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(Topic ID: 213089)

Up the Irons - Stern Iron Maiden Owners and True Fans Club!

By AlexSMendes

2 years ago

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Post #2584 Part numbers for the components of the free ball trap kit from Stern. Posted by mollyspub (2 years ago)

Post #3081 Setting to change so Keith shows up in Iron Maiden more Posted by Who-Dey (1 year ago)

Post #4413 Loops Optos not registering the ball - mod fix Posted by f3honda4me (1 year ago)

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Post #5363 Loop speed set screw location picture Posted by djreddog (1 year ago)

Post #5829 Sarcophagus dumps ball instead of locking problem area to check Posted by metallik (9 months ago)

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#566 2 years ago

Anybody got a video link fir the mezel mods eyes?

#568 2 years ago

Thanks, that looks great. How does it mount? The lermods one uses tape.

#624 2 years ago

What do the red and yellow lights above the left ramp signify?

#633 2 years ago

Hold the left flipper. The design is that a full plunge will feed the upper left flipper top hit the shot. On mine I need to let off a full plunge slightly or it will go all the way around. Any other switch hits remove the ability to get the shot I believe.

My auto plunger will occasionally hit low of the target loop. I assume maybe I need to center it on a ball in the shooter lane?

#659 2 years ago

What is the factory recommended torque for the leg bolts?

#756 2 years ago

9 out of 10 off my balls launch fine. Every 10 or so the ball will hit the post above the skill shot target. Badly, like close to the center of the post. This happens with both the plunger and auto plunger. Anybody had this issue and know a fix?

#758 2 years ago

I'd your manual plunger is the problem look and see if it is centered on the ball. If not you can loosen the screws on the assembly and get it centered. A lot of people had to do this with early games including myself. It was justified far right and would barely get a ball into the loop.

#774 2 years ago

Track and field cocktail?!?!

#847 2 years ago

Evil that men do is the big one that's missing to me. Maybe they thought it was a bit repetitive with the chorus.

#890 2 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

It is under the right ramp which you will need to move to adjust the screw once adjusted it will work all the time; I talked to Keith and did mine and now it is perfect

Is this the screw under the right plastic that holds the end of the shooter lane in place?

#912 2 years ago

I don't have a problem with the left loop but I have found my right orbit sometimes doesnt register if I hit it too soon after a ball save or multiball launch which I think is in the code to make sure it doesn't give you free points by going around the other way but I've missed a few 15mil jackpots that way.

#963 2 years ago

Did you go through the switch menu? On mine the large target on the backboard was way too close and would occasionally score on flips. Luckily it showed up on the switch menu.

Also make sure your spinners are returning to a normal resting position. Don't know if that's as big an issue with enclosed switches but something to check.

#976 2 years ago

Who's having success getting the mummy card? What's your strategy?

I feel like in .93 you got an add a ball for just the left ramp and in .97 you need both ramps, right? Is there a second add a ball for doing it again?

#991 2 years ago

Are you sure it's the spring? Did you make sure the bracket has the spoon dead centered on the post? Worked on one of these today with this issue. Looked to be centered but was justified to one side and would cause the post to "jump" off of the spoon and make it look like the ball was stuck trying to get back into its cup. A hard shot would have it jump back on. The solution was bending the bracket the spoon was in to be dead centered on the ball and even when hit very hard it would return to zero.

#992 2 years ago

Delt: there is an eddy for getting to cyborg, 2 minutes, mummy super jackpot and trooper super jackpot. That gets you the number of the beast mode.

#1007 2 years ago

My best so far is about tree fiddy. You're killing it.

Finally got my ball launching fixed 100% by adjusting the shorter lane guide, then getting my shooter rod totally centered on the ball (auto and manual were both inconsistent). Needed to adjust my right orbit switch a bit to register 100% and it's all good now. Sucked finding out that was not registering on a lock shot with a 3x tomb treasure on the line!

So with this game it seems like if the game is unplugged or power is removed for any length of time it needs to be switched on and off 2 or more times before it boots. Anyone else seeing this?

#1009 2 years ago

The fan in mine is really quite loud. It'll just fire off when the game is sitting there too. I think someone has a replacement guide somewhere but I'm not too keen on putting an aftermarket fan in a brand new game that might affect the warranty.

#1014 2 years ago

Either your sockets or a connector are switched or you entered cyborg during mummy (I don't know if that's possible but I don't think so)

#1096 2 years ago

What are the exact rules for add a ball in mariner and aces high? I've hit the orb in both and not gotten an add a ball which is what I thought was supposed to happen.

#1117 2 years ago

Yall just need to do some switch adjustments

#1128 2 years ago

Looking at getting colored plastic protectors. Is anyone other than selling complete sets? (Not just slings / guides / pops)

#1173 2 years ago

Yeah, 8 ramps to start power ramps, 8 more to complete.

Trooper you get by knocking down the drops when "lock" is lit (or sweeping when orb is lit) then locking 3 balls in the orbits (green inserts)

#1183 2 years ago

Pretty easy install. Only "gotcha" when I went to test fit it was loosening the small metal ramp on the upper left loop to get the protector underneath.

#1186 2 years ago

Oh you need to remove all that shit, that loop ramp was just the only thing that I didn't think of when test fitting the protector. If it's your first one I'd plan about 5 hours. Use naphtha to remove any wax and make sure the playfield is totally dry before putting the protector down. After removing g the top layer clean with novus 2 then 1 or the film residue will really slow things down significantly.

Label your connectors BEFORE disconnecting them.

#1188 2 years ago

I remembered reading it was recommended to remove any factory wax even on brand new games. May have been in the protector thread. There's some buildup that can be seen on the paper towel after doing it so I like to perform this step. I really only want to lay the protector down once.

I suppose you could clean it before laying it down but it's easy enough to do right after dropping it in since all the ramps and everything are still removed. The only tradeoff I see doing it your way is scratch potential while moving it around since the film will be gone.

#1222 2 years ago

Lapean111, I respect your opinion and experience but I wonder where the protectors you've played on came from. If you clean the protector after removing the protective film you will not likely be able to tell a difference in ball movement or speed from a clean and waxed playfield. Out of 9 protectors I've gotten in the last year from zee germans only 2 have needed minor trimming. A clean cut with a razor blade is what I found to be best. 5 of these have been installed on games that are played in a public setting with no complaints from the players and hundreds of games without looking dirty or affecting the feel of the game. They are cleaned and well maintained.

#1228 2 years ago

Yeah the protector prevents that wear that's the point. I dont see how your "steel ball will destroy the playfield" is an argument against having a playfield protector.

#1282 2 years ago

Just listened to Bruce's autobiography on Audible. Good listen / read if you're a fan.

#1285 2 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

New code today?

Is there supposed to be?

3 weeks later
#1539 2 years ago

Lower your playfield angle bruh. Play with your settings til you're happy with it.

2 weeks later
#1814 2 years ago

It's a maiden reference from hallowed be thy name that gets called out in that mode. "Cuz at 5 o'clock they take me to the gallows pole"

#1822 2 years ago

1) you're at 0
2) were you joking? Are you still joking? Hard to tell in plain text.

#1847 2 years ago

Anybody contact stern to get the new plastics with the stuck ball protectors? Will they send them straight to you or do I have to go through my distributor?

1 week later
#1932 2 years ago

cscmtp try moving the flippers with your hand. Does one move with less resistance than the other? If so reinstalling the flipper bat at the proper height might help.

Edit: if newland is near ashville I might take you up on your offer if you need help!

#1953 2 years ago

I'm going with that's not normal, try to get a new PF. Do they have texture or does the playfield feel flat? Is it definitely in the clear and not the paint?

#1972 2 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Supposedly, yes. I've bent and centered, and un-centred mine and still can't get it to work consistently. Maybe they have to be all out of whack like yours to work right!

If you bent your shooter rod you done messed up.

It needs to be centered both horizontally and vertically to work. After that is done you can adjust the lane guide on the right side of the shooter lane by the gate.

#2095 2 years ago

First, make sure your plunger is centered on the ball both vertically and horizontally. Then move the right ball guide if necessary. Forum search can be your friend.

#2127 2 years ago

I can hit it from my right flipper consistently from a trap. Are you on 1.02 or have your flippers set to hard?

1 week later
#2257 2 years ago

Shatz shots.

2 ramps away from 2mtm I just cant get it going! Despite doing everything else the score on this game was somehow less than 500 mil.

#2325 2 years ago

Will whoever created this thread make a sticky with links on adjusting the manual plunger and shooter lane guide? markymark2400 search this thread or the iron maiden issues thread it's been gone over about 900 times.

#2364 2 years ago

Centered on the holes. Dont forget to gap with a flipper gap tool or credit card or something.

1 week later
#2436 2 years ago

Who knows what the node board update does but if it keeps it from breaking, totally worth it.

1 month later
#2768 1 year ago

Access blue, hallowed orange, fear purple, icarus yellow. Is rhyme green or is it also blue? Those look pretty swanky.

1 month later
#3032 1 year ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Just upgraded my light show this morning. So dope.
[quoted image]

I installed that today as well. It looks so good for a cheap little mod. What did you use for your outhole red? It also looks great.

9 months later
#5362 1 year ago

Can anyone post the location of the set screw Keith was talking about? I was not tracking what he was saying at all.

4 months later
#5974 8 months ago

After a long long time trying I'm finally in the billion club in a way I least expected it. Always avoided icarus but I got over 800 million in it! Total fluke

#5995 8 months ago

The correct answer is to have your lockdown. Bar and side armor powder coated to match the legs

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