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Official Wisconsin-Minnesota Thread

By RustyLizard

8 years ago

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#7052 6 years ago

*Brunswick Zone in Brooklyn Park has pulled all their pinball machines.
*DeLeo Bros. Pizza in Woodbury has closed pulling their pinball machines.

your about 3 days late on that

2 weeks later
#7088 6 years ago
Quoted from PinballKen:

Great updates on local places! Thanks! Will definitely check Lincoln Pub out after work one of these days.

they must of just put the RBION in the lincoln street pub. They had TSPP before and Family guy. A couple weeks ago they had Family guy, striker extreme, and Rescue 911 there. All the local drunks go there and i mess with them all the time because they don't know shit about pinball and i play them for shots. I live 2 blocks away from that location. it you like that one try FOX RUN lanes on the other side of waukesha. they have SS, MB, ST pro, LOTR, playboy

1 month later
#7320 6 years ago
Quoted from ChrisS:

Hey Milwaukee Dudes,
I'm running to MKE on Thursday. Where can I play Kiss to get a feel for it.
Thanks in advance

Black bird bar on the Milwaukee south side has one. Plays good.

1 week later
#7376 6 years ago
Quoted from DevilsTuner:

Has anyone seen my old Transformers pro? It had the Le megatron gun unit a decepticon metal plate leds bumblebee shooter rod. Basically it was a hodge podge of parts a worker had smuggled out for me. Looking to get it back. I sold it to a guy in rochester years ago but I think it made its way up to the cities.

good luck

6 months later
#8300 5 years ago
Quoted from brenna98:

I know this has been discussed before, but... Can someone that knows this guy please reason with him. He's using his spray can clear on rare games now!
madison.craigslist.org link

he's been talked about before a few pages back. Don is his name. and is destroying games

8 months later
#9056 5 years ago

Black bird bar in milwaukee on the south side has a rob zombie pinball machine on route. Its on adult mode too! Buck a play and its brutal.

20161023_224337 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#9130 5 years ago
Quoted from guyincognito:

Sunset Bowl in Waukesha, WI now has a Ghostbuster Pro. (3 ball, 3 games for $2 / or $1 per game)
That's in addition to a Hobbit and I think an original nice looking Medieval Madness. (Or maybe it's a repro, I haven't looked that close.)

It's original with color dmd and at 1 buck per play. bring back twilight zone!!

2 weeks later
#9136 5 years ago
Quoted from Cloud7:

YES!!! I was so disappointed when they took out the twilight zone!! that was the only machine on 50 cents!! and it was in awesome condition too!!

How often do you see a nice twilight zone on route and so close to me

3 weeks later
#9190 4 years ago
Quoted from Cloud7:

I just dealt with Paul Reno of Home Game Room Supply, he's located in Raymond. He cleaned up my TSPP for me and I was very happy with his work, and he was super personable.

He sure is +1

1 week later
#9223 4 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

That's gonna be a good coin taker.

Dollar taker

1 week later
#9261 4 years ago

Brand new batman 66 premo set up on location at sunset bowl in waukesha. Set up yesterday literally out of the box. But dont worry i already broke it.

20170113_195604 (resized).jpg

20170113_200528 (resized).jpg

20170113_203314 (resized).jpg

20170113_203302 (resized).jpg

2 months later
#9603 4 years ago

Oh yeah

3 months later
#9890 4 years ago

So I received a tip from kingpin that there was dialed in to play at sunset bowl in Waukesha. I went there last night and in fact there is one on location to play. a LE. But what he didn't tell me was there was also the new star wars to play. So i went there last night and played 2 brand new games. pretty sweet. I was there for like 4 hours. Just posting a FYI for the community. Also I was talking with another pinhead while playing and fox run lanes down the street i guess also has a star wars from just talking to him. It's set to 5 ball like there other games. but i didn't play that one yet.

#9906 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

How did you like the games?!
I only had a couple games on DI at MGC and it wasn't enough as I didn't know what I was shooting at. However that game looks awesome.
SW - haven't played but I love the depth the code will have so those players that love that will enjoy it! Great game for the home!

They were very cool. I was just like you northvibe, only played it at expo twice and one game at MGC. Because of the lines. I went there last night and nobody was playing any of the games. Stepped right up to dialed in and dropped 10 bucks in. There is no price break and it was taking my money fast. but i love Pat Lawlors games. There is so much going on in that game it's hard to keep track. There were a lot of time I didn't know where i was suppose to shoot at. so busy under the glass. I love emoji mode. That mode cracks me up every time. lol. star wars is cool. I can see depth in the code. I like how you get to select the characters. I like the fact that you can lock the X multipliers. something cool and different. Has the Steve Richie flow. best animations so far on the new LCD screen. Also every time i activated the TY fighters i kept forgetting to hit the button on the lock down bar because i was so into the game. Give it a try when you can northvibe.

Quoted from KingPinGames:

Glad you were able to play it. We are having a launch party at Sunset Lanes on Saturday August 19th starting at 11am.

I will try my best to come. I have off that Saturday morning so most likely. Will you be in attendance kingpin?

7 months later
#10879 3 years ago

^^^^ now that's a fun game. nice grab

2 months later
#11147 3 years ago

Im going to the Northwest pinball and arcade show in settle June 6th. I have a empty SUV looking to fill it. any body needing transport out to Seattle cheap let me know. thinking $100 bucks. that's a lot of miles. Pm me if intrested.

#11148 3 years ago

fox run lanes in waukesha has iron maiden pro on location. set up pretty sweet

2 months later
#11460 3 years ago

fox run lanes in waukesha has a houdini and iron maiden to play

edit: they also have ghostbusters, aerosmith, guardian of the galaxy

1 month later
#11706 3 years ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

The Potcle is at
foxx view lanes
2440 w sunset dr
waukesha, wi 53189 [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Quoted from trilogybeer:

I’m going to go on a weeknight after work , I think it wouldn’t be as busy as a Saturday (but I could be wrong )

hello pinheads. trilogybeer and I are going tomorrow (wed) at 5:30 to play the newest games at fox run lanes in waukesha. all pinheads welcome to come out, chit chat and few beers with us. We won't be staying late, maybe a couple hours, because it's a work day tomorrow. but we can't let all these new games just sit there. current line up in ghostbusters, iron maiden, Aerosmith , gradians of the galaxy, Houdini, JJP pirates of the Caribbean. so stop on up today to say hi and play a few games. address is in the first post kingpin made

1 week later
#11769 3 years ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

How about powder coaters in Southeast Wisconsin?
Anyone know of reasonably priced place?

yes hi tec powder coating in waukesha. cheap, and fast, easy to work with. good turn around time, about a week. good variety of colors to choose from. pm me for more info.

3 months later
#12008 2 years ago

currently line up at fox view lanes in waukesha.

guardians of the galaxy
iron maiden
JJP potc
Attack from mars remake SE
Monster bash remake SE

looks so nice with those large screens. anybody in the area hit me up to play a few games

1 month later
#12263 2 years ago

pinsiders me and trilogybeer will be going up to fox view lanes in waukesha today to play the new munsters pro. we will be meeting up at 5:30 tonight and will only be staying for a couple hours to play games, drink beer and bs. anybody is more then welcome to come stop up. current line at fox view lanes is

Munsters pro
Attack from mars remake SE
Monster bash remake se
Deadpool pro
and I cant remember the other one, its a stern. I think ghostbusters

#12292 2 years ago
Quoted from mr9865:

What happened to the Pirates over there?

What happened to the Pirates over there?

pirates is gone so is houdini

1 month later
#12477 2 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

Have a Mousin Around for sale at MGC, $2,100. Also interested in trades.

which one is yours? I'm interested and there are 2 here.

2 weeks later
#12532 2 years ago
Quoted from Angry_Radish:

BKSOR Pro in at Foxview lanes in Waukesha, MB out for now.
Code updated on Deadpool and Munsters

I was just there Friday night. WTF?

1 month later
#12692 2 years ago

trilogybeer Oktoberfest on location at Cleveland pub in New Berlin wisconsin . and the burgers they have are great.

20190606_195115 (resized).jpg20190606_195258 (resized).jpg
#12694 2 years ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

I have been asking Mike for a picture and location of where he put that for 2 weeks. I will update the normal sights. Thanks doug.

it's jeremy. when will wonka be out on location king pin? do you need better pics?

#12696 2 years ago

please let know where. Fox view lanes?

#12697 2 years ago

also should note Cleveland pub has jjp potc. what a beautiful game.
1559871661716244656982 (resized).jpg

#12707 2 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Oktoberfest and Pirates!!!
I need to get there ASAP , you busy tomorrow night?

nope let's do it. any other pinsiders want to join us?

1 month later
#12883 2 years ago

trilogybeer i didn't see anybody post this yet. willy wonka is on location in New Berlin wisconsin at the Cleveland pub. Operator has $2 on the price card but the game is a set to buck a play. Dont tell the op. lol. still has Octoberfest on location as well.

20190721_162352 (resized).jpg
#12908 2 years ago
Quoted from Jazman:

Hmmm... I don't get over there much anymore but it might be worth a trip back. I'm figuring one will show up at Foxview Lanes before too much time goes by!

yeah go there and check it out. they have October fest too. must support local pinball with these high dollar games. Pm me if you head up there ill stop up and play a few.

I thought it would be at fox view lanes too. fox lanes has deadpool, iron maiden, aero smith, star wars, munsters, black knight sor

#12910 2 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Sweet ! Let’s go play it . I stopped there last week and they had Walking Dead and Oktoberfest. I wonder where the pirates went to?

Trilogybeer and I are going to Cleveland pub tommrow to play the new willy wonka and October fest. we are going to meet up around 5:30ish and stay a couple hours. open to any pinsiders to come up and play these new games with us.

Cleveland pub is on the corner of Cleveland ave and sunnyslope in new berlin. Its family friendly. that means you can bring your kids

2 weeks later
#12955 2 years ago

trilogybeer they have the new jurassic park at fox view lanes in waukesha. a buddy text me it was there. I went and play it last night late at night. like 11:45. I think they unboxed it last night because there was only one finger print on the glass. lol. it has a manufacturer date if August 7th.

current line up at fox view lanes
revenge from mars
jurassic park
dead pool pro
stars wars pro
munsters pro
rob zombie spook show international
20190814_234038 (resized).jpg20190814_234031 (resized).jpg20190814_234057 (resized).jpg20190814_234702 (resized).jpg

#12957 2 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

that's a crazy awesome lineup. Did not know this was a good spot for pins as well.

it never used to be like that. for the longest time they had a beat up addams family and a beat monster bash. i mean years. until recently. i think its a different operator. NOW the hotest spot for all the new releases. must support local pinball

#12961 2 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Nice lineup , I’m going to have to get over there soon . Maybe Wednesday after work?

sounds good. i think the guys we meet at Cleveland pub are going to come up and join us.

1 month later
#13075 2 years ago

Cleveland pub in new berlin has a Jurassic Park LE!

1 week later
#13099 2 years ago

pinsiders meet up at Cleveland pub at 5:00. jurassic park LE

1 week later
#13120 2 years ago

trilogybeer Cleveland pub has the new Elvira house of horrors LE #243. might worth a stop by after work . just unboxed yesterday. $2.00 a play. No price break. honesty it plays butter smooth. a stern game i can get down with.

current line up also has a Jurassic park LE #236 and a black knight pro

see you all at expo!

1 month later
#13342 1 year ago

Current line up at Cleveland pub in New Berlin Wisconsin

Elvira House of horrors LE
Dialed in LE
Alice coopers nightmare castle

Elvira is $2.00 a pop

Both Elvira and dialed in got a code update.

The dialed in one is sweet. Like a new game!

#13355 1 year ago

Alice cooper is playing the same weekend as MGC next year! He's playing at Miller Highlife theather right across the street. 1 block. Lol. The show is Saturday April 4th. Tickets go on sale tomorrow

1 month later
#13480 1 year ago

Does any body know of a stranger things available to play in Milwaukee area? Rumor is Cleveland pub is waiting for the LE.

#13482 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Looks like 1 privately owned one is all that is in MKE region.
2 in Madison, and a few in Chicago currently. Worth the trek to check it out IMHO.

I played yours in Madison last sunday at I/O bar. Honestly you have the outlanes opened up so much every ball drained. Each side had the outlane post moved to the top. It's a stern game so it's already a drain monster. You have it set to 3 games for $2 bucks. I put 4 dollars in for 6 games and I was done with them before I finished my first beer! I nudge the shit out of it into the game of thrones parked next to it. Lol Thanks for putting it on route but I won't be back to play it.

#13491 1 year ago
Quoted from northvibe:

What shot was draining a lot? I had this same problem at ces on their games.
Felt like the scoop on the left would eject the ball, bounce off a target or post and fly down the left in lane, or the inner orbit or reject ramp.

No, my friend just the outlanes. You can put the post in the outlanes in 3 different positions. Making easier or harder to drain the outlanes. Lower easier. Usually they are in the middle and when a ball come down give a nudge to save it. But if the post is in the top tier, It is just like open net. Lol . Couldn't save it and i tried.

#13492 1 year ago

Whysnow that i/o has to be a killer location for you? Are any of those arcade games your?

#13494 1 year ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Ah I know about the Outlane post settings But I mean I was having specific shots go there over and over. Which made me dislike the game :/

Just hitting the center targets were a issue me. Hit them drain right back down the center. But I thought the demogorgan shot fine. Its tough but makeable

1 week later
#13540 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Wanted to let you know that I moved the outlane posts down to the middle setting for you. Hope you come back over and check it out.
Also, while I can't share actual numbers on L, R, C, I can let you know that the Center accounts for ~50% of balls lost, L ~25% and R ~25%.
Will be interesting to see how that shifts now that I moved the posts in.
Also, avg game time was just shy of 3min. Moving posts in should help move that up to over 3min is my guess.
I should probably tighten the plumb bob a little to deter people from tossing it around, but for now I left it alone
LMK if you swing back over and want to play a few games. I will pay for the first few rounds.

Did you do that to all the rest of your stern games or just stranger things? and i'm good i can afford my own credits.

#13542 1 year ago

so all your stern games came from the factory with all the outlane post on the top tier? ok

#13550 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

No offense, but if you don't like how a game plays, its simple enough to not play that game. Hilton and crew go out of their way to make sure games are playing well. If you're playing and you feel it is unfair, then don't plug more quarters into it. Pass the info along and try again next time. Simple as that.
Yes, some Stern games out of the box are too easy, and you can usually tell after a few games. They're OPs, they can't have games going on for 10 - 20 - 30 mins at a time.
It goes without saying that I play plenty of Madison pinball games, and I never feel cheated. If anything, I feel like I need to get better.

you are right, it is simple as that. do you think i don't know who hilton is? lol. and what Madison pinball does? I have played enough location pinball to know better. If you think every stern game at I/O bar should have there outlane at the top then you are missing something. but hey not my games. if hilton thinks his number add up then thats all that matters. aint my route. but I wont participate. It's all good, Milwaukee location pinball is thriving more then it ever has.

#13551 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Worth mention that game pitch it something that more often then I care for, will be changed by someone else that is playing. Even locking bolts won’t deter them, lol

correct that's why i keep a wrench in my car

#13553 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

have you really been adjusting our games on route?

no, there is guy here locally trying to beat seldon's scores. so what he does is lowers the legs on the rear and raising them in the front. floaty as hell. did it to a Jurassic park here on friday. so i have to re-level it. he doesn't put it back

#13557 1 year ago
Quoted from ralphwiggum:

Was that at Foxx View Lanes? I was there a couple of weeks ago and that JP was brutally slow playing. I walked away after one game because I was on it for like 30 minutes.

yes. this guy tries to beat NHL high score. Seldon got 6 billion on Jurassic park and is trying to beat it. so he screws with the legs. lowers them in the back and jacks up in the front. The bubble level is off the chart. but what pisses me off is i walk up to the game not suspecting it. Put a dollar in it and hit play. then im like WTF. you cant turn it off or lose the game?. so you try to level it with it playing. lol. loss the credit anyway. If i see this guy im going to say something. This guy owes me money.

#13568 1 year ago
Quoted from Trogdor:

Anybody know a pinball repair person north Milwaukee area? IJ POA mini pf issue beyond my ability. Thanks

what wrong with your IJ? I work on the northside of milwaukee. 41 and goodhope in the automall. I also own IJ. PM i can take look at it after 5.

#13570 1 year ago
Quoted from ralphwiggum:

Was that at Foxx View Lanes? I was there a couple of weeks ago and that JP was brutally slow playing. I walked away after one game because I was on it for like 30 minutes.

Have you been to the "the drafty cellar" in watertown? It's close by you and has a killer line up of games. All games a buck a play and set up nice. Current game list.

Deadpool pro
Guardian of galaxy pro
A/C D/C pro
Iron median pro
Stranger things pro
Kiss pro
Jurassic park premium
October fest
Wizard of oz. Standard

Honestly probably the nicest oz that I have ever seen on route. Usually every wizard of oz I've seen in route isn't set up right or something is broken.

1 week later
#13581 1 year ago

Pinsider meet up tomorrow (2/13). At Foxx view lanes in Waukesha. MUST! support local location pinball. twhtalm and I will be up there between 5:30 and 6 depending on traffic. stop on up. current game list

dead pool pro
jurassic park pro
star trek pro
musters pro
star wars pro
attack from mars remake se

#13590 1 year ago

Cleveland Pub in New Berlin Wisconsin has a Stranger Things LE on location. Buck a pull, 3 games for $2.

Current line up.

Dialed in LE
Alice cooper
Stranger Things LE

FyI : I will never play the pro again. Game is tits
Replay at 52 million

3 weeks later
#13702 1 year ago

pinside meet up tonight at Cleveland pub in new Berlin around 5:30. bunch of people are going to show up i think.

current game list:

stranger things LE
Jurassic park premium
brand new attack from mars SE

#13707 1 year ago
Quoted from cavalier88z24:

pinside meet up tonight at Cleveland pub in new Berlin around 5:30. bunch of people are going to show up i think.
current game list:
stranger things LE
Jurassic park premium
brand new attack from mars SE

The stranger things LE at Cleveland pub has the UV kit installed in it. It's bad ass. I wont play a stranger things without it. totally changes the game

2 weeks later
#13814 1 year ago

P & P amusements in Brookfield Wisconsin is renting out there games. Contact them if intrested. Support you local operators!

#13818 1 year ago
Quoted from hayrebear:

I rented a Jurassic Park Premium from them for the next 4 weeks. Awesome experience all around and the game is playing great!

Really? I'm super jealous. Pretty sure that was the one at Cleveland pub. Brand new. Less then a thousand plays?

#13825 1 year ago
Quoted from LesManley:

I like both and have Iron Maiden, but I would trade my Maiden for a Jurassic Park if the opportunity arose.

Hands down Jurassic park over iron maiden

5 months later
#14699 1 year ago

Every time I go in this location I'm shocked at seeing all these brand new games and nobody playing. Im talking about the Drafty Cellar in watertown wisconsin. I went there yesterday to watch the packers destroy the vikings. Current line up;

Deadpool pro
Stranger things pro
Iron maiden pro
Elivira house of horrors premium
Guardian of the galaxy pro
Willy Wonka LE #328
Hot wheels
Jurassic park premium
TMNT pro ( 1 week old says the bartender)

No mask required if thats your thing

3 weeks later
#14828 1 year ago

Can anybody in the Madison area confirm GNR is at Blue Moon bar and grill? My peeps are talking

#14835 1 year ago
Quoted from kettchxxii:

Yep, It's there!
Light-show is incredible!

See you Saturday morning! When do you open? its rare for me to drive a hour to just play a game. But you also have Avengers LE and TMNT LE. Lol

3 weeks later
#14957 1 year ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

Gnr standard ready to go at Sunset Bowl in waukesha, wi

I will be there after I vote. About 6 o'clock ish

1 week later
#15051 1 year ago

Cleveland pub out in New Berlin Wisconsin has avengers premium out on location

#15100 1 year ago

You know when you hear about locations and barcades closing up due to the pandemic, its refreshing to post about a NEW location that just opened up. Im taking about Nerd Haven Arcade in Madison Wisconsin.

It's a new location that just opened up a few weeks ago im told. One of my pinball buddy went out Friday night and was so impressed, that he made me come back with him Saturday night. I had great experience there Saturday night. It's extremely rare for me to drive a hour to just play pinball. But it was worth it. Current game list:

MM royal edition
Attack from Mars special edition
Rick and Morty bloodsucker
Jurassic park premium
Munsters premium
Simpsons pinball party
Creature from the black lagoon
Threatre of magic
Addams family
Jungle lord
Spiderman (gottlieb)
Freedom (EM)
Pac man
Lost world (bally)
Space station
Twilight zone
Indiana Jones (williams)
Judge dread
Demo man
Potc (stern)
Game show
Champion pub
Hobbit (black arrow edition)
Wizard of oz
Willy Wonka LE

So here's the deal when you walk in. All pinball is on tokens and pay to play. The video games are on free play. You can walk in pay a 15 dollars for a day pass per person. Play as many video games as you want and they give 5 dollars in tokens for pinball for that 15 dollars. Or just play pinball pay as you go. Most of the bally williams and modern games are 75 cents or 3 tokens. A few are a buck a play. Early solid state and EM are 25 cents.

The video games were very nice titles. Not some one off rare games that nobody knows how to play. Just about 100 of the TRUE classic arcade games to play. Your sit down driver games, 1943, smash TV, mortal kombat, metal slug, ect. All video games work, none broken, all the marquees light up, screens crisp and clear. Buttons and joy sticks that fuction.

All the games play nice and when there was a issue with something the guys behind the counter were on top of it. Sure a couple games could of used a shop job or update the lighting. But for the most part all the games play pretty nice. Also its nice and pretty much right off the interstate. Less then 10 mintues into Madison. I never want to go that far in. Easy in and out and your on the freeway heading home.. Mask required at all times. I encourage people to check it out and support location pinball. I will be back again for sure.

#15180 1 year ago

Mark your calendars! Midwest Gaming Classics is Nov 5,6,7th 2021!

#15184 1 year ago


Quoted from HHaase:

Hey, this is great news to hear on my birthday! Got a VIG ticket I need to use, sounds like a perfect opportunity.

Me and you have the same birthday 11-19?

#15185 1 year ago
Quoted from Phat_Jay:

Still at wisconsin center?

I hope so

#15199 1 year ago
Quoted from HHaase:

...... what year?
Yep, 11/19


2 months later
#15776 9 months ago

Cleveland pub in New Berlin Wisconsin has the new Led Zeppelin premium on location. $1 a game

#15788 9 months ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

How is it? I have gotten a chance to play a Led Zeppelin yet.

Actually surprised on how much I liked it. The super spinner is pretty cool mech.You know I'm not a stern fan boy, but having only played GNR Standard and LZ premium. LED Zeppelin all day. Premium only, no pros.

1 month later
#15893 8 months ago


#15894 8 months ago
Quoted from ralphwiggum:Bumping this up.... Leaning towards Turtles over Hot Wheels..... Willing to drive throughout the upper Midwest for the right machine.

Why would you buy anything with such a kick ass location by you? The drafty cellar in watertown wisconsin has both hot wheels and TMNT.

Current line up:
Jurassic park premium
Elivira house of horrors premium
TMNT pro
Hot wheels
Iron maiden pro
Stranger things
Avengers premium
Guardian of Galaxy pro
Deadpool pro

#15919 8 months ago

Empty vehical alert! I'm coming back from denver Colorado march 27th. I have space for game. Buy a game in the denver area.. I will go get it, bring it back to wisconsin, possibly your house for a $150 bucks. Pm me jeremy

#15932 8 months ago
Quoted from HHaase:

Swinging through Sioux Falls? Not that I have anything in mind, but never know.

Not this time my friend. I am thinking about doing another Seattle trip.

1 month later
#16134 6 months ago
Quoted from Angry_Radish:

If there are any players in the area, we're putting a Big Lebowski out on location at the Drafty Cellar in Watertown, WI tomorrow.
Just finished testing and prep work.

I will be there about 4 pm. NHL and I

3 months later
#16641 3 months ago

So we can post crappy you tube videos, but no pictures of pinball machines??? Got it

1 month later
#16847 65 days ago

Jurassic park data east for $3,800 holy shit!

2 weeks later
#16976 46 days ago

Halloween @ Cleveland pub in New Berlin Wisconsin

#16994 45 days ago
Quoted from pinwhoo:

Also a Godzilla. We were there when they brought it in so we were first ones to play it there. Going to have two in there now.

Really?? I was there last night. I was drinking and could of swear that I only saw Halloween? I wouldn't go back for Halloween but godzilla I will.

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