cause they don't give a shit about Iron Maiden or pinball. Losers.

#156 1 year ago

Lol just saw that Alex got a 7 day boot from his own thread.
Metal af.

#157 1 year ago

The bus ride to the Stern party was my 2016 Expo highlight. NE assholes wouldn't stop yammerin though.
20161014_184203 (resized).jpg

#169 1 year ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Official Owner's club?

*raises hand*

#192 1 year ago

Holy shit I just realized....what if this has live versions switch like ACDC...but actually playable tracks? Oh man. At this point I'm beggars can't be choosers but like Brian Wilson, wouldn't it be nice?

#193 1 year ago

From Stern's initial post:
"The Iron Maiden pinball machines aim to reflect the same excitement, energy, and experience of a live Iron Maiden concert."
Horns crossed.

#194 1 year ago

"The state-of-the-art electronic system also powers a high-fidelity 3-channel audio system that is three times more powerful than audio systems of previous generations."

#198 1 year ago

You mfers are in the wrong thread.
And ffs, it's not like it's slim pickins.

#250 1 year ago

I like shakers, but I'm pretty sure having it full blast contributed to my Mustang cab cracking. I dialed my Red Tremor in MET down to minimal....so far so good.

#270 1 year ago

50 sec clip of his intro on Where Eagles Dare pretty snazzy in his golden years still.

#291 1 year ago

All I know is I've been wishin and waitin for 4+ years now, have never bought a nib or an LE, so yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and proclaim myself a motherfuckin owner. Dee Bow don't you trim yer lady lumberjack's beard on Wednesdays? Just surprised you have time to post with that big job.

#310 1 year ago

Dee Bow with the crickets vid had me laughin in public. Well played.

#311 1 year ago

Also, this machine is exactly the droids you all have been looking for.
Home. Motherfuckin. Run. So many different shots I couldn't keep track. Obviously need more time but I seriously believe strong af candidate for best modern Stern, like, ever. Seriously the sweetest layout in years.

#332 1 year ago

Be quick or be dead!

#337 1 year ago

Congratulations Hougie. Like Ronald McDonald I know yer lovin it.

#367 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeTangoIndia:

Yeah when you are really sucking and not making any shots, Bruce Dickinson could have started calling you out and telling security to get you the fuck off the machine!! Lolol. GET HIM OUT OF HERE!!

At one of their rare stops in IN (I usually have to go to Chicago to see em) in 2012, Bruce did stop mid song and proceeded to rip into some douchebag that was on his phone. It was hilarious. Last tour I was 3rd row next to some phone douchebags myself. Kept falling into them; was really weird....

1 week later
#471 1 year ago

Law not sure if you heard but Maiden is kinda a big deal in Mexican speaking countries.
31417116_10155272779312051_3566381537332335427_n (resized).jpg
Maiden fb pic o the day where they speak the Norway (couple fans there too I reckon).

#472 1 year ago

Anybody find any hidden live tracks yet? Yeah wishful thinking got me where I am today.

#495 1 year ago

En Vivo was recorded in Santiago. They have a lot of stellar live albums, but I really like that one. The crowd is BONKERS.
I thought Maiden WAS their religion.

#519 1 year ago

CD's are dead? Just acquired this one...its speedy...like Bruce in Bogata.
20180430_154324 (resized).jpg
20180430_154334 (resized).jpg

#535 1 year ago
Quoted from Jackontherocks:

Never seen tha one Available but I do have the single live cut with Infinite Dreams that I want them to play on this next tour

Yeah when I saw Infinite Dreams on there (+ Killers and Sanctuary) I had to have. It's a killer double cd I recommend highly.

#586 1 year ago

Anyone make any custom cards yet?
Since we have plenty of Eddies, I think some hairy chested band member ones would be great!
Just kiddin....you can never have enough Eddies.

#593 1 year ago

Black nickel.

#600 1 year ago

Look. Have any of you assholes ever rode in the back of an ambulance to the PL party with Lermods?
No? Ok then. Just asking.

#677 1 year ago

Hey! Amy with ASI Shipping! Thanks for calling when I was at the gym this morning and then promptly leaving your desk for the rest of the fucking day.
Tomorrow15-ProfileImage (resized).jpg

#687 1 year ago

I should not be nervous about the most money I've ever spent on a toy.
Goddamit. Sorry dude.

#745 1 year ago

anigif_enhanced-buzz-32466-1361920516-6 (resized).png

#759 1 year ago

Today's the day! Not gonna lie...my excitement has been slightly overtaken with concern. I'm not a gambler. The one thing that gives me reassurance is this community, and some of the friends I've made here. That and KMFE.
We'll get er right.

#767 1 year ago

Unboxing yeah baby!
20180510_223230 (resized).jpg
20180510_223645 (resized).jpg

#768 1 year ago

20180511_133343 (resized).jpg

#769 1 year ago

Slight crack, not even sure I would call it a crack, as it looks like the glue just didn't set, on bottom front left corner. Not a big enough deal to refuse, as everything else looks ok (thus far)
My boy Bud on way to show me how to dial er in good.
20180511_134200 (resized).jpg

#770 1 year ago

It actually looks worse in that pic than it does irl.

#778 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

More pics please Gryszzz!!

You got it buddy!
20180511_151843 (resized).jpg

#785 1 year ago

Me today:
mpejh (resized).jpg
Blown. The fuck. Away.

#786 1 year ago

These speakers are KILLERS.

#788 1 year ago

First thing I noticed and absolutely fuckin love is when you start a game you can pick a track, you're pretty much in attract mode jukebox wise, but you can start game when you want and track keeps playing. Nice. Very nice.

#817 1 year ago

--overheard recently

20180511_134618 (resized).jpg
Never unboxed a machine.

#818 1 year ago

Sure did. While Billy John delivery boy wonder was standing right there. Before I sign shit I'm lookin so hold up Billy.
My delivery was perfect I must say.
Thanks JJ!
20180511_153305 (resized).jpg
20180511_153350 (resized).jpg

#819 1 year ago

20180511_155151 (resized).jpg
20180511_165931 (resized).jpg

#820 1 year ago

Flick of the switch.
IMG_36091 (resized).jpg

#846 1 year ago
Quoted from davijc02:

Not a Maiden fan

Quoted from davijc02:

gryszzz is a fellow Hoosier permitted to come play your badass machine at some point?


#848 1 year ago

Haha. Everyone's invited over to play it. Come on down.

#849 1 year ago

Tuna I anguished over that sale. Can't say I miss it though. I mean, I have a SFII, so there's that.

#850 1 year ago

Does anybody remember that guy that made those clear cabinet protectors? Not for the legs, the ones that go over the cab art...like aunt Hilda's sofas and shit. Think I wanna slap some on with a 2 yr old wreaking havoc all over my house.
I did a forum search but all that pops up are the leg cab protectors.

#853 1 year ago

I love both of those tracks man but how would you change/add song selection graphics?
Kinda sad but I don't think Stern will ever add any more tracks. I think they might/probably will do a live track selection a la ACDC eventually. I hope.

#857 1 year ago

When I saw the track listing, I immediately thought, this is pretty much Live After Death, their most beloved live record, and well deserved.

#859 1 year ago

Talon I'm sorry brother I just remembered we met at Chicago Expo right? We've met. And that was awesome.

#860 1 year ago

Will report that tonight playing at quiter volume no cracking. Didn't think it was clipping but apparently it was.

#861 1 year ago

Still, I should be able to play on 11 and expect perfection. High hopes.

#895 1 year ago

I'm still playing .94. Figured I'd get about 100 games on it before I update, so I can appreciate all the new stuff. Is it that big of a difference? Did I read someone saying it improved speaker clipping? How is that possible? Do I have any more dumb questions? Yes, I do, but I'm on my first drink. Give it a minute

#903 1 year ago

Wow. I've had zero problems with ball getting all the way around on sss. The red GI is killin me. Gotta go.
Speakers still clipping at 35 and higher. I'm startin to get agitated with it.

#931 1 year ago

Dimebag Doggo.

#957 1 year ago

So today the song chose itself, then flippers were scoring points. Then points just started adding on their own. Checked leaf switches, they all seem fine. Any ideas?

#965 1 year ago

Thanks for the responses guys. Working on it.

#971 1 year ago

Haha! That bike is b'dass!!!
Good news--adjusted that orb leaf and captive ball switches out slightly and that *seems* to have worked. Since Pinball is Great is here tonight I really appreciate the help guys. We're crankin on this bitch!

#990 1 year ago

Anybody make any b'dass custom cards yet?
I actually need a set for MET, ACDC, and Maiden. Not a big deal (obviously), but gettin a little tired of the bright yellow stock ones.

#994 1 year ago

Thanks buddy!

#1000 1 year ago

Thank you much my AZ iron homie. I never cared too much for the MET ones I've seen, but those are killer.

#1001 1 year ago

Well goddamn, it took me an entire week but I finally hit 3 ramps in a row on Icarus. These ramps ain't no joke. Haven't called JJ about speakers yet but looks like I'm gonna have to.

#1002 1 year ago

A little sad my bayou buddy Pinball is Great can't make our 3rd Indy 500 in a row. I have clearly stumbled on his priority list. What a dick.
20180517_222850 (resized).jpg

#1018 1 year ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

First finally put up a decent score (for an idiot like me at least).

Mr. Deez can't wait for the glass on score! Good job though champ!

#1019 1 year ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Update my LE from 0.94 to 0.97 last night. Initially it powered up OK after the update last night and today, but recently powered it on and received a Node board 10 error. I’ve reseated the Ethernet cables on the board and the boards it connects to, and also did a full reinstall of the code with the same result.
Any ideas on how to further test? Node board 10 is just the rotating beacon which definitely isn’t working in this state, but was working previously.

See shit like this makes me hesitant to update. I'm ok with .94. For now. Good luck bud.

#1024 1 year ago

Just had my best game yet. On ball 3, just lit 2x scoring with 199m. Get my 3rd ball in secret passage and the motherfucker stays there till ball search and misses the lock, falls into the orbit. Goddamnit.
I'm still on .94....wondering if I should update. These node board shenanigans got me all nervous Nellie.
Good game for ole bumblefingers.
20180520_193414(1) (resized).jpg

#1027 1 year ago

I wanted call outs lower so at 40 attenuated and volume at 45 I heard pretty much none, only music (not really correct I'm guessing). Coincidentally, I heard no clipping. The cannon that goes off still goes off and clips so I'm guessing this is more speech and fx than music.

#1031 1 year ago


#1047 1 year ago

New tour kicks off Sat in uh, Estonia. Stoked for this set list.

#1051 1 year ago

Alex been MIA for awhile. Hope the cartels didn't get him. Or the Columbian cocoa.
OP come out come out wherever you are.

#1058 1 year ago

Guess I better get to practicing...
*hangs head, kicks rocks*

#1070 1 year ago


#1071 1 year ago

I'm thinking Infinite Dreams for sure, maybe some from D'ianno years that we've never heard. Maybe Sea of Madness?!
REALLY stoked for this set list.

#1077 1 year ago

Still on .94. Guess I'll blow a node board or two tonight lolz.

#1086 1 year ago

Oh shit you mf's are killin me haha

#1087 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Jeez just DL'd .97 yesterday


#1088 1 year ago


#1099 1 year ago
Quoted from Fytr:

I picked up my LE yesterday!
I was wondering how durable the foil decals on the cabinet are? I have a puppy who sometimes gets excited when people play pinball and will jump up and put his front paws on the bottom of the cabinet. Doesn't harm normal decals (he's not a large dog) but was wondering if the foil ones on the LE might be more delicate?

I have heard that they are more delicate than regular decals (i.e.: they scratch easier). There was a guy on here who was making clear cabinet protectors for cab art that I can't find now. I would def buy a set if/when we can find him. My first LE, can't be too cautious!

#1102 1 year ago
Quoted from xeneize:

gryszzz The gent that offered the cabinet protectors is hankscorpio
I can vouch for him - great seller and killer product. I would think these would be a must for IMDN LE if the decals are fragile.


#1108 1 year ago

I haven't changed my red GI yet cause
--I'm lazy
--I do like the Fear of the Dark mode lighting.
But red Eddie ain't so hot.

#1111 1 year ago

Well where else would I look?
Nowhere. That's where.

#1119 1 year ago

Mine has been working fine last 3 days. Prob because I haven't locked 3 balls in sarcophagus again.
Anyone install 2 extra spotlights on slings yet? I'm ready to, but concerned about overloading since it's Spike. Valid concern?
Happy Memorial Day weekend Maiden maniacs! New "classics" tour kicks off tonight!

#1120 1 year ago
Quoted from imharrow:

I was thinking about this a bit. What if it was a white light, with a red light tube like at the back on fireball. Maybe you could illuminate white up, and red out.

This is a cool idea. Don't believe I've seen bi-colored leds. Sounds like a perfect solution though.

#1122 1 year ago

Eddie is ready
33532239_10155332837557051_1382520994438053888_o (resized).jpg

#1149 1 year ago

DAMN Tatman! Sweeeeet!

#1153 1 year ago

Wow. Orange and gold. Two colors I would th8nk would never look good on armor. I'm wrong. Nice Lermods! That gold will look sick on the premium!

#1155 1 year ago

Helsinki last night
33899717_10155337630537051_2939414813530390528_o (resized).jpg

#1196 1 year ago

Question for you guys....I'm noticing A LOT of scratches on my pf. I've never had a new machine. I keep looking at MET and ACDC and can kinda see them, but looks like they've blended together. My OCD is kicking in about this so I replaced the Ninja balls and they were already knicked up! Wtf?
Is this normal for a brand new pf? The scratches aren't into the clear, no ridges or anything, but they bug the shit outta me!

#1198 1 year ago

I've tried, my $100 phone won't pick up the minute details. Looks like I answered my own question.
Up the irons!

#1199 1 year ago

Maiden is my only machine under a light. I've noticed with it off, much less noticeable.
Under the light, they are very noticeable. Hard to take pic of though.
20180531_201145 (resized).jpg
20180531_201334 (resized).jpg

#1202 1 year ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

I had some but they wiped off. I put a light coat of was which helps also.

A light coat OF WHAT JEFF???

#1246 1 year ago
Quoted from flashburn:

Nooooo! Now I'm going to have nightmares!

Is this the premium in Louisville?
Don't worry dude it's not really "on the docks" like that LET'S PARTY flyer said.
Jim Bob pushed that shit over now it's in the dock.

#1266 1 year ago
Quoted from flashburn:

I scheduled the delivery for my Premium, but talk about a clusterfuck. I got a text message saying to call R+L to schedule delivery for either this Thursday or Friday. I call and they offer Saturday at first, then Friday, which I agree to. Then I called back to see if delivering earlier on Thursday was a possibility, and they are like "Thursday the 14th?". Then say that they don't expect to actually get it until the 11th now. She put me on hold for a bit, then got back to me and said that she can put it in for this Thursday, but since they haven't gotten it yet, they can't guarantee it will actually happen. What ever happened to "3 days transit time"? Seems like all of these freight shippers are garbage.

#1267 1 year ago

Lol. Dude I'm not singling you out. You just got the best stories.

#1279 1 year ago

Bruce gonna be on the Tonight Show?
34102363_10155339258532051_136211146876125184_o (resized).jpg
441938BD00000578-4869272-image-a-111_1505007347928 (resized).jpg

#1289 1 year ago

Little elves been hard at work!
V1.00.0 - June 6, 2018
- Run to the Hills - ultra wizard mode added
- Skill Shot - added Super Secret Skill shots
- Super Slings - added a total screen when the ball ends
- Loop Jackpots - added a total screen when the ball ends / loop jackpot timer expires
- Mummy Multiball - Mummy Super Jackpots are now showing the total multiplier for level 2 jackpots not just the bullseye multiplier
- Hallowed be thy Name - decrease the final escape shot from 15M to 10M
- Fear of the Dark - right spinner will not end the lit spinner phase until 2 seconds after the last shot was made
- Trooper Locks - fixed an issue where lock would sometimes trigger when a ball is released from the Tomb to the playfield
- Two Minutes to Midnight - fixed an issue where you could be awarded the left spinner jackpot twice if it was the last shot lit
- Two Minutes to Midnight - fixed an issue where the outlane drain speech is heard when the ball saver is active
- Cyborg Multiball - added intro sound effect when mode title is displayed
- Cyborg Multiball - added audible timer to single ball play timer
- Eddie Cards - added speech for level 2 Eddie card collection
- Eddie Cards - fixed an issue where lighting the Cyborg Eddie card last would allow you to start the Number of the Beast before Cyborg Multiball
- Eddie Cards - fixed an issue if you lost to the Beast you couldn't re-light the Mummy Eddie card
- Tomb Award - the 50M point award now also awards a random level 2 Eddie card
- Sarcophagus Lock - improved sarcophagus lock handling
- Sarcophagus Lock - now unloads any balls on game startup
- Sarcophagus Lock - added instructional text to display effect
- Guardian Diverter - light show has been improved when opening / closing
- Guardian Diverter - fixed an issue where the light in the tomb passage would be dark when locking a ball in Mummy Muliball
- Guardian Diverter - door closing sound is now in sync with the mech
- Center Up / Down Ramp - when battle is lit, the ramp will now move down and back up during a ball search to free any balls
- Multiplayer - added additional Beast callout variations when "Player X - You're Up" speech happens
- RGB Beacon Light Shows - added mainplay background effect
- RGB Beacon Light Shows - added madness mode background effect
- RGB Beacon Light Shows - added skill shot awarded effect
- RGB Beacon Light Shows - all mode shots are now highlighted on the beacon with the same color that the RGB arrow was for the shot made
- RGB Beacon Light Shows - fixed an issue where the beacon background light effect was still running when completing the mode
- Playfield Validation - served balls to the shooter lane will now autoplunge when playfield is invalid after first skill shot attempt
- Audits - added all tomb award levels
- Audits - added for Number of the Beast mode
- Improved stability
- System - Updated to V2.03
- DIAG->NODE->COMM test would occasionally falsely report address collisions, this has been corrected.
- Adjustment Changes:
- 'EXTRA BALL/POWER SHOTS COMPLETE' - now allows 'NO EXTRA BALLS' as a minimum, and 5 as a maximum
- added 'LOOPS TO AWARD EXTRA BALL' - awards extra ball when loop number is met, can be set to 'NO EXTRA BALLS', defaults to 50
- added 'MODE START SCOOP SENSITIVITY' - INSTANT - (default) mode starts when scoop switch is first detected, or SETTLE - mode starts after ball settles in scoop
- added 'MADNESS MODE ENABLED' - YES - (default) Can I Play with Madness mode will play for the tomb award, or NO, you will get 15M Power Jackpot boost for the tomb award

#1324 1 year ago

Good question man. I haven't updated yet. For those that have, is there an attract mode yet?
In .94 there is none.
Great idea too. I mean, that track absolutely belongs on here somewhere. Attract mode would be perfect.

#1325 1 year ago
Quoted from toymin80r:

As a huge Iron Maiden fan, I never really enjoyed listening to Can I Play with Madness and, to a lesser extent, Flight of Icarus. So I spent a good amount of time these past couple of days editing two replacement songs for these tracks. I still wanted the songs to match each mode's theme and I'm extremely happy with the way they turned out.
(The following comments refer to code 1.00):
- Can I Play with Madness (Script 0x330) is replaced with Sea of Madness (at 130% volume).
- Flight of Icarus (Script 0x34D) is replaced with Be Quick or Be Dead (at 150% volume).
- (Incomplete) Wasted Years will be replaced with Caught Somewhere in Time (to better match Cyborg Multiball). It'll probably be a while until I finish this edit... At least Wasted Years isn't bad - I just think CSiT is better.
Obviously, I had to alter the arrangements of these tracks to compensate for the timing differences, but most of it was just splicing the sound at the right places. I also used the remastered versions of each song (after buying/downloading off of Amazon Music), so you need to adjust the volume settings to match the existing tracks (see the comments above for the appropriate volume levels when importing into Pinball Browser).
The last thing worth noting is that I have not bothered to create a sound loop for the pre-plunge track that's played whenever "select a song" is disabled in the system settings... I just don't have time for that right now.
Because of licensing issues and whatnot, I don't think I can post a link to these replacement tracks, but feel free to PM me if you're interested in trying them out. You'll still need Pinball Browser to access and edit the sound files - I'm only sharing the replacement files themselves.

CIPWM is one of my lesser favorites as well, but this machine actually has me liking it more. Somewhere in Time on here would be fantastic.

#1327 1 year ago
Quoted from tryton1000:

I think I found a bug. If you start a 2 player game and on the second player ball, if your going thru the song list it will go into ball search and shoot out your ball. Can anyone confirm? I have a premium with 1.0 code

Orb switch? Good place to start. Probably not gapped correctly anyhow.

#1340 1 year ago

haha this machine IS just that good.

1 week later
#1443 1 year ago

Not to tell anyone how to parent, but yer boy looks pretty sunburnt. Maybe up the spf a little?
Up the spf and UP THE IRONS!

#1444 1 year ago

Last weekend I watched Violent Steve backhand the left ramp and I've been in hot pursuit ever since. Finally nailed one. Also had my first auto plunge brick off the post during Trooper. Not too concerned...yet. So stoked that team KMFE got some of the clipping issues sorted out....UUUGGE difference in sound now.
Damn I love this machine.

2 weeks later
#1656 1 year ago

Makes sense to me. Some pros play faster for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they're "de-cluttered", so the ball has less stop-and-go. Think about it...
MET pro--faster
ACDC pro--faster
I don't have enough time on other pros to compare but I'm sure there are more.
If I wasn't such a Maiden nerd, I woulda def went pro.

#1659 1 year ago

I hear ya. I think I'm gonna trade my ACDC for an AFMr. It's one of the few pins that I can't stop playing once I start. Want one bad.

#1668 1 year ago

And there is my life up there..glass half full next to a glass half empty.
But we switch for entertainment purposes.

#1691 1 year ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

its like saying brunette playmates are better than blonde playmates. I still think everyone is still a winner here

Let's not leave out the always effervescent, beautiful redheads now. Good golly I get weak in the knees.
110afbc74675b917dbf28d0860522cff (resized).png

#1709 1 year ago

One more.
I hear Eddie Money. Bass playing rivals Steve Harris so on topic.
9HbzV1S (resized).jpg

#1710 1 year ago

These suck ass Maiden scores are our's to see.

#1712 1 year ago

No. You. I'm gonna keep posting so maybe she'll see this and marry me.
My fiancee here loves the Iron Maiden.
312full (resized).jpg

#1731 1 year ago

I have 2 sheets of PDI. Some people think it's a waste but next to a machine w regular glass it's freakin amazing. For a grail game it's absolutely worth it. Problem is, then you want it on ALL yer machines.
Honestly, I'm having a hard time telling any difference between the PDI and the Stern. PDI might be slightly clearer, but not by much.
Also, the PDI is what lands me hot redheads, so I've got that goin for me.

#1734 1 year ago

Nope. P. D. I.

#1735 1 year ago

My buddy had the Invisiglass on his WOZ. I always thought it looked terrible compared to PDI. But Stern seems to have hit the mark.

#1741 1 year ago
Quoted from grh450:

Another slight change to my Pro

I don't see no Harley in that pic. Fake af.

#1765 1 year ago

Hear the mandrake scream!

#1833 1 year ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Has anyone figured out how this sequence is triggered? I miss seeing Keith run for his life.

I caught it the other night too, easily my favorite mode with KMFE on screen.

#1835 1 year ago

Not $300 interested.

2 weeks later
#2005 1 year ago

Congrats buddy! B/W brackets are awesome. Has Uncle Gary finally come to his senses? Hope so.

#2029 1 year ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

It definitely does. If you decide to buy after market, don't buy stern or the original invisiglass. The other, third brand, is way better. The name escapes me, but I have all three brands and Stern's is not as good.

It's PDI, and it is the best. But my eyes are struggling to see a big difference between that and the Stern. JJP being third for me, noticeably not as clear.
Timebandit I need some spotlights like that pronto. Did you just wire them into the flashers? A quick "how-to" would be awful sweet of ya.
Terry did ya get any sleep last night lol?

#2034 1 year ago

Guys....buy a $5 bent plastic and problem pretty much solved. I have my bb dimmed to like 25% and it's great. Not sure how much of that is the Stern fancy glass, I'm guessin that's part of it.

#2036 1 year ago

I'm not seeing the Beatles and pinball either. But I will try to refrain from shitting on someone's dream theme. Until the reveal.

#2072 1 year ago

Data_intoxicated (resized).jpg

#2073 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing the spotlight tips TB. Bought the lamps but Marco sold out of wiring.

2 weeks later
#2219 1 year ago
Quoted from Gov:

"B) Super Skill Shot
Hold the left flipper and full plunge. The ball should roll back down to the upper left flipper. Shoot the Super Jackpot shot for 5M, a lit Playfield Multiplier, and a 10 seconds ball saver."
This does not happen on mine. Ball always goes all of the way around on a full plunge no matter what. Anybody else?

I have no luck with a "softer" plunge on that, to get it to fallback to the upper left flipper. I just full plunge to the upper right then to the left to jackpot. Also,...this never works.

#2220 1 year ago

Been just shooting skill shot lately. Can't hit that SSS worth a damn.

#2221 1 year ago

Although last night, for only the 3rd time, I got the left outlane drain sss for 25m. That's the money shot!

1 week later
#2284 1 year ago

Has anyone read the comic book series? I've been looking for awhile but they're sold out everywhere and hard to find. Not really wanting to pay $16 + $4 shipping per issue on Amazon. Guess I'll keep looking...

#2285 1 year ago

For us guys that suck at pinball...can we get some strategy tips here? Like, when you plunge ball one, what are you immediately shooting for?
My best so far is 226m and that's pretty sad, and was awhile back. Can't seem to break 150m anymore. Too drunk prob.

#2289 1 year ago

Almost kitsch, it's so ironic, but never ceases to amaze me on the world's biggest and best pinball site whenever you ask for some "super secret mf strategy" everyone shuts right the fuck up.
I feel like Tom Hanks writing HELP in the sand and Wilson just sittin there eyeballin me like the little bastard that he is.

#2293 1 year ago

From what I understand there is a "mode select" shot. What is that shot and what do you guys think the most lucrative mode to start is? Mariner or Hallowed or ?

#2294 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckcasey:

I have three. #1 and #2 and the one they did the special cover for at ComicCon (I think its #5 - the cover is the backglass of the pro). The comic books are boring compared to the pin but they do give you an insight in the various characters (besides Eddie and the Beast).
$16 - I don't think it's worth it.
Stopping in at a comic book store and finding it on the shelf - rewarding and less then half the cost.

I sold my SFII to a comic book store owner, naturally asked him first. He told me no bueno...sold out. But yes that was my 1st thought. Gonna try a couple more shops before THE INTER-WEBS.

#2296 1 year ago
Quoted from pauloz:

gryszzz there is a really good run through of the game by Eskaybee somewhere in this or the Irom Maiden revealed thread. Look for that.

Thanks brother, I read it, I was there just can't remember if page 54 or 567? SKB blew that shit up immediately I'm a half step from pm'ing him.
Also that European dude that got 3 billion.
Let's hear from you.

#2299 1 year ago
Quoted from Mvfvette1:

I haven't read them yet, but heavy metal comics has all of the issues for $2 - $4. I think there is 3 different covers for each of the 5 volumes.

Thanks man

#2307 1 year ago

THANK YOU all for the great tips. I usually miss the super skill shot, then shoot for mummy mb; but you guys have given me a lot more to prioritize.

Quoted from vireland:

Sweeping the drop targets is the fastest way to get the locks lit. It's not hard to do from the left flipper with just a little practice.

Sweeping the drops might just be my favorite shot in pinball right now...so awesome.

1 week later
#2422 1 year ago

MOONCHILD....hear the mandrake scream...

2 weeks later
#2524 1 year ago

Great tips Jxxx, thanks.
I don't have much tech help or experience to offer, but I do have experience with a shaker contributing to my cracked Mustang cab.
The most important thing to remember with shakers on Sterns, in my opinion, is to make sure you have the B/W leg brackets installed first.

#2556 1 year ago

Chuck how'd ya do? Slayed them all right?

1 month later
#2870 1 year ago

Aug 24th in Indy, prob hit Cincy show too.
45698420_10155680079532051_4478557086111760384_o (resized).jpg

#2985 12 months ago

4th row in upper pavilion IRONS UPPED!
A little cornfused cause the tix were $124 apiece but my total, yes for BOTH tickets, was $199. Guessing had some Live Nation refund money? Not sure, not really caring. Cause I'm on the Steve Harris side baby WOOO

45835131_10155680171787051_155853234911576064_n (resized).jpg
1 month later
#3500 10 months ago

I know this has been gone over many times cause well, I've read every post in this thread. But can someone refresh me on the captive ball bullshit? Straight on 6 pm shots not registering but oddly, 9 and 3 o clock are.
Not sensitive enough means leaf switches too far apart? How are you guys adjusting these, closer or further?

#3506 10 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Before you adjust the switch i would first make sure that the hex shaped stem under the playfield has not came loose. If it has you need to tighten it back up instead of adjusting the switch. The problem is the bastards keep coming loose. Thats why i put a drop of blue loctite on mine and tightened it and let it sit for 24 hours.
The newton balls are absolutely f'ing junk! Your next problem will be it just isnt working smoothly and its not a matter of if it occurs, its when it does because its going to happen i promise you. Absolute f'ing garbage period!
Wait until your sarcophagus lock starts giving you problems. You are really gonna love that hunk of junk. You will probably end up taking a sledge hammer to your game!

It is loose. Checkin in to it now. I'm not too mad yet, as this is only the 2nd time I've had to adjust. First time right out of box.
So there should be no play on that hex screw whatsoever? Needs to be as tight as possible?
Thanks for the info.

1 week later
#3631 10 months ago

Finally got around to tightening my Mummy captive ball. Took me all of 2 minutes but I LOST THE LEFT NUT AND CANT FIND IT DOH.
Played 3 games and still not seeing it. Think it's in the sarcophagus somewhere oof. But IT WORKS!

#3694 10 months ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

So I am ever so slowly... And I do mean S-l-o-w-l-y... Learning how to fix my pinball machines. I think for major repairs I'm always going to pay someone... But, I was able to re-solder and attach the broken off wire to the upper right flipper coil. First time I tried the solder joint wasn't very good and it broke after an hour. Now its hour 4 and still holding...
I also updated the code. And I'm liking the code so far... But, one thing I don't like...
They seem to have added some callouts... That's always cool. But, I think they took out my favorite callout.
I really liked when you started a game and the Beast would say Welcome to my world under glass...
I haven't heard him say that and I've played about 4 hours on new code.
I hear him talk about the hangman wanting to meet him. Saying Ahoy there... Which is a shit callout.
Just SHIT!!!
JUST SHIT!!!! So... I really hope they put the welcome to my world under glass back in.
And I don't get why they would remove a callout. You paid for it. Yes, add to the callouts, but keep them in. It adds variety. But, remove the Ahoy there one. That's just shit.