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Official Wisconsin-Minnesota Thread

By RustyLizard

9 years ago

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#52 9 years ago

Just checking in.

I will be at MGC and the WannaBowl Event that Tully runs. I am not sure what I will bring to MGC, but likely either a freshly restored FT (in progress now) with a fresh CCd pf or maybe my new pride and joy, TX-Sector.

What do you guys think? FT or TX

Also Dan >> I plan on being available to help out with move in/set up stuff with Chris, Steve, and Tom and the others at MGC.

#55 9 years ago

ok> good enough for me. If both Russ and "the beer pin" guy (sorry I have not met you yet but saw your cool game last year) want TX, then I will plan to get her running and bulletproof in time for MGC.

#67 9 years ago

Foo >> any chance you would bring Robo War to MGC to share with us this year? I would love to check one out.

We could set TX and Robo up next to each other to represent the 80s Gottlieb crew

#80 9 years ago

I could possibly pick it up and 'store' it for you.

Might have a couple hundred extra games on it by the time you come down to grab it

#101 9 years ago

that is great Dan!

A reminder to everyone >> if you have not already registered for MGC please do so.

I know it helps those guys greatly if more people register in advance and pay/pre-order tickets sooner rather than later.

#122 9 years ago

Tim >> I vote WOF if my vote counts. I actually love the theme (grew up with my Mom watching it every night) and have played it only a little bit.

Tony > I will be bringing a game and attending the afterparty. If anyone else has an extra ticket for the after party (i.e. you are bringing 2 games but only need 1 party ticket) then it would be greatly appreciate so Heidi (my wife) can attend also. Please shoot me a PM.

#144 9 years ago

If you Taxi is nice (I think it is if I remember correctly) then I vote for that. I have never played a nice and fully working taxi.

Lizard would be cool also!

#172 9 years ago
Quoted from PDXGeek:

I grew up in Wisconsin, why anyone still lives there is beyond me ;p Pacific NW has all the pinballs anyway.

Yeah, but you do not have MGC...

Your loss sucker.

#174 9 years ago

Figured it was worth posting in here also... I have too little time and too many pinball projects which have stacked up. If anyone is interested in making a little side cash and helping me out on a weekend day, then please let me know. I would love to spend a long Saturday and get a few things pinball related done.

Even blasting away at one game would be great. I have lots of parts staged and waiting but honestly I just take my time learning and picking away at stuff. If someone has some experience they want to share while lending a hand with a PF swap or topside teardown then let me know. It would be nice to learn a bunch real quick and also get more games fine tuned in and clean.

#179 9 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

^I'd be more than happy to help you out, but don't know when the next time is that I will be in Madison for work (but if you want I can hit you up whenever I know I'll be there).
On a different note, I'm really on the fence about buying a NIB ACDC Premium, anyone see the need to talk me down? Played the snot out of it at BlaineBrook and i dig it, and the wife likes it more than one of my pins (so that one is likely on the chopping block to help with the purchase). What say you?!?

Just let me know when you know you will be coming around. I will surely still have more projects than time whenever that is

It honestly would be great to have a hand and like I said I am happy to pay for the experienced help/quickened learning curve.

Also, if you like AC/DC then buy it. However, I personally think XMLE is a better bang for the buck if you can snag one for the ~5k mark that they seem to have dropped to. If the code ever gets tweaked in I think XM will be a keeper in the long run as the shot layout is pretty nice.

#181 9 years ago

Some of the most fun I have had in the past year was hanging out and working on your RFM pf swap Dan!

My RFM pf swap is probably at teh bottom of the pile now that I am digging in on the FT pf swap.

#189 9 years ago

If anyone is seriously interested in making plans to come over some Saturday and work on pins just shoot me a PM. Even if you are already my friend, don't feel bad about taking my cash. If cash makes you uncomfortable then just let me know something you need for one of your games and I will buy it for you in exchange for your help. I know time is valuable and have no problems paying someone to lend a hand. It is also way more fun to work on pins with someone else and unfortunately my wife starts back up school next week so my current pin helper is mainly MIA for the next 3 months.

#192 9 years ago

damn wifes

#197 9 years ago

Probably worth mentioning that if we can get enough guys to commit to bring games, MadRollinPinball 2013 will happen again in September. I have some ideas for huge improvements over last year that will both make things run smoother and should appeal to all types and qaulity of players.

Ideally I would love to do a pinbrawl style of event but that will mean getting 20 games committed to come from area collectors. I will also need to talk with Dan about logisitcs of making a smaller docock to ensure power for that many games.

I know that is a tall order, but a big perk will be a private Friday evening gathering for all that bring games to share with pizza and beer supplied by me.

If we can not get that many games then I still have some fun ideas for alternative events that should be fun and creative in some way.

#232 9 years ago

Hey guys,

I am taking the lead with helping out at Clock Chaos at MGC this year and need to round up a few helpers to keep things running smoothly and to record scores on individual games. Please send me a PM (with your phone number) if you are interested and I will give you the details.

Time commitment will be from ~6:00pm till completion on the Friday of MGC. You will still be able to compete even if you are a helper.

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help out. As a little incentive, I will have a nice little gift for anyone that helps out.

#243 9 years ago

Awesome and Thanks Tom!

I will let you know details when I get a chance.

I will also be there to help your team with load in stuff all day Friday

#246 9 years ago

Awesome news!

1 week later
#283 9 years ago

I can not remember if I posted in here or not, but my bro is traveling from Superior (near Denver), CO back to Madison/Rockford on 21 or 22 of Feb in a minivan. He has room for 2 pins and is willing to transport for pretty cheap ($150). Could be a win/win >> gas $ for him and cheap pin transport for you.

thread here >>>http://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/offer-for-pin-transport-from-denver-co-to-rockford-il

#297 9 years ago

I would like to know also if the up north xmen is back up and running. If so, I would like to head back down there on Friday if anyone is interested (I will not be drinking as much as last time as I think I am still slightly hungover and a bit ashamed of how fuzzy that night got >> sorry if I offended anyone).

#299 9 years ago


did I nut tap you from afar for something also?

#304 9 years ago

Make sure everyone remembers to go to the MGC website and register what you are bringing to share...


#310 9 years ago

Wanted to let the Madison crew know that the XM at Up North is back up and running. If anyone wants to go play a few and have a few after dinner tonight just give me a buzz.

#318 9 years ago


Welcome to pinside!! Nice to see another WI member. Great collection also.

Make sure you come on over to Madison (actually Waunakee) for the upcoming local event put on by Tully.

info here >>> http://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/3rd-annual-madison-wi-area-pinball-tourney

and here >>> http://waunapinballtourney.weebly.com/

#320 9 years ago

WTH are you not coming to MGC postmaster???

#326 9 years ago

s1500 >> please bring your WhiteForce to MGC. You are the only pinsider that even owns that game. I have never even seen one or heard of it.

At minimum, please upload some photos to the pinside database.

#350 9 years ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

I haven't talked with Jack yet, but if they are delivered by then i will bring mine down.
i will send an email to Jack tomorrow and see if i can get an answer
King Pin Games
JJP Authorized Distributor.

That is super awesome of you!!!!!

#355 9 years ago
Quoted from ThePostmaster:

If I go to MGC, I'll have room for 5-6 pins in an enclosed trailer. I'm just undecided if I'll go or not.

You have to come. With a handle like postmaster, you are the one guy I may actually beat...

#364 9 years ago

both are well worth the watch!

You will likely meet some of the people in the videos at MGC.

#378 9 years ago

DEWSHO >> be sure you talk with Ralpwiggum about that ES as he would be a great guy to buy your first machine from!

#386 9 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

I have to take a kid to a birthday party in Johnson Creek today (45 minute drive from where I'm at). Time to dust off the internet stalker skills and show up unannounced at Dewsho's for some pinball.
Edit: Hah, just noticed his collection is all wishlist. Silly me!

Would have been even funnier/creepier when you showed up and realized that!

#388 9 years ago
Quoted from Ranhorton:

Great to know.
Sounds like I should call in sick to work one Wednesday in July.

You guys should just come up to our place some weekend. Smaller lake and WAY more laidback than Geneva.

#395 9 years ago
Quoted from Ranhorton:

Hilton- You've got a lake house as well as a sick lineup of pins?
Wanna switch lives for a week

I'd have to talk to my wife

#404 9 years ago

sounds like a fun idea to me. Maybe I would be able to make the trip up to hang out with some of you 'soters'...

#416 9 years ago

Great review!

Thanks for sharing. I am really looking forward to checking out AVLE.

It would be nice if Stern would bring one to MGC. Anyone have any connections with Stern to try and get them to bring something new?

#439 9 years ago

Hey Madison folks >> I'm headin down to the 'Up North' for a few pints and a few games.

Txt me if you are gonna drop by and I will hang for a bit longer.

#442 9 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Hey Madison folks >> I'm headin down to the 'Up North' for a few pints and a few games.
Txt me if you are gonna drop by and I will hang for a bit longer.

The XM at Up North is officially now just a regular old routed game (more things wrong than right it seems). Bullseye must be one of the worst operators around. They do absolutely nothing besides collect the coinbox. They did replace the broken left sling rubber and now the top leaf switch is half outside the rubber and half inside.

They also have 3 rollovers not working and the blackbird scoop only registers about 70% of the time.

They have probably collected cash 4 times int he past 6 weeks but have yet to wipe down the game. However, they are nice enough to make the match % lower and the replay value default higher every time they come. They SUCK!!!

#455 9 years ago

Got your email centerflank. The wife is planning on coming but not 100% as she is still getting over a head cold and not ready to commit yet...

#459 9 years ago

My WWFRR was sold to a local guy as his first pin. I do not think he goes on the forums at all.

I should have never sold it, but with limited space I had to see something go in order to have new things come in. If Lyman ever decides to revisit his first real potential masterpiece, a few code tweaks could make it blow up in desirability.

#502 9 years ago

look at us. 500 posts. I bet Rusty sure is proud of his little thread

1 week later
#538 9 years ago

any of the local crew want to do an honor based mini tournament on Saturday of MGC?

I was thinking :

Get X number (maybe 10-20) of us to commit. $5 or $10 buy in. We decide on 10-12 games to play throughout the day.

Honor system. The first game you play on that game is what you write down for a score (no cheating as it defeats the whole purpose of a fun little locals thing). We get together later in the day and all compare scores. Highest score on each game is worth 10 points, 2nd highest is worth 8, 3rd is worth 7, and so on down the line (I could bring a white board to make things easy for tallying stuff up).

Tally the total rank (combined points earned on all 10-12 games) and see who wins.

50% payout to first place, 30% to 2nd place, and 20% to 3rd place. First places buys a round of shots at the bar?

Could be fun.

#546 9 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

I want to be in, but realistically, 12 games of pinball is about 10 more than I'll actually play there.

Maybe this would motivate you to actually play 12...

#581 9 years ago

this feels needed in this thread given the current soter bias

#612 9 years ago

I had not formalized anything. If you want to run with it, PLEASE feel free! My plate is more than full. I had really not gone any further than the thought stage.

I like the idea of checking out games on Friday. Making up a list and then printing them off.

How about something like this...

First 20 people to sign up are in. Commit by adding a number and your name to the list below (copy and paste to your post and add yourself)

$10 buy in? 50% payout to 1st, 30% for second, 20% for third

On Friday, Chris and I will come up with a list of 12 games that must be played ASAP on Saturday (in order to avoid issues of multiple games being down). If a game is down and out then tough titty >> go play early

Scoring > 20 points for highest score on each game, 18 for second, 16 for third, 15, 14, 13... That gives a slight bonus for being highest score of second highest score. (maybe just use standard IFPA scoring also as that would make it easy since I could use my CPU with the pinball tourney software)

You get to pitch out the score for 2 games (i.e. only 10 games count, just cross off the 2 you want to pitch). This will help make things fair in case a game goes down and you have not been able to play it.

We will print out 20 forms for those that enter. We will need to come up with some sort of way to get cash and handout forms.

Lets say 6 pm is cutoff to hand in your completed entry form (remember this is honor system > no cheating, you write down your own score for your first attempt on that game, you cross out the 2 games you do not want to count.

Chris and I can compile scores and then do the payout at 7pm at the bar.

thoughts, suggestions, get on the list...

1. Whysnow (Hilton)

#615 9 years ago

1. Whysnow (Hilton)
2. Rustylizard (Russ)
3. Ranhorton (Randy)

add yourself to the list guys...

#622 9 years ago
Quoted from ChrisS:

Sounds like a plan.
Should we say 11:00am meet in the LOBBY to collect money and hand out forms. NOT the show check in. Then everyone meets back there at 6pm to turn forms in. Or hit one of us up on the floor durning the day.

Sounds good to me, lets meet at the LOBBY! Everyone that signs up needs to find Chris or myself in the LOBBY at 11am on Saturday. You pay and get a form with games to play. Meet at the hotel LOBBY at 6pm to turn in forms. If you are done early then find Chris or I am hand in your form >> it will help to allow me to enter scores into a spreadsheet whenever I take a break from playing during the day.

1. Whysnow (Hilton)
2. Rustylizard (Russ)
3. Ranhorton (Randy)
4. Chriss. (Chris)

#623 9 years ago

the bar will be much less busy at 11am then the lobby will be. Also, 6 at the bar is likely where many of you WI boys will be anyway

#625 9 years ago

oops. Sorry, did not realize that the bar was in use. Should have figured.

Dan, will the lobby be the least busy place? Can you suggest a good place for us all to easily and quickly meet up besides the lobby? I remembered last year that the lobby was complete chaos as people were still lined up all the way through the lobby in order to get into the show... maybe I am remembering wrong?

#636 9 years ago


meet in the Lobby

Everyone that signs up needs to find Chris or myself in the LOBBY at 11am on Saturday. You pay $10 and get a form with games to play. Meet at the hotel LOBBY at 6pm to turn in forms. If you are done early then find Chris or I am hand in your form >> it will help to allow me to enter scores into a spreadsheet whenever I take a break from playing during the day.

current official locals mini-competition signup list

1. Whysnow (Hilton)
2. Rustylizard (Russ)
3. Ranhorton (Randy)
4. Chriss. (Chris)
5. Guru-420 (Gar)

#639 9 years ago

My experience form last year is that hookers and blow are the preferred method of payment. Luckily, Milwookie has a vast supply of both

#659 9 years ago

did not sound liek a 'score' based on the description...

#704 9 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Anyone not hitting any MGC events friday night is welcome over by my place for pin fun/beverages!!!! pm me......

why did I commit to being sober and helping out on Friday night when I could be getting buzzed at your place ;(

#710 9 years ago

that is a hell of a drive to come home empty.

Did you stop and play pinball at any of the sweet places up there?

#715 9 years ago

Great call on stopping at Rossi's. They quality of stuff keeps getting better. It still needs work and a lot of the GI was out on a few of the games when I was there last Friday (work function), but at least the majority of switches are working and the thin crust pizza is GREAT IMHO!

#716 9 years ago

Also, excited and wanted to share with you guys...

I was offered a new position at work today and it is a nice step up and a chance to raise the career ceiling a bit further than my current job. I am a little nervous because it will be a supervisor role and I have been all science my entire life, but also pumped for the opportunity.

I am not allowed to tell anyone at work till later this week and I need to tell someone, so you guys get to hear. Hopefully you can share in my excitement.

Life has been pretty crazy lately and it is great to get some positive news. Tie it together with MGC being this weekend and things are shaping up to be a GREAT week!

#721 9 years ago


The only stressful part is that I am transitioning to supervise some of my current peers. It will all be good in the long run I am sure, but I beat out a few of my peers for the position and they will surely be a bit sour that they are not the one getting the promotion. Like most things, it will be a learning experience from day 1 and as always I am looking forwrad to the challenge.

However, currently I am really just looking forward to celebrating at MGC. Friday can not get here quick enough.

#730 9 years ago

"Everyone that signs up needs to find Chris or myself in the LOBBY at 11am on Saturday. You pay $10 and get a form with games to play. Meet at the hotel LOBBY at 6pm to turn in forms. If you are done early then find Chris or I am hand in your form >> it will help to allow me to enter scores into a spreadsheet whenever I take a break from playing during the day.

current official locals mini-competition signup list

1. Whysnow (Hilton)
2. Rustylizard (Russ)
3. Ranhorton (Randy)
4. Chriss. (Chris)
5. Guru-420 (Gar)

Due to low overall interest (and I have a lot on my plate already for this weekend) I need to pull out from taking the reigns on this locals event. Chris> please feel free to be the organizer if you want. I would still participate/compete.

Chris, If you want to cancel the idea that is fine also.

#747 9 years ago
Quoted from s1500:

I'm jinxed.
Fish Tales reset on me during Clock Chaos.

Sorry about that. It appeared to be due to the game being on the hotel power and not the Doc Ock grid during Clock Chaos. I reseated all connectors on Saturday afternoon and was then on MGC power in the main hall and no issues. Glad your second game was better. I would have felt bad if it was the other way around.

#755 9 years ago

tell me more about this circus.

I am comtemplating a trek to one of the upcoming events (MI expo, pin at the zoo, or circus)

#757 9 years ago

any more info? website is somewhat vauge.

$25 for both Sat and Sun. Circus on Sat, Freeplay on Sun.

Is it tournaments on Sat and free play on Sunday? What is the tournament style?

#758 9 years ago

Worth mentioning to the locals. Please let me know if anyone knows of a Bally Atlantis FS. After playing Neo's perfect example it is officialy on the wish list (hopefully everyone else still thinks it is a turd and the price stays reasonable).

Knowing Neo's hate for FT I tried to jokingly trade him straight up for Atlantis. I think he tought it was funny.

#770 9 years ago

I thought Steve was already planning a get-to-gether???

#775 9 years ago

hookers and blow

actually, I am interested in making the trek up if you manage to get it all together. I would guess more pinballs would be the best thing to get a bunch of pinheads to show up

#792 9 years ago

Found a picture of Tony's dog... tony_s_dog.jpg

#799 9 years ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

My WH2O went to IL tonight.

That did not last long! Did you not like it?

1 week later
#833 9 years ago

This thread needs more WI



New style of game play for this year! I hope everyone likes it. Still time for tweaks at this point so let me know if you have ideas or concerns. This is OUR event so we can make it whatever we want. From feedback I have received I am hoping this new format will fulfill the needs of both the hardcore and the casual players. If anyone has any issues with the charity aspect then let me know. Trophies should be very nice this year and my impression after talking to many players is that nice trophies, IFPA points, and a good time are the primary concerns. $ for payouts are not as important so long as the $ are going to a good charity.

PinGolf and Brawl style play

#866 9 years ago

No worries Randy. looking forward to playing it when it is all done.

I do really like hanging out with pin friends and working on pinball as much as playing them.

1 week later
#888 9 years ago
Quoted from jonogo:

2 days without a post in MN/wi/IL/etc thread!

whoa whoa whoa... No IL allowed in this thread

#900 9 years ago

WOW! W?D did not last long in your collection Josh...

I just sold mine this past week and miss it. Hopefully what I am picking up this next weekend will fill the loss

#927 9 years ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

Got my fix tonight. All better for now.

so which are for sale??? I think I may have 'dibs' on a certain title that you already own...

#930 9 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

Wha? I thought yours was a definite keeper? What happened?

It was apparently less of a keeper than TAF, CFTBL, CONGO, FT, RFM, and Tx.

In other words > I should not have sold it, but I am out of room. It was my least favorite (even though I really liked it) and it was working 100% which meant it was an easy sale. Actually a nice pinsider contacted me and wanted to look at it. He liked it and made me a fair offer.

The positive is that I get to try out something new >> picking it up on Friday and will divulge the title then.

#948 9 years ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

Is ES that good or does he just have a nice one. I need to find time to set mine up.

From what I remember ES is good but admittedly it has been a while since i have played a nice one.

#967 9 years ago

I agree, talk to Corey (centerflank). He is a good guy and will give you an honest opinion on if AVLE is worth it. If he is done with AVLE then he may even trade you for CV...

I actually like both games

#987 9 years ago

Just be sure to rub your balls before you drop em in the trough... Tron does not like dirty balls.

#1003 9 years ago

I can vouch for Chris being a great guy and he is liking underselling this game as it is quite nice!
If I had the cash available or an AVLE, my pockets would be empty and I would have this CV happily in my home.

#1021 9 years ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Alright, I gotta price police myself on this one. I was being way too optimistic at $7.5k. Let's say $7k OBO which I think is more realistic. That puts it a bit under the Boston Pinball ebay year to date average, so that's a good starting point. Still would most like to find an Avengers LE. Pictures are uploading now and I'll be placing an ad on the marketplace and main forum soon.

man you have little patience and I just have too little cash

#1023 9 years ago

right on. maybe I am remembering it as much nicer than it was. I don't get to see/play a CV very often so when I do I tend to be a little beer goggley...

#1029 9 years ago

Looked at the photos. The game is pretty damn clean. I think you should be at the 2012 average or slightly higher. 7200 is a fair price IMHO. Cab issues are really not too bad (btw the holes in the cab are just from where an OP likely have a metal sign tacked to the side at one point), the pf issues are really less than average compared to the CVs I have seen.

JMHO and good luck on finding whatever you are looking for Jedi.

anyone who buys it should insist on Jedi leveling the game and giving it his final stamp of approval ...

#1063 9 years ago

Congrats! That is a totally new flavor for your already awesome collection!

#1074 9 years ago
Quoted from tullster:

For you Madison area folks... BBH & R&B are gone at Eastgate Cinema, and an Avengers pro & Fish Tales are in their place.

Thanks for the heads up Tully! Where did BBH and RandB go?

#1076 9 years ago

any chance you guys are getting a MET to put out?

#1078 9 years ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Hopefully you'll have that BBH around your place long enough for me to get down there. That's a game I really want to spend some quality time with. The few times I've played it on route I've really enjoyed it.

Tully pin party!!!!

#1082 9 years ago

What else is coming out of the basement...

#1097 9 years ago
Quoted from policano:

Hello Minnesota/Wisconsin! I wanted to introduce myself to Pinside. My name is Tony and I currently live in Woodbury, MN. I have had a small collection of Pins for a few years and only recently discovered Pinside and my love for some of the DMD pins. I have added 3 new games to my collection in the recent past and have been having a blast! I have met some great people here on Pinside as well as Jonogo
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

I love this sentence "I have met some great people here on Pinside as well as Jonogo "

Josh is a good guy to...

#1101 9 years ago

make a trip to either twin cities or chicagoland. Lots of pincades to check out in those hotspots. makes me envious that we do not have anything in Madtown or Milwookie.

#1104 9 years ago

sounds like the best plan to me Chris! More ROOM, More RoOm!!

#1113 9 years ago

I have said it before and will say it again. I would LOVE to find a cheap but safe place somewhat locally (love the idea of johnson creek due to central location between the 2 major cities) to rent and turn into a club similar to what Clay has in MI. I would happily take a few of my pins to such a place and if we could get 20-30 of us to each bring a few pins we could create a new pinball place.

I am sure it would be extremely difficult to find the right place and zoning laws would have to allow it, but it would be super cool! We would probably need a retired pinhead to be the central operator, but would be great to be able to open it to the public every so often for a fee in order to help pay the rent...

Maybe someday int he future i will hit the lotto and could just have a huge property and build my own pinspot.

#1139 9 years ago
Quoted from tmac:

I think one will be popping up in the Madison area.

Do tell!!!

#1143 9 years ago

Awesome news JEDI!

#1162 9 years ago
Quoted from DEWSHO:

Forgot to put this GREAT pic in my last post

hey, that is cheating

#1166 9 years ago

Neo is the local guy to talk to!

#1179 9 years ago

That is cool, he is a 'soter' so we don't expect much from him

#1188 9 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

Actually, I'd argue that Milwaukee is one of the better places to find pinball still.

Yeah, but they are all spread out at different places. I want 1 place with 10 good playing games. I am not going to drive 90 minutes to play a few games here and a few there when most of them are somewhat crappy condition anyway...

Would love a barcade somewhere within 45 minute drive that had 10 pins, a few arcades, maybe a bar suffleboard, darts, pizza, and beer. I would spend $$$ there ona regular basis if the games played well. Hell, I would offer up my games to them to rotate in at times just to keep the line up fresh.

Maybe in ~7 years when I plan to retire I will just open something up...

#1197 9 years ago

avengers is at east gate cinema now. Bullseye claims that they will be getting and putting out a METpro sometime in the next month, but I am not holding my breath.

#1199 9 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Anyone been to the Up North, lately? Anything there worth playing?

xmen upper flipper was sticky last weekend. the lotr has a flipper rebuild but they are completely lopsided and it still has a few switch issues...

if you are going to go, give me a shout. Wife is busy studying for finals so I should probably stay out of the house tonight.

#1204 9 years ago

any local madison guys want to grab a beer and play some pins tonight? I am ordered to either be quite or get out of the house tonight so the wife can study.

Rossi's, Up North? anyone? Bueller?

#1206 9 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Road trip !
I'm waiting for you.
LTG : )

unfortunately it would be Sunday by the time I got there...

#1208 9 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

No problem, I'll be open for you.
LTG : )


I do need to plan ahead and make a trip up sometime soon!

#1212 9 years ago
Quoted from ChrisS:

You should plan the trip around Steve's pinball picnic. You can hit his place and Llyod's. If you leave an extra day in there you can hit blainbrook.

That would be great, but unfortunately the hotrod party is on the holiday weekend and I already have a wedding to attend on sat night. Arrgghhh >> damn weddings on holiday weekends!

#1216 9 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

maybe we should do a group trip sometime? All pile into one vehicle and go. All chip in for gas it would be cheap. I can fit 8 in the pin hauler and get 25 mpg.

sounds like a great idea!

Lets plan a weekend in June. Maybe leave super early on Saturday morning and make a full day of it?

#1225 9 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Around 18.
How many can you play at the same time ?
LTG : )

I can only play 3 at once...

#1238 9 years ago

So, what do you say Neo?

You have the most efficient/biggest vehicle. You want to do this thing?
By the sounds of it we may need 2 vehicles if we get as many hard commitments as tire kicking...

Which weekend?

Maybe anyone from the Madison area or west (Pauly) can meet near the interstate on the east side of Madison for an easy pickup point?

I propose we plan for super early leave time on a Saturday morning as it appears to be 4.5 hour drive to LTGs from Madison?

#1250 9 years ago

June 22 works best for me

#1265 9 years ago

I really wish I could make it up for Steve's BBQ, but holiday weekend combined with a damn wedding have pretty much killed it this year ;(

#1271 9 years ago

Congo instead

#1291 9 years ago
Quoted from Dawson:

Anybody ever been to this place ? I called and now it's a storage unit the sticker is one the back glass on my fathom

Rusty or Chris may have some knowledge on them, as they both seem to know of every operator in WI.

I think Lakeland went out of business years ago if I am thinking of the correct OP.

#1292 9 years ago

congrats on the game Tmac! About damn time

They actually reproduce asexually like gremlins. What is next on your wishlist? We can keep an eye out for you.

#1294 9 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

Congrats man! You picked a great pin to be your first! So we gonna see it at the Waunabowl? (j/k)

nah, MRP is before the next wanna

#1315 9 years ago

Don't disrespect my main man by even joking of him wearing green and gold!

#1318 8 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Ha! I didnt write the article, go harass sports pickle!

I heard they fired him after he asked rodgers how tall he is...

#1329 8 years ago

when you MN fools going to sign up for MRP???

Get some of that fun down here in Madtown!!!!!

#1339 8 years ago

did the horse show up???

#1345 8 years ago
Quoted from MnHotRod:

WALL ART WANTED: I'm looking for playfields, backglass and translites to use as wall art in my game room. If you have something in the $20 to $40 range, please send me a PM.

There will be some wall art available at MRP as part of the prize pool. Get registered fool

#1370 8 years ago


I have never even heard of great american pinball!!!

must be a new company!!!


#1372 8 years ago

Sorry for forgetting the sarcasm font. I found it comical that even the WI/MN thread is suseptible to retailers dropping in from out of state just to advertise.

It is nearly impossible to even be remotely into pinball in the midwest and not know of GAP.

I suggest calling GEX if you are looking for NIB. I have not yet personally bought a NIB, but from EVERYONE I have talked to locally that has, JJ has been both fair and honest when selling NIB.

#1374 8 years ago

glad things are on the up swing Dan! LMK if I can help ever.

1 week later
#1422 8 years ago

Nice to see the info is out. Mr. Taylor's is in fact the place for WI state! I unfortunately spend more time helping than playing so chances are that i will not make the cut ;(. I can only hope that the IL and MN guys have enough pride to not border hop to WI and instead play in their own respective state finals...

#1425 8 years ago
Quoted from LesManley:

I don't think any MN people will. Those that would place in WI already are in the top 16 in MN. We don't have any huge events coming up this year, besides maybe the fall league, that could change the seedings that much before the end of the year.

Yeah, but those that want a better shot of winning state may come to WI... Then they can go to nationals. IMHO. A huge flaw in the current system.

#1430 8 years ago
Quoted from GoneFishinLvMsg:

I actually lived closer to Milford and Lake Mills off A, but it was a Johnson Creek mailing address. My x-wife worked in Waukesha and I worked in Madison. Miss it a lot (the area, not the x-wife).

Move back! Lots of great pinheads in the madison area and lots of hot young coeds for any divorcee to have fun with till you fiind a like minded woman to hang with on a more regular basis.

#1435 8 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Saw Neo post for SW WI league. Anyone interested in doing a league in NE WI?

I will drive up! when is the next party Tom? aren't we due or are you still waiting on WOZ?

1 week later
#1478 8 years ago
Quoted from dantebean:

I am on the hunt for a RBION so let me know if you spot one or have one for sale around the pinside and Bostonpin average price. Thanks gents.


#1512 8 years ago

I vote, SST, SS, pistolpoker. In that order.

I am guessing you are working on mystery castle first???

1 week later
#1585 8 years ago

I'll do $100 if Josh delivers...

#1609 8 years ago

OK, OK OK...

This is all I can offer...

Do we have a deal Tony?

// Error: Image 115435 not found //

#1639 8 years ago

On that note, I have been playing my FT more than any other game ever since MGC and still can not get on the board. I put one score up (3rd) when at MGC and Brad (drstark...) put up #2, but everything else is still factory. Arrgghhh... I will often put up 150mil on ball 1 and then just fall to pieces on balls 2 and 3>> the pressure always gets to me and I implode.

#1644 8 years ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

If you have that baby set up as tough as you did in Clock Chaos I can see why it's hard to beat.

Yup, set up mean as nails, just how I like em

I actually changed the ball saver to add 2 more seconds over factory which helped slightly to keep the heart rate down on bad beats/house balls. I also changed replay to an extra ball to have a better shot of getting further.

#1678 8 years ago

I always stay 1 version behind on the most up to date code so I have an easy out...

#1683 8 years ago

ouch!!! that is low...

1 week later
#1792 8 years ago

gives "cheese pump" a whole new meaning...

#1800 8 years ago

oh yeah, duffman likes!

#1848 8 years ago

Jedi > I do not see anything in your collection that would work for me right now, but I am thinking it is time to switch things up for me also

If anyone is interested in working a trade for my nice CFTBL (includes nice IPB reproduction pf; not installed) then let me know. I would be most interested in trading 'down' and getting some cash back as $$$ are still tight for me. Could do a lateral trade for the right game or even an outright sale for the FMV price.

I think my wishlist is pretty current but also open to ideas (not looking for any more projects as I have enough of those).

#1851 8 years ago
Quoted from MnHotRod:

Heads up for anyone looking for Whitewater.
chicago.craigslist.org link

If anyone wants to buy it and work out something for my CFTBL, LMK.

That is a title I would be interested in owning someday.

#1852 8 years ago


#1853 8 years ago

... doh ... triple post

#1859 8 years ago
Quoted from jonogo:

I've never been a HUGE fan of Creech, something about the PF being completely obscured by the ramps and other stuff bugged me. I've only played 3-5 games on it at Lloyds so this may be part of the reason.
I recently picked up a Flintstones in a trade (another Trudeau, like Creech) and was worried about the same type of blocking and layout..
After 10+ games on Flintstones, I'm loving it. Loving the design, playfield layout, everything. I think it's time for me to take another crack at Creech!

That is a complaint I have heard alot, but honestly I do not feel like Creech has any shots blocked.

They are all very open and I can see exactly where I am aiming for the opening. Snack bar may be just slightly obscured but not for my height/perspective...

#1861 8 years ago

It is very hidden coming out from the pops but it is also a very predictable pattern so I you always know where it will return to.

#1881 8 years ago

In case some of you are on the fence, better act soon. Only 6 spots remain for the big madison area tourney! www.madrollinpinball.com

Weekend of sept 14th

1 week later
#1924 8 years ago

Dave >> I think MGC will also have more pinball space this year which may help with the things you dislike about it???

#1931 8 years ago

glad to hear you will be coming to the after party Dave. I missed being able to play pinball with you last year...

#1944 8 years ago

This is the same one that was at UpNorth before being replaced with a new game.
It is pretty beat and they quoted me 3k when it was still on location a few months back. I passed at that price which should tell you something since I love to buy games and sink way too much money into them.

Unless you can get it for sub 3k you would be better off looking for a nicer one and paying more IMHO.

#1946 8 years ago

It was not worth playing at all. I put money in it each time I went to play XM and was mad at myself each time. the last few I just left the balls in the lane and walked away.

#1954 8 years ago

Nice to hear you are going Josh. Maybe I can convince a few of you guys to get signed up for MRP...

#1999 8 years ago
Quoted from tmac:

Tony sighting!!!! 2 days ago! Tony get a hold of Hilton! It is about Mad Rollin.

He got back at me. Unfortunately he is a little sally and can;t handle drinking with the WI crew more than once a year in our home state

(Just a joke for those that do not know)

#2014 8 years ago

Looks like I sold my Creech. I still have the nice IPB pf if anyone is ISO.

I am happy to trade towards something else or sell straight up. LMK if any regional guys are interested.

Would be nice to pick up another solidstate game for the stable...

2 weeks later
#2155 8 years ago

LOL that one gave me a good chuckle Tim.

#2166 8 years ago
Quoted from PunishersLEMC:

It is officially available if anyone is interested in this great example!


#2168 8 years ago

Sorry, not interested in silent auctions against my fellow WI/MN pinheads.

If you have a price in mind then just post it. I am not playing silly games where you field offers and see what pops up.

#2172 8 years ago

No assumptions here...
No price with a request to PM offers is clear.

FTR, My Creech was priced with a pretty fair price and OBO as it sold in short time and for close to the asking price. I was not asking some astronomical price with an OBO just to circumvent the BS.

I put up a fair price with obo. Please don't lump me in with the group Dave described.

#2227 8 years ago

You can wait to play it before buying also. Less chance of regretting if you play it and like it.

Gives me time to save up and buy you STTNG also

#2234 8 years ago

She should come meet more of your WI pinhead friends...

#2253 8 years ago

back off dave !!!

also... you are too late sucka ....

#2256 8 years ago

mwha ha ha ha

#2259 8 years ago

maybe that is what it will take for dave to come over and play

#2262 8 years ago

hey hey hey. I prefer the term frugal!

I paid a fair price ( did not even haggle one buck) and am VERY pumped to have my first HUO game that I will happily dance along to when I play. I have not been this pumped for a game since I got my TAF!!!!!!!!

#2263 8 years ago

Mike, you need to hold on to TZ a while longer becuase I am out of cash

I will happily take it off your hands when the time comes.

You also need to be careful, if you sell too many then Vanessa may think that is the new norm for the house

#2269 8 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

I don't care for euphemisms.
The boy just told me he didn't care for the game, so i wouldn't have bought it anyhow. Enjoy the game.

and here I thought he had good taste after he said FT was his fav at MRP

#2271 8 years ago

The correct answer is BOTH

#2274 8 years ago

nice!!! congrats

1 week later
#2319 8 years ago

If anyone is planning to go check out the Party Animal on the west side of Madison, no need to waste your time. It is a regular Joe that thinks it is in "great working order".

Reality is severe planking, worn to wood, broken plastics and ramps, sounds issue, and I did not even bother to open the backbox to look at the boards but I am sure they are scary based on the rest of the game.

He was asking $750. I told him he would be lucky to get $450. He asked if I wanted it for $450 and I told him no thanks.
If anyone wants a currently less than players machine then go for it. With a little love it could be brought back to life enough to be fun to play I suppose.

1 week later
#2382 8 years ago

You missed it!!! Last week a Rossi rep showed up and was handing out free cases of jugs to anyone that could post a picture of them enjoying the company's finest while playing pinball.

Then some other guy was offering 2 for 1 trades on cheese pumps for jugs of rossi.

Life would have been so grand!

You coming to expo?

#2391 8 years ago
Quoted from tonymiddendorf:

No expo for me... unless the Rossi rep is headed there too ...

Actually I snagged a case of Carlo's best stuff and planned to bring it to expo. I guess I will just dump it down the drain, nobody else I know will drink the stuff

#2394 8 years ago

I am interested... What is wrong with it?

#2405 8 years ago

I would take it but I finally started digging into a new project and my funds are depleted and space it limited

Fun game and would be a perfect addition to my collection. Maybe next time.

#2440 8 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Moving you guys to a members only club sub forum (yes, most of those in there are for specific machine owners clubs but I believe all of these regional/zone clubs are meant to go in there as well now.

I have to down vote that. Rolling all of us into a box fir for just some old banged up machine ;(

#2459 8 years ago

This thread fits the ALL Pinball heading more than anything else, "Stuff that does not belong in any of the other sub-forums".

We are not Black and White here. We are grey (That is what happens when you mix Green/Gold and Purple/White with a little Blue/Orange)

In this thread we talk about everything from modding to sales to restoration to events to off topic to tech to why tigerlaw is obsessed with moving around threads

#2507 8 years ago

I may only get to say this for a very short time "DA BEARS, 1st place NFC North"


p.s. I don't expect it to last long

#2509 8 years ago

sure thing, but it is custom to give any exiting members a WCS as a parting gift.

Feel free to drop it off later today. I will have the burbon ready to rock.

#2561 8 years ago

Wife and I are heading down late on Thursday. Transporting down CFTBL to its new owner. Bringing along the extra IPB pf (which is hopefully sold already, but if anyone else is interested as a secondary LMK). Putting a down payment for a future game (yes I have a disease)

Will be playing games till late Thursday night. Playing in brawl on Friday morning >> Heidi is pretty nervous/excited since it is her first real big competition. Shoudl be a blast.

We will likely hang out till after dinner on Friday before heading back.

#2563 8 years ago

Get with the program Russ

Head on down Thursday when things are not as busy and check out the vendor hall and then play pins till late! Should be a blast.

#2573 8 years ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

From the website it appears to be $175 to get in for a day? I know I would have fun if I went.

Russ > It is $25 for a 1day pass. That gets you in to the vendor hall and pinball playing area. Sounds like that also lets you go see seminars.

#2580 8 years ago

If anyone needs pintransport from Expo back to Madison area I can help out.

2 weeks later
#2732 8 years ago

welcome!!! Dr Who is an interesting and very different game!

What is going to be #2 in the lineup?

#2743 8 years ago

How about them Bears??? never thought they would win in GB again...

Gonna be a big game against the Lions next week.

#2820 8 years ago

I will be looking to solidify the helpers for Clock Chaos at MGC 2014.

Can I count on the same crew of crazies this year? I would like to get early commitment and designa special shirt for us