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Official Wisconsin-Minnesota Thread

By RustyLizard

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

Here are my thoughts on this:

Pinside has grown a lot lately and some of the trivial stuff we used to post doesn't feel quite right having it's own thread. The guys from TN have a thread that seems to have taken on a life of it's own so maybe this one will. Not excluding anyone but it seems there are a lot of connections between WI and MN pinball people and many of us know each other.

Possible topics for this thread:

New additions to your collection
Local trades or deals
Local gatherings or pinball parties
Connections for delivery of machines
Why the Vikings will never win a Superbowl
And so on....

If you like this and are from WI or MN then post here. If you don't like it, the thread will die and sink to the bottom in a hurry.

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#4 9 years ago
Quoted from tonymiddendorf:

Right on. If anyone wants an update on my life, WPT is headed to Jonogo's today and Avatar is headed out early next week. I hope to use the funds toward a LOTR or Iron Man (preference to LOTR). So, if any of you guys get any leads ...
I'm going to be down to ONE pin, Starship Troopers, for a while. So, I might get a little stir crazy!!
Also, I'm signed up and room paid for the Midwest Gaming Classic. Anyone else?

Avatar already? I think you set a record with holding on to WPT. If you ever get IM, Tron or Family Guy I have dibs. Should be a short wait.

#7 9 years ago
Quoted from Hellfire:

I looking for Vector and Medusa if anyone knows of any laying around< Need the restorable working or not dont matter at all as long as they are complete and not total trash.
Cool to have a Wisconsin group here

I am probably going back for that M. If I get bored with it I will let you know.

#10 9 years ago
Quoted from Hellfire:

Rusty get bored with it fast lol, The dude almost jumped on another already this last week or i wont have a use for it anymore. your buy price is prolly all he will want to go into a non restored machine so the markup would prolly make him pass. He beat up Erik T. pretty bad on the last lot I bought for him lol.
Talking about Illinois people Perhaps the OP ight consider adding the to this group Personaly i have found the Chicagoland area a great resource for machines.

Don't assume there will be a mark up. I sell more pins at break even than anything else. There was a mark up on Spectrum because the game wasn't for sale and you still got a nice deal on a rare pin. Besides that, I haven't told you how nice this one is.

IL guys are welcome here but they are the epicenter of the pinball world so they are pretty well represented. Being on the pinball island that is north-central WI, I make my connections around the edges of the state and the Minneapolis area hence the title.

#17 9 years ago
Quoted from Hellfire:

Rusty Im not talking about the Spectrum lol.
But reguardless of the machines condition if you put any more money that the price you're getting it for, its going to be over my guys wanted buying price for a base machine. he still wants it restored, rebuilt, cleared and bulletproofed etc. and the end product needs to be a certain price. and he is the type of guy he wants a machine and the deal comes along he will own it he has the buying power and is impatient. He wont buy it for the Centaur price that i know for sure but honestly I decided to put the wanted post in here for anyone else in WI. as well. There is more than 1 machine in the area

Centaur is long gone and the deal worked out just fine.

#22 9 years ago

Was considering bringing HS2 but if there will already be one there I will switch. Maybe Congo if I have it back by then. Or, maybe BK2K if I get the inserts fixed by then.

#32 9 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

I am bringing a HS2 also.

That's it!!!! I'm bringing Bad Cats.

#33 9 years ago
Quoted from LesManley:

Nice, but I think this should be the Unofficial Minnesota-Wisconsin thread instead. Has a better ring to it.

As long as you are willing to pay royalties you can name it anything you want. How about the LesManley-MoreManley thread?

#44 9 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

I, too, will be at the MGC. Trying to decide what I will all be bringing. The definites are a couple things for tournaments (Orbitor 1, others TBA). I'm thinking of bringing a MC for fun too, and maybe tossing it in Clock Chaos too.
It's looking like a great year. I can't believe how busy I've been getting everything together this year! If anyone has a game that they feel is in great shape that you might be interested in loaning to the tournament (or Clock Chaos), please shoot me a PM. We're looking for a couple extra games.
If we're talking about our most recent pickups, I have found a way to get about 12 machines in the last three months. There is a good chance that I will have some space open in my basement later this year Of course, it will already have been overfilled twice over. I need a new house

Dan, any decisions yet on the VS room? My son is still hoping for the PS3 game you mentioned so he has a good reason to come.

#46 9 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

Rusty, which PS3 game did I mention? Sorry, I have had SO many conversations about this thing already that everything is blurring together. I've been up past midnight each day this last week working on it, which has not been so hot for my health
I can say this - we haven't yet officially announced this, but we are going to essentially double the size of the museum this year, so there is a better chance you'll see some cool stuff.
Oh, and everyone, *please* remember "Like" us on Facebook and tell your friends. We've found that is a great way to keep people informed, and we've already committed so many more resources to the show this year (our budget is something like 140% of what it was last year) that I'm a little nervous about it. Any help you can do spreading the word, we'd really appreciate!

Black Ops 2

#50 9 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

MGC: I'm really hoping to bring my new Ghost Squad pinball machine in some sort of working condition. It is a humorous game based off paranormal ghost hunting TV shows.
» YouTube video

Were the ghost and the door made on a Makerbot?

#53 9 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Just checking in.
I will be at MGC and the WannaBowl Event that Tully runs. I am not sure what I will bring to MGC, but likely either a freshly restored FT (in progress now) with a fresh CCd pf or maybe my new pride and joy, TX-Sector.
What do you guys think? FT or TX
Also Dan >> I plan on being available to help out with move in/set up stuff with Chris, Steve, and Tom and the others at MGC.

There were two FTs last year and I have never seen a TXS so it has my vote.

#66 9 years ago
Quoted from Foo:

Another cheeselander checking in...
Recent pick-ups:
Robo War - Rare-ish 80's Gottlieb. All around great play, light show and sound.
SkateBall - Found a really nice example. Fast game. PAPA has a video on it... even more fun now.
Jacks to Open - Another Gottlieb. SS version of Lucky Hand. Seems so simple but is a butt kicker.
HS2 / Getaway - Fast and fun. Looks even better with the LEDs.
Grand Prix - Williams EM. Still in the shop. Almost dialed in....almost.
Multicade - I used a video poker machine cab/13" monitor and a 60in1 board. I like the small 20"x26" footprint. It doesn't take up a precious pinball spot. Slipped right in...

There was a bar in Slinger a few years ago that had a Stern NBA. Is it still there?

#72 9 years ago
Quoted from Foo:

Should this thread be renamed "Are you going to/whatcha takin' to the MGC"?

For now yes, but maybe it will live beyond that and we can talk about MGC 2014.

#81 9 years ago
Quoted from tonymiddendorf:

On another note: I'll be picking up the recently listed LOTR in Milwaukee on monday the 21st. However, I am currently without a vehicle to transport it. Anyone got any ideas?

I have a pin looking for a ride to Milwaukee. Unfortunately it's a low dollar deal so there isn't much in it to offer from me or the buyer. If you want to work for me, I will go get your pin.

#132 9 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

is WoF the one I lost in the tourny on? If so I hate that game.

At the last Pinball Circus I used the ball save on all 3 balls and didn't get eliminated.

#191 9 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

If anyone is seriously interested in making plans to come over some Saturday and work on pins just shoot me a PM. Even if you are already my friend, don't feel bad about taking my cash. If cash makes you uncomfortable then just let me know something you need for one of your games and I will buy it for you in exchange for your help. I know time is valuable and have no problems paying someone to lend a hand. It is also way more fun to work on pins with someone else and unfortunately my wife starts back up school next week so my current pin helper is mainly MIA for the next 3 months.

If we weren't 150 miles apart I would suggest we get together and tackle one of your PF swaps and then after that one of mine. Problem here is I work 5 out of 6 Saturdays and my wife works nights so she is often sleeping at odd times.

#193 9 years ago

I am happy that this thread has caught fire. Most all the characters I had hoped for have already made an appearance. I will have to watch and when my karma is getting close to 10000 I will have to post on this thread to put it over the top.

#196 9 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Characters, what characters!
Just a heads up. Last year was my first big pinball party in May. Plan to do another one in May this year, WOZ or no WOZ. Don't have a firm date yet but will sometime in April.

I had a blast and would be thrilled to make the guest list again. Ever since that night I have wanted to do the same here but obviously the collection wouldn't match up with yours. I need to quit buying projects and get a solid dozen machines ready for prime time so I can pull this off.

#202 9 years ago
Quoted from cowman57:

If I can come to MGC what pin would you folks like me to bring?
High Speed
Grand Lizard
I doubt that FH or BK will be ready by then.
OR... I have a few EM's to chose from also.

Scott, let me know what you decide to bring. If you don't bring GL, I can. I didn't realize that many people wanted to play it. If you bring yours I have other choices but it appears that someone should bring one.

#211 9 years ago
Quoted from GoneFishinLvMsg:

I'm a native cheesehead and actually still a resident. Can I play?

Anyone is welcome.

#215 9 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

If you include us NE guys I'd be in.

I would be in at times. Long drive on a work night.

#223 9 years ago
Quoted from tonymiddendorf:

I just spent the weekend away from Pinside. What did I miss!?!
My guess: 5 price checks, 2 WOZ vs. 'my favorite Stern' threads, 22 'wish I was closer's, 3 welcome to pinside threads, and 9 tech issues answered by LTG.

Another pin moved from WI to MN, that's a bad kind of flow and needs to be reversed.

#227 9 years ago
Quoted from jonogo:

Wanna buy my Pennant Fever? and/or my Spy hunter? I'll deliver for the right price!!

You know about the other PF if I wanted one. I want something newer, I just don't want to pay for it.

#229 9 years ago
Quoted from jonogo:

Understood and I'm in the same boat... Spent all my pin cash..

REALLY? I was just going to have a 24 hour sale on Bad Cats. J/K

#239 9 years ago
Quoted from tonymiddendorf:

Thanks for the playfield, Russ. I owe you $20.

I didn't know you wanted more besides that JL you got from me. I will also eventually have a Gottlieb Genesis. You have first shot if you want it.

#247 9 years ago
Quoted from MnHotRod:

Whysnow: Count me in for helping out with Clock Chaos.
Rusty: Like Tony said, I'm looking for "wall art" playfields. If you see something, give me some heads up and I will return the favor.

I have some playfield swaps coming up but I am slow with that. I will send Tony the Genesis pics in the next week or so. I will also have a Black Knight set but it has pretty bad wear.

#251 9 years ago

10000! Yea Me

#252 9 years ago


#267 9 years ago

Chris. I think it's cool you posted it here first. No need for the PP as that seems to be about where this title is priced.

#273 9 years ago

Just ordered a pile of parts and am happily waiting for seven packages. Going to finish up the Whirlwind with new ramps and topper. Bought most of what I need to finish up Xenon, fixing up the crate on Scared Stiff and got a new set of boards for Black Knight. Now if I could only find the last few impossible parts that I want.

#279 9 years ago
Quoted from ChrisS:

Rusty did you get those SS parts in so you could sell it to me?

Sorry, I worked hard to find one I could afford. I am playing the heck out of it. Check with my wife when I die. Now if you want a JD project that's another story.

#284 9 years ago
Quoted from tonymiddendorf:

It is my LWJP! However, I brought SST to Iowa, not LWJP.
Also, that is my old T2 you're getting. It was RustyLizards before that.

That baby has been making the rounds. I got it from the guy in Rice Lake who writes the CL ads that no one can understand.

#285 9 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I can not remember if I posted in here or not, but my bro is traveling from Superior (near Denver), CO back to Madison/Rockford on 21 or 22 of Feb in a minivan. He has room for 2 pins and is willing to transport for pretty cheap ($150). Could be a win/win >> gas $ for him and cheap pin transport for you.
thread here >>>http://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/offer-for-pin-transport-from-denver-co-to-rockford-il

Just a heads up, I don't think my deal is going to happen. Game has a number of issues and the price is firm. Still thinking about it though.

#291 9 years ago
Quoted from ThePostmaster:

Now that's funny. I delt with him in person. He is a nice guy, but I'd check over any pins very thoroughly before I delt with him again.

Same here, he ran my trade into the ground and I felt bad about it and then got his home and found it needed a number of repairs. I even missed one that Tony had fixed.

#292 9 years ago
Quoted from ThePostmaster:

How much, and how much?
How much of a project, and how much moola?

I am too slow to type the whole story. Contact me Saturday or later and I will give you a phone number. Tony and Josh also have it. Nice cab and very nice PF. Topper is good but has little paint spots on the top. Mostly needs board work and I think a few optos are bad. Then some tweaking after that. I am going snowmobiling for 2 days buy we can talk after that if you are interested.

#294 9 years ago
Quoted from ThePostmaster:

The pins I got had the boards hacked to shit, if they were there. They were missing boards that were supposed to be there.

The cannon had a home made disc under the PF that he swore was working, it was pretty sad. I made one that did work. Now I see Steve Young has it on special for $10.

Price for: 1 NOS T2 Cam Pin Assembly
A-14706 #WLL-A14706 $10.00

I would grab it just to get it back to original if that hasn't already been done. It was a good playing pin after the repairs were all done.

#300 9 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

did I nut tap you from afar for something also?

Quoted from Whysnow:

I would like to know also if the up north xmen is back up and running. If so, I would like to head back down there on Friday if anyone is interested (I will not be drinking as much as last time as I think I am still slightly hungover and a bit ashamed of how fuzzy that night got >> sorry if I offended anyone).

I was OK with it until you went on that rant about how Popeye is worth more than MM and AFM put together.

#346 9 years ago

Congo has midnight madness.

#362 9 years ago

Just booked my room.

1 week later
#425 9 years ago
Quoted from s1500:

Okay people, this thread is getting too Wisconsiny. More Minnesotan represent here.

I have Wisconsinites on reserve that I can unleash in a few hours notice if this thread gets too Minnesotaish.

1 week later
#467 9 years ago
Quoted from tonymiddendorf:

I have the exact same seller's remorse as you. In the last 6 months, I've realized that it's a legitimate long-term keeper for me. It looks like you and I will be competing for the next WWFRR that comes up for sale in the Tri-state area!

Maybe Stern should make a WWE pin. The king's royal heart attack mode.

#492 9 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

I'm glad to see more of these local discussion threads. If you don't know I'm the one who stated the Nashville, Tennessee thread you see every other day (sorry!).

Yes, the guy who copied your lead and started this one is a flipping genius.

#504 9 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

look at us. 500 posts. I bet Rusty sure is proud of his little thread

I am but I keep getting this urge to whine about not one like for the original post. I will restrain myself though.

#507 9 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

it should be bumped up from "unofficial" to "official" status.
bump it up, russ!

This requires a poll. Open to suggestions for a new name for the thread. Only rule is a new member from our area must be able to recognize what it is so they are tempted to enter.

#512 9 years ago
Quoted from tonymiddendorf:

I think just removing the 'un' from 'Unofficial' is all that is needed.
to be totally honest, this thread has reduced my viewing of the rest of the forums by a fair amount. My skimming is going much faster these days.
Thanks Russ

Tony, it appears you got some sort of pinball/pool game that you didn't report in this thread. Snap to it boy.

Spider-Man is still my newest. JD is probably leaving Sunday. Jonogo may be fulfilling his lifelong dream of taking my Bad Cats home and I am getting a pin as soon as it is pulled off route in 2-3 weeks. Can't jinx it by naming it until its secured in the back of the Ford Flex.

Trying to buy that Bride of Pinbot way up north but the mob had descended on them and they are now thinking about fixing and keeping it. If only people would call me first instead of wasting their time posting things for sale on CL.

#514 9 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

i've just come to the conclusion, that Wi/MN people are a bunch of socialites. We all have high Karma social ratings. I thought I was just the one that was long winded, but going down the list looks like everyone will give me a run for the money on the talking aspect. No wonder we never get anything accomplished during pinball events. To busy shooting the shit.

Neo, I am going to bring an NOS Jungle Lord playfield set along to MGC. I want you to give me an estimate on minor touch ups and clearcoating.

#516 9 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

both upper and lower? Sounds good. Bring it along. Something like that I can squeeze through the system fairly fast for you.

Would be cool if I could get it there now and pick it up at MGC. Anyone passing through Wausau and Burlington this week?

#518 9 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

well if your bringing it to waunakee tourney on sat., I probably can have it done by MGC.

Would love to come but my son has a Bball tourney and working 5 out of 6 Saturdays I don't see many of them.

#526 9 years ago
Quoted from bigduke6:

Well, I would like to fill out an app for membership please. I'm finally leaving Chicagoland behind! I spent my youth and every summer in Rhinelander. Well somehow me ,the family, the pins and the dogs are changing zip codes. I'll be at the MGC this year. Last year I went to check things out and kinda kept to myself. This year I'm bringing T2. Its about as modded as can get. Question, Is there help to load in?

Are you going back to Rhinelander? If so you will only be 80 miles from me. That's neighbors in the pinball world.

#542 9 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

any of the local crew want to do an honor based mini tournament on Saturday of MGC?
I was thinking :
Get X number (maybe 10-20) of us to commit. $5 or $10 buy in. We decide on 10-12 games to play throughout the day.
Honor system. The first game you play on that game is what you write down for a score (no cheating as it defeats the whole purpose of a fun little locals thing). We get together later in the day and all compare scores. Highest score on each game is worth 10 points, 2nd highest is worth 8, 3rd is worth 7, and so on down the line (I could bring a white board to make things easy for tallying stuff up).
Tally the total rank (combined points earned on all 10-12 games) and see who wins.
50% payout to first place, 30% to 2nd place, and 20% to 3rd place. First places buys a round of shots at the bar?
Could be fun.

I'm in

#565 9 years ago

This thread is getting too Minnesotaey.

#613 9 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I had not formalized anything. If you want to run with it, PLEASE feel free! My plate is more than full. I had really not gone any further than the thought stage.
I like the idea of checking out games on Friday. Making up a list and then printing them off.
How about something like this...
First 20 people to sign up are in. Commit by adding a number and your name to the list below (copy and paste to your post and add yourself)
$10 buy in? 50% payout to 1st, 30% for second, 20% for third
On Friday, Chris and I will come up with a list of 12 games that must be played ASAP on Saturday (in order to avoid issues of multiple games being down). If a game is down and out then tough titty >> go play early
Scoring > 20 points for highest score on each game, 18 for second, 16 for third, 15, 14, 13... That gives a slight bonus for being highest score of second highest score
You get to pitch out the score for 2 games (i.e. only 10 games count, just cross off the 2 you want to pitch). This will help make things fair in case a game goes down and you have not been able to play it.
We will print out 20 forms for those that enter. We will need to come up with some sort of way to get cash and handout forms.
Lets say 6 pm is cutoff to hand in your completed entry form (remember this is honor system > no cheating, you write down your own score for your first attempt on that game, you cross out the 2 games you do not want to count.
Chris and I can compile scores and then do the payout at 7pm at the bar.
thoughts, suggestions, get on the list...
1. Whysnow (Hilton)
2. Rustylizard (Russ)

#621 9 years ago

It's getting closer....

#632 9 years ago
Quoted from tonymiddendorf:

Question for MGC vets: what is the preferred payment method for vendors at the show?
Should I plan on bringing a fat wad of cash? or are most vendors cool with CC payments?
(For what it's worth, I do NOT plan to buy a game at the show. So, that wad of cash won't be needed.)

I would suggest bringing Minnesota cash with you and leaving it here. Cash keeps everything moving faster and save the vendors the extra fees. Might even help with their bookkeeping.

#644 9 years ago
Quoted from pinheadpuckguy:

The vendors should have a card reader for their phone...........like I do.

Do you use the square? Or something else. Wonder how much the use of these between private parties is tracked.

#665 9 years ago
Quoted from tmac:

That went fast says it was just posted today the 15th!

It was sold on RGP a few days ago. Rumor has it a pinball guy from Oshkosh got it. Might not be considered a score to some but I think it would have sold ten times over at that price. I am picking one up in a week or two that is slightly better condition.

#677 9 years ago

Repair party? I can host that. Playfield swap party too if you wish.

#707 9 years ago

Anyone with truck or trailer space passing through Wausau area on their way to MGC? I have a pin for Dan that I would like to get down there and I only have room for one. It doesn't pay well but you can play some games when you get here.

#741 9 years ago
Quoted from s1500:

I'm jinxed.
2 machines at Rossi's arcade/pizza place reset on me when I played them. Fish Tales reset on me during Clock Chaos. But it was a blessing, since my 2nd attempt at scoring that netted me way more points.

That is one nice Fishtales. I didn't last long though.

#777 9 years ago
Quoted from dantebean:

Iowa guy here sneaking in on this MI - WI thread.

Welcome but you brought Michigan with you?

#797 9 years ago

My WH2O went to IL tonight.

#802 9 years ago

It was not at MGC. I had the Grand Lizard there. I tried to like it but couldn't. Upper playfield didn't do it for me and lower playfield was, well....trying to get it to the upper playfield. Had one game where I looped the multimillions shot no less than 25 times in a row. The money will go towards a game the I like more. Now that my collection has grown I am getting pickier about what stays. Still undecided if Spider-Man is staying long term. Sometimes it bothers me to have that much money sitting in one game. I have just as much fun with the $1500 games.

#814 9 years ago

Buying fever. Any RFM's out there?

#819 9 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

There is a really nice single owner (documented) HUO only one here in Louisiana for $3,500; seller is a pinsider with a great collection. Gorgeous machine by the pics of it (I never saw it in person). I'd love an RFM in my collection, fun game.

I am looking for the $2500-$3000 variety. I would certainly check that one out if it was closer.

#839 9 years ago

Central WI - rain, sleet, hail changing back and forth. No snow today so far. Good night for some pinball in the basement.

#859 9 years ago
Quoted from ChevelleSSguy:

For the person that was looking for a RFM. Here is one in Stillwater. Looks like the posting is dated over a week ago now so it may be gone.
minneapolis.craigslist.org link

Yup, thanks. I have been in contact with him. Cabinet is cracked and he isn't the owner. Knows nothing about it except it works and he changed some of the burnt out bulbs. I told him to call me when price is $2300-$2500. Will see what happens.

1 week later
#878 9 years ago

Anyone tired of their Tron?

#882 9 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:


I can't afford yours Tom. I can't talk myself into $5300 for the cheap one.

#884 9 years ago

If I get one, you bet. Of course I am willing to let you guys play my games anytime so no big deal.

#889 9 years ago
Quoted from jonogo:

2 days without a post in MN/wi/IL/etc thread!

Sad. Keep this baby alive.

Someone list some pins for sale here. I need a fix.

#892 9 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

FS-Trilogy Brewing co . $100,000 .

As long as the brewery and the brewer comes with it. Do you do playfield swaps and windows?

#897 9 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Hi guys, new kid on the block here, don't know if I'll ever be able to keep up with you guys but I have 2 and might have room for another. Any PB Parties going on in the near future, I'd like to meet some of you and maybe learn a thing or three.

Hi Paul. No one can stop at 2 or 3. Prepare for the worst. Those MN guys are always having a party. If you want to drive 3 hours I always have games to play.

#924 9 years ago

Got my fix tonight. All better for now.


#931 9 years ago
Quoted from ChrisS:

Didn't these all pop up on the MKE CRAIGLIST. Did you land them or was this from another buyer. Nice stuff.
Hopefully your SOF ends up looking like the one at MGC. That machine was sick.

Quoted from Whysnow:

so which are for sale??? I think I may have 'dibs' on a certain title that you already own...

Quoted from cowman57:

Hey Russ....Keep me on the list of buyers for your excess (pin run-off) sys 11's as well.

These are not the ones from Milwaukee. I believe those were fake. $550 System 11's? I wish. Truth is I paid quite heavily for these. I wanted the SOF but it will never look like the one at MGC because I doubt I will ever put LEDs in it. Looks nice the way it is. The WW will be sold eventually and Hilton would have first dibs on it but again, I paid enough for these that I may have to use eBay to move it. I won't be making a decision until my CPR playfield gets here. Not sure if I am keeping my Diamond plate PF in my current game or the repro. I may offer the repro with this game if I decide not to keep it.

Scott, Earthshaker is a game I always wanted to play more and never got a chance to. This one might come available not too far down the road. Can't keep everything you know. Good part of the story for me is I got the SOF I wanted. This deal came together fast. I had seen these games before and played the SOF. 25 hours after I found out they were a available, they were in my garage.

#933 9 years ago
Quoted from gjbwalker:

I'd be interested in ES as well if others don't want it. It just seems natural that ES and WW belong together.
Man, those CPR WW playfields look awesome, I can't wait for mine. If only CPR could get TAF away from IPB.

You can bet that ES will be sitting right next to my WW for a while. I just wish CPR would do Jungle Lord and Pharaoh backglasses.

#940 9 years ago
Quoted from jonogo:

For me personally, nothing tends to be a keeper. I say its a keeper, then something else comes up or I run out of space/time/money. Any pin I can let go of is a pin I can get again!

THE JONOGO FLOW: defined as the constant stream on pins in and out of Josh's collection. Fueled by indecision, influenced by Tony and a box of wine.

#947 9 years ago
Quoted from ChrisS:

Yup. I believe you have dibs when Tim wants to sell and then I'm second in line.

Is ES that good or does he just have a nice one. I need to find time to set mine up.

#954 9 years ago

Funny, my old WW after many games my high score is 15,000,000. This one after 2 games.


#981 9 years ago

Just my luck the WW and ES work perfectly and the game I really wanted (SOF) has two issues I have to work out.

#995 9 years ago

Anyone fr the Fon du Lac area headed to Wausau tomorrow to look at the Firepower? If you are PM me and I can give you a pretty good description of it.

#1001 9 years ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

OK guys...I'm going to make it official. Cirqus Voltaire is for sale or trade for an Avengers LE. I would probably be looking for a little cash coming my way depending on NIB/HUO/routed and condition, mods, etc. I am leaning heavily towards a blue, but could be talked into a Hulk or possibly even a premium depending on the cash coming my way.
This is the same CV many of you played at MGC the past 3 years. I consider it to be in nice condition...probably the top end of "players grade", but not quite collectors quality. There is some typical insert ghosting and the clear coat has a chip at the boom balloon and some lifting around two of the volt rollovers. All typical CV issues, but better than some I have seen. Other than that the playfield is very nice, bright and shiny. It was torn down fully (top side) and shopped a little over a year ago. I have discussed the playfield issues with Neo, and he thinks it could be fixed up fairly easily if so desired.
There are no broken plastics/ramps. The cabinet decals have some bunching around the legs that is mostly hidden by leg protectors, and a few other small marks. Someone drilled a few tiny holes in one side of the cab at some point...weird but I have actually heard of another with the same thing. They aren't very noticable in the busy cab art, but they are there and I am all about full disclosure. It does look very good yet overall. The stock lockbar holes were filled and touched up at some point, but you can see where they were.
It plays 100% with no credit dot or issues. I have had it at MGC 3 years in a row, including this year, with 0 issues (knock on wood) and it always get many compliments. It has plastic protectors, a real bell, the scrolls, juggler bounce out protector, home ROMs, original manual, etc. It has beautiful orange neon that has never given me any problems. The entire machine has been super reliable for the five years I have owned it.
That's the basics off the top of my head. I will try to take pics tonight and give it a good looking over to make sure I didn't miss anything. I'm sure many of you played it at MGC and can vouch for the condition. Serious buyers are more than welcome to come see and play it in person.
I figured I would post it here first to give the local guys first dibs before opening it up to everyone, CL, Mr. Pinball, etc. I will not ship, but I am willing to split the drive depending on distance.
As I mentioned, I prefer a trade for an Avengers LE (likely plus some cash). Cash sale I would say $7500 OBO. I will consider other interesting trades, but am pretty stuck on Avengers right now.
Contact me here or at [email protected] if you are interested and I will get pics ASAP.
Chris Matte

I played it Friday night. It was on. You (or someone in your group) seemed a little irritated that it was being played but I had a good game going and couldn't resist. Thanks for bringing it. That is one clean game in nice shape.

#1002 9 years ago

WI-MN thread post 1000

#1009 9 years ago
Quoted from tonymiddendorf:

My LOTR is on the trading block.
Only problem is that I want to get 2-3 B,C,D titles in trade for it.

Your wishlist looks a lot like your previously owned list plus a few.

#1019 9 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Trying to think up a great Bret Favre comment for that

At one time that line up was worth $5500, so was Brett Favre.

#1033 9 years ago
Quoted from jonogo:

Thanks Crass!

Don't you guys ever sleep?

#1056 9 years ago

Just got back from my first night of golf league. 36 degrees and wet as can be. Not much fun but the burgers, beer and whiskey were good. Fingers too numb to play pinball right now.

#1060 9 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Maybe you don't need your BSD then Russ.

#1084 9 years ago

It's giving me fits. Drop targets only work sometimes. Sometimes rattling the coin door helps.

#1086 9 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Your playing BSD too much and need to sell because you are neglecting your other games.

They all need a little help right now but they are in better shape than I am.

#1087 9 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Your playing BSD too much and need to sell because you are neglecting your other games.

Says the guy with 21 pins that I want 10 of.

#1096 9 years ago
Quoted from policano:

Hello Minnesota/Wisconsin! I wanted to introduce myself to Pinside. My name is Tony and I currently live in Woodbury, MN. I have had a small collection of Pins for a few years and only recently discovered Pinside and my love for some of the DMD pins. I have added 3 new games to my collection in the recent past and have been having a blast! I have met some great people here on Pinside as well as Jonogo
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

Welcome, but we already have a Tony. . Two Tony's, two Josh's and half the pinball guys if have met are names Eric or Erik.

#1099 9 years ago
Quoted from policano:

Hello Minnesota/Wisconsin! I wanted to introduce myself to Pinside. My name is Tony and I currently live in Woodbury, MN. I have had a small collection of Pins for a few years and only recently discovered Pinside and my love for some of the DMD pins. I have added 3 new games to my collection in the recent past and have been having a blast! I have met some great people here on Pinside as well as Jonogo
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

Tony, I just saw your Tri-Zone on CL. Don't forget to mention pins for sale right here. No one will beat you up over asking $500 for a game.

#1105 9 years ago

I still have the email from you on Dec. 11, 2011 about your NBAFB. Will you still honor that price? I will pick it up tonight.

#1126 9 years ago
Quoted from jonogo:

LOL, I was laughing at that too.

Blainbrook bowl in the Blaine, MN has one.. but it may be a heck of a drive for an AC/DC.

Josh, any luck on BH?

#1174 9 years ago
Quoted from jonogo:

You wisconite's are chatty folks!
In other news, LOVE the weather we are having! What a great day today!

Good times for garage pinball.

#1200 9 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

xmen upper flipper was sticky last weekend. the lotr has a flipper rebuild but they are completely lopsided and it still has a few switch issues...
if you are going to go, give me a shout. Wife is busy studying for finals so I should probably stay out of the house tonight.

At least the Xmen flipper worked. The one up here has been dead for over a month.

#1213 9 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Count me in, I want to roll up to LTG's!

Pick me up on the way through. We should just go in and takeover the eastern part of the state where the pinball is and make it part of WI. Now that Jesse isn't gov, I think it would be easy.

#1224 9 years ago

I will check. I think I have the 29th off.

#1229 9 years ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

i was planning on going for circus, but i would like to come along too. i can drive myself if there is not enough room (i have lots of voices in my head to keep me company)
i don't know too many of you, (though i would like to) and don't want to intrude so if this a "special group" thing just let me know and i will excuse myself.

You have BK2K, you can't be all bad.

#1230 9 years ago
Quoted from ThePostmaster:

I'd drive down from Duluth, and meet up with you guys, if it was on the 29th. I have a golf outing the weekend of the 22nd ( in Hayward, and Rice Lake, Wi).

If you are in Rice Lake you might be able to check out some pins that are in questionable condition.

#1234 9 years ago
Quoted from PaulyB18:

Might have to jump in as well...
take it easy...no Iowa jokes now...

I heard if you see a license plate in WI that reads IOWA it stands for Idiots Out Wandering Around.

#1239 9 years ago
Quoted from ThePostmaster:

Be more than happy to. I might go down Friday to golf Turtleback. Give me a list of locations, as I don't know where they are in Rice Lake.

I was referring to a certain collector that we have both dealt with.

#1249 9 years ago

I can't make either. I was wrong and I have the weekend before those off.

#1282 9 years ago
Quoted from Matt_Rasmussen:

Picked up a Swords of Fury, a little spendy but it's a beauty.

I am assuming it's the one that was on CL? He only owned it a little over a month and lost pretty good money on it. Is a nice game for sure. One of the few that the LED's look good in.

1 week later
#1356 8 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

I'd just like life to slow down enough so that I can do much of anything pinball related. I ended up in the ER with both my son and wife in different trips this weekend, and now I'm sick. My job has been kicking my butt, and I just can't wait for the next few weeks to be over so that I can hopefully find a little downtime again.
I really want to start messing with some of my new toys. SST repair in particular is calling my name... So is Cue Ball Wizard. And Space Shuttle. And Mystery Castle. And about 10 more. Hell, I still have a project I need to pick up sometime!

Bummer. Wishing better times for you. Hope everyone is healthy again soon.

#1363 8 years ago
Quoted from ThePostmaster:

I got monies burning a hole in my pocket. Why don't you sell me that broken SOF?
Let it stump me for awhile.

It's fixed.

1 week later
#1387 8 years ago
Quoted from jonogo:

@Russ, the jonogo flow continues... 2 pins went west/south to Nebraska, but I brought one home.

I saw that. Shrek is a cool game to own. I will get my Family Guy sooner or later.

#1394 8 years ago
Quoted from DEWSHO:

I promised Hilton I'd stop going to mens houses and playing with their balls. He said I was a slut. I have to work a bunch of days in a row but then I'll drop by. Maybe try out that SOF! Just don't tell Hilton.

You live in Johnson Creek, wouldn't that make you a slut by default?

#1401 8 years ago

I have a line on a Roy Clark the Entertainer cocktail pin if anyone is interested. I told him I didn't want it but would pass the word on. Sounds like he wants $200-$300 range.

#1405 8 years ago
Quoted from ThePostmaster:

I'll take it! (The modified statement)

I will re-theme the cocktail table with spray paint for $300. You can pick up your new Sword of Roy Clark game next week.

#1408 8 years ago

I may have to get a dog now.


#1413 8 years ago

Drove out to the middle of nowhere to play some FGY tonight. Played an hour for 50 cents, saw a horse and buggy, a big gray cat sitting on a car at an abandoned building, 2 deer, a huge freakin' turtle and made grand champion on the machine. Not a bad night.


#1416 8 years ago
Quoted from GoneFishinLvMsg:

Ha! I lived in Johnson Creek for eight years. Didn't become a slut until after I left though.

Quoted from DEWSHO:

You poor man. Had the kids friends sleep over last night. 7 kids in the house and my wife stayed up late with them (I had to get sleep for work) and she heard the sordid details of the towns nefarious families. The one kid (10 years old) told her he was the only normal one in his family, a family of 10!
Lots of new blood in JC though as the great white flight from Milwaukee continues.

I knew nothing about the town. I was referring to the name.

#1440 8 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Saw Neo post for SE WI league. Anyone interested in doing a league in NE WI?

I would drive over once a month schedule permitting. Question is, would you guys head over my way. Only 100 miles.

#1459 8 years ago
Quoted from ralphwiggum:

Hey Guys, if you are interested, I am working on a pretty simple message board system for localized conversation, location pinball, marketplace, etc. for our area. It is obviously not meant to replace Pinside by any means, but there are a lot of regional websites out there that supplement Pinside nicely, and I thought this region could do something similar if anyone is interested. If you have ideas/thoughts on the site, post them there (or here) if you want....
If you wanted to form a local pinball league (similar to the one we are trying to do here down south), just get me the info and I will create a section for you. You can use that to post scores, stnadings, etc. If you want your league board to be private to the league members only, I can certainly do that for you as well....

Does your site not allow the letter "u"? My username came up missing the u. Don't think I could have typed it wrong twice but who knows.

#1463 8 years ago
Quoted from ralphwiggum:

Just registered a username with not one, but two U's....

Can you delete my account so I can sign up again?

#1466 8 years ago
Quoted from jonogo:

Pretty sure Russ is hitting the sauce early...

Golf night bitches.

#1470 8 years ago
Quoted from jonogo:

Looks like I'll be heading into Cheeseland sometime next week to deliver Ralph's pin. Anyone interested in a players Police Force? I could haul it thatta way at the same time. Will be going to Hellenville, WI from Oakdale, MN.
pics, price, info:

Stop by on your way through.

1 week later
#1505 8 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

31 pages! Great thread you guys have here.

We triple post a lot.

#1508 8 years ago
Quoted from DEWSHO:

We all know the penalty for a triple post is a Metallica LE party!

With Safe Ride Home for everyone statewide.

#1513 8 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

What should I do for my next project...
So either smartly or stupidly, depending on how you look at it, I have acquired a bunch of projects. Nope, none of them are going anywhere, so don't make offers. I'm just curious on what people think that I should dive into second?
Second because I have a plan for which one I'm diving into first, which I'm actually about to go start on... you can guess which one that is if you'd like. I am hoping to clean up the basement / garage sometime soon and maybe invite some people over for a cook out / fixin' night. But then damn, I need a grill.. ah well, here are the options I'm considering:
Cue Ball Wizard
Firepower II
Mystery Castle
Night Rider
Pistol Poker
Space Shuttle
Starship Troopers
Strange Science

You have some cool games in there. My guess is F-14 first then SS. I have always wanted to play FP2. Night Rider is a cool game too that I played back in the day.

1 week later
#1551 8 years ago

Wrong time of year for me to have that much cash but I would really like to move a Tron from MN to WI.

#1584 8 years ago

I will go $40 and some deli meats. Send it along with Josh please.

#1586 8 years ago
Quoted from tonymiddendorf:

Wow, 2 of the 4 games on my short list come up for sale within a week of each other... when it rains it pours.
Anyone want to Maverick I just picked up on Sunday? I picked it up in a package deal to get my WWF. It needs to be cleaned. Missing a plastic or two, but I saw some spares in the coin box. DMD is VERY bright and looks nice. No credit dot. Game plays fine, but will be better after getting tuned up. I've played 5-10 games on it with no complaints.
I was planning to do the work myself in the next month or so, but then a NBAFB popped up. Potentially going to pick it up Sunday.
Make me an offer so I can go pick up my NBAFB on Sunday!

Dibs on the NBAFB if you get it at a decent price. Please hold onto it for 6-8 weeks while I recover from current deal.

#1611 8 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

OK, OK OK...
This is all I can offer...
Do we have a deal Tony?

How do you suppose you are going to get it by under-bidding BFK's Shasta?

#1622 8 years ago

So where has the vibe been?

#1638 8 years ago

Guys, there are so many threads on prices and not many end well. Because it's such a touchy subject and we will never all agree on it let's keep the WI-MN thread free of all that. I think it's good information that it was pointed out here but beyond that give it it's own thread if it's a big deal.

On a lighter note, in recent days I have beat the 4th high score on my HS2 a bunch of times and can't get any higher and I like turtles.

#1641 8 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

On that note, I have been playing my FT more than any other game ever since MGC and still can not get on the board. I put one score up (3rd) when at MGC and Brad (drstark...) put up #2, but everything else is still factory. Arrgghhh... I will often put up 150mil on ball 1 and then just fall to pieces on balls 2 and 3>> the pressure always gets to me and I implode.

If you have that baby set up as tough as you did in Clock Chaos I can see why it's hard to beat.

#1660 8 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

I put a high score on Josh's Earthshaker. That is a sweet game!!! I really liked it.

Did Josh reset everything or are you beating my high scores?

#1721 8 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

OT-Any good ping pong players here ? My father in law is visiting and he needs someone much better than me to play against . I'm in SE Wisconsin , Elkhorn .

Just keep giving him your beer until you can beat him.

#1788 8 years ago
Quoted from tonymiddendorf:

Also, I thought you'd like to know: my girlfriend told me about her dream last night. She dreamt that I went to the strip club, came home, and broke up with her. Then she dreamt that Bryan Kelly took her to the gas station for donuts, hot dogs, and candy.
I don't like where this is headed ...

In her dream was she wearing the POAS t-shirt or bowling shirt?

#1801 8 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

Super way off topic here, but do any of you Wisconsinites remember ting soda? Well, a new company called flavor 8 is distributing it again under that new name. I can't wait to mix/match my first case.

That's super cool. I can remember sorting cases to get all the good flavors. Dang Creme Soda always in the way.

#1854 8 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

... doh ... triple post

Triple posts help grow this thread. .

#1886 8 years ago
Quoted from lordloss:

Lloyd really lucked out with a nice dog to greet us when we visit!

That dog has met a lot of pinball players.

#1903 8 years ago

Finally beat the GC score on my HS2 this morning, got pretty close to 300M. Now I have to shoot for that and knocking some of my lower scores off.

#1965 8 years ago
Quoted from ChrisS:

You know I like winding you up about the revolving door. I think it's cool your getting your son involved or at least trying to keep him involved.
On another note. Not sure what your arrangements are this weekend or how Far Tom is from Lake Geneva, WI but if you need a cheap place to stay there is always room at my place.
I just require your first born. Or your ES.
Agian not sure how far I am but your always welcome.

The Jonogo Flow is not to be referred to as a revolving door. It is it's own entity.

#1968 8 years ago

Anyone coming from the west to Tom's party there will be a pinball warm-up, piss break, soda refill at my house from roughly 3:00-4:30. I am a little SW of Wausau and if you are on Hwy 29 it won't add any mileage to your trip.

#1983 8 years ago

Who is up for some nonsense? Let's get this thread to 2000 posts. I want a Solar Fire.

#1985 8 years ago

Post 1984, the year I escaped Wausau West High School.

#2006 8 years ago

2004....nothing really. My brothers truck is a 2004 F-150. That's the best I have.

#2022 8 years ago

Would like to come to this. Will make sure the date is open and then PM you. Josh, Maybe a stopover again?

#2058 8 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

i doubt it! WPT is a keeper, all y'all messed up big time!
I honestly never knew it was technically for sale either of the three times it went for sale. WPT rebounded quickly.

I never put it up for sale. Tony wanted it and he paid me exactly what I paid for it so I let him have it. It's a good game and I love drop targets but I can live without it.

#2065 8 years ago
Quoted from jonogo:

I was the dick that listed it for sale/trade. None of that super secret trade stuff..

The Jonogo Flow is unstoppable. You were helpless.

#2100 8 years ago
Quoted from jonogo:

Feels like a monday

Seeing that I have a rotating day off and I am off work this week it feels like every 6th Tuesday to me.

#2107 8 years ago
Quoted from bigduke6:

Well I thought I should officially say hello. As of today I am a Wisconsinite. In the process of moving the family and the pins to Rhinelander. Good bye Illinois (thank God). I'll try to keep up with this massive thread. Any pinheads up my way?

I am SW of Wausau. You will be 15 minutes from me when you take 39/51 north. About 80 miles from Rhinelander.

#2119 8 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

OK here's one...leaving Friday after work to pick up my EATPM in Rapid City, SD. A nice 17 hour round trip to buy a pin. How's that for a post.

That's a good post.