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Official Wisconsin-Minnesota Thread

By RustyLizard

8 years ago

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#10219 4 years ago


I would love to connect with other pinheads in Minneapolis.

Really, I'd like to make some playing friends, so I don't have to cruise the spots around here alone. I'm not a leaguer, as my skills are just coming up. (To be frank, I can count on one hand the number of replays I've earned.) It would be nice to discuss pinball, share better-play secrets, carpool to distant spots, etc.

I live near Tilt, and it's been ground zero for me lately. Going to conventional pinball spots has taught me that Tilt is basically pinheaven, given its prices and lineup. (Witness: the west wall!) Still, it's not so easy to just introduce yourself to strangers - there or anywhere. So, I'm posting this to connect here first.

What do you say? Got any room in your pinposse? If so, shoot me a message and, if you're game, we can exchange numbers. Then, when I'm heading to Tilt, I'll text you. Ditto: you to me. We can play a game or two together, swap stories, etc. The bar is not my jam, though. Pinball only, for me!



#10227 4 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Hi Jason, Welcome to Pinside, I take it you don't have any pins yet. You'll have to come over to my place sometime, lots to do here.

Thanks for responding to my post. I see you have a fistful of games. Wow!
Do you get over to Tilt, or don't you bother? I mean, you basically have a pinball bar of your own, I guess.
I don't have any pins. You're right. I was very excited to buy one - and I did - but I sold it when issues arose about getting it safely into my basement, etc. I've since learned that pins can be broken down - backbox from cabinet - and now I'm searching for a pin again. I check the Marketplace here daily, as well as two groups on Facebook. Oh, and Craigslist.
Today I made my first stop ever at Blainbrook Bowl. There are *many* pins up there, for sure! Honestly, it just made me realize how spoiled we are here in Mpls. to have Tilt.
My favorite pins at Tilt are ToM, TCP, MB, and MM. For Sterns, I like TWD and the new Batman.
I like to watch clips of gameplay on YouTube, particularly those of Bowen Kerins or Keith Elwin. They make it look so easy! I rarely - if ever! - earn replays.
How about you?

#10236 4 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

You'll have to come over to my place sometime, lots to do here.

I would love to.

It sounds like I'm not alone, either.

I don't want to smother you, but yes, I would love to see your collection.


#10267 4 years ago

Wanted: Williams, Bally, or Stern Pin for $3500 or less

(With all due respect, I am NOT seeking Sega, Data East, or Gottlieb pins.)

Four hours or less driving distance from Minneapolis.

"Players' condition" is fine, but I can't really take on "project" pins.

Must be solid-state and no older than, say, '88. Taxi, for instance, is perhaps the oldest pin I would consider.

(I realize this is not the "Market" portion of pinside, but it is a Minnesota-specific club, so I'm taking a risk and posting here.)

Thanks in advance.

#10275 4 years ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

Anyone know if Mortimer's in Minneapolis still has the MET LE on-site? I want to try one out before I decide if I'm going to buy one myself. I'll try to get out there tomorrow if they do. Thanks!

This post has me wondering a couple of things.

First, does Mortimer's have pin prices to match those of Tilt? I mean, I know the two bars are under the purview of the same person, but I assumed that Morty's would still have $1 plays, as it's not a pinball-specific bar.

Second, Tilt hasn't got a single "band" pin. No Aerosmith. No Metallica. No KISS. Such pins are apparently good sellers for Stern. So why none in Tilt? My suspicion is that the answer has to do with the fact that band pins crank out their own music during gameplay. Perhaps Tilt doesn't want the competition from its own machines when it comes to tunes, etc. Of course, at full-tilt in Tilt, the din is enough to drown out any individual pin's sounds, whatever they might be. The loudest pin I've ever played beside was Metallica - not from games sounds but from the song that plays over them. Iron Man gets fairly loud, too, with all that ammunition being unspooled during certain multi-balls. The Walking Dead is also noisy, as the designers loaded *many* shock sounds into it, like those of horror movies, to "scare" the player, etc. I'm not saying I like silent pinball - indeed I think TWD is hella tight! I'm just wondering why Tilt decided to pass on band pins. Plenty of people hail Metallica as the best Stern pin, yet Tilt has hustled to get Stern's Batman, Spider-Man, and Star Wars, but no Metallica.

#10279 4 years ago
Quoted from LesManley:

Mortimer's pins cost more money per play. Tilt has to do cheap pins to compete with Up Down.
Tilt used to have Aerosmith. KISS was a horrible earner and was long since pulled from Mortimer's and Sun Ray Lanes and sold. D&G always buys the newest games and since he has a few options on where to route them, he will move them if they aren't doing well. If Aerosmith is already pulled from Tilt, I can only imagine it wasn't earning and he is going to try it somewhere else instead. There's just so many pinball companies with so many options nowadays that it doesn't make sense to keep a game on route if it isn't earning well and something else could do better.

And here I thought UP/DOWN had quarter pins to match Tilt!

D&G? Is that the vending company that supplies these bars? Are you telling me the bars' owner really just lets D&G install whatever pins "earn" and pull whichever don't? And you're right: Tilt *did* have an Aerosmith in the early going. I never saw it running though.

#10281 4 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Up Down opened first, with quarter play.
D&G ( John Galvin ) and another couple bought Mortimers and opened Tilt.
So one of the bar's owners installs or removes the whatever.
LTG : )

Wow! 'twas UP/DOWN that set the tone with quarter pins! I would never have guessed!

UP/DOWN is less my jam, but I'm grateful it's there. I do stop there - just less often than I stop at Tilt.

I still assume John Galvin is a serious pinhead. Anyone who would have a lineup like he has on the west wall of Tilt has got to be someone who strives to be a dreammaker, not simply an earner. If I ever met the dude, I would be incredibly effusive.

1 month later
#10387 4 years ago

Local retail sources for Novus cleaners/polishers?


Can I buy bottles of Novus 1 and 2 off the shelf anywhere in the Twin Cities, or must I buy them online?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


#10391 4 years ago

Thank you, Alex, Lloyd, and BF for your replies.

I'll be looking at Ace and auto parts stores. Car/motorcycle dealerships are notorious for charging premiums for any/all parts/accessories, so I will probably avoid them as a source.

Amazon is, of course, the cheapest, but I wanted to give my business to a local retailer if possible.


3 weeks later
#10459 4 years ago

Wanted: Stern or Bally/Williams Pin

Hi again.

At the risk of being a pest, I'm posting (again) that I'm hoping to find a nice pin here in the region.

I'm coming off a dispiriting experience buying a pin from a distant seller ($1K loss when the dust had settled), so I'm focused on finding something in the area that I can drive to and actually inspect first-hand, etc.

I would like to find a routed Stern title for c. $4K, such as IM, MET, or TWD. I can go as high as $4.2K for the right pin. Spending more than that on a Stern makes less sense when NIB from Stern, delivered, costs just $1K more.

With all due respect, I am *not* looking for anything but Stern or Bally/Williams, and I'm *not* looking for titles older than '93.

If you have a pin for sale or if you have any contacts who might have one for sale in my price range, any/all leads would be *much* appreciated! And yes, I have looked carefully - today and almost every day - for offerings on Craigslist. If there are titles there now that meet my criteria, they happen to be pins that either (a) I'm not interested in or (b) have what I perceive to be a low resale value and thus are better to avoid, etc.

Thanks for reading my post.


3 weeks later
#10582 3 years ago

*** Pin Transport Help Sought: Stillwater to Minneapolis ***


If there is anyone whom I could enlist to help me move a prepped pin from Stillwater to Minneapolis, I would love to hire you.

The pin in question is wrapped and strapped to a dolly, still in the seller's home. My plan was to haul it home in my compact car, but that didn't pan out. The load-out is a bit tricky, but not too bad. The pin is waiting in the seller's bar, near his garden-level double-door back door. Those doors lead onto a patio and then to a seventy-foot, sloping stretch of lawn up to the driveway. The load-in is actually tricky, as it involves a basement stairwell that is narrow and makes a sharp turn midway down. I may borrow a sheet of plastic from Mustang Paul (if he's willing) and use that to slide the pin down the stairs.

The pin's dimensions are 52" x 24.5" x 24.5". I s'pose it weighs 225lb. I can pay your for your time, lifting energy, and gas. Roundtrip from my house in Mpls. to the seller's in Stillwater is 60 miles.

If you have an appropriate car/truck and the time/interest, please shoot me a quote as to what I could pay you for the help.

I should mention that the seller, Tom, has been exceedingly kind/generous in this transaction. I will NOT be leaning on him for any more assistance in the load-out. He has already gone above/beyond in this sale.

As for timing, I can adjust my schedule to fit yours, and I believe the seller is fairly flexible, too. Ideally, *two* strong people would help with this, if possible. I'm a bit banged up right now so doing a lot of heavy lifting is more than I can manage, frankly.

Thanks for reading my post!


2 months later
#10935 3 years ago

*** Wanted: Stern or B/W Pinball Near Minneapolis ***

Hi, area collectors.

At the risk of being a pest, I'm asking - again - if any local Pinsiders/collectors have any new'ish Stern and/or clean B/W pins for sale.

I recently sold my one/only pin (HUO TWD Pro, $4.4K), thinking I would find a replacement quickly enough. Despite lots of dogged searching and plenty of cold calling, I have not.

Titles that top my list for the moment are TWD, AC/DC, MET, SW (all Premiums), IM, DI, ToM, and ST:TNG.
Even if your potential sale pin isn't on my list, if it's a B/W or Stern title from '93 or newer, I would love to hear about it. (With all due respect, no GOTG for me, please.)

I'm ready to drive a fair distance from Minneapolis - say, three hours each way.

I check the Pinside Classifieds daily, as well as Craigslist, Facebook, and Mr. Pinball, and I try to befriend as many local Pinsiders as I can, hoping to expand my network, etc. I don't play in any leagues, however.

If you reply, please PM me directly.

Thanks for reading my post!


2 weeks later
#10968 3 years ago

** Pin Hauling Prospects: MGC Back to Minneapolis: Anyone? **

Can I hire anyone to haul a boxed pin from the show next month in Milwaukee back to Minneapolis?

If you have the means to do this and can take on another job, or if you know of another hauler who might have space/interest, I'd love to hear from you/him/her/they. I could pay you a fair sum, naturally. Maybe you could shoot me a number in your reply. I would have you drop it at my garage in South Minneapolis in return for cash. If you are a veteran Pinsider with a solid reputation as a standup dude, I will happily pay you in advance via PayPal.


3 weeks later
#11084 3 years ago

** WCS94 sale pin, anyone? **

Hoping to find a clean, working example of WCS94 here in the region.

I'm in Minneapolis but am prepared to drive three hours each way to gather it.

I would consider even more distant sale pins, although shipping fees would most likely sour the deal. Still, I would still like to hear about whatever you might have on offer.

If you do reply, please PM me directly.

Thanks for reading my post.

3 weeks later
#11188 3 years ago


Mirror blades to fit modern Stern here in the Twin Cities Metro area.

I'm happy to drive, say, 45 minutes in any direction from Minneapolis to get them.


3 weeks later
#11268 3 years ago

Wanted: HUO MET Premium

Hoping to find this title within, say, three-hours driving distance of Minneapolis.

If you have one you might sell, or if you know of anyone who might be selling, please shoot me a message.


game_metallicaprem (resized).jpg
1 week later
#11317 3 years ago

Any Pinsiders make it to the Back to the Fifties car show at the Fair Grounds?

Got a pic or two to share?

My hunch is there's a fair bit of crossover between cars and pinball. As in, pinheads love cars the way hot rodders love pinball. That sort of thing. And cars are - incredibly! - even *more* expensive than pinballs, so looking at restored cars makes me feel like a frugal hobbyist!

cropped-2010-back-to-the-50s-day-3-046a (resized).jpg
#11321 3 years ago
Quoted from BlueIrocGuy:

We went on Friday to the show. It wasn’t too hot out and the crowds aren’t as bad as Saturday and Sunday.

Awesome! You made it to the show!

Thanks for posting the photos!

3 weeks later
#11421 3 years ago
Quoted from Schamattack:

The new up down bar taking the comedy cafe on Brady street in mke just posted this picture on fb. Looks like a fun line up.

Gosh. I just hope they don't lavish all the A-list pins on the new location at the expense of the lineup in Minneapolis. I mean, don't get me wrong: I'm oh-so grateful to have Up-Down right here in our backyard. However, apart from the arrival of IMDN last month, the lineup did not grow by a single pin since last October. For a dog's age the lineup has been TAF, IJ:TPA, MM, KISS, WWE, SW, TWD, GOT, GB, and IM. We had MET for a good long time, but it went out for a repair and never came back.

Honestly, what would make far more sense is for all of the Mpls pins to go to the new MKE location and for all the pins slated for the MKE location to come up here. Why? Well, that would mean a fresh lineup for *all* involved.

#11426 3 years ago
Quoted from Minneapolispin:

We’ve got a Roadshow set on free play in the green room for the Xgames athletes today.

The "Green Room"? Where is that?

#11428 3 years ago

Ah! The Green Room! Now I'm with you. X-Gamers only!

2 weeks later
#11511 3 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Jersey Jack Pinball Pirates of the Caribbean launch party coming to SS Billiards soon !
LTG : )

Is this for real? Will this involve an actual Pirates or a cardboard cutout?

#11527 3 years ago
Quoted from Minneapolispin:

Day 1 of creating Lakeville Minnesota’s latest mancave, pinball, arcade, and overall nerd heaven starting in 3..2..1..
[quoted image]

Will there be a christening? A "launch party"?

If so, what sort brown-nosing do you respond to best, for those of us presently lacking invites?

1 month later
#11763 3 years ago

** Wanted: IM Original or Vault Edition **

Hoping to find a HUO example of Iron Man within three-hours driving distance of Minneapolis.


IM.translite (resized).jpg
#11768 3 years ago
Quoted from Goalie:

Does anyone have a local powdercoat shop that does good work? The place I used moved out of town.

Also consider the under-the-radar coater Doug Arntson in Corcoran, MN:


He is a small shop, which allows him to offer very good rates. He's done pinballs before. Very nice guy!

FYI: he's on a bike tour this month but should be back to work come October.

#11771 3 years ago

Congrats on the autographed apron cards. Impressive!

Now I can stand *behind* your new pinball and vaguely imagine I'm standing in front of it! Brilliant!

#11772 3 years ago

For you ToM hunters...

minneapolis.craigslist.org link

His number is $1K above market, especially with the monochrome DMD, but this title seems to get hotter by the week. I know FatPanda just sold a re-import a week ago for, what, $6K? I say sit tight for a remake from CGC, but don't tell the seller of this original I told you so!

1 week later
#11805 3 years ago

** Pin Transport Sought: Expo Back to Minneapolis **

I'm negotiating to buy a pinball from a seller in GA who can bring the game to Expo this year.

I'm not planning to go to Expo myself, so I'm asking if there is someone from Minnie who *is* going and who has room in his vehicle whom I could hire to haul it home to me here in Minneapolis.

The pin is a modern Stern and I would be happy to pay you a fair sum for your effort.


#11807 3 years ago

Wow, Lloyd!

You're an angel!

Thanks so much for offering to help!

The pin deal is still under negotiation, but having the transport angle set is a HUGE help.

I will take it up with you in person when I see you next.

BIG thank you!

4 months later
#12188 2 years ago

For Sale in Minneapolis:

2018 Metallica PROmium - HUO/200-plays/Color DMD/Total Lightshow


MET.main.powered (resized).jpg
#12208 2 years ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

1/2 inch of ice lining my driveway and sidewalks.

I see you have a nice smooth, broad driveway, ideal for loading/unloading pinballs! Have you been to I/O up on Willy Street? What do you think?

#12210 2 years ago

Goodness! You've even sold games to them!

Check it out...

IO.Arcade.Bar (resized).jpg
#12212 2 years ago

Or how about this one...

IO.Arcade.Bar.II (resized).jpg
#12213 2 years ago

It looks like they're chock full of redemption machines. Good place to loose big.

#12217 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

that is NOT I/O gaming bar in Madison...
this is...[quoted image]

Apologies. Grabbed the images from what I thought was I/O's Facebook page.

The place looks great!

#12219 2 years ago

OT: Bicycle Transport Sought - Minneapolis to Milwaukee

Any chance someone with a car large enough to toss an ordinary men's bike inside is planning a trip between Milwaukee and Minneapolis in the weeks ahead? I can pay for your gas ($50) if you can make room for the bike. I will bring the bike to you in Minneapolis and the recipient will come to you in Milwaukee to gather it (assuming your route will take you close to both Minneapolis and Milwaukee). I will also promise sweets/provisions for your trip, perhaps including a deli sandwich or two.


And apologies to pinballers for my off-topic post.

#12226 2 years ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

Coach McCarthy and his new games!

Sorry, Coach, that you were let go. You should interview at Cinci' instead. I hear they need a new head coach. That way you could go to Pincinnati each year! In the meantime, you have one hell of a start on your game room! Awesome pins! Player one: you're up!

1 week later
#12291 2 years ago
Quoted from RVH:

Here’s a video on how to take care of ice dams for ya.

Thanks, RVH. Very helpful. I just tussled with an ice-dam-formed icicle hanging from my roof that is about the size of a narwhal tusk. I thought I could cleave it off with a swing of a shovel while hanging out a second-floor window. Nope. Not even close! I lopped off about three feet of it and the rest isn't going anywhere. I worry about the poor gutters, as all those nested icicles have got to weigh a ton.

1 week later
#12308 2 years ago

Price reduced:

Archived after 12 days
Not sold
Machine - For Sale
HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only) “(Relisting after local sale fell through) For Sale: Stern Metallica PRO $7K invested March, 2018, build date HUO, c. 200 plays, minty No issues Mods/Upgrades ($1400): 1. Co...”
Minneapolis, MN
5,400 (OBO)

#12329 2 years ago

Curious about what a bogus/scam response to a Craigslist ad might look like? Behold!

"i work as a secondhand dealer located in STEVEN POINT and i am buying this item for my son around your area, He as a pinball handle..i will be having movers come pick up the item after payment is confirmed by you so plan is to send you the check first thing tomorrow in a usps priority express mail and it can be delivered to you as soon as possible"

The classic setup, complete with butchered punctuation/grammar and misspelled words. And these often actually work!

3 weeks later
#12450 2 years ago

Wanted: Stern TWD Premium Pinball

Hoping to find a HUO example of this title within four hours (by car) of Minneapolis.

If you have one you would like to sell, or if you know of one for sale, please PM me.


TWD.Premium (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#12548 2 years ago


Button-guard side rails for Stern, new or used. Black preferred.

I'm happy to drive to you to pick up, but can certainly pay to have them shipped if you're too far from Minneapolis.


Stern.rails (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#12623 2 years ago

Wanted in Twin Cities Area: Sheet of Standard Playfield Glass

43 x 21 x 3/16"

Please recommend a glass shop here than can cut a sheet of tempered glass for a pinball.

Or, if you happen to have a spare sheet for sale and you're not too far from Minneapolis, I will gladly buy yours. I set mine down carelessly and - poof! - she was no more. Now I have a heap of beads and they're crackling. That's right, I wrote "crackling." They're making noise, releasing energy for some reason. Weird.

I see Brin Glass Co, SummitGlass, and Hopkins Glass in the Yellow Pages. Anyone buy sheets from any of these shops?

#12625 2 years ago

Stern Pinball Box: Free For the Taking!

I have a nice, intact, complete Stern pinball box, with pallet, for anyone who would like it.

Pickup in Minneapolis, near Uptown.

Includes all original packing materials.

Use it to ship your pinball out of state.

PM me if you're interested.

Stern.Box (resized).jpg
1 week later
#12651 2 years ago

IMDN Premium For Sale in Minneapolis:

minneapolis.craigslist.org link

IMDN.main (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#12714 2 years ago
Quoted from kettchxxii:

Just thought I would drop this here. For those of you not going to Titletown next Saturday we are having a little party for Spooky Pinball's Latest game...
2 to 6 PM @ the Blue Moon Bar in Madison Next Saturday the 22nd. Spooky, Kingpin, and New Belgium Brewing on hand to Party. No IFPA points, but you will have your chance to play for some awesome prizes including Tickets to go see Alice Cooper live at the Sylvee July 10th. Not to shabby.
New Belgium beer Specials, Pinball, and Crisp Hi-Fives!
Ohh and we just dropped off a Rob Zombie today for a limited engagement, with all proceeds going to the Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin... [quoted image][quoted image]

Just curious: who has played the OKT at this location? Your thoughts?

1 week later
#12768 2 years ago

FREE: Basic, Beginner Soldering Station

(Now reserved for Barkz of Blaine)

Simple Weller base with power dial and holster and a no-frills soldering iron. Works fine. I just upgraded. I may be able to leave it for you to pick up at SS in Hopkins at your convenience if LTG agrees.
Soldering.Iron.freebie (resized).jpgSoldering.Iron.freebie.rev (resized).jpg

#12783 2 years ago

** Canceled **

Pinball Moving Help Sought in Minneapolis:

No transport needed; just muscle!

Hoping to hire a local pinballer with a strong back to help me and my neighbor move a JJP standard-body pinball. The pin presently sits in a finished basement in White Bear. LTG has already graciously offered to help with his van and strap-equipped dolly, but asking him to help with the heavy lifting isn't cool. I am not particularly built myself, but I expect to do my share. I know JJP's are heavy, so I'm trying to arrange a third mover. Move will entail the load out in White Bear and then a load in onto the first floor of my home in Minneapolis. I can pay you and give you lunch. I will also pick you up and drop you off. Two hours of work/transit expected. Ideally, this would go down on Sunday morning, June 30th, as that is when Lloyd has the most time to help. I would pick you up and we would rendezvous with Lloyd and then head to the seller's in White Bear to arrive at c. 10:00.

Please text me if you have the time/energy to help out: 612, too-ate-siks, 5571

Pinball.hauling (resized).jpg

1 month later
#12931 2 years ago

Congrats to whoever grabbed the ST:TNG on CL Minneapolis today.

One of these days I will set up my smart phone to give me alerts for pin listings on CL and then I, too, will have a shot at deals posted there. As it is, every time I see something worthwhile and send the seller a message, the game is already long gone. "Thanks for your interest but the machine is sold." Sound familiar?

The Next Gen' looked darned good and was just $4.2K. So, congratulations are in order!

#12952 2 years ago

Stern Jurassic Park Pinball Sightings?

Just wondering if anyone in the WI/MN region has seen/played a JP2 on location or in someone's home.

Distros say the PRO's began shipping today. I realize a pin can't be delivered in a single day, but I read about a few examples that were on location in PA last week, so I figured I would ask.

JP2.in.situ (resized).jpg
5 months later
#13513 1 year ago


Archived after 216 days
Not sold
Machine - For Sale
HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only) “For Sale: Stern “The Walking Dead” Premium Pinball Home use only c. 500 lifetime plays No PF wear apart from light/normal dimpling No shooter lane wear No Well Walker hip...”
Minneapolis, MN
5,925 (OBO)

#13517 1 year ago

I realize this isn't the TWD owners' thread, so this will be OT, but the very features that distinguish the Premium from the PRO make it more challenging. For example...

1. The BG bash toy is dangerous. She is tucked in a cubby and soft hits can dribble out and go SDTM. Firm, direct hits can rebound SDTM. There are no such risks with shots to the PRO's left ramp during BG mode.
2. The Well Walker magnet is dangerous. It flings the ball SDTM occasionally, but flinging it in any direction adds challenges to general ball control, especially if the nearby slings get involved.
3. The Crossbow shot is more dangerous than a traditional flipper shot. It takes your hand off the flipper when you fire, making you more vulnerable to a late-flip fumble drain if you brick the shot.
4. Rejects from the left ramp are more numerous and more dangerous as it's steeper/taller than that of the PRO.

The "Bombs" do give players an advantage, so perhaps that feature does make the Premium "easier." In terms of what kinds of skills are required to stay up on the game, however, the Premium PF is just plain more challenging and more fraught with risk. And therein lies the answer to Fat Panda's question as to why this game hasn't sold. People know it's a butt-kicker. They know it drives people to toss their games into a river, etc. It takes a skilled player to "handle" this game. I'm getting better, but I'm still far from handling it. Maybe someone else here is truly up to it. If you are, come and take a look! Take advantage of a dead-of-winter bargain!

1 month later
#13642 1 year ago

Anyone interested in a trade?

I'm most interested in MET Monsters or DP Premium, but I'm game to listen to any/all trade offers. Wha'cha got?

Archived after 43 days
Not sold
Machine - For Sale
HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only) “For Sale: Stern “The Walking Dead” Premium Pinball Home use only c. 600 lifetime plays No PF wear apart from light/normal dimpling No shooter lane wear No Well Walker hip...”
Minneapolis, MN
5,725 (OBO)

2 weeks later
#13732 1 year ago

How is everyone holding up?
I continue to think a lot about pinball, although I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that when there are far more pressing things to fill my head with right now.
I still have a game to sell or trade, but the prospects of either are dwindling. I'm grateful to have a game at all at this point.
I'm resigning myself to the fact that I'm going to have COVID-19 eventually, and I don't "do" sick well. I get ruined by the common cold and all but destroyed by the flu. Frankly, I'd like to have it now, to just get it over with.
I s'pose being sick/miserable is small potatoes compared to the suffering that will be ushered in by the ensuing recession. A lot of people are going to be out of work.
Oof. Sorry to be grim.

#13750 1 year ago
Quoted from Minneapolispin:

I've joked (sort of) with John, that the day he retires, is the day I sell my entire collection. I don't know how to fix 90% of the issues that occasionally pop up and without a trusted go-to like John, I'd have to exit the hobby.

I've had this same thought. Clearly, this hobby can only "work" for me with a LOT of support from other people - from LTG, for example. I do have one game now and it seems likely I will have it for the foreseeable future. Will I be able to keep it running? Will I be able to rely on parts sources like PPL or Marco? Replacement parts are largely made in China, and China seems to be slowly heading toward a resumption of its manufacturing economy - assuming they still have customers to export to! Still, I can't import them myself, so I expect to rely on PPL and Marco, as well as on local techs. Will my machine eventually become a non-functioning piece of furniture?

#13768 1 year ago

Still hoping to find a trading partner. Low-plays, no wear. Comes from a virus-free home in Minneapolis. Even comes with portentous playfield graphics: "Got bit, fever hit, life went to shit, might as well quit." Trade if you dare!

Archived after 43 days
Not sold
Machine - For Sale
HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only) “For Sale: Stern “The Walking Dead” Premium Pinball Home use only c. 600 lifetime plays No PF wear apart from light/normal dimpling No shooter lane wear No Well Walker hip...”
Minneapolis, MN
5,725 (OBO)

#13780 1 year ago

The carpet in your gameroom, MLmotorsport, looks like fun. Is your avatar photo your carpet, too? UV-reactive colors and UV lighting!

#13781 1 year ago
Quoted from Minneapolispin:

It's crazy how many games are popping up on CL this week. Looks like people are starting to cash out.

But are they? Are these games, priced at last month's prices, actually moving? I don't see them selling, no. For every twenty I see posted, I see just one/two "Sale Pending" stamps appear on the listing. No one has got the memo, it seems. Today's market is the Coronamarket. It's flooded, and demand is contracted. Add the two together and how you can you possibly sustain yesterday's prices? Good that the sellers around here are paying no heed to basic economics.

#13792 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

In accordance with the Minnesota governor's plan. SS Billiards in Hopkins, Minnesota, is now closed until May 1st at 5pm.

That's terrible news.
I'm so sorry!

#13793 1 year ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

I listed a game.tonight at normal price and had a buyer in 19 minutes. Forgot to pull one ad down and now have another full price buyer waiting if first one backs out.

Congrats on the quick sale. You've got the magic touch I guess.

#13794 1 year ago
Quoted from Kwoody51:

If you have a title people are looking for and fair prices people seem to still be buying.

Ah! That explains it! I'm offering my game at a bargain price, not a fair price. Must raise my price!

#13809 1 year ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Seems like PBL is only doing UPS shipping at this time. There is no longer an option for USPS when I have tried the last few days.

USPS is usually the cheapest option.
At least they're shipping at all!

#13846 1 year ago
Quoted from Vitty:

Just listed my JJP Pirates CE

Beautiful machine!
Great colors.

Machine - For Sale

JJP Pirates of the Caribbean (CE) #32


NOB - New out of box (first owner) “I have up for sale JJP PoTC CE #32 in beautiful like new condition. I purchased the pin in January from Freddy's Pinball Paradise in Germany. Everything is working perfectly and it...”

2 hours ago

Minnetrista, MN



1 week later
#13860 1 year ago
Quoted from Xantari:

Is anyone still open for home service calls?

If you're game to attack it yourself, I know you could get LOTS of help in the tech forums here. What's the problem? I'm curious.

1 week later
#13925 1 year ago

Blackout pinball, anyone?

I'm interested in a SS project pin and a collector friend suggested I look for a Blackout.
Any chance any of you in the region either have one for sale or know of one for sale? I do see the one for sale in Virginia, MN, right now, but that's just too far to go to look at a Blackout.
I have one pinball (newer Stern), but I would like to try my hand at reviving an affordable SS game just for fun.

#13928 1 year ago

Skateball pinball, anyone?

I'm interested in a SS project pin and a collector friend suggested I look for a Skateball or Blackout.
Any chance any of you in the region either have one for sale or know of one for sale?
I have one pinball (newer Stern), but I would like to try my hand at reviving a SS game just for fun.

1 month later
#14123 1 year ago

Lots of chopper action here, five blocks from Up-Down.
No idea if rioting/looting has come this far west.
My neighbors just texted to say they're spooked.
It's getting wild...

1 week later
#14305 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

I made the list. I can reopen SS Billiards on Wednesday June 10th. With safety precautions most of which are already in place.
LTG : )

Fork, yeah!
Let's get this party started!

#14315 1 year ago

Gosh, I'm surprised to hear of a return for Up-Down already.
That whole intersection has been a ghost town.
Let's see some life!

#14323 1 year ago

Stopped at SS Billiards today in Hopkins, MN, to wish LTG a happy restart. Place looked great. Lloyd has been busy! Lots of gleaming, freshly shopped games and new lighting over the pool tables. It looks like a million bucks in there! Also a brand-new ice cream shoppe just next door serving some actually good/creamy ice cream and pastries. That strip mall is polishing up nicely - the new pride of Hopkins, maybe.

#14334 1 year ago
Quoted from Jgwrestlng88:

Wanted- Congo and Junkyard in Wisconsin

minneapolis.craigslist.org link

Not in WI, but not too far away, either.

1 month later
#14454 1 year ago

(Post deleted in light of new information.)

#14456 1 year ago
Quoted from Krupps4:

Hey! I hope that means you finally sold your TWD. If that’s the case, that sale was well deserved.

Thanks for the encouragement, but no deals on the table as yet.

#14474 1 year ago

Any pins for sale/trade out there?
I'm still looking for a project.
(Note: a "project" for me means a flipper rebuild, minor board repair, a new ramp or fistful of plastics, and some LED's. That sort of thing. It doesn't mean to me what it means to someone like John Ross.)

#14479 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Just to clarify that it is my game (last set of pictures from Quy) that is on IPDB.

Wow. FatPanda has quite a wide-ranging collection! That Royal Guard is...well, old.

1 week later
#14507 1 year ago

Anyone here know Pinsider bonscot69 of Green Bay, WI?

He has an ad up in the Classifieds but hasn't been seen on Pinside since July 10th.
I responded to his ad, but not surprisingly I didn't hear back.
If you know him, maybe you could mention another Pinsider was trying to reach him.

#14511 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

I haven't updated this lately with all that is going on in the world.
Only 775 shopping days left to my 50th Anniversary party.
LTG : )

I'm reserving the date for the occasion. Can't wait! Hopefully I can still fit into my tuxedo by then.

1 week later
#14605 1 year ago

Wanted: HUO Stern Deadpool Premium Pinball

Hoping to find a nice example here in Minnesota or perhaps a bordering state. Don't want to drive more than a few hours, honestly, but I would consider a longer haul for the right deal. Bone stock is great. Cash in hand and ready to buy.
Thanks for reading my post.

#14619 1 year ago

Wanted: GOTG PRO pinball near Minneapolis

Hoping to find a nice, HUO example within three hours of Minneapolis. Might drive farther for the right deal. Bone stock is great. Will also consider a routed game if the price is right.

1 week later
#14645 1 year ago

TWD Premium For Trade:

Low plays, HUO, well maintained, etc.
Plays great. No issues.
Most interested in DP, IMDN, JP2, or EHOH Premiums. I would add cash as appropriate, naturally.

1 week later
#14742 1 year ago

For Sale/Trade:

Beautiful, low-plays, HUO TWD Premium.

PM me if interested.


#14751 1 year ago

Congrats, LTG!
Thanks for being perhaps *the* stalwart in the pinball community of MN.

#14756 1 year ago

"YOU are the last man standing!"

Archived after 19 days
Not sold
Machine - For Sale
HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only) “For Sale: Stern “The Walking Dead” Premium Pinball Home use only Low plays No playfield wear apart from light/normal dimpling No shooter lane wear Mods: * Shaker * Upgra...”
Minneapolis, MN
5,700 (OBO)

#14761 1 year ago
Quoted from Waxx:

Why is there masking tape over the crossbow light?

Simply to shield my eyes from what, to me, is an excessively bright light.
Easily removed, of course.

1 week later
#14814 1 year ago

Wanted: 1990 Williams "Whirlwind" Pinball

Happy to consider any/all examples within, say, four hours of Minneapolis.


2 weeks later
#14895 1 year ago

Wanted: Wonka Standard Edition

Happy to drive a few hours from Minneapolis for the right deal. HUO or routed.


Added 13 months ago:

Also Wanted: Star Wars Premium

#14932 1 year ago

Wanted: American Pinball 2020 "Hot Wheels" Pinball

Happy to drive up to three hours from Minneapolis for the right deal. HUO or routed.


#14938 1 year ago
Quoted from Vitty:

Did you find an Elvira Jason? I gotta think the comments above and your wanted post don’t go together. Elvira HOH is always my top ranked game with friends. It’s wonderfully done and lots of fun!

No, Vitty, I didn't score a EHOH. Indeed, all I seem to do is post wanted ad after wanted ad. This region is dry. No pins for sale. I did get responses offering a $4.2K "24" and a $7K Wonka SE with PF issues, but I politely passed on both. Otherwise, it's been your basic wall of silence. Apparently demand is high right now. I wouldn't know that from my own personal experience, as there was no demand for my sale game (TWD) for ten straight months. Now, when I'm finally on the hunt for another game, nothing is available. It's been a frustrating year, fo' sho'.

#14967 1 year ago

Feeling sad tonight over the loss of Pinsider Who-Dey.
Yeah, kind of OT, but I'm guessing many in this thread knew him from his busy posting routine.
Very nice guy! Really devoted to this forum. Always up here and always quick to reply to a PM.
Died *much* too young. I will miss him a lot! Go, Bengals!

#14974 1 year ago

I realize there's a bit of backlash against Wanted ads right now, but...

Wanted near Minneapolis:

MET Premium
DP Premium
Wonka SE
Hot Wheels

#14986 1 year ago

Got to play Lloyd's GnR at SS today.
Nice to really hear the game for the first time. Less ambient volume there to compete with the game's audio. Stunning playflield. Smooth as glass! Game shoots great. Lots of fun.
Thank goodness Lloyd finally has his game so he can do his tech support.
All we need(ed) was just a little patience...

#14993 1 year ago

AP's Hot Wheels on location near Minneapolis?

Any spottings?

PinMap says nearest one is in Watertown, WI, some four hours from here.

I would love to try the game.

#15035 1 year ago

Pandemic Regional Market Stinks!

If you've called your disto lately, you probably know that manufactures are shipping new games at a glacial pace. The few that land at distributors are sold - at MSRP - in days, if not hours. This makes negotiating for a "street" price rather difficult. Sellers of HUO games are aware or this scarcity and are seizing on the moment to offer their games at top-tier prices. Prices today are basically pre-Corona, plus fifteen percent or so. I saw a JP Premium go past at just $6K, which is unheard of. Or I saw a TWD Premium go past at just $5.6K. These are the *only* true deals I've seen. Every other sale pin is priced solidly in the stratosphere. A year ago, that strategy would have ensured that your game did *not* sell, but with distro stocks depleted, and the prospect of a long, homebound, COVID-gripped winter, those overpriced games are actually selling. I spoke to one distro who told me he'd sold SIXTY games in the past week. What???
If all this sounds like complaining, it most assuredly is. I all but gave my last HUO pin away and I was hoping to replace it with something priced fairly. Nothing doing! It's MSRP for the dregs - STh, BK, Beatles - or pay the Pandemic Markup to sellers of HUO games. Fork that!

#15038 1 year ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

By locking yourself into HUO and the latest and greatest you are missing out on the best of what pinball has to offer. You have the rest of your life to own thise games and enjoy them. I am on my way home right now with a decent condition Shadow in the back of the car. A couple nights ago I picked up a nice Jungle Lord project. Open yourself up to older games and a few dents and scratches. Only then will you see what i am talking about.

Congrats on the pickup. I'm open to any worthwhile/fun title - excluding EMs - priced fairly. I do frequently post Wanted ads for the games that interest me most, but that doesn't mean I have zero interest in the rest of the large catalog of fun games. Just less. Your pinhunting benefits from a larger network, I'm assuming. Things come your way now and then, a fringe benefit of being in the hobby for so long. Nothing comes my way. I have to dig and dig.

#15072 1 year ago
Quoted from Tallon:

Nope. This pick up is from a cold call to an operator and an 11 hour round trip. I’m not sure what you expecting but if your looking for a “deal”, then your gonna have to dig. If you can’t seem to find deals, try trading you HUO to an operator for some old stuff next time. Get a game or two for what you have and maybe make a couple of those contacts. You gotta think outside the box if you really want to build a collection. Otherwise you can expect to take the loss on a sale and keep buying new 8n box and chalk the loss up to what you would have paid to play on location.

I stand corrected: your latest pickup did *not* just "come your way." Got it. An eleven-hour round trip is a hard-earned pinball deal! I doubt I could muster that. Interesting that you cold-called an operator. I've never thought to do that. As you say though: must think outside the box!

#15137 1 year ago

Nearest Location for GNRSE, Anyone?

Just wondering where the nearest Guns n Roses Standard Edition is routed here in MN. I see references in this thread to Standards going on locations in WI, but nothing in MN. Am I mistaken? Pinball Map isn't very helpful as it lists Tilt Pinball Bar as a site of a Standard Edition, when Tilt has an LE, etc. Is there a better pinball-locator website I should try instead?

#15139 1 year ago
Quoted from Krupps4:

Don’t hold me to it but I’m not sure any SE’s have even shipped. Why not go play the LE at Tilt or S&S?

I do recall some reports in this very thread about SE's landing on location in places in WI - one in Watertown, I believe. That location is five hours from me. I was hoping there might be one routed in, say, Hudson, WI.
I'm lucky to have the LE close by at Tilt, sure, but my hope was to try the SE as it's the only version I could possibly afford if I were to buy this title.

1 week later
#15253 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballplusMN:

Wondering if anyone has some suggestions on powder coating in the map area? Have a wcs94 and the customer would like the rails and legs etc purple. Thanks in advance!

Contact Doug Arntson in Corcoran.
612, ate-three-for, 9002
He goes by "Powdercoat Man."

1 week later
#15294 1 year ago

I visited TCPin today and saw his two beautiful sale pins: TS:PP and NGG.

His Simpsons is *very* low-mileage! I'm assuming it's HUO. Looks great, top to bottom.

His Gofers super nice, too. The colors in the cab art and the PF are as vibrant and contrasty as ever. Translite really pops, too.

Just two very impressive games for collectors with high standards. And no, I'm not a potential customer as I'm not keen to spend the extra coin to have such a clean game. Chad is a straight shooter. He's happy to have a measured conversation about what a "fair price" means to him and why. He says he welcomes negotiations.

Also saw his EM's and they are a hoot. I know almost nothing about EM's but I do respond to the clicks/chimes and it's a trip to see an artifact from the "early days."

Lastly, I saw his burgeoning repair kit. The man is invested! *Lots* of repair parts, neatly arranged in organizers, as well as tools galore and plastics and...well, just lots of stuff! Wow!

1 week later
#15425 11 months ago
Quoted from kettchxxii:

We are going to Park a LZ @ the Blue Moon as well! Should be fun to have GnR and LZ side by side. . .

Are you getting these games in position for your re-opening in a few weeks? I thought WI has restrictions in place that prohibit indoor gatherings of any size with people who don't already live together, etc.

"On Nov. 17, Public Health Madison and Dane County announced new restrictions on gatherings, which includes a prohibition on indoor gatherings of any size with people from different households. The order also limits outdoor gatherings to 10 people or fewer with physical distancing."

#15435 11 months ago
Quoted from Isjack:

Sure am tired of a couple of the local flippers driving prices to ridiculous heights in Minneapolis.
Helping a friend get his first game. If you have a reasonable game between 3-6k and want it to go to someone who will actually play it, feel free to PM.

Sellers will price their wares at whatever the market will bear. Right now, clearly, it will bear a lot. The dispiriting reality is that buyers, not sellers, are “driving up” prices. The average pinball collector seems to have more, not less, disposable income for purchases right now since he/she is spending less on things like travel/entertainment/dining/leisure/gyms during the pandemic. Add to that the shortage of new machines at distributors after the pandemic halted production at manufacturers for at least a few months during the summer and you have a classic sellers’ market. I don’t subscribe to the theory that there has been a big influx of new collectors, adding to the demand. I still think the average person under thirty scarcely knows that pinball playing or collecting is a hobby at all, and if we are seeing an uptick in interest, it’s still relatively small and not affecting the market.

As a buyer, I don’t like the inflated prices any more than you do. It’s frustrating to see the sale pins appear in the Pinside classifieds, day after day, each priced 20% or more above prices from one year ago. Congo’s for $6K, MET PRO’s with stock displays for $6500, TS:PP’s or LOTR’s for $7K - *everything* is priced in the stratosphere right now. It’s maddening. It does seem likely though that this moment is the peak of the frenzy. If you can just hang on for a couple of months, I bet you’ll see a significant ebb to these prices. Manufacturers are shipping games again. The NIB supply is rising again. Also, the vaccine will begin to turn the tide on restrictions, and that will mean that all those ways people of means ordinarily spend their disposable income will resume, if slowly, and collectors will have less to spend on pinballs. And you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think the pandemic will have lasting, far-reaching effects on the economy. We *are* in a recession. It will catch up to even the deep-pocketed collectors in ways they never anticipated. A year from now there could be a serious sell-off. Truly! If you must have a used game today at last year’s prices, you’ll have to find a seller who is uncommonly generous. I know LTG recently sold his WOF at a pre-pandemic price, so they’re out there.

#15497 11 months ago

Merry Christmas to all the other regional Pinside addicts.

#15528 11 months ago
Quoted from Krupps4:

Star Wars Pro - Comic Edition. I believe it was listed at $4800.

Seemed like a legit bargain so I threw the link up here. Described as "brand bew."

#15549 11 months ago

(Barfly-style slurred speech)

To all my friends...

(Full drink hoisted)

Happy New Year!

#15559 11 months ago
Quoted from techpatriot:

Happy New Year! I'm selling my WOZ, if anyone is interested. Same price (for now) as what I paid for it and added a few mods since then.

Sale Pending!



HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only) “Up for sale is my Jersey Jack Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Ruby Red machine. I'm the second owner. It's in excellent condition, has around 750 games played, and includes the fol...”

7 hours ago

Gibbsville, WI

8,200 (Firm)


Congrats on the quick sale. Looks like a beautiful machine.

2 weeks later
#15672 10 months ago

Escalera Rental Near Minneapolis?

Hoping to hear from Pinsiders about where I can rent a true Escalera appliance dolly to move a heavy pinball up a flight of stairs. I thought I found one in Burnsville a couple of years ago but calling around now I'm just not finding it. To be clear, I would like the true, aluminum Escalera, not a steel knock-off.
Any suggestions/leads would be much appreciated.

1 week later
#15695 10 months ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

No, but if you're going to Dallas, I would highly recommend going to Duffs. They're a Buffalo, NY staple and will be the best wings you've had.
I miss them...

Sorry about your beloved Bills, Chris.
Of course, you still have a shot at some schadenfreude if the Bucs lose.

#15696 10 months ago
Quoted from Vitty:

Anyone need anything shipped between the Twin Cities and Dallas soon?

What is Nic angling to buy now? Something exotic, no doubt. It's like a museum over there in Minnetrista!

#15698 10 months ago

I rest my case.

1 month later
#15837 9 months ago

Transport Request: Marathon, WI, to Minneapolis

Just wondering if anyone is planning a run that would take him/her westbound on 94 through WI anytime soon. I would like to buy a pin from RustyLizard and would be glad to pay a fair sum to someone who happens to be making the trip and could pick up a modern Stern in Marathon from Russ and deliver it to me in or near Minneapolis. I realize it's a long shot, but this is the place to ask.


Added 9 months ago:

Thanks for reading my transport help request, but I made the trip on my own so I no longer need help.

#15843 9 months ago

Retro Refurbs "Group Buy," Anyone?

Just wondering if anyone in or near Minneapolis would like to join me in a Retro Refurbs order. They're a pinball-specific mod seller in Great Britain that offers free shipping on "three or more" decals. So, if at least one other person joins me in a set of graphic art panels (aka Pinblades or Artblades), that would be four decals and free shipping. Otherwise the shipping is $35. If you're in Minneapolis, I would deliver your panels to you when they arrive. I'll use my credit card to place the order and you can pay me cash when I deliver your items. It's possible the shipping deal applies only to decals like artblades. It's not clear on their site. Still, they have *lots* of artblades to choose from, so, if you like artblades, chances are they have something you would like.



#15859 9 months ago

ISO: Loaner SPIKE 2 CPU Node Board

I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have a loaner board he/she would like to rent out for two months while my CPU board is out for repair? I have just one machine and it becomes a boat anchor once the original board comes out and is sent in for repair. I already asked John at PinballPlus but he has no spares. I thought *maybe* there is an operator in the region sitting on a SPIKE 2 title that is presently out of service for whatever reason and could be a temporary donor of the board.
All ideas/leads are welcome.

#15867 9 months ago

Please remind me of the Pinside handle of Chris, the operator from Des Moines.
He has worked as a support tech for Up-Down Des Moines and Up-Down Minneapolis in the past.
His avatar is Ben Stiller from - I *think* - Zoolander.
I would like to get in touch with him but I've forgotten his Pinside name and thus can't search my PM's for threads to him.

#15869 9 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

LTG : )

Thanks, LTG!

2 weeks later
#16006 8 months ago

Still a long shot, but...

I'm still hoping to find a loaner Stern SPIKE 2 node board #0, Stern part number 509-1003-01.
If any operators in the region have a SPIKE 2 game that is down for whatever reason and you can spare the board for a few weeks, I would gladly pay you a fair sum to rent it while I'm waiting for mine to return from the shop. I have only one game, so I can't just play my "other" games while this one is out of service.

Thanks for reading my post.

1 month later
#16116 7 months ago

Wanted: Minneapolis-area welder who can repair a failed spot weld on a Stern stainless ramp.

If you have ever examined a stainless Stern ramp, you know they're made from laser-cut pieces of 16-gauge plate steel and spot welded together with a minimum of welds - in this case six. These spot welds are apparently not very strong as all six of them have failed on this Catapult ramp from BKSOR. I would rather not buy a replacement from Stern as they are unresponsive to parts orders from distros right now as they focus on making/selling new games. I would include a photo of my ramp here, but I can't post photos to this thread. If the joint is tight, can I flow solder in it? Would that be strong enough? The stock joint is *barely* a spot weld. I have no welder and certainly no oxyacetylene torch, but I do have Mapp gas and plumbers' solder.

#16121 7 months ago

Thanks, MR, LTG, TB, and JT, for your suggestions.
May I ask what you mean by a "sheet-metal" shop?
I would love to just clamp the joint together with a C-clamp, heat up the joint with a MAPP-gas torch, and flow some solder. When I said I would solder it, I didn't mean I would use my soldering iron.

It looks like soldering stainless is tricky. I would have to disassemble the part to clean the surfaces carefully to ensure the flux would work properly, and that's not possible as many of the part's remaining joints are intact. Guess I'm back to TIG welding, but by whom? I will contact some body shops about it tomorrow.

#16126 7 months ago
Quoted from mnrocketry:

You could conceivably silver-solder it back together. However, that takes a very expensive high-content silver solder and an oxy-acetylene torch. Plus, you have to know what you're doing. Plus, it requires getting the parts very hot - thin sheet metal parts will almost certainly undergo local distortion where heated.
Soft solder (lead/tin for plumbing or electrical) is not structural.

Thanks for the input. I'm just going to take it to a body shop. Perhaps they will refer me to a fabrication shop if they won't do it themselves. They should have a TIG welder. I don't know how precise their tips might be, but I'm fine with it if they put meaty gobs of weld at each spot. It disappoints me that Stern under-engineered this part. The game is otherwise very durable for such a violent layout.

2 weeks later
#16259 6 months ago


* Widebody playfield glass, scratch-free
* Williams lockbar receiver assembly (need not be widebody specific; same part for either)
* Set of four chrome/ribbed legs, with levelers, for Williams cabinet

Hoping to find these in good used condition in the Twin Cities Metro.

Please PM if you have any of the above or know of any for sale. I would appreciate it.


#16260 6 months ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

<snip>Hit the concrete floor, shattered the heel itself. That was valentine's weekend. Surgery was march 8th. Physical therapy started yesterday. Probably 6-8 weeks and I should be good to go.

Holy smokes! I'm sorry to hear that. I wish you a solid/speedy recovery.

#16265 6 months ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

Are you talking WPC stuff? What game?

Yes. WPC. TZ.

Thanks for noticing my post.

#16271 6 months ago

Tired, near-trash, forgettable playfield for short money.
Must have mostly intact clearcoat as I want it to experiment with cleaning/polishing/finishing/etc. Should have grabbed something when Al closed last year, but I missed out.

#16275 6 months ago

Wanted in the Twin Cities Metro:
Good/used ribbed/chrome leg set for Bally Super-Pin.
Just the standard 28.5" legs with levelers and minimal/no rust would be great.

1 week later
#16286 5 months ago

ISO: Old Playfield with Good/Solid Clear Coat for Refinishing Experimentation

I asked on this thread last week and two nice Pinsiders offered playfields that were old enough to have a different sort of clear coat. I don't mean to be picky, but I need a newer PF with heavier clear coat - something from, say, '90 onward. Eric, the very nice collector from Woodbury, offered me an Elton John PF, but when I looked it over it appeared to have a hint of clear if any. I'm going to experiment with things like wet sanding and compounding (by hand), as well as polishing and waxing. Doing any of those aggressive things on that Elton John playfield would probably have made short work of the fragile paint. Ditto the Flash playfield thay was offered by another local Pinsider.

So, does anyone have a post-'90 PF with a good layer of clear for sale? Right now I have just the swath of PF underneath the apron of this TZ to experiment on.


#16311 5 months ago

Easy load-out.
Local trade offers on other Stern Premiums welcome.

minneapolis.craigslist.org link

#16327 5 months ago

Wanted: Good/used WPC/WPC-95 Lockdown Receiver Assembly for TZ

(Note: standard-body assemblies were used in wide-body games, so any Williams assembly from this era will work.)


2 weeks later
#16377 5 months ago

I was told something desirable was sold in Eau Claire today.
Do we know the lucky buyer and what was the title?
Just curious.

1 week later
#16418 5 months ago

Wanted: Bally/Williams WPC89 Coin Door and Frame for TZ

Good used is fine. Hoping for a complete door/frame with mechs.


1 week later
#16428 4 months ago

Wanted: Widebody Glass

Good, scratch-free used sheet of playfield glass in the Twin Cities Metro, anyone?

#16429 4 months ago

Wanted to Borrow: Bally/Williams Fliptronics Driver Board

Just need to throw it my TZ to help me troubleshoot.
I could have it back to you an hour later.

#16454 4 months ago


Good/used Fliptronics driver board for TZ.
OEM (A-15472) or Rottendog (FLP892) is fine.


#16455 4 months ago
Quoted from TimBoch:

I had Summit Glass and Mirror make me a piece for my STTNG. It was about $57. Very convinient for the south metro.

Thanks, Tim. I will look into it. What thickness did you specify?

#16461 4 months ago

Wanted: Fliptronics Driver Board For TZ

New or used, OEM or reproduction.
Just working and within 30 miles of Minneapolis.


#16467 4 months ago
Quoted from brobra:

Get with Charlie, and buy a board. It’s tough for most of us to lend out parts, plus what if you have bad voltage and fry our working stuff. If you find out it’s not the board, I’ll buy it from you (the board that is).

I believe that's what I'm trying to do. You'll notice my Wanted ad no longer reads "borrow."

#16527 4 months ago

ColorDMD group buy, anyone?

As much as it pains me to spend more than $400 on a display, I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a LCD ColorDMD for my latest project.

If there are two other pinheads in the Twin Cities Metro area who were also planning to buy a ColorDMD, can we make it a threesome and get free shipping? That's how they do it over there at ColorDMD - Buy Three, Shipping's Free! Shipping to this region, according to their calculator, is $16. If we were each buying them separately, we would collectively be spending $48 on shipping. It may not seem like a huge savings, but given the cost of the display, every bit helps.

Maybe the delivery part of this plan will make it more of a hassle than it's worth, but I'm throwing it out there. I would certainly be willing to deliver your display to you if you're not too far from Minneapolis.

Please PM me if you want to discuss it.

#16529 4 months ago
Quoted from TimBoch:

It was tempered and has worked very weill in my STTNG.
The dimensions are: 43" x 23-3/4" - 3/16" thick

Thanks. I called Summit Glass and Mirror and left a message twice last week. No response. I described what I was after. Perhaps he's not keen on cutting a single piece of glass. I will try a third time tomorrow.

2 weeks later
#16583 3 months ago

Twin Cities Metro collectors:
Planning to go to Expo', anyone?
Also planning to do a little shopping/touring at Pinball Life?
If so, and if you have the room in your vehicle, I would pay you a fair sum to bring home a sheet of playfield glass.
Still need a sheet of widebody glass to finish my project.

#16593 3 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Basement:

What's wrong with the $50 sheet from summit?

I spoke to Andy at Summit Glass and Mirror and his quote was $75, not $50.
Thanks though for the suggestion

1 week later
#16675 3 months ago

Halloween or Ultraman sightings, anyone?

1 month later
#16902 58 days ago

Godzilla pinball sightings in the Twin Cities?

There seem to be several PRO's across WI already.

#16912 58 days ago
Quoted from blazingsaddlz:

Here are some pictures of the damage: https://imgur.com/a/sr3bfyi

Man, that stinks! It stinks because this is the kind of defect that Stern now expects buyers to just "live with." If you contact them about it, I will wager they will simply suggest you get yourself a bottle of nail polish and apply a few strokes over the chips to stop them from growing, but there will be no offers to send you a replacement bare PF and certainly no offers to send you a populated one. Normal wear/tear, they will contend. I think this insert-rim chipping is very disconcerting as it could be a new site for frequent chipping on Stern PF's. Stern - like JJP - seems to be unable to get the PF art to adhere to the surface of the PF properly/consistently. The PF art that is screen printed is becoming more uncommon in favor of large inkjet printing. The PF makers contracted by Stern seem to think there is little difference, but clearly they are mistaken. All these GDZ buyers could be in for a shock!
Spooky and AP use Bader PF's. It would be hard to argue that Bader is not to be the standard for the industry right now. I recently looked Halloween over and that clearcoat was the most impressive I've ever seen. Stern doesn't use Mirco, but whomever they do use is barely any better. It would surprise me the Stern PF's aren't made in China. So much of Stern games - from parts to PF's - is now made in China.

#16941 54 days ago

Wanted in Minneapolis:

Pallet for shipping a pinball

If you can spare one, or if you can suggest a spot where cast-off pallets are available, I would be grateful.


1 week later
#17004 46 days ago

Anyone try a GDZLE today?
I'm told at least one has landed here in Minneapolis. If that's true, you must have a few in WI.

1 week later
#17072 36 days ago

Local Sandblasting Services?

Can anyone here refer me to a business in the Metro Area that can sandblast a set of powdercoated cabinet legs?

I'm trying to figure out if this is at all cost effective. I figure I will spend $70 for a new set of bare-steel legs from Pinball Life. Will I spend less or more than that to get this set I presently have blasted?


#17075 36 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

Curious what your plans are ? bare-steel lugs will come rusted, powder coated legs sand blasted will rust quick.
When bare legs are plated or powder coated they are thoroughly cleaned first.
LTG : )

Hi. Plan is to blast the legs and powdercoat them locally. If the bare-steel legs arrive with surface rust from Pinball Life, that will slow me down a little bit as the powdercoater may not like that. He *may* soda blast them before coating - which would naturally add to his bill.

#17077 36 days ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

Your mileage may vary, but every powder coater I have worked with (3 so far) has always sandblasted items I brought to them first. When I asked one of them if I could prep the surface myself, they said they would not guarantee adhesion of their powder coating if they didn’t blast it themselves. Like I said, your mileage may vary, but I’d be sure to have this conversation with them if I were you. Edit: or perhaps you already have and that’s why you’re looking for a sandblaster.

Thanks for your advice. Can you recommend a powder coater here in the Metro who can also sandblast? I do know Doug Arntson in Corcoran and he is a good dude, but he may not be tooled up to blast powdercoat from steel.

#17082 36 days ago

Wanted: Set of Stern Cabinet Legs, Black

Hoping to skip the powder coating project after all if I can just find a decent used set of Stern legs in black. Levelers, too, would be nice but are not essential.

It's the extra 2" over the B/W legs that are what I need.


2 weeks later
#17164 16 days ago
Quoted from ChrisPINk25:

I got it! Very clean overall. Only wear is at the aces. Also, the aces drop downs won’t reset. Definitely got a good deal.

Good for you!
Too bad you can't share some photos.

2 weeks later
#17211 1 day ago

Wanted: Williams System-7 Driver Board for Test Purposes Only

I bought a project System-7 pin. It's in transit. It allegedly has an issue with a chip on the driver board. It's not clear if the issue is on the driver board or elsewhere. My hope was to install a good driver board in the game to confirm that the original board needs help. I would then take it out promptly and return it to you. I can pay you a renter's fee, naturally.

Oh, if you have System-7 boards of any sort for sale, I would like to hear about them. I may need them for this project.


#17212 1 day ago
Quoted from LTG:

Christmas lights went up today. Was closed a year ago. So I'm hoping to revive the Christmas spirit.
LTG : )

Happy Multi-faith Holidays to you, too!

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