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By kcZ

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

I'm looking for my 3rd game. This past weekend the wife and I put some quarters in TAF and enjoyed it although we could barely hear anything with the bar music going. I've never played any of the other games, but they are well regarded on here. I'd like to play them all, but the only one I can find near me on the Pin Map is TSPP and FH (and I'm not sure of the quality). I've been trying to track down some locals to see if they would be kind enough to open their doors for me, but I do feel a bit weird asking, although I did just get someone to respond

TZ and TAF seem like they would be good investments. Not looking to flip, but it would be great if to hold its value. The recent price drops on TSPP have me a bit concerned on that front, but if it is a fun enough game then I will be holding it for a couple years.

Opinions on the titles I have listed? Any tips on where to play? I'd love to go to CP Pinball, but dang that is 6 hours away and I'd need a room. Hard to justify all that time and money.

My current lineup is T3 and BF. One will likely go within the next 6 months due to space constraints.

#2 7 years ago

I don't have a FH, so I can't comment on that. TZ is my favorite (all time). TSPP is great and so is TAF. Good luck.

#3 7 years ago

TAF and TSPP are both great machines, can't go wrong with either. I've have TSPP since 2003 and never tire of it, but im also a huge simpsons fan. Recently picked up a TAF and love it. Helps if you see the movie so you know the context of the callouts...fumes, quicksand, toxic fumes, it's all ours!

#4 7 years ago

Owned them all minus the FH which I have played and liked.
Only the TAF is still here.

Hated TZ. A lot of hype IMHO and there is a reason it tanked on location (not that much fun).
TSPP is a fun game and a better pick over TZ ANYDAY, everyday.
FH is a classic but dated. A LOT more features on the newer DMD games.

TAF~ There was a reason they made over 20 thousand of them.
People like to play it, its fun and the theme is almost universally known.

3) FH
4) TZ

#5 7 years ago

I'd go TZ.

TSPP highly regarded but i don;t like the looks or sounds. FH never really clicked with me although it's a solid game...same way with TAF which is annoying to me.

#6 7 years ago

In order of my preference:

1 - TZ
2 - TSPP
3 - TAF
4 - FH

All great games, none would disappoint, but TZ is, in my opinion, the best pinball machine of all time.

#7 7 years ago

I'd go TSPP.... It is like a fun version of TZ... LOL

If I get Funhouse finished (ever).....You know where I am...

A nice TSPP is a 3200-4200 game all day long.... it's price is well established and won't fluctuate too much.... I think the last year for pinball has been sort of crazy regardless of title, and it is starting to normalize again...

#8 7 years ago

If it is not a time-based decision, wait until you find a GOOD example of any of them and pull the trigger. You can't go wrong with these popular titles.

#9 7 years ago

Geez - tough choices but for different reasons.

Like the other replies, I love TZ but it confuses the heck out of the non-pinball crowd. Whenever somebody else would play the game I could just see the question marks above their head - I would spend time explaining the basics to no avail. Eventually I got to the point where I could get Lost in the Zone regularly and sold it.

TAF is very fun - simple gameplay and the magnets add an element of randomness. Getting very expensive now.

TSPP is a spectacular game but a little stop and go and game times can get into the 45+ min range. If you enjoy the theme and digging deep into the rules, this is a fun one.

Funhouse is one of my favorites. Can be a quick game depending on how it's setup but keeps me coming back. Great sound and light package and everybody knows what to do - hit Rudy. Hard to find in reasonable condition and price though.

I really don't see any of them losing their value. I would focus more on what style of game you like to play and what would compliment your current lineup.

Good luck!

#10 7 years ago

I know your a few hours north of me but if you ever get down this way I've got nice examples of TZ and FH that you could test drive. Actually probably going to be selling FH in the near future too.

#11 7 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

In order of my preference:
1 - TZ
2 - TSPP
3 - TAF
4 - FH
All great games, none would disappoint, but TZ is, in my opinion, the best pinball machine of all time.

I agree with order.

#12 7 years ago


#13 7 years ago



My own personal preference

#14 7 years ago

TAF matches your movie theme....

#15 7 years ago


Notice I left one out.

#16 7 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Notice I left one out.

That's not fair, b/c Simpsons is an awesome pin. hehe

#17 7 years ago

I have all except TAF. All great games - TZ and TAF are the most expensive - you can get the others for a little less.

#18 7 years ago


I would select TSPP, and here's why. I haven't played Funhouse other than on the XBox, so I can't speak to it. I can say that the price on a nice one is toeing into the price of the other three. People seem to like it, and that's more than fine, but it's not what I'd call bang for your buck anymore, even if it might be the cheapest of the four.

The Addams Family is a good game. I have a bit of time on it, but not a ton. The reason I'd shy away is that it is the nostalgia factor. You have a cross-section of pinheads who want one, but you also have the guys who just want one machine in the house, and those guys all remember playing TAF twenty years ago. That pushes the price up a bit higher. There are games out there that a lot of people would say are better that are also cheaper. If you don't have an emotional attachment, it wouldn't be the one of the four I'd pick. I will also say that I heard an interview with Pat Lawlor where he said that it was the last game before things kind of went "over the edge" rule-wise; it's still simple enough for the average Joe to figure out. That's a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.

I like Twilight Zone. I own one. I still don't have a ton of time on it as I'm restoring it right now, but I like it. But they're pricey, especially for a game with fifteen thousand of them produced. I got a game that's probably in the worst shape of my seven games, and it cost more than my TSPP, which is most likely home use only. And they're confusing and they're polarizing. You might buy it and love it, but you might hate it. Doesn't seem like there's much middle ground.

That leaves TSPP. Is it cheap? No. But of the games you're considering, assuming equal pricing across the board, it's the best bang for your buck machine there is. It's an instantly recognizable theme, at least in North America. If your buddy who never plays pinball comes over, tell him to shoot the garage and try to lock three balls to start multiball. He'll be busy all night. The next night, if another buddy who plays pinball comes over, tell him to try to start Pretzel Multiball. You have to shoot the left loop 26 times, and it's a TOUGH shot. It's got something for everyone. You probably won't get bored with it anytime soon. The only knock against it is that the flippers feel different, somewhat mechanical, almost? Play one and you'll know what I mean. I'm used to it, but I've heard the complaint levelled against the game before, and I'd be sticking my head in the sand if I didn't mention it. Anyhow, that was long. Good luck with the purchase.


#19 7 years ago

I have taf, tz, fh, all excellent I don't tire of them. Might come down to which theme do you like. Taf is more of a crowd pleaser with fam and friends. Tz more of a hardcore pinheads game that will keep you challenged for a long time. Fh is awesome and never seems to get old. Good luck

#20 7 years ago

Sold my FH to get TSPP, a decision I definitely don't regret. Loving the game to bits, can't stop playing it.

#22 7 years ago

Looks like I need to play TSPP. I've been leaning towards a game with some comedic value.

#23 7 years ago
Quoted from kcZ:

The recent price drops on TSPP have me a bit concerned on that front, but if it is a fun enough game then I will be holding it for a couple years.

I wish I had found this to be true. The price for a TSPP seems to be steady for this great game.

#24 7 years ago

TAF or TSPP, then FH, and avoid TZ

#25 7 years ago

I love all the nay sayers about TZ. It's a great game with lots of different objectives and different modes. TAF is easy, fun, and has great modes as well. FH is hilarious, the easiest of the bunch, and is rising in value daily as people realize how much fun it really is. I've never played TSPP so I won't say anything about it.

But, production numbers don't lie:

TAF - 20,270
TZ - 15,235
FH - 10,750
TSPP - 4,400

I'd have to say that this order holds true for their popularity to this day. To quote earlier posts: "There's a reason for this." You tell me which ones did well on location and which ones didn't. B/W isn't going to make 10,000 of a game that performs poorly on location and isn't fun to play for a lot of people.

#26 7 years ago

tz fh taf tspp, but wife would never allow tspp in collection, hates the theme, she thought Rudy was too creepy also

#27 7 years ago

I have owned all four. I would rate them in this order:

#28 7 years ago

From best to worst

#29 7 years ago

I own and love TZ. Has to be my favorite but I am probably biased. It does take a huge investment of time though to understand and appreciate all the shots, rules and modes.

Played the others except TSPP. Hope to play that one soon.

My rank of the 3 that I know would be:

1. TZ
2. TAF
3. FH

#30 7 years ago


even when i think about selling games, and play addams, i still enjoy it. tz and tspp played them enough that i like them, but wont buy them. funhouse is tough, it doesnt appeal to alot of people, the creepy thing i have heard a few times. i surely wont sell my funhouse, love it. if you are looking to pick a game to appeal to more people than yourself, addams family is the best choice in my opinion.

4 months later
#31 7 years ago

I finally decided....

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#32 7 years ago

Nice Lawlor lineup you've got there!

#33 7 years ago


I've owned TAF and currently have a TSPP, and I've played plenty of games on the other two.

The reason I'd go with TSPP? It's never the same game twice. Seriously. It's so deep (almost too much IMO) and there's so much going on that every game feels different. It's a great theme with plenty of humor. I really wish they had added a full-blown Treehouse of Horror mode though. That would have been sweet.

TAF is a blast, a great theme, and has arguably the best multiball buildup ever, but it's a bit repetitive. Nevertheless, I would LOVE to own this one again. It's easily in my top 5.

TZ is a terrific theme, but it hasn't aged well IMO. A buddy of mine has a TZ, XM, and LOTR, and any time I play TZ after playing the other two, I feel a little bored.

FH? Meh. It's an alright game, but it's definitely my least favorite of the bunch.

#34 7 years ago

All.You win

#35 7 years ago

I wish I were able to make a decision like that! lol

#36 7 years ago

Great choice.

We've had our TZ for about six months now. I think it's a beautiful pin and love playing it. And one of these days I will figure out what the heck is going on (my husband keeps telling me to "read the rules" - but whatever). Not knowing what the heck is going on hasn't taken away from the enjoyment of playing it.

#37 7 years ago

I have had all 4 of the games and oddly enough, FH get the most play of the four. TZ is the only one of the 4 that I have sold. But in a smaller collection, I would say TSPP followed by TAF.

#38 7 years ago
Quoted from kcZ:

I finally decided....

Well done, sir! That's exactly the lineup I'm going for, just need to get the FH to finish it off. But I'm gonna put TAF on the left, then TZ, then FH.

How did you end up getting all three? One big purchase or three separate ones? Do tell!

#39 7 years ago

Can't go wrong with any of them. But for some reason FH has a special place in my heart and I still enjoy it after 10 years of owning.

#40 7 years ago

When this thread started, I nearly purchased a TSPP. Wife and I headed to CP Pinball to try all these games out. I found a TAF nearby so we stopped to look at it on our way home. Well, TAF ended up in my truck that day. Then I had T3, TAF, and BF. I never quite liked BF and was ready to move T3. Found a beater FH on eBay for $2k. I figured that would be a great project to warm up (develop) my Pin restoration skills. I then found playfields for both TAF and FH. Not wanting to be down to 1 game while I start the restoration, I found this TZ a couple weeks ago.

So in the end, I did not get the first pin I had planned on getting (TSPP), but I ended up with the other 3. I was afraid that the TSPP would end up like BF which I liked at first but then it annoyed me more than anything while playing. All 3 of these games are a blast. Rudy is much simpler and I like it for a quick game while the other 2 (especially TZ) are more for a long play.

#41 7 years ago

So you're working on both TAF and FH at the same time? How many work areas do you have?

They definitely are three different levels of play. One can almost "graduate" from one to the next, FH to TAF to TZ.

Congrats again on a great collection!

#42 7 years ago

One at a time. FH then TAF. In working on the work area right now... Gotta get that in order first

#43 7 years ago

If you want one-game-great-collection then its TZ... greatest pin ever

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