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(Topic ID: 115022)

TZ or MET Pro

By Trident

5 years ago

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“Tz or MET pro which would you choose?”

  • TZ 50 votes
  • Met Pro 25 votes

(75 votes by 0 Pinsiders)

#1 5 years ago

In the near future i may have to make a choice. both are at the top of my wish list. If you had the money to buy one of these which would you choose?

#2 5 years ago

TZ all day and twice on Sundays. Met is one of Stern's better games in the last few years, but it doesn't hold a candle to TZ. Which nine out of ten people will tell you is one of the (if not the) greatest pins of all time.

That said TZ is a fairly deep game and is more of a stop and go game. Metallica is much faster and is focused on flow. Neither game is for everyone and if you've put a decent amount of time on either, it will become clear which one is for you.

#3 5 years ago

Both good games, you should be happy with either one. I have both and they are very different. I wouldnt consider letting either one go.

#4 5 years ago

MET for the schWINg.

#5 5 years ago
Quoted from Taygeta:

Which nine out of ten people will tell you is one of the (if not the) greatest pins of all time.

This is probably true , I'm in the Minority though (the one of ten ) . I would choose Met pro. Met pro could also be had for quite a bit cheaper than TZ these days , so you'd save yourself some money as well .

#6 5 years ago

Met pro if you like the newer pins, flow and speed. And yes, save yourself some money. High end pin market is tanking. Less buyers.

#7 5 years ago

Could you have picked two more different games? Probably not. Both are quite good and most people love them. I say if you prefer a wide-body classic packed to the gills with features and toys, get TZ. If you prefer standard width, speed, rock band pins, modern Sterns, etc then get Met.

#8 5 years ago

I've played both games and love both. Thet are both very different but they are at the top of my list and i will only be able to afford one or the other at this time.

#9 5 years ago

TZ is the all-time most awesomest. I like met (it keeps on getting better with each s/w revision), but it is not the best of the best. If this is a fan/flow vs. stop and go consideration... there are other fan based layouts that are great games too.

Which game do you think you are going to play the most? That is my decision point.

#10 5 years ago

They're both very different gameplay wise and I love both of them. I picked TZ over MET though just because I like the overall art and sound package on TZ a little bit more.

#11 5 years ago

So far TZ is winning. I love the thought of getting my first nib with MET but that would be gone once I took it out of the box.

#12 5 years ago

I recommend MET because you don't have any newer games. If all you had was newer games, then I would have recommended TZ.

#13 5 years ago

I've had both. TZ didn't last long. Met pro is still here. I like fast flowing games. If you like stop and go, get TZ.

#14 5 years ago

Of course the correct answer is... both!

#15 5 years ago

I own TZ, soon to own Met Premium. Played a ton of Met pro in league. I am also in the minority as I think Met pro is the better game. TZ has a lot going for it, but Met pro is more exciting and I like the shots better.

#16 5 years ago

Flip a coin, and if you don't like the way it lands, choose the other one.

#17 5 years ago

If I were flipping a coin, I'd hope it would land on TZ

#18 5 years ago

Played & enjoyed both, but not enough to fully pick up on the game play nuances. I'm in the slight minority as I happen to think Met pro.....being 20 years newer......would be the obvious choice. At least one would expect a far far higher degree of reliability.

#19 5 years ago

Watch "Some kind of monster" and then watch ANY TZ episode.

Your decision will then become clear.

#20 5 years ago

You will Always be able to find a Met pro, now and later. If you can find a nice example of TZ go ahead and try that 1st. If, by chance you don't want it after awhile, you will be able to sell it..and that Met pro will be in abundance for you to get.

#21 5 years ago

Hi, I would take a Metallica. TZ is great...Just the stop/start flow at times stops it being a top 5 pinball in book.

#22 5 years ago

Finding a nice TZ for a decent price will be difficult. For the money they usually go for, it's hard not to think of getting a modern Stern instead. If money is not an issue, then TZ all day, every day, morning, noon, and night. I wish they would but I doubt prices will drop on TZ. Wait a few years and I bet you can find a Met pro cheap.

#23 5 years ago

Yea its crazy how sought after tz is there are many people looking for one especially latley but there isn't any for sale really im glad I got mine when I did such a great theme and fun pin to play

#24 5 years ago

I had both. Now I only have a TZ.

#25 5 years ago

Like others have alluded too, a TZ will only be harder to get down the line if you don't snap one up now. You may end up with both eventually but you will pay much more for the TZ if you wait most likely.

#26 5 years ago

Sell nine ball and magic. Get both as you save up and come across examples that you will be happy with both in price and condition.

#27 5 years ago

I have both. I really like my Met Pro but if forced to choose it would be TZ just because!!!!!!!

#29 5 years ago

I have both games in my collection. My MET is a Premium DD, but the comparison is still easy.

TZ is a classic game. Amazing theme implementation. Beautiful 90s machine.

However, I would take MET all day and every day over TZ. It just suits my style of play much better.

You have to figure out what you like about games to make this decision. If you like Multiballs, speed and flow, then it's MET all the way.

If you like mechanisms, and interesting gadgets, and don't mind stop and start, TZ is a masterpiece.

Play both as much as you can before you make a decision. You can't go wrong with either of these machine... unless you choose TZ over MET.

#30 5 years ago

If you are talking flow,speed, and multiball fun, that's ST. Ritchie ftw.

#31 5 years ago

Metallica will kick your ass, and it has more staying power imho.

#32 5 years ago

Neither for me but if I had to choose it would be TZ.

#33 5 years ago

TZ; more to do, longer last ability.

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