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TZ or MB

By Skyemont

8 years ago

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#1 8 years ago

I am looking to purchase a TZ or MB with in 1 month if i can find one. Which one do you think is the better choice? I have played MB and love it and I have only played TZ about 5 times. Need some help.. Thanks guys!!

#2 8 years ago

Deepness and being sucked in ... TZ
Overall fun and excellent theme.... MB
I've owned both. Still own a TZ now.

#3 8 years ago

Thanks Coasterguy... I appreciate it..

#4 8 years ago

Two way different pins-

MB has easier modes, humor and is probably better for guests.

TZ more stop and go with deeper rules.

My preference is MB.

#5 8 years ago

TZ is a better "value" if you find them at the current going rate.

#6 8 years ago

TZ. After all this time, man do i love that game.

MB is ok, but never grabbed me.

#7 8 years ago

Ok, so we have 3-1 in favor so far of the TZ. Coasterguy i am counting your vote as a TZ due to the fact you still have it and not MB. I will see how many more it get and then make my decision. Right now i am still confused on which one but getting closer.

#8 8 years ago

I have both. MB is just plain fun every time I play it. I have had it 2 years. TZ I have had for 1 month I am still trying to figure TZ out. I like it it is diffrent then any of my other pins. It is a nice change of pace. MB may be easy but it's fun, it is a great looking pin. I would pick MB I like flow games and fan lay outs. But TZ is still new to me.

#9 8 years ago

MB has the best humor and some of the finest DMD work any pinball machine have ever seen. It's of the then modern Williams style where individual modes are started from counting towards them on the various major shots of the game (and one from standup targets).

TZ is of the older style, where all modes are started on same shot (two actually on this game) when lit. And multi-ball on locks when lit. But TZ is a player and collector favourite, as it is just so darn cool and mysterious. It's also a wide body, if you should perfer such or not.

#10 8 years ago

Thanks guys. Looks like i can't go wrong with either one. Going to be an early Christmas present. Soren, i do love wide body pins... I wish all pins were wide body.

#11 8 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Looks like i can't go wrong with either one.

Yea you hit the nail on the head there. I would say with your collection a MB might be the better fit. But hey TZ is like a the grail of pinball so you really can't go wrong there.

#12 8 years ago

I love both MB and TZ. The main reason I bought MB is because the opportunity popped up locally. There were 3.3k MB made and 14k TZ. And I've seen TZ pop up for sale more often than MB.

I would pick up MB if you have the opportunity. You should be able to sell it quickly and find a TZ if you don't like MB, or get tired of it.

I have not shopped a TZ but I think it would be more difficult than shopping MB. MB has been rock solid for me except a minor popper issue.

I am searching for a TZ as well, but I can say if tragedy struck and I had to sell pins, MB would be the very last one to leave. It's just fun, not too deep but not too light either. Fun!

#13 8 years ago

If I had to choose, I'll say TZ.

#14 8 years ago

Your collection will be decidedly stop-and-go if you go with the TZ, but not everyone needs flow.

#15 8 years ago

MB is easy and doesn''t do anything for me. Way overrated imo. TZ is my 2nds fav.

#16 8 years ago

Both are great pins, but I prefer MB. Like others have said, MB is harder to find and easy to sell, so buyers remorse would be short lived. I'm sure you could get a sweet trade going for a TZ if the Bash doesn't work for you. If your looking for a guest friendly game MB wins no problem.

#17 8 years ago

TZ. You'll be glad you went w TZ but not the 1st year.


#18 8 years ago

TZ, although I've owned two now. It's a very desirable game, and I like the layout and toys, but when I'm playing it I just don't get a buzz from it. MB I just didn't like on any level though.

#19 8 years ago

monster bash way more fun imho

#20 8 years ago

Alot of people say TZ is deeper but it is also very fun right out of the box. I've only played 10 games total on that machine but it isn't like you need to learn how to like it. My fear is that it will get repetitive.

#21 8 years ago

I think Coasterguy captures my sentiments exactly

"Deepness and being sucked in ... TZ, Overall fun and excellent theme.... MB"

That's a really tough one if they are the same price. But considering they aren't, I would have to give a slight edge to TZ.

#22 8 years ago

I like TZ a little more each time I play it, but it doesn't hold a candle to the total package that MB offers IMO. Either way you'll be getting a nice machine that will keep you interested for a long time to come. The price of admission for TZ will be significantly less, which will probably factor into your decision.

#23 8 years ago

MB will fit better with what you have currently.
TZ's seem to pop up more frequently in the pin-market...
That's a tough one Skyemont, MB seems to be on the uptick as far as $$$ is concerned.
Then again, if you can get a really nice TZ sometime soon, I wouldn't let it go!
Decisions, decisions...

I guess I will go the "Wesperron route" and say "Buy both!!!!"

#24 8 years ago

I'd give the edge to TZ but they are very different games. TZ takes sometime to get used to the rules and IMHO more difficult than MB. MB has good flow and is fun and humorous too play. You really can't go wrong with either game.

#25 8 years ago

MB, its a game I enjoy and can enjoy with others.
TZ is a game to get lost in solo.

#26 8 years ago

I want both but personally I would go with MB if I could only get one. Especially if $ was not an issue. It is one of my faves. It is less complicated but that is only a problem if you only have one machine. TZ is good but I prefer flowing games. Like others have said, you will have zero issues selling it if you ever get tired of it.

#27 8 years ago

You can't go wrong with any of them, but if I have to chose, I'll go for MB. Its more rare and I love the theme.

TZ can e found more often. If you are going to get both eventually, I'll say go for MB

let us know what you going to get

#28 8 years ago

You didn't say anything about price being a factor. If that's the case MB all the way. You answered your own question when you said you love MB.

The other thing about MB is that it's harder to find. TZ's are everywhere, if you have the lead on a good MB, and you already stated you love the game, buy that.

#29 8 years ago

I've owned both.I still own TZ.

I got bored with MB

Quoted from NimblePin:

I guess I will go the "Wesperron route" and say "Buy both!!!!"

Good answer

#31 8 years ago

TZ deep and mysterious, MB correctness of ball flow is amazing, toss a coin or get both, actually, just get both (you only live once)

#32 8 years ago

tz for the long haul. you will master/tire of mb much quicker but still a fun game with nice dots.

#33 8 years ago

I've got both and based solely on gameplay, TZ wins IMHO.

However, MB is one of the most desirable games on the planet as you know and is probably the hottest horse in the race (but TZ has sure put in a strong showing this year).

Speaking of MB pricing, did you all see Robert Winter's on Ebay for $15,000 BIN OBO?

ebay.com link » Monster Bash Pinball Machine Fully Restored Chrome Private Collector

#34 8 years ago

Love them both wouldn't buy either unless a bargain. MB seems to have too many multi-balls for me to live with. TZ is still the most innovative game on the planet but in the past I tended not to play it much. It doesn't last for me.
I always play them when I see them on site!

#35 8 years ago

I think I will have to buy them both. MB is harder to find than TZ. But, i do like them both. Only having a few pins gets boring quickly. I need atleast 6-8 pins in my collection to keep the interest up. I sold my POTC so i need to change my current line up. I only have IJ right now. So, based on all the reviews, i need them both. I think having a IJ, TZ & MB would be a good start to a good collection. Thanks guys for all of your comments. Very much appreciated...

#36 8 years ago

TZ ,, There's Alot to do !!! I am Still Enjoy-n mine..

MB ,, It was Fun for a week, but it got Repetitive Veryyy Quickly !! MB would be Good in a Line up of 6 or More..

Go with TZ Skyemont !!!

MB--_Look-n_Good_!!!.jpg Work-n-Progress.jpg

#37 8 years ago

Thanks to everyone. I appreciate all the feedback. Blackrose your MB looked really nice. Wish you still had it i could have worked out a deal w/ you. You would have had a TZ, IJ & MB in your lineup which would be a great start to a great collection. I will keep everyone updated on what i get...

#38 8 years ago

I think the most important factor to consider is that B_R considers TZ to be a keeper. That guy buys more pins than i do underwear, so that should mean something.

I'd buy an attack from mars before I'd buy a MB but that wasn't the question.

#39 8 years ago

Monster Bash, of course! (Happy Halloween)

#40 8 years ago

Attack from Mars of course is a great pin as well. Would love to have that in my collection too. I have just played TZ and MB w/in the past few weeks and they both are so fun. Can't get MM or CC right now so those TZ and MB will have to be the next two.

#41 8 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Thanks to everyone. I appreciate all the feedback. Blackrose your MB looked really nic

I was actually the one that bought this pin from BR and I can honestly say worth every penny to me. DSC_0240.JPG

#42 8 years ago

Honch, you would have to show me this picture. I want this pin badly. Is that a scared stiff i see beside the MB? Nice...

#43 8 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Is that a Scared Stiff i see beside the MB? Nice...

Thanks,Sure is!!! Two of my favorite pins, I'm a sucker for horror/halloween type themes. Once I get my gameroom organized I'll post some pics.

#44 8 years ago

Sweet. As soon as i get more pins, i will post some pics of my man cave. I have done alot of real estate in the past and have one more property to sell. Its on the market right now. As soon as it sells, look out. Going to add at least 3-5 pins.. MB and TZ should be the first two.. Everyone has talked me into getting both. Seems like i can't go wrong w/ both in my collection..

#45 8 years ago

I would love both as well

Would get MB first just because it is harder to find.

All this talk of new pins has got me itching to get another!

#46 8 years ago

I know what you mean Simonakapw.. I have room for 12 Pinballs or 8 Pinballs and 4 arcade machines. So, i am ready to go. Maybe i need to get a part time job. I will just have to save and do a little at a time. You are correct, MB is harder to find at a good price. So i think TZ will be easy to find first at a good price then try to find a MB. I have alot on my list to get so it will take me sometime. What other pins do you want?

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