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By AlexSMendes

1 year ago

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#937 1 year ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

Hey everyone - I'm in the club today! Got a great deal on a Pro that was only used at MGC. Only played a couple of games so far (I'm working....), but it's awesome!

Congrats Chris! Can't wait to play one..

#954 1 year ago
Quoted from lapean111:

Joined the club today!

Congrats! LMK when your ready to sell..

10 months later
#4145 6 months ago

FINALLY joined the club, and it's been a long time coming. Best Stern I've played yet. Love this game. What are the must have mods and protectors etc for it? Side art blades vs side mirrors too is what I can't decide??

im1 (resized).jpgim2 (resized).jpg
#4149 6 months ago
Quoted from mbott1701:

I'd say definitely the colored inserts that PinMonk sells.

I'm in the same boat. I like mirror blades, but I'm leaning towards the Stern art blades for this one.

Definitely going with the colored inserts, and I'm leaning towards the art blades. I've had mirror blades on pins before, but never the art blades. so may change it up. Plus I think they look sharp..

#4150 6 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

The art blades from Stern are really nice for Iron Maiden. I would do those over mirror blades.
Use the WET method to install them, though. Makes it so much easier...

Yep, these are the ones I'm leaning towards. These or the album covers blades. Easy to install I assume?

#4152 6 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

If you use the wet method, they're very forgiving to install and you have time to get them lined up just right. DO NOT try to install them dry.

Thanks, appreciate the tip

#4159 6 months ago

Guessing this a dumb question but, it's my 1st new Stern, and I'm at work now placing a order from PBL and I'm unsure of the flipper rubber size for the upper flippers. 2" or ?

#4161 6 months ago
Quoted from Supersquid:

The upper right flipper is standard size. Stern part #545-5277-00 for rubber. The upper left flipper is a mini flipper. Stern part#545-5207-00 for the rubber.
Hope this helps.

Thanks, only put about 4 plays on it so far in the 1st week, and just could not remember if the upper flippers were both mini or 1 of each. PBL only lists standard flipper rubber, and 1" mini, so I assume the upper left flipper is 1"

#4171 6 months ago
Quoted from Maken:

Stern, via Chas, says that my playfield "meets our quality standards" and will not be replaced. No options were provided and no tips were given on how to level a warped playfield.
Wow... I am seriously at a loss here, everyone thought that they would give me a non-warped playfield... I am just haggard.

Well that just sucks. I personally would never buy another Stern if this happened to me. Hopefully you can work something out somehow

#4173 6 months ago
Quoted from Maken:

They are dead to me. What a joke of a company.
Might even sell my entire collection, fuck this hobby.

Yeah that's really horseshit IMO. Makes me 2nd guess my IMDN purchase in a huge way. Hearing some of these Stern horror stories makes me think I'll never get another. Really feel sorry for you...

#4217 6 months ago
Quoted from parsonsaj:

Just got the Laseriffic topper and lighted magnetic hinge covers installed. I think it looks pretty good![quoted image]

Those hinge covers easy to install? They look nice

#4219 6 months ago
Quoted from parsonsaj:

Thanks! I have them on my Metallica also and think they look great! It’s a much simpler install on Spike than it was on SAM... took < 5 minutes.

Was just curious how they install. This is my 1st new Stern, and haven't put on any mods, yet. Have the art blades and lighted flipper buttons on the way, and was gonna do these hinge covers next

#4221 6 months ago
Quoted from Maken:

Still attempting to escalate at Stern and with distro. It's hard, nobody gets back to me, they all just hope that I will go away. Going away is what I'd love to do more than anything, but my love of pinball is proving stronger than I had imagined.
Waiting on a price for an unpopulated playfield.

DON'T give up whatever you do. They HAVE to take care of this eventually. Well, they better

#4236 6 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Well, after the mode tree
Also, the pop plastics look great
Honourable mention to the Stern side blades. Very well done
[quoted image][quoted image]

My Stern blades just showed up today. Hope to install them this weekend. Do they need to be almost completely flat, or can they be installed a bit wavy? I've only done mirror blades, so this is new to me.

20190404_153245 (resized).jpg
#4239 6 months ago
Quoted from finnflash:

They will be fine as is. I got mine on very fast and easy by having a second person do the front while I lined up the back.

Did you do yours dry or wet? I'm doing these by myself

#4244 6 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Wet install with soapy water and a squeegee/wallpaper tool to smooth them out and get rid of the excess liquid and you're golden. No need to wait for them to relax.

Quoted from Graysonsdad:

The waviness will mostly be in the backing paper but I still lay mine out for a few days first. Straighter is easier to manage.

Appreciate all the input everyone. Sure I'll be fine per usual. I'll flatten them til tomorrow just because.

#4245 6 months ago

Ok, another question for anyone that's installed the BriteButtons Flipper lights from PBL. Got those too today, and I'm not sure which "ticket" header connection I'm suppose to use on the coin door interface board in the the top left corner, the one on the left or right? Hate to use the wrong one and bleep it up. Sorry for the duplicate pic

20190404_162626 (resized).jpg20190404_162626 (resized).jpg20190404_162749 (resized).jpg
#4254 6 months ago
Quoted from Bohdi:

Ok, another question for anyone that's installed the BriteButtons Flipper lights from PBL. Got those too today, and I'm not sure which "ticket" header connection I'm suppose to use on the coin door interface board in the the top left corner, the one on the left or right? Hate to use the wrong one and bleep it up. Sorry for the duplicate pic
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

bumping my own post because i'm still unsure which connection to use. Anyone installed these on their's?

#4256 6 months ago
Quoted from parsonsaj:

I have these on mine... but am nowhere near the machine until later today, and I surely don't remember which one I plugged into. I will check when I get home and update this note then.

Much appreciated. Pretty sure i know, but want to make dam sure before turning it on. Thanks>>>

#4259 6 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

it has to be the left one. The connector for your mod looks like it has a wire in position 1 and position 3. There is no pin in position three on the low ticket header on the left. They didn't provide instructions with the mod or have it on their website? Also, I am going to assume your mod is 12v, if that is the case, it is definitely the left header as the low ticket header only has 5v.

They sent instructions. Just had one picture, and it was hard to tell because the setup was a little different. Since the writing on the interface board is upside down, does that mean i'm connecting the connector "upside" down with the wires coming from above? Hate to sound so stupid, but i'm so new to Sterns and mods in general

#4262 6 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

The connector will only fit one way. In your pic, when you plug it in, the wires will be coming out of the connector on the top, if that makes sense.

Yep, makes sense. I'm just being stupid. So it must go on the left as your looking at it. Thanks

#4265 6 months ago

Lighted flipper buttons done, Annubis done, and blades done. Looks much better. Thanks all for all the info

20190405_172651 (resized).jpg20190405_172630 (resized).jpg20190405_172546 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#4321 6 months ago
Quoted from toddharper:

Just installed a Spitfire from Rods Mods and it really rocks!
By far the best of the model plane mods and well worth the extra $$ it's the only mod out where the propeller spins when the left ramp is hit.
Also has a cockpit light and wing lights.
I tried another plane mod that mounts on the right side and ended up taking it out. For one thing the connectors weren't attached properly and ended up falling apart. After inspecting them I realized that the gauge of wire was too big for the plastic clips. It's fixable but Jeez. I ended up putting a cool Egyptian Archway there from Mezel Mods.
[quoted image]

Love the archway too, been thinking about picking that up next. Looks good in pics, how good does it look in person?

#4383 6 months ago

Are there 2 different Orb mods? 1 that is interactive, and 1 that stays lit all the time? I found 1 for 20.00 and another for 46.00. Just curious what the difference is and which one people are buying.

#4385 6 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Ours is wired to the game. The others I have seen are a plastic or 3d printed ball that sits on top of the existing flasher somehow. You have to move the flasher board I believe, but not really sure. Ours is an acrylic ball with an smd led inside on metal mount. For the pro, we can offer different color led options.
It's on our website, free shipping.

Yep, saw it on your website. The other was from 3D mods i believe? Just ordered the Pharoah blinder kit from you yesterday. I like your Orb mod better because of the different color options. Sure i'll be ordering the Orb mod and maybe more from you shortly. Just noticed too your prices are different on your website vs going through here and adding to your cart. Must just add the shipping to the mod price through Pinside.

1 week later
#4461 5 months ago

Finally got my Pharoah blinder kit installed last night. Wow, what a difference. I recommend it for anyone that doesn't have it already. Easy install too. Took a short video, but don't know how to add the YouTube video? Sure most know what it looks like but..

#4463 5 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

You mean this...

Yepper. Someone PM me and tell me how to attach a YouTube video to a post..

2 weeks later
#4554 5 months ago
Quoted from Halfwasted:

I went pro and have no regrets.

Ditto here. Added how many mods already now, and still nowhere even near a Premium price. .

#4598 5 months ago
Quoted from dtown:

. I’m also not crazy about the orb mold. I like the purple color but I’d prefer something clear and bubble’d or cracked. I think ler makes a bubble’d one.

[quoted image]

I have the orb mod from Lermods and really think it adds a lot for not much really being there and going on. It's like a frosted glass and you can pick your color. I chose purple and love it. Breeze to install too. Think the interactive coffin lock mod is a must add-on as well..

#4609 5 months ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

The Egypt topper looks really cool... But $400? It doesn't look that cool, unfortunately.

Yeah i tend to agree. The price just doesn't justify it. I'm playing the game, not looking above the backglass. Hell, i'm so busy playing multiball 1/2 the time that a rarely see the LCD monitor. I personally would rather add 400 in PF mods.

1 month later
#4938 3 months ago
Quoted from HC2016:

I’ve found with many years of playing , once you have learn the shot it comes easy every time ... it’s probably me , who knows , but squeezing thru those bumpers seems like luck to me , not skill

I find it to be more of a "lucky" shot myself also. I just have a HELUVA time hitting it, especially when i need to.

1 month later
#5142 75 days ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Check that the back of your playfield is level left to right. Anytime my plunge seems off, it usually is fixed with a simple leg adjustment

Hmmmm, never really thought of that. Didn't think a tad here or there would affect the plunge that much.

2 weeks later
#5294 60 days ago
Quoted from parsonsaj:

I tried both of the 2 Spitfire mods. I ended up keeping the Rods Mods one, since I think it looks cooler to have the spinning props, plus the place it mounts is far better if you have the Mezel arch installed (which I do).
I actually still have the Mezel spitfire and would sell it for half of what I paid.
I thought I got the flasher cover from Mezel also, not realizing it would be mostly a waste on my Pro, since that flasher rarely goes off on the pro. Looks really cool when it does, though, and would look REALLY cool on an LE/Premium where it goes off a lot more.

Does the plane interfere at all with the arch when there both installed? I've been wanting the lighted arch, and possibly a plane also. Not sure if i want or need both. Just that the from Rods is more expensive. But that was my thought like you did, get the one from Rods which mounts in the left corner, then the arch is free and clear and no clutter

#5296 60 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Just to clarify, our plane can be mounted over any playfield screw mount, it does not just have to be over the right ramp. It’s ideal over the right ramp as it glows from underneath and illuminates the play field, but it can go back right or back left and the underglow lights can be disabled by not hooking them up if you choose.

So, if it was to be mounted in the back left, it can still be interactive if desired correct?

3 weeks later
#5449 39 days ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

What do you mean by that? Can you explain a bit more?
Also, this is the upper right flipper. Do the lugs look ok? And could this be impacting the left lower flipper? I did hear this top right flipper making a slightly louder sound when flipping it, but it has gone away.
And finally, I took the under-ramp scoop out when trying to install the cliffy. Could something have come lose on that while it was dangling under the pf that would affect the flippers?
As far as I can recall I was not having flipper issues prior to this.
Thanks![quoted image]

Those solder joints don't look good. I personally would redo them. They look as old as the ones on my EBD. How many plays are on yours?

1 week later
#5532 28 days ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Having an issue with my auto-launch not making the full loop.
Half the time, the ball goes off the post, or hits the little upper left flipper.
Any suggestions on how to get it making the full loop consistently?

This has finally got this working for me, how long it lasts, don't know. I loosened the screw behind this black rubber post just at the end of the metal guide where the ball 1st enters the PF. Just loosened it and left it. Then set the auto plunge to 240. Setting 67 I believe. Have had no issues since.

20190924_151606 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#5553 12 days ago
Quoted from Talon2000:

Just over 300

Christ, that's about what i have on mine, and mine looks nothing like that. That really is shame.

#5561 12 days ago

I've had my Pro since March, and have put on about 300 plays. NO IDEA why I just thought about it now, and then went and checked, but I don't have any attract mode? Looked under settings and didn't find any. What am I missing?

#5563 12 days ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

So what does it do when you arent playing it?

Nothing. It will say something if I hit a flipper, otherwise, all the lights are on etc. But no sound whatsoever

#5568 12 days ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

There isnt sound in attract mode (unless you push a button). It shows you how to play, some clips of someone playing a supreme, tour dates and high scores. You dont get these?

I get all of these. Just no sound unless I press a button. Believe I'm on 1.06 code?

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