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Official Wisconsin-Minnesota Thread

By RustyLizard

8 years ago

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#13766 1 year ago

Hi Everyone,

Wish I could have made it out to Big Al's today but was busy helping a friend and family with their business/practice that has been impacted by the recent business shutdowns.

Anyway, I'm doing some early spring cleaning and wanted to offer up a cabinet and legs for a pre war pinball machine. Sorry, no playfield unfortunately. I am not going to list a classified ad or anything as I am not looking for cash or interested in shipping parts. The below is free to a good home:

I'm not an expert on this era but parts of value on the cabinet include an elevator and coin mech. The ball plunger assembly is missing. Vintage similar to a Five Star Final. If you look that game up on IPDB that's essentially what we're looking at. I'm told not all games of this era had legs, this one does. There is also a full ball return the size of the playfield and playfield glass is there too! I suppose you could make your own playfield and do a custom project or use this to restore another game of this vintage. I just don't want to see this history end up in a landfill or fire pit. The cabinet is slightly coming apart but a mallet could fix that. There is just a little overspray from someones painting project on one side but could be cleaned off.

If interested please let me know. Keep in mind this is small enough it could be easily transported in the back seat of any car. I'd like to move this along sooner than later but can hold for another month or so if that's convenient for anyone.

1 week later
#13801 1 year ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

John is not retiring. He's simply not making house calls at this time. He said he has no idea when he'll be doing them again.


Website is now updated with information on service calls concerning COVID-19 (see link on main page). Just like everything, plans and dates can change. Let's hope for the best for everyone!

2 weeks later
#13872 1 year ago
Quoted from dozer1:

lol, only you....

Hey I'll give Genesis a shameless plug. I actually wouldn't mind adding one to the collection again for the right price. I remember a good rule set/ layout.

The backglass art, though....could use a custom redo like DM.

2 weeks later
#13966 1 year ago
Quoted from Minneapolispin:

I went to the Burnsville Costco earlier tonight and saw the sign out front that masks will be required starting 5/4 and “Any member not complying will be denied entry”. I had to ironically chuckle as I walked into their store, carrying a gun that could kill 16 people in 16 seconds, but in a few days, my breathing will deny my entry.

I think Menards is implementing the same thing. I'm bias to Home Depot because my cousin works procurement at the national level so I like to keep it in the family. I went there today with pinballplusMN to grab a few things to get his lawn in shape for the summer. I stood on the X's outside by myself waiting to get in line like it was a night club and was in line for returns. I felt a little bad because they had signs up saying to try to not return stuff; but I was there two days ago and the signs were not up so I figured it was ok. It's nice to see they doubled their return policy lead time.

Anyway, we basically grabbed an empty cart and went immediately to the checkout which was backed up halfway through the garden center. Meanwhile I ran around gabbing everything needed, fertilizer, spreader, extra dirt, seed etc while advancing towards the checkout. By the time we got everything still had a few minutes to spare.

It seems like a mixed bag of who wears masks and who doesn't. This goes for employees and customers. It seems about 50/50 for employees and 60/40 with 60% customers wearing masks.

1 week later
#13976 1 year ago

Somewhat off topic but I have a friend who has a couple kids who are interested in a used skill claw machine if anyone knows one available or a local MN/WI operator who has extra available. I see a couple on MPLS CL now not sure if any of those belong to fellow Pinside folks or not. If anyone knows of any leads feel free to send me a message and I can pass the information along.

#13984 1 year ago
Quoted from LesManley:

Many of those CL posts are Gary. He lists himself in White Bear Lake, but the drive to his place from the cities seems more like you are heading to Duluth. It is a hike. Most of his stuff are projects too, so if you want something that works, he probably isn't the best option.

That's good to know. Thanks!

Ironically the friend lives up by North Branch. However I don't think they will be looking for a project so this will probably be a no-go.

I've met Gary several times over the last 15 years never to buy or sell nor have I done business with him so can't form an opinion about him one way or another from a transaction perspective.

#13988 1 year ago
Quoted from LesManley:

That's Gary. His place is crazy. He was on American Pickers once too. He has trailers and stuff everywhere. The majority of the really good stuff is long gone since just about everyone local has been to his place years ago and picked through it. I went about 10 years ago and didn't buy anything, but it was fun for the experience. I remember he had a Burgertime up in the rafters of his barn back then, I wonder where that eventually went to.

That reminds me I need to go through video I shot of a couple warehouses and several containers from the summer before last. Logistically it would have been too expensive to travel everything back to my location from what was there.

I just found something now from there I am going to post over in the horror thread....

2 weeks later
#14094 1 year ago
Quoted from lordloss:

Or if you wanted a giant sign that says "GNOMES" this would also be for you.

I'd rather it say MANGOES mmmmmm

#14117 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

My wife has family that live nearby in Woodbury and Bayport, and we would visit there a few times a year. Just so sad.

I live right in that area. Both Targets are closed and boarded up. Same with several clothing stores. Strip mall by my ma's house where no activity took place yesterday, also has entire strip mall boarded up.

I'm listening to the local police scanner and still activity going on Grand Ave, Payne Phalen area and the usual areas from yesterday. Good news is the calls are coming in slower and they are able to make arrests this time.

I drove past some of my past pinball locations I had games at years ago. I was pleased to see their businesses were still standing and seem to be doing "alright". Was nice to see some old faces too.

#14119 1 year ago
Quoted from BadgeringBadger:

Speaking of checking up on businesses, I haven't heard anything about UpDown or Tilt. I assume they're doing fine so far?

There is no law in Minneapolis tonight. Anything is possible right now.

#14127 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

National Guard giving warnings and moving in and now started using tear gas.

Watching on KARE now. Glad to see they have finally arrived.

#14129 1 year ago

I'm listening to Ramsey county dispatch and it sounds like they are able to get ontop of the thievery in the Snelling University area.

#14163 1 year ago
Quoted from Damen:

I think it’s weird that the cop who shot George Floyd


#14188 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeS:

More info from todays press conference inferring that these riots are being started by outsiders
https://www.forbes.com/sites/sergeiklebnikov/2020/05/30/every-person-arrested-in-saint-paul-last-night-was-from-out-of-state-mayor-says/ Every Person Arrested In Saint Paul Last Night Was From Out Of State, Mayor Says - Forbes

KARE11 on air now checking Hennepin County (Minneapolis) jail finding a lot of MN residential arrest records (A.J. Lagoe) despite officials saying otherwise.

But honestly I don't care if they are MN or not MN, it needs to stop happening now.

3 weeks later
#14410 1 year ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

IO moon just went up for sale

Glad I got a chance to enjoy this last time I was over.

1 month later
#14504 1 year ago
Quoted from ChrisS:

Everyone thinks they own gold.

Haha, yep. One episode of Pawn Stars and their Tri Zone is suddenly worth $3,500 on CL.

1 week later
#14540 1 year ago
Quoted from JonCBrand:

25 pins!.. no need for natural gas furnace in winter.

Especially if you have incandescent bulbs! Yikes that will do a number on your electric bill to use for your main heat source.

In the summer I only turn games on in the spare bedrooms when I'm in there playing. Keeping them on for a few hours and temperature rises quickly and I have mixed LED games in there.

#14559 1 year ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Sorry BOP sold within 5 minutes of posting to John Ross. Space Station still for sale though.

MustangPaul nice meeting you tonight great MODs you’ve done to your game will be in touch soon!

#14560 1 year ago

FYI that space station has a really good playfield and ramps are perfect. Cabinet also amazing for its age. If anyone thinking about this game it’s worth a look.

#14613 1 year ago

Wish we could post pics in this sub forum. My friend did some cleaning out this afternoon in his kitchen and I got inspired to do so too and found some good memories. We sure got "mugged" a lot at expo.

#14623 1 year ago
Quoted from Yokimato:

Looking for a really nice, turnkey STTNG with no cabinet fade or scratches and minimal playfield wear.

There was a really nice one on here a few weeks back I suspect it didn’t last long....but if it’s still available that’d be the one for you. Front door not drilled.

1 week later
#14656 1 year ago

No pins, but might be some good deals in there if you can get over the sales tax and 18% premium. Not sure what quality those HDMI projectors are but might need new bulbs which could set you back a bit.

I think I found CaptainNeo next Fallout fridge; https://www.grafeauction.com/event/big-thrill-factory-minnetonka/lot/524

#14662 1 year ago


My coworker in SD just sent me this. Probably worth asking price at most.

If you like games with spinners....

#14698 1 year ago
Quoted from HHaase:

That and the lack of shows has thrown the entire market dynamic out of whack. Less opportunities to buy, which makes people more willing to take chances.

Not only that but prices of pins were reasonable. Couple years ago at MGC you could pick up working 70s GTB games in 8/10 cosmetics for around $400-$600 now we have $1200 with issues. Just a general observation. That or we buy sell trade amongst ourselves off the market which I’ve been doing recently.

#14732 1 year ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

If there is a group buy going on, hit me up. I'm interested in GNR.

Your user name checks out for that

#14740 1 year ago
Quoted from cpu-slave:

Is that the big '50' for SS Billiards? I believe September seems right...

Web site says November 1970 though there are a couple significant dates upon us in September.

#14759 1 year ago
Quoted from Waxx:

Why is there masking tape over the crossbow light?

Keeping in mind I don’t know this game well....where do I look for that? I didn’t see anything.

#14763 1 year ago
Quoted from Waxx:

We can’t put photos here or I would but is the plastic above the right ramp. The light on the left.

Ah ok can’t believe I didn’t see that. Thanks for pointing.

#14775 1 year ago
Quoted from LesManley:

Probably a client of John's that has fond memories of it from back in the day. Nostalgia often wins over gameplay, at least in the short term.

Same. I had the same thing with Stellar Wars. First time I played one was at Expo my first year going and the thing was literally brand new. I kept coming back to it each time the exhibit hall was open.

I bought one about 2 years ago and bought a second playfield in better shape, shipped it to Neo to work his magic and now mine is playing the way I remember it. I have more money into it than it's worth but I don't care. I'll never sell it.

#14778 1 year ago

If anyone local is thinking about a Gold EATPM CPR playfield I might be looking to sell locally. You can save on shipping. Just looking to get what I have into it I think I paid $850 as listed online currently on CPR. Need to fund some other projects at the moment. This was one of their earlier runs.

I wasn’t planning to list classified here yet but would be happy to reup your pinside heart too if you buy.

1 week later
#14822 1 year ago
Quoted from Isjack:

Looking for a nice Flash Gordon if anybody has any leads. Hardtop is fine.
Willing to do the work if it's trashed and I can get my hands hands on a hardtop.

If you are willing to spend a bit more CPR has playfields in stock.

#14827 1 year ago

I just put a post on the buying/selling subforum but if anyone local in the TC area collects woodrails and would be interested in a Big Six and Ramona please get in touch with me. They aren't mine but I know someone looking to sell. I'm doing this to help a mutual friend out and to help pinball. I don't think he's looking to get $1,000 each for them but if anyone has a fair offer for him I'm sure he'd accept.

3 weeks later
#14942 1 year ago
Quoted from Barkz:

The good: Recently picked up a solid T2 with full LEDs from a nice local Pinsider. Plays like it should.
The bad: after about 100 plays, the significant other has decided it isn’t for her

Is that 100 total plays since you got it? If she recently played 100 I’d argue she likes it!

#14973 1 year ago
Quoted from northvibe:

LOL. I have a broken Jacks to Open I may sell for my neighbor.

Keep me in the loop on that one.

#15012 1 year ago
Quoted from Barkz:

So wait LTG are you in the clear or not?

Sounds like he can stay open thankfully. For now.

#15037 1 year ago
Quoted from AAAV8R:

Some of us enjoy having these local businesses post here. I have no social media accounts so when I look for anything pinball related, this site and this thread are pretty much all I have.

Same here. I'm a member on sites that are dedicated to a particular interest/hobby. I even made a few bucks on a YouTube channel years ago, but, no more. Yes I miss out on some announcements on Facebook etc but there is a ton of other things I feel I'm NOT missing out on.

#15128 1 year ago
Quoted from brobra:

You are so right about that. It’s an ass kicker for sure, but flows extremely well. It’s the magic at LTG:)s

For the longest time I just assumed the phantom flip on MB wasn’t a huge deal on that game. Turns out LTGs was the only one I’ve played to this date that worked like 90+ percent of the time. Everyone else it’s a coin toss each flip at best.

#15158 1 year ago
Quoted from northvibe:

I'm sorry Llyod. This is going to be a hard month.
Is this page up to date?

From the site;

The parts and games listed here are being sold by our long term frequent customers and are NOT located at SS Billiards.

#15220 1 year ago
Quoted from Isjack:

Dude has a good rep and assured me the game plays correctly. Sent pics of everything including the underneath with the playfield totally removed etc.
If anyone has a hardtop, please send me a PM and I will bring you a six pack if I can flip your game for 15.

Once I get my Space Shuttle going you are welcome to drop by.

3 weeks later
#15390 11 months ago
Quoted from AAAV8R:

Along the theme of scams......
For those of you more seasoned at selling machines, is selling on Craigslist always a total $hitshow?
I listed my machine on CL and I got a lot of interest.......from bots and weirdos. At least one legit inquiry.
I’m leaning towards just selling everything on here in the future even if I have to take a hit in price just to avoid the aggravation.

You get what you pay for on CL.

It's not bad. You'll find someone to buy your game at a decent price. You'll find someone looking for a good deal too.

#15438 11 months ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

Sellers will price their wares at whatever the market will bear. Right now, clearly, it will bear a lot. The dispiriting reality is that buyers, not sellers, are “driving up” prices. The average pinball collector seems to have more, not less, disposable income for purchases right now since he/she is spending less on things like travel/entertainment/dining/leisure/gyms during the pandemic. Add to that the shortage of new machines at distributors after the pandemic halted production at manufacturers for at least a few months during the summer and you have a classic sellers’ market. I don’t subscribe to the theory that there has been a big influx of new collectors, adding to the demand. I still think the average person under thirty scarcely knows that pinball playing or collecting is a hobby at all, and if we are seeing an uptick in interest, it’s still relatively small and not affecting the market.
As a buyer, I don’t like the inflated prices any more than you do. It’s frustrating to see the sale pins appear in the Pinside classifieds, day after day, each priced 20% or more above prices from one year ago. Congo’s for $6K, MET PRO’s with stock displays for $6500, TS:PP’s or LOTR’s for $7K - *everything* is priced in the stratosphere right now. It’s maddening. It does seem likely though that this moment is the peak of the frenzy. If you can just hang on for a couple of months, I bet you’ll see a significant ebb to these prices. Manufacturers are shipping games again. The NIB supply is rising again. Also, the vaccine will begin to turn the tide on restrictions, and that will mean that all those ways people of means ordinarily spend their disposable income will resume, if slowly, and collectors will have less to spend on pinballs. And you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think the pandemic will have lasting, far-reaching effects on the economy. We *are* in a recession. It will catch up to even the deep-pocketed collectors in ways they never anticipated. A year from now there could be a serious sell-off. Truly! If you must have a used game today at last year’s prices, you’ll have to find a seller who is uncommonly generous. I know LTG recently sold his WOF at a pre-pandemic price, so they’re out there.

Good post.

Nobody has to be a victim of "flippers" if they don't want to. Honestly I don't have my nose in the market enough to even know it's taking place or who is doing what. With rare exceptions, I'm strictly in the buying and holding mode. For all I know I've bought something recently from a flipper, but I don't think that is the case as I don't feel I've overpaid for anything. Anyone new to the hobby might pay a little more, but they probably won't be looking for projects either. All in all I'm just looking forward to hosting some get togethers at my place once this whole COVID thing is done.

I wonder if it's fair to say pinball could be looked at through two different lens or markets? The buy NIB and sell, rinse and repeat. Then the other being strictly used market for classic games say 20+ years old. Demand for classics could be much higher than NIBs due to affordability. Someone can say they have a pinball machine in their home for $2,000 or for $7,500.

With all I've seen in pinball I know not to try and make predictions anymore. Honestly I would have thought we'd see a selloff come and go this year but it feels like the demand is higher than ever. That or the demand has outpaced itself so much it swept any selloffs off the radar.

#15507 11 months ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Merry Christmas everyone! Anyone get pinball gifts?

Everyone knows by now I’m impossible to shop for hah. I did see a couple threads of people sharing their pinball related gifts.

Merry Christmas everyone!

#15534 11 months ago
Quoted from Isjack:

Anyone local have a sheet of glass? Maybe I should just call John?

Last I saw he has a few used left from the giveaway. Couple new ones might be left at $50.

#15550 11 months ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

(Barfly-style slurred speech)
To all my friends...
(Full drink hoisted)
Happy New Year!

Happy new year. Plenty of fireworks going off here. I’m just downstairs playing pinball and rebuilding flippers.

#15563 10 months ago

I’ll try to head over at a time that isn’t late night haha

Very tempting but still trying to avoid unnecessary travels if I can help it in case I pick up some of the rona at work :/

#15564 10 months ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Are we secretly the worst?

Nah maybe we just love pinball more?

#15589 10 months ago

If you win wear gloves when you take the playfield glass off.

#15592 10 months ago
Quoted from joetechbob:

It feels like there's a story here...

Yes and I should have known better. It was on a 70s game too. Now is a time to be thankful we can’t attach images to this thread.

#15597 10 months ago
Quoted from chad:

Hope stitches were not required.

Fortunately not.

1 week later
#15660 10 months ago
Quoted from brobra:

I’m looking to ship 4 games, I’m taking Egg Head for my personal collection (I’ll have a players version for sale after).
If anyone wants to spread the shipping across 3-4 games, and are interested in these:
Cover Girl
Vaga Bond
Foto Finish
These will be at my cost, and need others to offset the shipping cost for us all.

Let me know what we are looking at in terms of costs. I'd be interested in FF. PM me if you'd like.

3 weeks later
#15765 9 months ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

does it really need to be tempered for backglass? $15 to get a normal piece cut. A lot of printed backglasses from the 80's and before were not tempered anyway.

$15 vs $45 is minimal damage in my opinion compared to what plate glass can do to a game or your body when damaged.

1 month later
#15955 8 months ago
Quoted from brobra:

Headed down towards St. Louis today, coming up tomorrow with a pass outside of Chicago. Pm me with hauling needs.

Yes just haul your butt back to MN cause I’m coming over to your house tomorrow with cash.

1 week later
#16022 7 months ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

Like announcing a drain? Too late.

I personally don’t think drain announcements are a big deal but per pinside they are. HH, you might want to edit that part out if you are worried about getting modded and I’m not talking color LEDs

#16023 7 months ago
Quoted from amalongi:

Time for something different. Listed my Gottlieb Bank Shot in the Marketplace. Located on the far Eastern edge of St. Paul. Willing to drive/meet-up within, say, 2-3 hours if that helps. Would also consider putting towards a trade for (1) Taxi or (2) a Gottlieb 1970's drop-target wedge head.

Machine - For Sale

Bank Shot


Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Selling a rare-ish Gottlieb BankShot AAB wedgehead. Here are some details:

The Good:
* Plays great. Almost 100% (see below)
* Playfield in very good condition. Vibrant colors/w...”

31 minutes ago

Maplewood, MN



It’s not a wedge head but have toyed with letting my Big Brave go. Really nice playfield and NOS plastic set and new drop targets. New flipper kit and new coils cause some operator only had Williams coils on hand.

1 week later
#16030 7 months ago

Anyone travelling through Minneapolis and Saint Paul tonight please be careful. Originally what happened in Brooklyn Center is now spreading throughout the cities.

#16032 7 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

I wasn't going to. Thank you for the heads up !
LTG : (

My aunt and uncle just landed at MSP and have an uber now hopefully they take a safe path.

#16049 7 months ago

Okay for real, get this thread back on track.

My intent was to bring awareness for anyone traveling through the cities who may have a pinball deal lined up and may not pay close attention to what’s going on in the cities especially if you don’t live around here. Since it’s been known events like this can shut down major interstates including I94.

1 month later
#16159 6 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

I like SS Billiards in Hopkins, MN

As far as I know that’s the only place in twin cities with technical support for games on site. Well, probably some support for games off site too

Plus the change machine there is reliable most of the time.

#16161 6 months ago

Something to keep in mind too as covid is wrapping up…or seems to start to….the bars are probably going to be packed so playing games might not be the easiest. I’m still laying low and only traveling to public places as needed. I’ve probably driven past St. Paul tap 20 times this month and can’t get motivated to go in.

Last time I played a pinball on location was up/down right when it opened as a friend of mine wanted to go there for his birthday. Wall to wall people and a lady just thought she could have a turn in the middle of my TAF game. She assumed she could flash me a smile and get a turn. I had two balls locked she thought wrong! I would suggest not going on a Saturday night either. Parking can be a bit tricky that part of town too.

1 week later
#16236 6 months ago

How many times has someone heard;

It doesn’t work but it still lights up so it must be something simple?

#16240 6 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

nd use it in a different TZ so you had the sample stuff.

I actually thought about doing this with the TZ’s at my house except I’m worried that would kill the desirability with the SN tag being a bad representation of being an early game. Although I don’t believe mine is a true “sample”. Reason being is one cabinet is much nicer than the other same goes with the playfield but they are opposite of each other.

#16242 6 months ago
Quoted from roffels:

That story gives me shivers, LTG.

I think the pinball horror thread has several pics like this including a few from me. I felt bad chasing a family of mice out of a Comet but I had a game to get working.

#16244 6 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

You are right on that.
I just hate to see a sample playfield and mini playfield dumped. Put in a generic TZ cabinet with a trashed playfield, where it doesn't effect value. Or try to pass it off as original.
LTG : )

I’d have to agree on that. Even though you can order the 3rd magnet and DYI, there’s nothing better than a playfield with artwork (missing) that yells, yeah that belongs there.

So what does it mean when you have a PF with the green lock insert but the door PCB is also green? Just early to the party? One of mine has the rest of the fixins too like switch cover, clock, mini PF, odd gumball signage, and for crappy players like me, rubber that keeps the ball out of the left area of the pops.

#16246 6 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Sample didn't have them on mini playfield or the clips to hold them, production games did.
Also "No Flip Here" on mini playfield. Grapefruit colored pop bumper cap.
I don't remember all the stuff, maybe another thing or two I'm missing.
Translites with stars or with stars cut out appear both ways on sample games and production games.
LTG : )

I should have clarified...I have the clear dome switch cover on the left ramp confirmation switch which I thought was only on samples?

I don't like grapefruit but looks like I'm stuck with that cap too.

Translite is "normal" but glad to hear that isn't a must for the stars.

#16250 6 months ago

I passed on a bad deal to me. Biggest problem was logistics. Getting everything back was a 13+ hour drive one way. Everything needed a lot of work. Lot's of pinballs I wanted to bring back with me but when it was all said and done it was more cost effective to just say "thank you for your time". Plus I'd have to rent space to store everything. I have over an hour video documenting everything that was for sale. I'll have to upload it sometime.

#16252 6 months ago
Quoted from JohnTTwo:

Umm maybe you wouldn't have to rent space

It would have filled your outbuilding up 4x over. (Plus this was several years ago)

#16273 5 months ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

Tired, near-trash, forgettable playfield for short money.
Must have mostly intact clearcoat as I want it to experiment with cleaning/polishing/finishing/etc. Should have grabbed something when Al closed last year, but I missed out.

I’d like to keep my captain Fantastic for wall art eventually but if you want to borrow it to experiment on for a bit you are welcome to try it out. If a few “oopses” happen here or there I’m cool with that.

#16276 5 months ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

Wanted in the Twin Cities Metro:
Good/used ribbed/chrome leg set for Bally Super-Pin.
Just the standard 28.5" legs with levelers and minimal/no rust would be great.

Now those I have. Actually in pretty good shape. A soft wire brush will have you sparkling in no time. Got the levelers too. If you want new ones I’ll sell them for whatever Pinballlife has them listed at otherwise the used legs with levelers are yours.

#16283 5 months ago
Quoted from JohnTTwo:

Looking to put my original AFM collector quality condition machine for sale ad up soon. Thanks John

If you are looking for the perfect original AFM now is your chance plus JohnTTwo is great to deal with.

#16291 5 months ago
Quoted from precisionk:

Have family who is clearing out some stuff and have a Ship Ahoy for sale. From what I can tell from the one pic I have, body looks alright and the backglass/playfield look really good. Not powering on I believe, 2nd owner of it. I am out of state and haven't seen it in person. If any interest, PM me. I believe it is in St. Paul.

I already have a buccaneer so I’m good. Great machine!

#16293 5 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Someday I need a good playfield and cabinet off of one. To restore the one I have that was converted to solid state.
Just not right now. Too much else needs doing.
LTG : )

Let me know when you need to look at one.

I just need to order two boards (contact pads) for my KS relay for the spinner and mine will be working.

Seems like everyone around here has Ship Ahoy’s instead.

#16317 5 months ago

“If the ad is still up it’s still available”

Updated 32 minutes ago and posted 7 hours ago.

This is why I don’t even search Craigslist anymore. Let’s set pinball aside for a minute. Anything Star Wars is worth money especially right now.

3 weeks later
#16398 4 months ago

His name has come up a few other times I think he’s a local “flipper” I don’t know if he collects. I’ve never heard of him outside of these claims.

#16419 4 months ago

FYI my buddy Dave just listed his Shaq on CL honestly looks better in person.

1 week later
#16437 4 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

I liked the Professional Mime looking for a pinball machine.
Thankfully it wasn't an amateur mime.
LTG : )

Holy cow tempests are going for 5500?

#16479 4 months ago
Quoted from brobra:

Does someone have some underwear to spare? I’m looking to test how well it streaks. I promise to give it back.
Or do you recommend I go buy some to test on my own?

I thought you were only interested in socks?

#16507 4 months ago

If CL had a forum….

#16522 4 months ago
Quoted from Methos:

I've got some project games I looking to move along.
2 Sinbad EMs
Let me know if you're in the mood for some projects.

PM me with some more info please. Would like to add these to our lineup for our open houses.

2 weeks later
#16592 3 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Basement:

If I go through with the buy, standard glass will be $35 and widebody glass will be $40

If you do any of the super wide body like Stellar Wars, future spa etc I’d take a few sheets

#16642 3 months ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

LOL...wtf is happening?
Ahh good old Pinside being Pinside.

Right? I log in late today to see the MN/WI thread with the flame icon and glad to see we didn’t have any bad breaking news.

Quoted from cavalier88z24:

So we can post crappy you tube videos, but no pictures of pinball machines??? Got it

Technically we are still under the “for sale” sub forum so that’s the sub forum rules. I honestly don’t know why that is but there definitely appears to be a story behind it.

1 month later
#16793 68 days ago

Thinking of trading my TZ for EHOH if anyone out there thinking the opposite of me. Has upgraded speakers otherwise stock. Really nice cabinet no security bar drilling. No battery damage and did I mention serial numbers match on the boards? LED clock board.

Been trouble free since I’ve had it and cared for by pinballplusMN

2nd and 3rd place for me would be Tron or CV. I love TZ only reason I’m willing to give it up is an early one in storage.

#16818 66 days ago

Good to see you around again MustangPaul

1 month later
#17046 31 days ago

I used to have a travel time. You can stop the clock too I think right? It’s like an EM safecracker.

3 weeks later
#17162 6 days ago
Quoted from ChrisPINk25:

It says new board in the post.

I wonder if new molex too. Replace the boards and most of the time you’ve only solved half the problems with system 1.

#17165 6 days ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

Good for you!
Too bad you can't share some photos.

ChrisPINk25 you should post on the “what machine did you bring home” thread

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