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Unofficial Halloween Ultraman code request and ideas

By Pinash

74 days ago

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#1 74 days ago

Since there are tons for games delivered and playing, I figured it would be a good idea to consolidate many of the cool ideas/improvements I’ve seen mentioned in the owners threads. I’ll start off…..

-Start boogeyman (and or coop) from holding the flipper button versus going into the menu.

-Ball search should be disabled while cradling a trapped ball.

#2 74 days ago

have the pumpkin head spin around slowly. scary pumpkin face on the other side.

#3 74 days ago

Great idea to start this thread

#4 74 days ago

1) the middle upper playfield needs to do something more during some of the modes. Its kind of useless during some of those Meyers vs Laurie modes.
2) If ball drains from that playfield and winds up in the shooter lane, it needs to be "quicker" at relaunching the ball automatically
3) Selecting your own skill shot is ok, but too many choices, have to keep hitting the flipper 6-7 times to get to the right shot

I will add more!

#5 74 days ago

If "Match Percentage" in the settings is set to 0 (zero), do not test for a match at the conclusion of a game.

Also, I have my playfield LEDs set to 3 (cause I like it dark) but when Sanitarium mode starts, all the lights go to 10. After Sanitarium mode is done, the LEDs go back to their previous setting. Maybe a bug in the code? Maybe it's supposed to do this? I would prefer my playfield light setting be left as set, regardless of play mode.

#6 73 days ago

Save progress on Judith Myers/tombstone lock.

#7 72 days ago

Halloween code rules and bug fix suggestions/ requests.

(I wouldn’t bother to do this if I didn’t already love this game )

///Sound adjustments///

-lower ball save car screech sound
- EQ Loomis callouts for less bass and higher mids
-don’t loop the piano intro. Edit the track for two bars of piano and six bars of the rest of the composition and loop that. The piano can be a bit maddening between balls of a multiplayer game or even in single player if your bricking and slow to start a mode.
-Raise volume on clip with the kids starting Jack o lantern multi. Have ‘Don’t fear the reaper’ start playing when he falls on the pumpkin. Remove volume for Jack o lantern multi animation and allow ‘Dont fear the reaper’ to play over the animation. Two intos to one mode is too much. Have to integrate them for a seemless entry to the mode.
-Raise volume for kids chanting the Halloween song. Crank that shit, it’s creepy and I love it.

“Black cats and goblins and broomsticks and ghosts
Covens of Witches with all of their hosts
You may think they scare me you're probably right
Black cats and goblins on Halloween night
Trick or Treat!”

You can hardly hear it, but it’s there ands it’s cool as hell! Louder please!

///Video clips///

- extend clip for start of hedge multi (cuts off to short)
- allow tombstone skill shot lock clip to continue to play while ball is being launched. The clip is too long to sit and watch while the game is dark. Every one skips this. Even though it is cool.

///Stacked modes///

- Game modes should always take precedent over House and Sanitarium
- add smaller graphic window to show that house / sanitarium are running while stacked
-allow house / sanitarium to take over AV precedent when start the multi for each while in a stack.


- Saved progress for Myers health in ‘House’ during your ball. If the mode times out you can light it again Myers health meter will still be down. Once you drain his health meter goes back to full and you have to start over.

- Stop all ‘house’ timers while ball is in subway, pumpkin scoop and ‘sanitarium’ drain to shooter lane.

- Saved progress in Hedge multi when you relight the multi at the pumpkin.

- Add scoring features to Sanitarium playfield especially in regard to draining down from House ie: L target for Laura’s health / R target for add time (5 secs) / Drop target registers hits to Myers / Drop target through shot adds 30 seconds and 1x multiplier each time but is only applied to Jackpots scores in ‘House Attack’


- Fix ball 3 tilt lock up. If you tilt on ball the you have to power cycle the game. Not great for operators.

- Find and fix bug that will cause House mode to continue to run after a drain into the next ball. It locks you out of starting any modes and the house flippers don’t work. Only way to progress is to drain the ball. I’ve only had this happen twice but it’s definitely a prob. I believe it happens when you have ‘Bob and Linda’ stacked with House.

There’s prob some more I’d change adjust but these are what I would prioritize if I were programming.

I will add…

This game is f’n awesome and I’m having a blast with it. Please don’t take these notes as criticism. Coding is a long process and I’m sure the team will have all things addressed in time.

#8 69 days ago

- Give us a Ball Clear in Utilities
- Give us a Test Ball Trough Switches in Utilities
- Give me an audio cue in Switch Test for make/break switches so I don't have to stare at the damn screen when I have the playfield up and I am testing a switch(es)


#9 68 days ago

Access to Wizard Mode as a separate game option should be chooseable at game start using both flippers or something, not set in Utilities or whatever. Do it like Stern Jurassic Park.


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