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Official Wisconsin-Minnesota Thread

By RustyLizard

8 years ago

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#14877 1 year ago

Hey guys,

Was worth asking here but I am on the hunt for a Ghostbusters Pro locally to MN or WI. Was worth asking here as I hope to not have to ship one but be able to go pick it up. I am ready for one and hope somebody has one they were thinking of selling.


#14878 1 year ago

And on the topic of NIB sterns, American pinball or JJPs I have used Glen at The Pinball Place in New ulm. He has been super awesome to work with and is local in MN and delivers. Took care if me and my TMNT PF issues.

Also I can agree that Bill at fargo pinball was awesome to work with as well!

#14887 1 year ago


For what its worth I absolutely LOVE my TMNT pro. And the 1987 code update with the custom music over it is next level esp. For a fan.

I say get TMNT.

#14911 1 year ago

Snagged a GB pro from John which totally rocks!

On a side note just got my LAH project to fire up tonight, which is pretty rad as it came missing all boards but the sound board. Shout out to pinball basement for helping me attain the correct boards I needed for this title.

1 week later
#14955 1 year ago
Quoted from Barkz:

Someone please find V8 an AMF LE!



I have my Last action Hero up for trade. Hoping to get something a bit deeper/newer.

#14956 1 year ago


I have my Last action Hero up for trade. Hoping to get something a bit deeper/newer.

#14966 1 year ago
Quoted from Chrizg:

Will be listing a routed MMr soon

I sent you a PM

#14994 1 year ago

Glen down at The Pinball Place in New Ulm is getting some like next week I think Jason. Should contact him.

#15068 1 year ago
Quoted from Barkz:

What are your plans for this?

Fix it and flip it? Seems he makes out good on simpsons lately.

#15147 1 year ago

I still have a AFMr LE that I am looking to trade for a MM. anybody else feel like they want to get rid of a MM. I am looking.

1 week later
#15270 12 months ago
Quoted from Barkz:

Can someone point me in the right direction about obtaining a skeeball machine? Don’t have a clue what they cost but have someone looking to pick one up before Christmas. Looking for fully working - thanks in advance!

Glen at The Pinball Place in new Ulm has a few I think that they would sell. I would give him a call and ask about them.

#15275 12 months ago

I have my WOF from llyod's up that I recently shopped out, and fixed a few issues on with the TOPS topper, and my HUO LOTR that is super nice up for sale.

I really want a MM +Cash or a GnR LE. Figured someone may want these in here.

#15281 11 months ago

LOTR Pending pickup. WoF Still for sale! Help me get a MMr!

#15304 11 months ago

I would be super interested in picking up a Demolition man, bride or a RCT pending price. Just picked up TNA from Blazingsaddle! And love it. But still have a hole in my basement. Hit me up with any games you might list.

#15307 11 months ago
Quoted from ChrisPINk25:

seveneightyracer coop mode on TNA is a blast. Let me know when you want me to stop by!

Definitely soon, I also have TMNT which is so freaking cool as well in co op mode.

#15310 11 months ago
Quoted from JonCBrand:

Any good writeups on how to value an older pin? I have a demoman and I have no idea whats considered normal wear for something that age.


#15337 11 months ago
Quoted from northvibe:

ughhhhh, selling my Stern Galaxy. Would trade for a Meteor.

I have done business with Vibe and he is great. Galaxy looks good!

#15341 11 months ago

Anyone have an alien that I could come try out? Seriously considering getting one, but want to play it before hand..... I can wear a mask/ bring wipes/ whatever needed to be safe. PM me if you can help out!

#15350 11 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

There's supposedly a new version of Alien thats going to be announced within the next couple of weeks. I'd at least wait and see the details on that before buying the older model.

So I know they are remaking it. Was going to pre-order one but wanted to flip and try the old one first. It looks like it is a lot of fun, but still was worth the ask if someone had one and would let me try it.

1 month later
#15663 10 months ago

Looking for a MET Pro If anybody has one and would consider selling to me, please hit me up! I have cash/PayPal I'm hand!

2 weeks later
#15726 9 months ago

Welp. Got the misses on board with this.

About to repost up my AFMr LE for a MM. I will not sell it at this time.

#15733 9 months ago
Quoted from gordonshumway:

Anybody have a use colordmd that would work with POTC? Is the LED or LCD better?

I don't know about POTC, but having used the LED in my T3, I am amazed at how much cooler some games could look with the LED over LCD. I think LOTR would look better with LED over LCD personally.

2 weeks later
#15800 9 months ago

My AFMr LE is still up for trade. Now considering besides a MM a RnM BSE as well in trade for it!

#15810 9 months ago

ended up trading my AFM LE for a P3 with lexy, Heist and CCR. Super excited, and LOVE the game. Not sure why it gets the hate it does. But hope everyone is doing good tonight.

#15825 9 months ago
Quoted from Bohdi:

Looking for a couple of pins for some friends. Looking for a Bally KISS, and a Black Rose. Have or know of anyone that has one for sale please PM me. Thanks,

I don't know if it is ready, but the Pinball place in New elm has a Bally Kiss. Not sure on price. But worth a call, John would be able to answer that question.

2 weeks later
#15888 8 months ago
Quoted from ralphwiggum:

Bumping this up.... Leaning towards Turtles over Hot Wheels..... Willing to drive throughout the upper Midwest for the right machine. Nothing to trade now, unless someone is looking for a really nice NBA Fastbreak....
[Ad embed: this ad was deleted]

I seriously love my TMNT. I will +1 that. I personally hate HotWheels. But I also love BKSoR Premium over pro. So. I am automatically wrong. lol

6 months later
#16824 63 days ago

Well posted my NF up for trade, anyone looking to do a NF plus cash trade? Lol

3 weeks later
#16961 38 days ago
Quoted from kennyp2112:

I have 2 Gold wings I'd like to unload. $1600 for the pair.


1 week later
#17036 29 days ago

So I am looking to trade my Elivra premium. Wife doesn't love the theme apparently now that it's in the house.

So hit me up if you want to trade!


3 weeks later
#17152 5 days ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

Looking to buy a Tron if anyone is interested...

Northvibe is selling one with a absolute shit ton of mods/toys and NIB ramps to boot.

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