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#188 1 year ago
Quoted from bigduke6:

Here's a tricky question, but what the hell. I've only bought one NIB prior to IMDN. It was a WOZ. After a year and a half, the family kind of lost interest so it went for sale. Of course I took a hit but I was happy of what I was able to get. My question is when purchasing an LE, (especially this one) down the road if it ever goes back up for sale, do you think the extra cost invested in the front end possibly be recouped? I know that pins are basically a toy and like everything else depreciates. I'm trying to convince my self its worth it to get the LE.

In most cases, you should always be prepared for a pin to take a dip in price. As long as they are available NIB, they will take a hit on the secondary market. It’s not until the license contract runs out and a game goes out of production til we typically see where a game’s value starts to settle.

That said, this is an LE and It’s a $9k LE at that. It’s really hard to say where the price will settle on this one. I think itll go up, down, and around town but in the end, there is something special about this pin. It’s Keith Elwin’s first produced pin using a layout that is already proven from his archer pin. The artwork is over the top good - I haven’t seen it in person yet, and while we haven’t seen the LE art yet, the pro looks to be sterns best art package to date. There is something special going on with this LE that stern hasn’t done since TRON or AC/DC in that it’s truly a limited run - 500! None of this 1000+ or even 800 LE’s, it’s truly limited and it comes with some cool upgrades. That said; Its almost a guarantee that There will be 2 premium versions of this pin; probably a powerslave version and number of the beast or maybe a somewhere in time or something along those lines. EDIT: actually a seventh son of a seventh son art package would look sweet! Is that song even in the game? I forgot

Long story short. Keith’s first pin (pro looks stellar), awesome layout, awesome rules, amazing art, limited run...I think prices on this will be safe from taking a big hit like some LEs have. This is just my opinion from being in the hobby for 12 years. Premiums and Pros will take a bigger hit than the LEs; at least until the game goes out of production.

#211 1 year ago
Quoted from bigduke6:

After listening to the Coast 2 coast podcast, Elwin didn't sound super enthused when asked about the animations. Said all the information you need is on the play field. I get the feeling it may not be the strongest element of the game, doesn't bug me at all. After hearing it is based on the comics I'm worried about the LE battlefield they mentioned. Hope its Trooper, but.....

What I liked about the display was how easy it was to follow modes, timers, and scoring. The animations themselves didn't seem like much to gawk at, I just liked how easy it was for a player to glance up and see what's going on.

#251 1 year ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

I like shakers, but I'm pretty sure having it full blast contributed to my Mustang cab cracking. I dialed my Red Tremor in MET down to minimal....so far so good.

I bought a red tremor once. Never again!

#269 1 year ago
Quoted from BOBCADE:

Anyone else think the layout is going to lend itself to long ball times? Then again I'm used to my TWD crushing my soul.

Most games have the potential of long ball times. Hell, TWD can have long ball times fairly frequently if you get prison, bb, ww, horde, terminus... it’s games that, while they can have long ball times and open new features, are still fun and satisfying if it knocks your d*ck in the dirt.

1 week later
#306 1 year ago

Alright folks, here's my story - ill try to make it short

I put a deposit down with gexchange (thanks JJ!) the day after the first initial stream with DF & KME. JJ reached out to me last Thursday and said games are on the way, need final payment - paid that instant. I asked Friday when we'd expect something and he said he'd hope they would show up at his shop Friday. I heard nothing all weekend so pretty much figured it would ship sometime this week and thought, with any luck I 'MIGHT' have this by Friday before the weekend. Then, the email came....shipping info! Finished up some work and then checked the tracking #, it was already in Los Angeles! JJ had shipped it out Friday night! Holy crap JJ you rock! I call freight company and they said they'd deliver Tuesday (today) between 11am-3pm....yea, ive heard that before (..3pm...4pm....5pm....crickets...6pm...7pm...) Not this time! Guy made me my first stop and was here before 11am! Needless to say, I was not prepared; no shaker motor, no extras, luckily I had 5 new PBL Glossy balls in my tool chest and one opened but unused gloss ball. Score! This is a 6-ball game btw for anyone ordering balls.

On with the pics!

This thing looks sweet.
IMG_0929 (resized).jpg

Yes! I have room for it....
IMG_0931 (resized).jpg
IMG_0932 (resized).jpg

Uh oh....first issue! Luckily it's super minor.
IMG_0933 (resized).jpg

This ramp is much bigger than it looked on videos:
IMG_0934 (resized).jpg
IMG_0936 (resized).jpg

I think you have to be Keith Elwin or something to make this super jackpot...
IMG_0935 (resized).jpg

Some play field pics, artwork and insert matrix is amazing...
IMG_0939 (resized).jpg
IMG_0940 (resized).jpg
IMG_0941 (resized).jpg
IMG_0942 (resized).jpg
IMG_0943 (resized).jpg

Now that's a shooter protector!
IMG_0944 (resized).jpg

Shipped with .91 code (already updated it to .92)
IMG_0948 (resized).jpg

Looking good!
IMG_0950 (resized).jpg

Backglass art is amazing
IMG_0955 (resized).jpg

Make sure it's level...
IMG_0958 (resized).jpg

This is new to me, I like it! but I think they've been doing this since introducing LCD...
IMG_0959 (resized).jpg

All snug and cozy at home!
IMG_0962 (resized).jpg

Ive only a handful of test games so time to get playing so I can come back with a full review

#321 1 year ago

This game is addicting and bad ass in every way. A few minor quirks here in there with the code that should get polished up im sure.

That said, there is one thing that is bugging the heck out of me, hopefully some owners or others can chime in. The auto plunger doesnt always make the loop; it hits the post just below the entrance to the loop a lot. When i first setup the game and was playing it seemed like a 95% success rate which was great. But since lifting up the playfield, the success rate has dropped to about 50%. Cant figure it out. Manual plunge seems to work great, its just the auto plunge that's very inconsistent. Any tips or ideas to adjust that shooter is appreciated.

Quoted from Wildbill327:

Congrats on your new pin it looks awesome. I should have one soon but I’m waiting to see if the premium is worth the upgrade, the suspense is starting to get to me so I might just have the pro shipped.

We havent seen the prem/le yet obviously, but i think all models are going to be big winners. it will come down to the pocket book and what you want to spend. But we'll see, i cant wait til we see the prem in action. Hopefully with another deadflip/kme stream.

#328 1 year ago

KME posted about the shooter in tilt forums and said if it's not making it that there's an adjustment screw at the top of the shooter lane on the opposite side on the ball guide. I didn't see it when I looked, and ill check again in a few hours but what I did do is put a washer under the top screw of the ball gate and that did seem to help. Anyway, if anyone is at their machine, look for this adjustment screw and maybe post a pic please

#329 1 year ago

Ok I think I found the screw. It’s under the powerslave annubis looking plastic right next to the ball gate black post. I’ll see if I can get to it tonight but might have to wait for the weekend.

#341 1 year ago
Quoted from Hougie:

I just hit five left orbits in a row. It felt like the warp ramp in Stern Star Trek. That's one of my favorite shots in pinball. It helps if you hold up the left flipper when you are trying to shoot the loop.

Dude it’s bwtter than the warp ramp! Feels so good. That said I just hit 2 mini loops and that was fantastic too. I’m calling it now, best pin ever

#342 1 year ago

So be brutally honest with me here. How are you guys at hitting the super skill shot / super jackpot? Not the actual loop or setup but the actual shot into that tight shot. I’m fixated on that shot trying to hit the X to light my 2X and 3X. Some games I can hit it left and right, but most games I’ll take 20 stabs at it and not get it once. Makes for a very satisfying hit, but also frustrating when I’m in trooper mb and have nothing lit but that super jp shot.

#346 1 year ago
Quoted from Hougie:

What's the best score that you guys have had at this point? This is the best I have been able to muster so far. Damn, I'm in love with this pin.

My best is 500 mil on day 1. Since then, haven’t come close.

#348 1 year ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Biggest negative I have with this game, no band member call outs.

Would that even work with how the integration is setup?

#350 1 year ago
Quoted from Ven:

Way better than the warp ramp, warp ramp feeds are inconsistent ime.

There’s an adjustment screw on the exit of the warp ramp you can loosen and move it left and right and reseat. Took me a good many trials but eventually had mine rock solid. Still, love the IMDN loops much more!

Quoted from Eskaybee:

So be brutally honest with me here. How are you guys at hitting the super skill shot / super jackpot? Not the actual loop or setup but the actual shot into that tight shot. I’m fixated on that shot trying to hit the X to light my 2X and 3X. Some games I can hit it left and right, but most games I’ll take 20 stabs at it and not get it once. Makes for a very satisfying hit, but also frustrating when I’m in trooper mb and have nothing lit but that super jp shot.

Ok one last game before bed and what do you know. Nailed 2 super skill shots and a super jp. I’m finding you can sometimes hit the super shot from the bottom left flipper.

#351 1 year ago

It always happens when I say one more game before bed.

E18C4675-2D03-431D-8C42-03242202E23C (resized).jpeg

Haha I even got super sling champ. 60! I love this freakin game!!

How many tomb awards have you guys made it to? I finally got 3 onnthis game. Kinda disappointed on what the reward was, hopefully that gets improved with code. I thought I read somewhere that there is 6 total.

#357 1 year ago

So I reduced my upper left flipper power to soft. This ‘seems’ to have helped with both mini loop shots and super X shots. Could be in my head though haha. But worth mentioning in case someone else wants to try and post some results too.

#361 1 year ago
Quoted from Dr-Willy:

Steve Ritchie did those callouts.

Really?!? I heart SR

Side note, and really super minor thing; but there’s a setting to turn off song selection after ball 1. I did this and like it a lot. Feels more like Metallica in the sense that you pick a background song for your entire game. But I love how many settings there are in the adjustments.

#370 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

Just bought a TWD Pro, and the game is brutal. Too many nearly unavoidable drains for my liking. Iron Maiden is looking really interesting to me, but I'm curious to know about ball times, game difficulty, and most importantly to me, having achievable and enjoyable wizard modes.

Ball times have been great so far. mostly quick games mixed in with a couple standard medium/long games, but nothing excessive.

the wizard modes seem very attainable, at least 2 of them are. One for doing all the power pyramid modes which qualifies cyborg mb. And the other for doing the battle modes which qualifies 2 mins to midnight I believe. I’ve done cyborg 4 times and qualified 2MTM once but didn’t start. I believe after doing cyborg mb, the power features increase in value for round 2 which is wicked cool.

All in all, ball times are great (so far) but more importantly there are no cheap drains like TWD and progression is quick so if you start having long ball times you can easily make the game harder while still achieving wizard modes in a timely manner.

#371 1 year ago

I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone but how far have you guys made it through trooper mb? I just got to the triple jackpot phase and O-M-G! This game is quickly becoming the best pin ever. Not just for the layout, not just the rules, not just the art, not just the sounds, but the call outs too...holy hell the call outs! It’s challenging the best pins (LOTR, TAF, AFM, etc...) for best call outs. Phew ok...calm down, eat a cookie, let the adrenaline rush subsidize

#381 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeS:

I installed the official Stern headphone jack in my game tonight and highly recommend it. This should allow me to get some extra game time in after the kids go to bed. When headphones aren't connected it allows you to control the game's volume without having to open the coin door which is really nice! I bought mine through PBL. Install was simple and only took about 10 minutes.


#382 1 year ago

Yea baby!

IMG_1983 (resized).JPG

#389 1 year ago
Quoted from in2kiss:

What leveling app are you using here?


It doesn’t work very good with phones but good with iPad. Better than my torpedo level I feel.

#394 1 year ago

You know you’re having a good game when Rime of the ancient mariner is your song choice for the game and halfway during your game you’re at the songs melodic breakdown and then almost get through the whole song too lol!

3022CF75-94DF-495E-9EEB-7CE73DC53F1D (resized).jpeg

That said, anyone know what run to the hills mode is? I don’t recall doing any special modes or hearing the song in fact, but apparently I did good lol

5FCEDF07-4B15-402A-88FB-B6C487A020A4 (resized).jpeg

#397 1 year ago
Quoted from Hougie:

Killing it man!

dude, my blood is still pumping! F*ck it, I'm calling it now. Best pin ever. Just put up a rating and I never do that this early after buying a pin. but this pin is that good. I haven't been this stoked and excited about pinball in awhile. Game is top notch greatness. I want Keith to announce his next game next week so I can buy that! hahaha

#409 1 year ago

So are there any shakers that do work?

#412 1 year ago
Quoted from Ven:

It isn't the music on our Iron Maiden that is too loud it is the flipper mechs. These are the loudest mechs of any pin I have ever owned. Have they changed something on these? I have had several sterns and never had anything this loud.

I actually noticed the same thing; the coils do seem louder than my other sterns.

#434 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

V0.93.0 - April 23, 2018
- Corrected false slam tilt alert

V0.93.0 - April 23, 2018
- Corrected false slam tilt alert

Oh! Does that fix the shaker motors issue I imagine?

#437 1 year ago

Anyone do any instruction cards yet?

#438 1 year ago

For giggles. 160 games in. About 30 of these plays are from test games + other people including my 5 year old.

49118169-3014-4C76-8BCD-77C42E986BF2 (resized).jpeg

123D0CA2-4D69-4475-9CC9-EAD0F6328A40 (resized).jpeg

4FDD6924-42BA-4BB5-937D-7F8B9E79DF11 (resized).jpeg

11B64809-EA14-4453-A4AA-A4863F4646E3 (resized).jpeg

3A0E6371-FE7D-43E3-A256-38F2CA245944 (resized).jpeg

3A8E0C4B-B0A8-455D-8B87-032EC64C38FE (resized).jpeg

452E3609-3FE6-47E3-9ECA-ED1B50F958CC (resized).jpeg

E0C4C543-3E6E-41A7-9E66-B21F01971DCD (resized).jpeg

6C521D3C-EC43-49F5-8AEE-FFA6C3D37031 (resized).jpeg

#443 1 year ago

This club thread is about to get busy. Let's welcome in our new brothers and sisters as we drool more over this awesome pin

#458 1 year ago

FWIW: I played with a lot of pitch settings.
+ At 6.5 deg (Stern recommended) a full manual plunge and auto plunge goes all the way around to upper right flipper.
+ at 6.8'ish deg a full manual plunge can sometimes go all the way around to the upper right flipper and sometimes back to the upper left flipper. Auto plunge will go all the way around to upper right flipper.
+ At 6.9-7 deg (This is what I have my game at) - a full manual plunge can, but hardly ever, go to the upper right flipper; but sometimes it'll give a slow return to the upper left flipper which will timeout the super skill shot, so you gotta do a hair below full plunge to get enough time for the super skill shot. Auto plunge goes all the way around to upper flipper.
+ Anything over 7.1-7.2 deg, neither manual plunge or auto plunge will make it around to the upper right flipper. this irritated me for auto plunges.

#467 1 year ago
Quoted from branlon8:

I’ll probably be accused of not being a true fan, but what is “Up the Irons” why do people in the forum keep writing it?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. I’m a fan of maiden (obviously not hardcore, I only own about 5 albums) and a fan of soccer, but never heard the term up the irons either. I may be wrong with some of this; but I guess it comes from a soccer slogan where Steve Harris is from (westham, England) where the slogan is up the hammers - used for Fan support to support their team. Steve And the band used the slogan in tribute for Iron Maiden and is their calling for fans support of the band.

EDIT: I guess the band, especially Steve, are big soccer fans which is awesome as I play in a weekly league and grew up around soccer. Yes I’m calling it soccer as to not confuse other Americans but would be awesome if Iron Maiden the pin wins out the World Cup of Pinball tribute ‘fun’ poll I did 4 years ago and plan to do again this summer for World Cup on pinside.

#483 1 year ago

How's everyones Friday night maiden going!?! I feel like a freakin crack addict made it to 2MTM and had 3 of the 4 Eddies lit! Still haven't gotten the mummy SJP/Mummy Eddie yet once in the 200 games ive played lol. Maybe its time to focus on that.

#498 1 year ago
Quoted from starbase:

Please do not tell me it is like the GEM shot in Tron. It is the sole reason i no longer own that game. I do not want easy but brick fest shots i will do without.

The super jp and mini loop shots are by far the hardest shots in the game, but nowhere near as hard as the GEM shot. They are makable, but they are tough. I'll go a full game without making either then the next game I'll hit it like 10 times. Fun fact, the way the angle of the super jp shot is, you can actually make it from the bottom left flipper; I sometimes do this during trooper mb.

#511 1 year ago

did a nice wipe down cleaning of my game this morning after 200 plays. There was something 'different' about this pin....it wasn't dirty! A wipe down certainly helps, but as I was wiping it down I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the play field looked. I noticed that that Keith hardly used any rubbers, he used a lot of posts instead; and the black sling rubbers looked different than the typical sterns. so there was very little dirt trails from the rubbers. Anyone else notice this?

#521 1 year ago

Just got my first Qunitiple jackpot! Holy shit the mb rules are good in this game. Better than LOTR dare I say?

#525 1 year ago

F***k yea! Rest of my score was Shyt but best cyborg mb I’ve done. Made it up to 5X cyborg jp. Wish I had a multiplier going for that shot

34F169FE-A9E1-4C14-A9FC-EE4BA6961795 (resized).jpeg

#562 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckcasey:

Removed the pharaoh plastic, cut out a piece of red cadrstock to match the shape, cut out some eyes and the results are great. Removed the bleed over from the target light and lit the eyes. What do you think?


#582 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Just brought mine home last night. Just bashing away I seem to get a lot of multi balls and it's fun. I'm not sure how to start different modes yet. What does everyone think of code so far?

There are bugs and polish that is needed for sure but from what I understand, Keith is aware of most of them and they are working to hash it all out. The code support 'seems' to be the best I've ever seen from stern; proof will be in the pudding, however - so we shall see if it all gets ironed out (pun intended). As for rules, top notch some of the best in pinball. Fantastic rules and code out of the gate.

#608 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Joining the club tomorrow! Picking up a pro. Went with mirrors - just love how they reflect everything and make the game seem bigger. Shaker of course too. I will be putting together a pinbrowser mix as well (Ozzy will be in for sure).

Dam was about to give you a thumbs up til I read your last sentence. Can I come over and piss on your game too

#664 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Flippers sure are loud. Does that annoy anyone else? It's a pretty f'ing loud/sharp clack clack noise.

Yes; noise is sensitive in my house with wife and 2 little kids and my gameroom is open to the living room. So If i had to complain about anything on this pin, it would be the flippers. However, the new design of them seems to make playing all 4 flippers easier/better; i.e. cradle balls with one lower flipper and make loops with the same side upper flipper.

#744 1 year ago

- Loop Jackpot - improved big loop detection when a ball is being plunged

Not a fan of this change. Just had aces high going and made 4 loops and not one registered; nor did it register an aces high jp

#751 1 year ago

How bad ass is Cyborg MB and Mummy mb now!?!

#755 1 year ago
Quoted from pauloz:

Stop it Eskaybee, we’re not getting ours until July.

July?!? Ouch you might as well as drain this thread

What version?

#791 1 year ago

Anyone who thinks stern didn’t nail the LCD on this title is on pure crack!

This is just one of many sweet LCD animation effects implemented with the new code. Cyborg (warning - spoiler):

#832 1 year ago
Quoted from imharrow:

I was thinking about one of these as a toper. Maybe it is a bit big.

Go big or go home

#872 1 year ago

Dam the attention to detail in this game is so dam good! I got the stern headphone set and the stereo sound is bitchin! Got the aces high super jp tonight and the new sound effects are off the hook!

#874 1 year ago

Just got myself a mummy quadruple jackpot with a call out! This game is fucking crack! Incredible honestly.

#882 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Only had 3 ramp shots left to complete all the power pyramids. Kept bricking the right ramp.

I think I got you beat. I just had a game where on ball three I got the last two ramps needed to complete the pyramid. Then, with the ball cradle, I called my five-year-old son in to check out the cool cyborg animations. As he watched in anticipation, I nailed the center ramp target. However, hallowed be thy name started and it was then that I realized I forgot to collect my power jackpot first. And you can only guess what happened next, Yep, drain game over. LOL.

#885 1 year ago
Quoted from waspinat0r:

Wish I could brother, but I have no way to afford or even save at the moment. Literally every penny of my non essential money from my paycheck is going towards my mother's hospital bills. And I have no clue how long or even IF that will ever end. I may not be able to afford a new pinball machine, but I can (no matter how little it may be) help out my family, and that's the most important thing.
Someone can feel free to bring their machine over, though. LOL

Wasp! Good to see you back around the forums. Sorry to hear about your mom. Stay positive and patient. As a side that may or may not help you as wishful motivation; my wife had some medical issues about 4-5 years ago where I had to sell my pins to help with medical bills. It seemed like forever, but eventually was able to build the collection back ever so slowly. Family and health always comes first and wish you and your mom the best. You’ll have your day when you can get a pin again and when that day comes, make it Maiden! If there’s one pin to rule them all in a single pin lineup, it’s Iron Maiden - it offers everything one needs in a machine. Good luck and stay in high spirits.

#891 1 year ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

Is this the screw under the right plastic that holds the end of the shooter lane in place?

Take off the nut for the wire form on the right slingshot. Then there’s a screw you can get to between the right ramp wire form to that plastic. That should give you enough wiggle room to get at the adjustment screw; if you want more free movement there’s another screw near the top of the ramp thatlll free it more but I didn’t feel the need to take that one off.

Then, Depending on your pitch (I’m at 7.0-7.2) I loosened the adjustment screw and pushed it all the way up with lots of pressure and tightened. If you’re a Lower pitch you may need to find the sweet spot. I then put some slight pressure on the exit guide to slightly bend a hair up. KME also mentioned bending the guides on the left side of the shooter lane inward towards the shooter lane - not sure what this does to be honest, maybe helps the ball from rattling? I did it anyway but just ever so slightly bend so not to damage anything.

Lastly, I set my overall coil power in adjustments to hard. My manual plunge is 99.9% and my auto plunge is 90+%.

Also, FWIW - I found anything over 7.2 deg pitch was just too much inconsistency. One of the guys from stern mentioned in a faceboook stream that the game plays really good at 7deg and I would concur. But even in that stream, you’ll see a lot of inconsistencies with their shooter.

Lastly sort of off topic) but a tip I picked up from that fb stream (I think it was Tim balls playing); when he got multiballs he was soft plunging to hit the regular skill shot X multiplier to help advance 2X/3X, I found this very useful and pulled it off today when I had all X’s lit but that one. Managing the X multiplier is quite challenging but fun.

#892 1 year ago

Just wanted to post this in case anyone else has similar Flipper Issues.

After about a week of play, my bottom left flipper started sticking in the up position. It wasnt the coil staying energized, but that the coil wouldnt not spring back to normal position. I put a tighter spring on the mech and that helped but every once in awhile it would stick especially when i'd cradle up and stage the flippers during play. I requested a whole new mech but Patrick Powers (stern - great support) wanted pics of the coil sleeve thinking it might have gotten the wrong one accidentally installed which was causing the shaft to stick. With the help of JJ at GEX (Great customer service on a weeknight!) he helped me identify what i needed to look for and to check out the coil stop as well.

<<<Insert time to laugh at me comment>>> after 13 years in this hobby i didnt know what the coil sleeve was or where to find the coil stop - i always thought the sleeve was the paper around the coil and you took that off to expose the coil and look at its 'sleeve' and thought the stop was the rubber that stops the flipper mech on the return - after JJ corrected me that the sleeve is in fact the plastic sleeve the coil goes in and out of and the stop is at the end of the coil (opposite) the wires, i embarrassingly unscrewed 2 screws (super easy) by the coil stop to investigate. <<<end laughing at me comment and back to troubleshooting topic>>>

I found that there was a big washer around the coil stop and it was warped to all hell. JJ was like wtf is a washer doing on a coil stop? Needless to say, we both agreed lets just remove it. This was approx a week ago and have not had a single problem since. Flippers work great and no more intermittent sticking. Hopefully someone gets use out of this post, or at the very least gets a good laugh at what i thought a coil sleeve was or maybe finds out what a coil sleeve and stop is like i didnt lol now at least i know what is involved when people talk about cleaning coil sleeves and/or filing coil stops. Its not replacing paper or filing a rubber stop

#902 1 year ago
Quoted from PinKopf:

Isn't that "washer" a spring of sorts to help with vibration/keeping the coil tight? Pretty sure my Sterns (all two of them...) have had those on each coil stop, and I'm surprised the distro wasn't familiar.
EDIT: yes, I believe you're referencing the "spring washer" part 269-5002-00 per my Avatar manual, same washers were on my LOTR. http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/269-5002-00

thanks for posting; ill see if JJ or Patrick can send me a new one. Maybe there's still something else, but it's work magically now with that washer gone.

Quoted from Kiwipinhead:

Yes it is. Think even Data East had them. I think it there to stop the buzz sound when the flipper is held in the up position.

haven't noticed any buzz since removing. Now my SMVE buzzes all the time and haven't touched that stopper. But I do believe these flipper mechs for IMDN are a new stern design so maybe the washer isn't needed?

#941 1 year ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

That post is suppose to block the target. Target should not be possible from a left trap position. Do you want you want obviously, but changing the position of that target changes the way the game plays by A LOT.

i love that the target is difficult but I find back handing it from left flipper is the most accurate way to hit it, especially during cyborg.

#945 1 year ago

i still need to play an LE and get a feel for it; but at first thought, looks like the prem orb ball would be a downgrade to put in a pro.

#1020 1 year ago
Quoted from RyThom:

I just earned a Cybord Card during Mummy Multiball. Is that supposed to happen?
I figured Mummy Card -> Mummy Multiball, Cybord Card -> Cyborg Multiball.

Yes. You can earn power features in any mode or multiball. Completing the power grid awards cyborg card which is probably what happened during mummy mb.

#1035 1 year ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

Impressions after a weekend of playing ...
Game play, modes,being able to pick your songs after each ball and call outs are amazing!!! LOVE the British babes accent. I played this on location a few times and it feels even better once it's in your collection!
This is my first stern and on a down note, I noticed that the cabniet feels whimpy
compared to my 90s Williams games. I did however like that the decals are cut away form the mounting point for the legs
Also I was slightly disappointed with the sound quality of the speakers. I thought for sure this would stand toe to toe with my DP BOP 2.0. Not the case.
Lastly If anyone is on the fence about this game, don't be! Order one now!

Congrats on the game. Get an external sub to help with sound and/or sterns spike 2 headset; get a decent pair of headphones, crank it up, and really appreciate the detail to the sound quality.

#1052 1 year ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

Insanely addictive, possibly unhealthy.
They need to release the Cyborg bug fix not awarding the Eddie card, I handed off the MB to my daughter after it happened again.

Do you know what triggers the bug? I don’t think I’ve ever Not not gotten the Eddie card after qualifying cyborg multiball.

#1059 1 year ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

If you drain with the Power Jakpot lit with one remaining pyramid it will not award the card but will still qualify CyborgMB when you start your next ball.

Well....don't drain! haha just messing. Im sure they'll get it fixed.

Nice freakin score! i reached the 1 bil club too last week

That cyborg mb is nuts; is that on factory .97code where you can't qualify multipliers once in cyborg? or did you swap the setting? That's an impressive cyborg if so.

#1090 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckcasey:

Code .98 just released.
PRO: http://www.sternpinball.com/games/iron-maiden/pro
PREM: http://www.sternpinball.com/games/iron-maiden/premium
LE: http://www.sternpinball.com/games/iron-maiden/le
V0.98.0 - May 23, 2018
- Instant Info - Soul Shard, Tomb Awards, and Mystery Awards have been added
- Loop Jackpots - after second round of Loop Jackpots you must keep the upper left flipper down to increase the multiplier for each loop jackpot
- Eddie Letters - fixed an issue where you would be locked out from collecting Eddie letters when tilting.
- Eddie Cards - fixed an issue with cyborg eddie card collection, when you completed all the power features and drained before collecting the power jackpot
- Trooper Locks - right spinner lockout after drop target completion was changed to only drop target sweep
- Trooper Locks - right spinner lockout time reduced from 2s to 1.5s
- Mummy Letter Collect - sarcophagus will go back down to a flat position when you cannot collect mummy letters
- Mummy Multiball - Scepter Awards are now being multiplied by playfield multiplier
- Mummy Multiball - Jackpots / Double Jackpots now being properly called out
- Mystery Award - allow mystery awards to award a 'Boost Power Jackpot' even if a power feature hasn't been started
- Power Jackpot - allow a power jackpot to be collected after reaching the minimum threshold even if a power feature hasn't been started
- Power Features - ORBITS and RAMPS completion bonus to the power jackpot changed from 1M to 3M
- Tomb Award - changed 'TOMB AWARD' text during award to 'Pharaoh's Tomb Treasure'
- Tomb Award - added 'Super Combos', awards 5x combos and deathblows for the rest of the ball
- Tomb Award - added 'Power Jackpot X+5', adds 5X to the current power jackpot multiplier
- Tomb Award - added 'Boost Power Jackpot 15M', adds an additional 15M to the current power jackpot
- Tomb Award - added some descriptive text for some of the tomb awards when they are awarded
- Flight of Icarus - changed the starting score from 500K to 1M
- Flight of Icarus - boost the combo time from 4s to 6s
- Hallowed be thy Name - orange arrow shots score changed from 500K to 3M
- Hallowed be thy Name - award shots increased from 3M, 5M, 7M to 5M, 10M, 15M
- Number of the Beast - starting attack value changed from 4M to 10M
- Attract Mode - now cycles through select background videos
- Attract Mode - idle flipper button speech added
- Shoot Again - added background animation and 'Shoot Again' text
- Replay - added replay animation
- High Score Tables - Obelisk scroll can now flip through pages with flipper buttons
- Improved stability
- Adjustment Changes:
- added 'FEAR OF THE DARK SECRET BG %' adjustment
- increased all REPLAY defaults by 25M - starting default is now 150M

Digging the increased power jackpot values. Just had 31M x3 with 2x play field power jackpot lit and I choked-drain!

#1130 1 year ago
Quoted from Mizzou0103:

How are ball times on the game? If you had to rank the five games below based on average ball time where would Iron Maiden fit?
Iron Man
Dialed In
Iron Maiden

Ive owned all these minus DI.

TWD can have very quick ball times; but so can IMDN. All games can be setup hard for short ball times; that said, it's the progression of a game that really factors into game times. Is it quick progression? long progression? wood chopping progression? Another thing that I factor in with game times is do I want to hit start again when ball 3 drains because it was fun or because it pissed me off?

So while TWD can have very quick ball times and be brutal, progression is deep and when you get zoned in can have very long ball times - although, I have not played the new code where you can opt out of Horde mode yet. I can have 10 short games of TWD and one very long one. And usually when ball 3 drains on TWD, im pissed cause it was a cheap drain that I had no chance of keeping my game alive.

Metallica usually doesn't piss me off like TWD does; it's a very fun game, but when I start thinking of how much work is involved to progress, im usually done after a game or 2 and good and satisfied.

Iron Man has perfect appeal for one more game. It doesn't take long to get the adrenalin pumping. The only problem with Iron man is it's bit of a one hit wonder; i.e. shallow rules. Not a bad thing as it compliments the brutality but hasn't lasted the long haul in a small collection for me personally both the times I owned it. Would like to try again sometime, though I don't know if it'll last long again.

Ive never owned dialed in and only have about a dozen plays on it on location. Owners talk about its brutality, but I don't see it. I always have a long game on location and its progression is very linear - phone scoop, mode, phone scoop, mode. It has 3 wizard modes but they have to be played in linear fashion; So while the game is very fun and very immersive, the linear structure doesn't appeal to me.

IMDN is still too early to tell on its last ability factor. But as far as game times; they reside somewhere between TWD and Metallica. The thing IMDN does so well is there's so much breadth and depth that when ball 3 drains you feel like 'oh man, so close to opening up the next wizard mode' or 'oh I was so close to opening quadruple and quintuple jackpots' or 'I was so close to getting that mummy super' or 'oh man I got a 90 mil power jackpot, how much can I get next time' or 'whoa, I got 4 pharaoh awards, how many can I get next time' ...you get the point, there is a ton to discover, do, and achieve. So when ball 3 drains; I typically feel like I had a great fun time (hardly ever pissed) and I really want to press start again. The game is crack.

Hope this answers your question

#1157 1 year ago

That, was a feel good shot...

A043F020-1F24-40F1-93B8-D3CECAE7DB6D (resized).jpeg

#1171 1 year ago
Quoted from Toasterdog:

Did the new code .98, increase the difficulty involved in getting to Cyborg Multiball. It seemed easier on .97.
I finally got it, but it seemed I had to hit twice as many ramps this time. Got em down to zero I believe. Then the ramp count went back up to 8....WTF?
I don't really understand the power features I guess and how they work.

I think the difficulty is the same. But, the default lite extra ball for power features was increased to 3, up from 2. So that will make it a little harder to get to.

#1174 1 year ago
Quoted from Toasterdog:

Do you have to make each series of shots twice to get to Cyborg?
It seems after you complete a series of objectives ramps, orbits, spinners etc., it the colors the icon and starts the count over again?
First time Trooper, second time Cyborg? I need a spotter, lol

Check this out:

Trooper has nothing to do with cyborg. Cyborg is all dependent on the 5 power features (left side of display). When they’re slightly gray’d Out, there will be a # of shots shown for a specific power feature which activates that power feature. Once they’re activated, you hit that soecific power feature shot X number of times again to qualify that feature to be collected at the power jackpot. When the power feature is lit up or pulsing with no numeric value of shots it means it’s ready to be collected at the power jackpot. Having multiple power features pulsing increases the power jp multiplier. Once the power jp is collected, or you drain and miss out the points, that power feature will be completed and checkboxed. Checkbox all 5 features will light cyborg.

Hope that makes sense, I typed it on my phone lol.

#1177 1 year ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Well done!
I love the risk/reward of deciding when to collect the power jackpots. So much thought and refinement in these rules - all Keith's experience and knowledge brought to bear in this game.

Exactly! Fun risk/rewards scoring with the power features.

When I hit my best power jackpot over the weekend (screenshot a few many posts up) - I had just finished the pyramid and with a power jackpot collect would have qualified Cyborg. But rather than just play Cyborg, i noticed my power jp value was roughly around 10M x2 (bottom right corner of display) and i was one X target away from bumping up my pf multiplier to 3x. And not only that, i had pharaoh award #3 lit which boosts the power jackpot by 15M. So i had to go for glory - I lit my 3x, collected my pharaoh #3 award, started my 3x pf multiplier and cashed it all in. Now i would be lying if i said i didnt get a double danger in all that madness lol as there are a lot of risky shots in those strings of shots; But a hell of a payoff and got to start cyborg with a 3x pf

Talk about getting the Adrenalin pumping

1 week later
#1307 1 year ago
Quoted from sebseb12:

The "can i play with madness" mode is not available in pro version?

I don’t think so, haven’t played new version yet. But I noticed It’s in the feature adjustments #159, and if you turn it off it’ll crash the system so I recommend DO NOT TOUCH that adjustment

#1315 1 year ago
Quoted from sebseb12:

In the pro model:
In the options of the game, option 159 madness mode, it is indicated NO.
What is this mode?

I tried changing this setting on my Pro and it reset my CPU so proceed with caution.

1 week later
#1421 1 year ago

Defeated the emporor earlier today on SW; and now just battled the beast. I’m having quite the Pinball euphoria rush today

9DA5FF93-D626-4068-B96E-8F9F672D7D75 (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#1461 1 year ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

SW or Metallica would be a great neighbor for IMDN and TWD.

Agreed. SW gets my vote. It’s fantastic next to IMDN. Two different styles of rules and integration, plus two LCD’s look goooood next to each other. But be warned; you might actually find SW to be the better game don’t say that in public though

I just reset my audits Friday on SW and IMDN has been reset since day 1 of the latest code.

1E72CC52-B56E-4C53-BA3A-C5264C1CEBAE (resized).jpeg7D300EDB-F59C-4E9D-A0A4-9DC7B698700B (resized).jpegD1CB7A3B-C0EA-4BF9-9BEA-4A49F0928C30 (resized).jpeg
#1471 1 year ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

That picture really shows how much brighter the backbox is on IMDN vs. the other machines...

Or washed out...

#1499 1 year ago
Quoted from KLR2014:

Received my IMLE today, #400
This game is insanely good! Really impressed with the layout, shots and all the stuff put in. Love it!!!!

LCD lineup for the win! Looks good. Grats.

#1544 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

I kind of agree with you, but a part of me disagrees with you. I like to try to keep my game setup mostly how it might be in the wild. That way my score reflects what I might put up, and what others get. It just makes me appreciate what I get and the modes that I have gotten to. I have only gotten cyborg multiball I think 2 or 3 times.
I think the one thing that really pisses me off.
Is how hard it is to light revive. Most of the time you need 3 really good spinner shots to get it lit. And on most games it gets lit on the 2nd or 3rd ball.
And I think you should have it lit at the beginning of the game. Then get it lit the first time easy. As the second time is way to hard and I think I've only re-lit it like a handful of times. That to me would make the game much more playable and enjoyable. As I think the ramps are made too hard to shoot for and susceptible to causing drains. And also I think the lane posts are too small, and again make it much more difficult to keep the ball in play. They should be bigger.
But, I won't be modding my game, cos I don't want to be labeled as a cheater. I just want to get better.
I only just gotten Can I play with Madness for the first and only time so far three days ago. A bit disappointing so far, but it only lasted a few seconds for me.
And so far I have yet to break 300 million. 288 million is my best game so far. Which is funny... I got like 160 million on my first ball. Then I got one extra ball from completing first tier of pyramid, then I have the replay set at 108 million to reward me an extra ball. So I got another one. And... Yet even with 5 balls and that monster of a first ball, I failed to get to 300 million.
But, what was nice is I heard the lady do the quite the baller callout. I've gotten the Beast to say that to me a couple of times, but that was the first time the lady did.
And that is what I like about this game. The callouts/taunts are very, very, very deep. I've played the hell out of it. And yet I still have so much new stuff to experience.
One thing that does piss me off. Sometimes I don't get the super secret skill shot down the left drain for 25 million. Sometimes it says BALL SAVE. And I'm like bull shit. Give me my 25 million. And the ball hits NOTHING. Its a clean plunge into that lane.
Oh well. Great game. And someday I hope to be 300 million plus. I doubt I'll ever get into number of the beast or 2 minutes to midnight mode. As the most Eddie's I've ever collected are 2. And I think 1 soul shard.

To get the outlane super skillshot the ball has to go halfway up the loop as if you miffed the super skill shot.

#1548 1 year ago
Quoted from jorant:

I just got to cyborg multiball, but wasnt entirely sure what the objective was?

Hit each of the power features at least once, then hit the orb. On the first 2 stages, doing this will add a ball into play and activate the ball saver.

1 week later
#1671 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Really now? This is not a money issue for me just so you know. I could have bought an LE if i wanted to but thanks for your concern about my financial situation, and oh by the way......i work all the f’ing time, lots of hours believe me. I just dont see the value, that’s why im not buying the Premium. It also cracks me up when people say that “the Premium/LE is the full game the way the designer intended it to be”. Thats the biggest bunch of BS ive ever heard and even if its true that doesnt make the game ALOT better.
P.S. oh and by the way, you have several pros in your collection that are nowhere near as good as the Premium models. You should sell those clunkers and upgrade, maybe work a few more hours or get a second job so you can upgrade.

I don't think he was taking a pop shot at your income or work status. I think he was just displaying his passion and sincerity of how much he enjoys the premium over the pro.

As for me; I don't think any stern premium/LE is worth a JJP game. Dialed in, WOZ, or JJPOTC Standard editions > IMDN Prem; but thats only my opinion of value and doesn't mean IMDN prem is inferior to any of these games or the pro - thats just a value standpoint. As for IMDN PRO v PREM - both are great and offer a different feel for different reasons. It's like asking what's better, AFM or MM? Youre arguing with 2 fantastic games. Personally, the left ramp pharaoh lock is bitching and fits the game much much better than the pro, but it does suck that it doesn't count as a ramp shot for the power feature which is an already grinding power feature to complete. The lifting ramp kind of sucks and I much prefer having a choice of going for an X multiplier, mini loop shot, drop targets, or ball falling to flippers than the VUK shot back to the flippers. Those are really the 2 big differences.

All in all Stern pro's in general are very underrated on pinside only because people are misguided in thinking that full featured = better. Or missing features = inferior game. I used to be like that, but have since seen the light. As for Maiden, as I eluded to in my post, you really can't go wrong with either version. Pick one, stick with it, enjoy it, don't look back and who really cares what other people like or dislike. We're all fans of different style games for different reasons; don't get sucked into arguments and take people's opinions so personall; you'll find life & pinball are a much happier place as such.

#1768 1 year ago
Quoted from OnTheSnap:

Any advice on completing modes? They are seriously tough, and I feel like because they are so tough I tend to ignore them when trying to score well. So maybe they are too tough.
I feel like I’m making progress in my strategy and scoring. Breaking 300M and finally getting one taste of Cyber MB. But I feel pretty DOA on the modes because of difficulty.
Short timers, hard shots and lots of them.
I can increase the timer I guess. A little bummed that modes are secondary for me.
Pretty much I go for trooper and mummy asap. Focusing on the center safer part of the field. I go for loop jackpots. Especially during ball save since a miss can get the ball going sideways. Also during ball save I go to lite revive ASAP.
But I love modes. In my DILE I can complete any of the modes. In IMDN they seem 10x harder.
Advice? Yah I’m a novice. So there is the fact I suck.

Check the feature adjustments. There's all sorts of settings you can play with to make the game and modes easier.

#1773 1 year ago

Finally pried myself away from Star Wars to get the latest IMDN update in. This game is still pretty freakin bad ass. Never have I ever been so excited to increase my bonus x hahahaha. The call outs in this game are just sick.

#1774 1 year ago
Quoted from spandol:

I having issues with the super skill shot. I'v done it a few times but it never gives me the reward. I looked and see theres an opto in the loop, which is working, and the super jackpot target, which is also working. Is there anything else to look at? It's hard to test, but I'm plunging just enough so it comes back to the left upper flipper, then hitting the super jackpot shot. I'm sure I didn't hit the x target next to the super jackpot shot. Not sure why it's not registering.

You have to hit the super skill shot in a certain amount of time. If the ball hangs up for just a second to come down to the top flipper for the super skill shot, it will not give credit as the timer expires. Could that be it?

3 weeks later
#2053 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Has anyone had any sound issues with their game? I was playing mine yesterday and something changed in the sound. It almost sounded like it went from stereo to mono or something. It seems like it lost its bass and the cabinet speaker sounds like shit when you stick your head under the cabinet and listen to it. It sounds like the speaker is blown or something but it isnt. I also put another speaker in it and it sounds the same so that rules the speaker out. I cant hardly describe it but i know something has changed and isnt right. They are telling me to redownload the software at stern and we will go from there, but i dont think that is going to d anything. Im almost thinking that i may have a sound board issue.

Sounds like you might have a bad motherboard. There isn't a sound board on spike 2 games, it's all on the motherboard. The swap out is EASY. I had weird sound issues with my SW; after having issues trying to reload the code, stern sent me a new motherboard. While I waited, I installed the stern headset and volume control; the sound was great in the headphones and Chas said that it's probably not the motherboard then. He recommended swapping out the board still because I was having a hard time loading code on the original. Got the new motherboard and the swap out was EASY - took like 15 mins. New motherboard didn't fix my issue but new code updates load smooth and quick. Turns out, my backbox speakers were pressing up against the speaker grilles not giving them room to fluctuate; I put spacers in too back them off a bit - coupled with that and the latest code that fixes sound issues, my sound problems are gone!

That all said, and long story short (too late), I think you may have a motherboard issue. If you can, or have access to, install a stern headphone spike 2 kit and see if your sound issues remain or vanish. If you have sound issues with headphones on as well, it's a motherboard, otherwise it's something else. Good luck!

1 week later
#2171 1 year ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

What the hell is a "Deathblow"

Deathblows are awesome, especially if you can get a super deathblow. Basically, a deathblow occurs when you make combos then cash in that segment of combos at (I believe) the captive ball, orb, or super jp Target. I could be wrong on where you cash it in. It’s much like the end of line collect in TRON.

#2176 1 year ago
Quoted from jorant:

I respond by saying "show me a game that hits it every time." Its a faulty design. Even when you watch the video of the guys that made it unveiling their game, you see it. You see them hold a flipper up to make sure the shot is successful more often. Doesnt sound like my example is flawed, but all examples are.
I made a similar sort of major modding on Johnny mnemonic years ago. That hand doesnt hold the ball on ANY game i played. So i took the switch out of the hand, and put a transistor onto the game that when the magnet activated, it flipped the switch I removed to satisfy the game's looking for said switch closure. It worked perfect ever since.
Sometimes you need to give a little helping hand in this hobby. This shot is clearly faulty.

Can’t change the design (i.e. change the rubber type) then say it’s a poor design - I learned this way back in the X-men days. I used to change out my flipper rubbers to color match my games, but after owning X-men, and even FGY, I learned the importance of using factory ‘designed’ flipper rubber. I was only able to make the X-men gambit trick shot with factory black, anything else didn’t work. Same with FGY and making the death post save resting ball shot to Chris.

#2177 1 year ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

You are the man to ask this.. i’ve been trying to figure out the left loop, when to go for it, how to activate it etc etc.
I so far have gotten a four way out of it, with the right upper flipper, but didnt light 500 or higher, and during frantic MB play the loop value gets built up and a jackpot collected when I notice
Main question I guess, is it worth going for? as a mis usually ends in a drain after losing control

I think you’re asking when the best time to go for loop jackpots are? If so - it’s a risk/reward shot for sure as you mentioned, missing can cause a drain. Two of the best times to go for it is...1. If you have 2X or 3X running with a decent sized jackpot value. Remember, consecutive loop jackpots can really build and make scoring quite lucrative; but it is a risk if you miss. And the second reason to go for it is quite simple, because it’s fun

E2CCDAF4-980D-4222-866B-EF468952581C (resized).jpeg
#2204 1 year ago

Any recommended sound settings for stock speakers + external cab on a pro? Mine sounds heavily bassy/muddy. Working on it, but seeing what others have done with this setup short of turning the sound to max haha.

#2206 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Have you updated to the new code yet? The sound is much better now so update if you havent.

updated to 1.03, sounded great. updated to 1.04. Sounds like crap unless it's turned up very high. I just gotta play with the settings to get the call outs & music to sound clear while not getting overwhelmed by the sound effects. Haven't dug too much into it yet; figured I'd post here first until I can.

1 month later
#2704 1 year ago

Anybody else’s IMDN come with an orange shooter spring?

939172B8-E394-4CA9-9ABA-8F4421E8729E (resized).jpeg
#2712 1 year ago
Quoted from dts:

Yeah, my LE has the orange so I’ve ordered a red to see how it shoots. I’d like a little more speed on it.

I thought orange was tighter/stronger than red? Mine whips around the loop hard. Near impossible to pull off a super skill shot which is why I brought it up. My last IMDN had a different spring (green?) which was easy for a super skill shot setup. Guess I need to learn the secret skill shots

#2718 1 year ago
Quoted from dts:

Sounds like he had a different color with his first IMDN...

Yes. And I'm in no way complaining, I need to play better is all which, after some plays has loosened up my plunger a bit and getting more accurate at setting up the super skillshot.

I was just curious what differences have been made since my first run Maiden. I seem to hit the ramps much easier on this newer Maiden, but it seems harder to get flipper control. All in all, such a great game, hope it stays longer this time

#2726 1 year ago
Quoted from Whifflebat:

I'm about to pull the trigger on a Pro for casual home use and had a couple of questions for the IMDN experts. I'm looking to get the Stern HD glass, Stern shaker motor and Stern headphone jack/external volume control upgrades. Any thoughts on those? Are there other recommended mods/upgrades I should be considering (plastic protectors)?
I may upgrade the speakers in the future, but want to see if the stock ones will be good enough for me. I've heard that the standard stock Stern balls aren't great. If this is the case, any suggestions on higher quality balls (and where to get them?)?

Those are my 3 go to mods and are a great choice for any pin. The stern spike 2 headset is much better than the pinnovators, easy to install, and looks good. (You will have to configure a couple settings in the adjustments menu for your liking).

As for balls; go Pinball life or Marco specialties. The ball baron ninja ones are shiny as hell and look good, but something about them that just don’t play right. Maybe it’s the gallon of oil they ship in, but I cleaned mine with isopropyl alcohol and let them sit for months and they still just don’t seem right. But if you insist on having the shiniest balls on the planet and go with ball baron, just request they don’t lather them in gallons of oil.

I do recommend an external sub, it really sounds bad ass and enhances the game with this sound package.


1 week later
#2783 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Hey all - just joined the club!
Game works and plays great - one question though: I have a Premium, and the sound is AWFUL. What is the deal, ?! Are the songs in mono, or perhaps my speakers are out of phase? I am willing to upgrade the speakers if that’s the issue but man... man it is bad. It is actually hurting my ears to play. This is also my first Spike game, are they all like this?
Before the jokes start, let me say that I love Maiden, so the songs aren’t the problem!

I think it's a hit and miss thing with stern speakers. My IMDN pro sounds terrific (i have an external sub hooked up); but my SW Pro sitting next to it with an external sub sounds like crap unless i put headphones on. No need for me to upgrade IMDN, but im contemplating the upgrade on SW.

#2792 1 year ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

So at 1.05 is the code completely finished? Are we going to get any additions to the game later like the other Sterns? (this is my first modern Stern)

This is one of the most complete, bug-less sterns in a LONG time. Don’t count on too much more being added, nor does it need it.

2 weeks later
#2925 1 year ago

I think I’m even more confused
So I looked it up. According to the Wikipedia ruleset from tilt forums, these are the ways to get Tomb treasures:

« Spoiler! Click to reveal.
1. Fear of the Dark Soul Shard
2. Flight of Icarus Soul Shard
3. Aces High Soul Shard
4. Rime of the Ancient Mariner Soul Shard
5. Hallowed Be Thy Name Soul Shard
6. Collect a loop jackpot
7. Collect a 6-Way Combo
8. Mummy Super Jackpot
9. Trooper Super Jackpot
10. Complete Number of the Beast
11. Collect the “Level 2” versions of all 4 Eddie cards

According to what you guys are saying, there’s a twelfth via mystery orb level 3 which I believe can only be obtained if you’ve defeated the beast and have gotten all 5 soul shards.

And Keith also said this in tilt forums:

Current Or Former World Pinball ChampionJul 12
One soul shard once per game and 1 lvl2 spot per game. But just to get the tomb award 9 card spot you need all soul shards and defeated the beast.

#2927 1 year ago
Quoted from Maken:

Exact same list that I posted in this thread yesterday lol. Aaron correctly pointed out that the soul shard mystery award is missing from the tiltforums list. /confusion

Lol! I Missed that. I wish there was an easy way to add a post to the index key. From my understanding, only mods can do it? Which pretty much means this info will get lost in the dust for others to see in the future; but on a positive note the current indexed key post for the ruleset says there’s 8 Tomb awards to be unearthed. #maiden-confusion

#2948 1 year ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Eight? I had to bust ass and get super lucky just to finally get to three! I was thinking about this the other day--maybe Keith will step back and see that the majority of us are never gonna get past 30% of what was coded into the game. Give me a "dumb-down" menu option so I can at least see half of what you did.

For me personally, I notice myself getting soul shards when I focus on tasks one a time rather than stacking. i.e. playing hallowed, fear, or Icarus as single ball play rather than stacking them with mummy or trooper multiball. On the flip side, this also helps me achieve the mummy/trooper super jackpots to get their Tomb awards.

Quoted from Billy16:

As far as the Soul Shard thing goes, the only times I have ever gotten to Play with Madness (twice) is when I got a Soul Shard (one game I got two somehow). It sure makes it much easier to get to the third tomb treasure if nothing else.
The worst feeling--missing your chance at a Soul Shard when it (finally) pops up. The best--nailing the bastard! Wish the ball would stop so I could celebrate and jump up and down!

That 3-ring target is such an underrated mechanic. It’s used so much in the game and I love looking up at the display to see whether I got a 1x, 2x, 3x soul shard or whatever multiplier award comes from it like the mummy super. hell I got a 6x mummy super the other day and was ecstatic to both see the award displayed and hear a sixtuple call out.

You can tell the designer is the #1 player in the world, we all know that. But what I mean is a lot of focus of the praise on this game is on gameplay and rules; but there’s another element that really gets unnoticed and that is with the games synergy with doubling up shot direction; whether it’s the display + inserts dictating what you need to do to progress, or the display + a call out, or the inserts + a call out, or all 3! And Such good use of the display to show scoring too, hitting key shots and being able to easily see values for those shots at a moments notice. Those are the little things that get missed in most modern pins and why I feel IMDN and Keith + co absolutely hit a grand slam with this title.

#2952 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Any chance you can explain how you achieve a 6x Mummy SJ?

2x playfield + bullseye (3x)

#2954 1 year ago

I love that bullseye shot (yea I already said that), but I’ll reitterate, there’s a lot of rules associated with it. And, I’ll have to double check when I get home, but think my high is 21 bullseyes in one game. Love the ego boosts high score tables for this game

#2955 1 year ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Does someone have the rubbers list for the pro model please?
I'm looking to make a titan order and want to make sure I get the right ones.


Page 34

CA4E1493-CBBC-4FF1-A234-06A3CD59C313 (resized).jpeg
#2986 1 year ago
Quoted from F348:

Hi guys.
I'll admit right away, I haven't read the previous 2983 posts in this thread in search for my answer
so I'll come right to it; how or when do you get "Run to the Hills" multiball/mode ????

« Spoiler! Click to reveal. 10 pharaoh tomb treasures I believe. »

1 week later
#3013 11 months ago

Whoa. Just got an MVP super skill shot. It was pure accident but cool as shit. Going for the super skill shot, I managed to get 2 mini loops then hit the skill shot lane. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the award for it.

2 weeks later
#3159 11 months ago
Quoted from Mancave:

Added some mods in the past few days. I used a pico size rgb LED for the Clairvoyant globe and very fine wiring (normally used for Lego LED lighting). I did consider drilling the arm to hide the wires but there really isn't much room for error to do that so didn't try and risk it. If i can find a good colour match i'm intending to blend the wire into the blue of her cape at the back. I fully intended the globe to be lit all the time and not connected to the globe underneath, the RGB colour sequence wouldn't match anyway. Piece of mind Eddie isn't exactly where i wanted him but he was never going to fit where the original was, just too tall. I'll most likely adjust where the chains attach also as i have some small eye bolts coming which should look far neater.

Unfortunately my camera washed out the colours on the globe but you can spot the colour changes on the Clairvoyants face and upper torso. These pico leds are damn bright for their size!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

If you can get that orb to light up only when Orb or Power jackpot are lit, it would be dope! Looks really cool otherwise.

#3258 11 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

(posted this in issues thread, but this is more appropriate):
What's everybody doing as far as their pitch on the game?
I bought one a few months ago and the legs were set to about a 7.3 pitch. The game was hard as hell, but it seemed pretty well dialed in. It's a bit *too* hard for me, so I just pulled it back down to 6.5, and now everything is all crazy! Shots are not returning to the flippers properly, I'm getting tons of drains. Some of it is just me getting used to the new pitch and speed, but it seems excessively floaty. Just curious what's a good setting. thanks!

I thought Keith and/or some of the guys said in a deadflip stream that the game plays best at or around 7 deg. Mine is around 7.1-7.3 and plays fantastic.

#3259 11 months ago
Quoted from bowz:

New to the club-my NIB LE arrives in ablkfn30 minutes. Just wondering if there have been any updates yet. Went to the stern site, and saw 1.7 GB spk file game code link from 8/16?? I’ve never seen a code update that big, so I’m guessing this isn’t one.
Can someone confirm this?

I remember the latest code being just under 2mb so that sounds right. I remember because SW was crazy big, larger than maiden, like 4 or 5 gb or so.

#3307 11 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

I'm actually okay with the price of the pinstadiums. The UV lighting is a major concern, though, and the main reason why I won't have them in any machine I own or maintain on a route until there's better documentation of what nm range the "UV" light is in as real UV can blow out your eyes over time - permanently. There's literally no technical documentation on what the wavelength the UV light is in the pinstadiums, and that's bad. Eventually I will test pinstadiums with a spectrum analyzer, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

UV lighting is no joke. 12-13 years ago my brother and I worked for a building automation contractor and while putting controls in commercial rooftop package units, he came across some that had UV lighting in. No warning signs or protection doors so he didn’t think twice and proceeded to do his work. That night; complete eye pain and went 100% blind. Doctors said the UV Burned his retinas much like a very bad sun burn, but on directly to your eyes. And like a sunburn, it would go away in time as the body healed itself. Thankfully, his vision did come back a couple days later and he hasn’t complained about any vision issues since nor does he wear glasss. Scairy for sure.

That said, the UV in pinstadiums are probably not remotely even close to the commercial grade UV’s in AC units.

#3323 11 months ago
Quoted from Sinistarrett:

Wonder what other old school callouts are hidden in there.


#3338 11 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Fair amount of bugs that still need attention on the 1.05 buglist, so I'd be surprised if there wasn't another update pretty soon.

Hey V, I’m a little lazy at work right now but is this bug on the list:

-IMDN PRO: if you have 2 balls locked and pharaoh tomb award is lit and you shoot the right orbit to both collect the tomb award and start multiball, the game freaks out for a bit and doesn’t know what to do. Eventually it releases the call and throws the other 2 into play.

2 weeks later
#3544 10 months ago
Quoted from Hdmike444:

Maybe I’ll be able to download the new code as I’m still running 1.01
Still can’t load anything newer, my computer won’t let me.

If it’s windows, try disabling your anti-virus and firewall then try. If you use any kind of VPN’s, disable that too and reboot your computer with no VPN running.

#3582 10 months ago

Can anyone confirm on new code, top right up post doesn’t go up to stop balls on aces high and ROTAM anymore? Works for trooper still and other parts of the game, just not these modes. New feature or bug?

#3583 10 months ago

Nvm. Just found it in the readme:

- added 'LIMIT RIGHT UP POST USE' - defaults to YES, which will not raise the Right Up Post for mode starts, change to NO to revert to old behavior EDIT: its feature adj #65

Btw. New lighting effects are bitchin! They’re almost like Dwighting effects

#3598 10 months ago
Quoted from RatShack:

It's pretty sweet at the start of Aces High that the 2nd ball comes screaming out of the right orbit.

It appears neither up post traps the ball for aces high now even when you turn setting #65 off. Can anyone confirm? Don’t know how I feel about that now that my auto plunger works 100% lol

#3678 10 months ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

In and around the 8:46 mark. He has the mini flip up any time that ball comes down. Never just lets it fall towards the main flippers. He keeps diverting it.

I believe he’s going for drops. Something you can’t do with the premium; go for mini loop, x shot, drops, or let it go to flippers. Both versions are great, and in my experience - which also seems evident of the prem owner defenses; the pro plays harder and wilder - The prem/LE is more controlled. Pick your poison and have fun!

#3721 9 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

This does not happen on mine (Premium). IS that something specific to the Pro?

No. And I’m a little confused as to what the issues others are having. New code does cause ball locks to act differently for Aces High and ROTAM modes.

As for trooper multiball, it should work like this: ball locks are virtual, nothing physically locks the ball and keeps it captive until multiball start. So it should act like this, light locks > shoot lock, ball temporarily locks and you get a call out and animation “Ball 1 Locked”, then it releases the same ball into play > hit lock shot again, “Ball 2 locked”, then releases ball back into play. Once you hit the 3rd lock, the game should hold the ball and spit out 2 balls and autoplunge load them one after the other around the loop til all 3 are captive. IF at anytime during the loading sequence, any switch registers the locks will release and just start multiball. If your autoplunge works 100% you’ll get a full effect trooper multiball lock and release sequence.

So to those having lock issues; is it trooper lock issues on a pro or prem? Or is it that the lock posts no longer hold for aces high and ROTAM? Or something else?

1 month later
#3923 8 months ago

Anyone know the part # or flipper bat size of the upper left flipper? I cant find it anywhere in the manual.

1 week later
#3993 8 months ago

Forgive me, I’m a little confused on following this 6-way combo rule. Can someone correct me where i might be wrong?

+ is a super Death blow the cash in for the 6-way combo? Or is it a cash in for any # of combos?
+ does the 6-way combo have to be accomplished in 6 shots or is there a grace period if you brick a shot during the combo or hit another target?
+ is there a way to track your current combo count or deathblow value, perhaps instant info?
+ does 6-way combo light a tomb award? I assume it does.

Thanks in advance.

1 month later
#4363 7 months ago

So what’s the highest base loop jackpot value you’ve guys seen? I had a sweet game last night where I got the loop jackpot value up to 11M had 2x ready. Started it with one loop, then drained, game over haha...if only; what that could have been.

#4371 7 months ago
Quoted from bigduke6:

What strategy have you gotten your high score with? This may be a silly question but I concentrated on finishing modes for a long time. I switched over to focusing on multiballs and my scores have increased big time. This may not make a bit of sense but it worked for me..

Make sure to start 2x/3x at the right times. i.e. for modes, just before you get a sjp and start progressing jp levels, when loop jp’s Are lit, cyborg mb - but I usually wait til end of level 2 or level 3 to activate it.

To add to that, if you get all the x targets lit solid with 3x qualified, you get an additional 20 secs of 3x when you start it.

1 week later
#4422 6 months ago
Quoted from Halfwasted:

Just joined the club with a pro!
How do you adjust the flipper strength? mine seem too strong and can't find the adjustment in the service menu.

Feature adjustments. I forgot which #, but there’s a bunch to look thru.

4 weeks later
#4620 5 months ago
Quoted from airplanequartet:

I played an IM pro last night for the first time since getting my Premium a few months ago. It was a much different game, you really miss the under ramp shot for mode starts and locking and starting mummy MB is much less satisfying. Hitting the newton ball for orb jackpots is so so satisfying. I’m so glad I opted for the premium! Still a great shooter in either format.

I’m in the opposite boat. Played a premium for the first time in a long time and still have the same feelings; awesome game no matter what version is really the truth, and the mummy lock shot is fantastic. But the right orbit tomb treasure shot on the pro makes that shot more relevant where its pretty close to meaningless on the prem, the mummy captive ball shots are more satisfying on the pro, I like that the middle ramp mode shot sets up side flipper shots - but the prem up ramp is a more controlled mode start which is better in the sense that the player has more control, but with a layout that can be forgiving and long at times putting the ball in more danger is welcomed for more hectic gameplay; lastly, i like the power jackpot target as its more reliable.

All in all, the pro plays slightly quicker to reduce ball times; the game is great no matter what version, but much prefer the faster/harder pro and saved a couple grand to use towards upgrading my DP to the premium

#4632 5 months ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Rest of the items fall in the "to each their own" to me but this one gets me scratching my head a little bit. How is the pro captive ball shot more satisfying? Both captive balls do the same thing and feel the same (assuming Prem captive is dialed in properly). The only real difference is the ability to knock a ball out of there to start mummy which feels way more satisfying to me.
The ability to lock balls during Mummy or getting a 4 ball Trooper is pretty cool to. Maybe I'm missing something on the pro here.

Feels like I’m hitting a brick on the prem/Le - like the difference between Met Pro vs LE; captive ball vs brick.

#4664 5 months ago
Quoted from Arcade:

What letters are you referring to?
Maybe I am having a senior moment but I can’t make sense of this idea.

He’s referring to the EDDIE letters you collect for modes; i.e. white arrows. When you start the game all shots are lit to get a letter. As you progress deeper into the game only the left and right ramps are lit for letters. The idea would be to give the option of instead of right/left Ramps that the shot toggled randomly amongst all shots and that’s the shot to get a letter.

It’s a great idea; but man, if it ever hit the mini loop, that would suck! Lol.

#4675 5 months ago

maiden has some terrific shaker integration built into it.

#4699 5 months ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I wish those super modes were actually super.... Probably the most disappointing part of the rules other than lack of variation in the way the modes play..

What super modes? The modes are very diverse from one another. Are you in the right thread...

3 weeks later
#4802 4 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Some things I would like to see in the next code update.
-Jukebox mode
-Better ball recognition in the orbit. (Too often I shoot the right orbit and the shoot right back up the left orbit but the game cant tell)
-the loop extra ball at a more reasonable number (maybe 25?) My loop record is only 24 so either i suck at loops or 50 is overly ambitious unless you are Keith Elwin.
-added code to icarus as its the only mode I really dislike playing
-more tracks possibly

- Yes to the first 2. Although you can press start and are pretty much in jukebox mode except that the song loops after awhile and doesn’t have an intro nor outro.
- Isn’t there a setting to adjust the EB for loops in adjustments? If not, maybe that’s all that is needed.
- I love me some Icarus. The left/right combo is fun with some great call outs. Very challenging, yet can be very rewarding. Plus, it adds diversity vs the other modes. Though, I will say that as you get deeper the only way to light EDDIE is left/right Ramps at which point that can get monotonous so perhaps changing that logic could help? Plus, you don’t have to play the mode if you don’t choose and can progress towards other EDDIE cards if you choose too. Unless of course you’re going for RTTH, if that’s the case, good luck

#4805 4 months ago

I guess I’m in the minority. Just the other night during Icarus, I was thinking to myself how fun this mode is to play/combo. Ramps, call outs, music... all so good.

1 week later
#4874 4 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Everytime I see your translight I’m blown away by how nice it looks. Less cartoony Eddie and a pretty lady, what more could you want?
If I didn’t have an LE I'd be begging you to get me one.

Quoted from delt31:

That is a nice looking translite

It sure is.

Where did you get it and how do I get one?

2 months later
#5519 55 days ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

I've been thinking of swapping out can I play with madness and wasted years for something silly. I dont particularly like those songs and unlike my Metallica, they arent tied into a bunch of other modes or anything. I'm leaning toward some classic video game music. So far I'm thinking Ken's theme from Street Fighter and Greenhill zone from Sonic. Those 2 would only fill one slot so I'd have other options but i like old game music so at least a little bit.

Wasted Years is one of the coolest intro songs to a wizard mode ever in pinball! I couldn’t imagine anything replacing it.

Can I play with madness. Fully agree that song can go. May have to try where eagles dare too. That could be a nice pinball soundtrack bonus.

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