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#1 5 years ago

Hi all! I have stumbled is something magnificent that I didn't know: Chris Granner has released the tape containing the music of the DCS sound system. I've heard it on Pinsound forum.
You can download here


Nobody commented about it? What you tough not about the quality, but about the music itself. Do you like more? Less? Would you swap "ROM" (I know it's another board and all, just speaking).

I wish to start:

0:00 Unused tune:
Where to start about it... it's like playing Monopoly... in the Twilight Zone. No Golden Earring song was planned to be used. This should be the prelaunch music

It's unused in the production. It was the main theme. That's a tune a would to have in my real TZ, in a different place than Lock Lit (I still prefer the GE song)

The same tune as before, but missing the guitar.

Classic attract mode music

The extend intro of the main theme of the TV show. Some times heard in the attract mode, but it's more complete. I prefer this version!

The main theme now it's more uptempo with that sound effect at the end. It's like an hurryup

Lock lit, more uptempo, xylophone and some synth voice: that's one the most beautiful music on the original track, and it's lock is lit

It's a buildup for the next song, I don't think it was used on production TZ

This is like a multiball, that's didn't go to production TZ either (well, there were more multiballs planned in TZ, as flyer states, and don't forget the whole six color in the clock face thing)

I think is's too much techno for TZ, but it's the Multiball Ready in all it's gloryfull DCS quality

Don't used in production

Various jingles

Super slot. It's the same in every single note!

Clock Millions: more darker, I really like it!

Pinball Wizard-esque music, not used in the game

06.37 Various jingles

07.07 Monopolyesque music, not used

07.33 Music not used
08.01 Another music not used

08.29 Powerball prelaunch
08.38 Powerball in play: It's beefed up version, it's incredible how some tune can be so new to hear yet so familiar!

Not used two times: it's present in the sound ROMs of the actual game, but this piano solo is unused in the actual game

This music implied that Piano would be used for a mode, as the flyer shows to us

Powerball Mania.
One the best song of Production TZ it's wonderful also in its DCS version

Chock Chaos.
It's your classic Pop goes the weasel

Battle the power
That guitar give a more menacing tone, and it's really like a boss fight music. I always wondered if the DCS had some chants like Indiana Jones Steal the stones. Now I know that they weren't

Regular Multiball
That's incredible. The DCS is wonderful, compared with the nondcs version, that used part of it as samples (you can hear the difference between the yamaha part and sampled part)

Multiball music interrupts in various points.
Next part is IMHO:
There are two tails. One for ending without rematch (11.39)
One for the rematch (11.46) and it's failing music (11.52).

I always tough the ending of multiball without rematch was too abrupt in the production game.

Unused music

Town square madness, with all the sound effects

Sound effect for greed targets in normal play

They were one of the worst lost in transition, I would say

Camera photo
Great, great sound effect associated with the photo camera. Another great loss

Camera photo intro
No so different

Your classic Williams hurryup. That wouldn't have the final version cause Fast Lock needs voice intermissions pause

Bonus count.
Not so different

I really like it, I'm wondering if DCS music would have changed the story of this pinball.
Twilight Zone was the first "superpin", meaning wider, more toys and a new sound system. It was to set a milestone in many ways.

The songs that are present in both the YM2151 and DCS version are stunning in their late version. Main theme and Lock Lit in DCS version are really good piece of music, but Twilight Zone Song is such a classic in the TZ Pinball that changing it would be a bad thing.

The unused pieces are similiar on what you will find on later games like Roadshow or Monopoly.

The one thing I really miss on TZ is a proper unique tune for LITZ. Powerball Mania is good, but having a new tune for the last mode would have been awesome!

Sorry for this wall of text

#2 5 years ago

I thought they did (or will) make a PinSound release to use these in your game..

#3 5 years ago

Yes, I know For now my soundboard is working flawlessly and I'm not, well, swimming in the gold right now

The track is wonderful for historical documentation, but you have to mix and match some "new old tracks" with remix of those which are on the production (there is no "Greed" or "Spiral", although you can use on of the "unused" ones), then you have to recreate some sound effects (the Glass of the skill-shot, the car-horns, etc), and then, you have to re-do the voiceworks. Whitewater friends got extremely lucky as three pinheads payed the original man who did the voice of Wet Willie and they will have a true high fidelity pinball. We should contact the man who impersonate Rod Serling, the ones who did The Power, Robot, Talky Tina. Yes, there is some nice remix on the web, but original voiceover work is still better

#4 5 years ago

So neat to hear all this stuff. Thanks for posting it!

#5 5 years ago

DCS on Twilight Zone is gonna be the ultimate mod. Hope to find a commercial release sooner than later. The music on the machine now in higher quality is what I want.

#6 5 years ago

It's very cool to hear the DCS sounds. After listening to all of the DCS sounds I think there's a few that are better then the existing ones but overall I prefer the existing soundtrack.

Thanks for sharing!

#7 5 years ago

If someone was to build a plug and play board with the higher def sounds it would sell like hot cakes.

#8 5 years ago
Quoted from lostlumberjacks:

If someone was to build a plug and play board with the higher def sounds it would sell like hot cakes.

IDK, maybe. People are shallow. Since you can't see the sounds who the hell knows.

1 week later
#9 5 years ago

Here is the preview of TZ DCS:

Just to give you an idea of how it sounds with Chris Granner' DCS sounds using the PinSound board.

#10 5 years ago

What's the price point gonna be. On my iPad its really subtle, but I imagine in person it will be much better.

#11 5 years ago
Quoted from lostlumberjacks:

What's the price point gonna be. On my iPad its really subtle, but I imagine in person it will be much better.

You should listen with headphones, it's definitely worth it.
Have a look on http://www.pinsound.org/

Post edited by PinSound: typo

#12 5 years ago

this looks pretty sweet

#13 5 years ago

It'd be better if Rod's voice was resampled.

#14 5 years ago

wow, can't wait for this to be released. A little pricey but I hope it comes down in the future if they sell lots of boards. I want for t2, taf, ft, not sure what else

#15 5 years ago
Quoted from slydog43:

wow, can't wait for this to be released. A little pricey but I hope it comes down in the future if they sell lots of boards. I want for t2, taf, ft, not sure what else

The Addams Family really needs higher bit rate audio. That shit sounds terrible. Such a shame especially with how awesome it was Raul Julia and Angelica Huston did voice work for the game.

#16 5 years ago

As a musician, audiophile, and voiceover person, sound in pinball is a much bigger deal to me than the majority of pinheads, I freely admit. However, there are a number of games I sadly wouldn't consider owning because of their audio, particularly the speech--the music and sounds I can live with, but the "speech" is really grating and fatiguing to listen to, IMHO.

Gorgar? No problem. EATPM, DD, PZ, WH20, TAF, DW, CFTBL? Ouch, my ears. Sure, some great designs there, but the early digitized speech is just a major negative for me. Always will be happy to play those elsewhere anytime, but couldn't spend the money and feel 100% good about owning one.

BSD was one of them, and it's in the house, but only because the example I found was too good to pass up. I've come to love the game for reasons other than the sound and art, which were the two biggest cons on that title for me, but would jump at the chance for upgraded audio in a heartbeat. Why is Ron Jeremy so mad at TheKorn and his flatulence?

I'm 100% with Strange--no Addams for me, mainly because of audio, but also because Lawlor's designs and my skills are oil and water in almost all cases, to the point that I honestly just don't enjoy playing them--and as a fairly regular tourney player, I've cursed Pat more times than I can count. Yes, I know...

The story about the Wet Willy re-recording is a great one, but certainly the original full-bandwidth voice recordings still exist on tape somewhere among the WMS/Bally IP assets for all the games going back to the earliest titles to include digitized voice. WHERE are those original voice recordings??!?

If those recordings can be located, then plug them into the super-awesome PinSound board (most exciting development in pinball since ColorDMD, IMHO), and let's at least have the option to leave the awful-sounding early speech synthesis in the far distant past, where it belongs.

Have it selectable for purists, I get that, but for those that really value audio quality, it would be great to be able to hear the original recordings at 44.1 at least. Not that DCS is anything close to mid-fi, but it was a significant improvement over what came before it, for sure.

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