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By labnip

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

here goes...

Wed, Mar 25, 2015:

Already getting things ready for TPF 2015.
Just loaded a pin (with tons of amazing help, let me add) into the trailer to put on the show floor.
Have a ColorDMD to take up there and install in it (hopefully Friday).
Going to buy some odds & ends tomorrow, select some fav cigars from the collection ,
stock up on beer, fuzzy bunny slippers, hand sanitizer, book on how to play pinball for dummies, munchies and other stuff i'm going to completely forget. Need to get a big beer mug to carry around with it's own topper so i can keep a steady tanked mojo in play.

hmmm what else...

...more to come.

#4 5 years ago

Thursday, Mar 26, 2015:

Well, looks like the main highway from Austin to Dallas just got shut down today.
An 18 wheeler collided with an overpass beam under construction a few hours ago.
No info when hwy 35 will open up again.
It is covered in car & concrete debris.
My pin has been diverted to drive around this mess.


#5 5 years ago


#6 5 years ago

TPF survival kit + a few other items

Cheap beer, caffeine, snacks, sanitizer, cheap lighters for cigars, ...


#8 5 years ago
Quoted from starfighter:

shoulda doubled up on the hand sanitizer

mix the little bottle of scope with the hand sanitizer (double the cleanser volume, double the fun)

#10 5 years ago

Got the new Theatre of Magic ROM.
Arrived just in time today. Hopefully, can get installed on Friday at TPF.
And picked up a usb flash drive to update the ColorDMD with TOM code.


#11 5 years ago

Selected an interesting range of cigars.


#13 5 years ago

ColorDMD is ready & topper is ready.
The adhesive on the topper could use a little extra oomph, IMO


#15 5 years ago

Dang... Forgot beer mug. Might have 1 around here.

#18 5 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

When/where is cigar night? I bought some to bring down.


i think this is the current (or latest i know of):
"Big Smoke" is Friday night @ 10pm, on the hotel bar patio (1st floor).
Of course a repeat gathering can always happen Saturday night too.

...and last year there were a few folks out in the Swap Meet Sat morning having a few too

Look forward to meeting you finally in person.

#19 5 years ago

Well, I know what's now going to be for breakfast on the drive up to TPF tomorrow


#20 5 years ago
Quoted from stainedundies:

are beers allowed in the fest?

Officially or unofficially ?

if i remember correctly, i think they sell beer at the snack-bar inside the event.

#26 5 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

I always thought this would be ideal for a few hours of pinballing

the-beerbelly.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

mine's built-in

#29 5 years ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

What is the best Liquor/beer store near the Event? Anyone no of a good place?

i have no idea...
you know, ages ago there were big areas in/around Dallas that were "dry", and folks had to belong to a drinking-club in order to buy booze. Don't know if that's still the situation, or if it exists around where TPF is. Just putting on the radar, just in case.

#31 5 years ago

wow... looks like i'll need to take a smoking jacket for the nights.


#36 5 years ago
Quoted from btw75:

Perry's is better (for food). The lamb chops were excellent tonight.

how's it looking inside tonight?
lots of loading-in?

#39 5 years ago

If I remember...

Starbucks near hotel lobby in building,
Avg coffee in snack bar,
Some kind of machine in room,
But... Parts of Dallas are anti coffee, so ummm

#40 5 years ago

Blue bonnets & Indian paintbrushes are popping up along hwy


#41 5 years ago

Road trip music image.jpg

#44 5 years ago

U see what I see ?image.jpg

#47 5 years ago

I'm here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let the par-Tay commence

#48 5 years ago

Hello Dallas

#49 5 years ago


#53 5 years ago


#55 5 years ago
image.jpg image-578.jpg image-329.jpg image-306.jpg
#56 5 years ago
#57 5 years ago


#58 5 years ago

Ed's moving TOM to front of roomimage.jpg

#60 5 years ago

Theatre of magic at entrance to show.
Think I need another cable or something to get topper to work.
I've got 2 cables going into backbox, but nowhere to plug them. Help...
Update: dang it !!!! i think i left a cable at home for the topper. boooo...


#62 5 years ago

it's a coin.
there's some limited number that were made. might still have some for sale here. i can ask if you want. just tell me...

they also have a separate coin design for exhibitors, but only a few are handed out for different reasons.

#63 5 years ago

i might end up buying that little TSPP tv.

#66 5 years ago


#67 5 years ago


#68 5 years ago

Holy cow I've got way too many pictures to post

#69 5 years ago

Some better pix for Ryan


#70 5 years ago

[att=2342974,502892 captiimage.jpgimage.jpgon="image.jpg"]

#72 5 years ago

Grandma approved


#77 5 years ago


#78 5 years ago

So ummmmm I really need this for my q*berts quest pin.
How do I rig the give-away ?

#79 5 years ago

Ohhh my

#80 5 years ago
image.jpg image-39.jpg image-260.jpg image-350.jpg image-805.jpg image-489.jpg image-324.jpg
#81 5 years ago

[attachmimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgent=0,380992 caption="image.jpg"]

#82 5 years ago

Tx pin fest officially opens in 10 minutes

#83 5 years ago

My very first official game played, right at the opening of TPF 2015 is...


#84 5 years ago

For all my fellow Joust owners, who might have a minor heart attack seeing this

#85 5 years ago

Tron !!!image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

#86 5 years ago

[attachmimage.jpgimage.jpgent=0,381016 caption="image.jpg"]

#87 5 years ago

[attachmimage.jpgent=0,381019 caption="image.jpg"]

#89 5 years ago

Granny approved * 2


#90 5 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

What's the story with the huge Dragon's Lair?

I dunno... I got to get back over there and check it out.
I actually yelped when I saw it

Will try and get ya some action pix of it

#91 5 years ago

Wow everyone luvs the TOM
Getting tons of questions about it & texts.

#92 5 years ago

Buncha trouble makers


#94 5 years ago

Trouble maker list keeps growing


#96 5 years ago


#98 5 years ago



#101 5 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

You're going to have a hard time topping the awesomeness of that picture

I know, right...
Got a Star Trek "dude", + Ben putting new high score on my tom's new rom. And pinballz owner trying to figure out if he wants to buy it

#102 5 years ago
image.jpg image-978.jpg image-750.jpg
#103 5 years ago

If you're reading this...
Please please please stop farting in the elevator

#104 5 years ago

Someone asked about beerimage.jpg

#105 5 years ago

Oh man a row of ten pins just lost power image.jpg

#106 5 years ago

Anyone remember my pic of this dude from last year ?
Think it's a foot longer this year image.jpg

#107 5 years ago

Cigar time w Barry man. ps. he IS the party


#108 5 years ago

Looks sophisticated

#109 5 years ago

[att=2343822,503265 caimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgption="image.jpg"]

#110 5 years ago


#111 5 years ago

Flippers are strong on MMR
Ball goes and stays in Merlin saucer

#113 5 years ago
image.jpg image-668.jpg
#115 5 years ago

Someone's always horsin aroundimage.jpg

#119 5 years ago

This is not going to end well image.jpg

#121 5 years ago

I'll look. Pm any hints who it is
Today was manageable size crowd as usual, tomorrow will be insane.

#122 5 years ago

Houston gang is talking after party .
I'm thinking 8am swap meet is going to be a stretch now.
They've arranged free donuts and coffee for it this year. So.... Some motivation

#126 5 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

That's not a real Felix

I was waiting for you to show up

You need to come to tx next year

#131 5 years ago


#132 5 years ago

need aspirin

#134 5 years ago

think we were up 'till 3:30am-ish.... oy

#135 5 years ago

so. there's been some power issues in the building. last night a bank of pins all lost power.
i found out today from several folks that many pins in different "zones" are resetting during game play due to low voltage coming into the pins and being provided to the boards.

a few folks texted me and said my pin was doing it a few times too.
so, found this cool little gadget for sale here that converts the unused 12volt signal down to 5volt signal that is reliable for the mpu board. no resetting at all now. very cool.image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

#136 5 years ago

Well at least someone in this place has some ballsimage.jpg

#137 5 years ago



#138 5 years ago

don't touch the melons


#139 5 years ago

image.jpg[attachmeimage.jpgimage.jpgnt=0,381487 caption="image.jpg"]

#140 5 years ago

Well... That's one way to do it

#141 5 years ago

What most of last night looked like

#142 5 years ago

Super cool lighting on this pin

#143 5 years ago

There's 2 jousts here. 1 is going in the auction.

#146 5 years ago

i've got to be honest...
i think one of the best "playing" fast action pins here is the MMR.
soooooo nice.

#147 5 years ago

Picked up a ColorDMD for Tron LE

#149 5 years ago

It's full color hardware.
Waiting on code to use all the color.

#151 5 years ago

Your wish is....

#152 5 years ago

grandson approved

#153 5 years ago

[attachment=2345538,38171image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg3 caption="image.jpg"]

#154 5 years ago

who dunnit indeed


#155 5 years ago


#156 5 years ago

Happy hour


#157 5 years ago

Tron !!!!!!

Playfield for sale



#158 5 years ago

image.jpg[att=2345580,504257 caption="image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg"]

#159 5 years ago


#161 5 years ago


#163 5 years ago


#164 5 years ago

[attachimage.jpgment=0,381760 caption="image.jpg"]

#166 5 years ago

[attachimage.jpgment=0,381761 caption="image.jpg"]

#167 5 years ago

Texas toppings

Is eating nachos for lunch & dinner best for achieving high pin scores?


#168 5 years ago


#169 5 years ago


#170 5 years ago


#171 5 years ago

Mini home versions...
Wonder if he'd like to buy that mini captain fantastic home version...image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

#172 5 years ago


#173 5 years ago

Guess who....


#174 5 years ago


#175 5 years ago


#177 5 years ago


#178 5 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

Labnip, thanks for all the pics! Keep them coming!
Just curious...did you buy the TSPP TV? I don't think Rob has any of my Tron mdm's, but that one has been a good seller, too!

I didn't buy it yet. I probably should

#179 5 years ago


#180 5 years ago


#181 5 years ago

Aurich in spirit again this year

#182 5 years ago


#183 5 years ago


#188 5 years ago

Ice cold beer....
MMmmmm maybe not tonight


#189 5 years ago

Well bleep...
Guess what just happened

It got signed while I wasn't looking

I definitely need to get this. It's in a raffle.


#190 5 years ago

Crazy lines behind AMH and TBL

#195 5 years ago

I haven't sat in any of the talks this year. But I'll ask around.
Updates I got from folks was along the lines of same-o-same-o.

#197 5 years ago

Got it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
This will be in Q*berts Quest pinball tomorrow night.

(Thank you Ed, B-dub, frax, mrs frax, j-man, those restaurant waitresses, Cuba, and 300 other people who kept me focused on it)


#198 5 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

Labnip, are you saying that there hasn't been any new announcements to speak of?

Let me ask around.
Just had to bring q-bert back to room.

Oh yeah... Long line behind hobbit too.

I'll be bock!

#200 5 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

Tell that dude on the left You want Mark Ritchie's autograph.

Fur sure.
I can actually focus now that Q*bert hunting is complete

Time to tank up and get some autographs & gaming going on

#202 5 years ago
Quoted from Darcy:

Lucky for you that that graffiti can be easily removed with a little polish......... .
You mean to say, that somebody just walks around tagging pins???? How can this be allowed?

Texas is gangsta like that

#206 5 years ago

i'm snarfing this from another thread just so i don't loose the data:

TFP 2015 Auction Results:

from: loriradford---

AFM      $8,000
Asteroid Annie $900
Avatar   $4,000
BBB      $17,000.00  <--
Black water #100 $1,300
BSD      $2300
Card whiz $1,050
CC       $10,500.00  <--
CFan     #153  $1,600
CFTBL    $3,300
Circus Gott $1,750
Corvette (project) $700
CP       $3,200
CSI      [[no sale]] @ $2,000
CV       $5,900
Cyclone  $1,050
Drop a Card $800
DW       $2,200
El Dorado $1,000
FH       [[no sale]] @ $2,200
Fire     $1,300
Flying Turns $3,600
Frank    #123  $1,700
Harlem globetrotters (project) $100
Hook     $1,600
Hot Tip  $450
HS       [[no sale]] @ $1,100
IM vault [[no sale]] @ $4,400
JD       #118  $1,950
Jokerz   [[no sale]] @ $900

Joust = $5,300.00 * 15% buyer's premium * 1.0825 sales tax = $6,597.84

Kiss     $2,000
LAH      (project) $250
Lucky 7  $400
LW3      $1,350
Mars God of War $450
MB      [[no sale]] @ $9,750
Medusa   #170  $950
MM       $8,000  <--
NF       $1,800
Orange County Choppers $8,600
Panthera #197  $350
Panthera (project) $250
Paradise $650
Pinball Champ $450
Pitch and Bat [[no sale]] @ $2,200
Playboy 35th $1,700
PZ       $2,200
Rescue 911 (project) 120
Rocky & Bull $1,900
Rocky    $1,250
Shrek    $4,300
Solar Ride [[no sale]]
Solar Ride (project) $150
Space Jam #130  $2,450
Spectrum $800
Spider-Man amazing $1,000
SST      [[no sale]]
Star gate [[no sale]] @ $2,400
Star gate (project) $425
Strange Science $1,150
STTNG    (project) $900
Super Kixx bubble $1,000
Surf Champ $500
SWep1    [[no sale]] @ $2,500
Swords of Fury #166  $1,450
T2       #122  $2,050
T2       (project) $250
T3       #119 [[no sale]] @ $2,100
TAF      $4,500
Taxi     $1,700 reserve lifted
Team One $700
Ted Nugent $600
Torch    $500
TOTAN    $5,350
TSPP     $3,500
TZ       #189  $5,250
Viper    [[no sale]] @ $1,600
WH2O     #183  $3,250
Wrestle mania $3,950
Xmen Magneto LE $3,900

from: pin-tastic---
15% buyers premium + 8.25 % sales tax would need to be added to above prices
2% discount when paying with cash

from: Lonzo---
Only 10% buyers premium + 8.25% sales tax if you were at the auction.

#210 5 years ago

you said "roached"

#213 5 years ago
Quoted from Jared:

I think the auction went well. Many people very excited with their purchases.

hey... did you catch any announcements this year?
(at least official ones... not the other stuff we all talked about)

#214 5 years ago

...i don't wunna go home tomorrow
is there some way where we can just live here?
except, without the hangovers part.


#216 5 years ago
Quoted from Jared:

Which ones? Like... ones from the Seminars?
No... sadly it seems that no "big news" has been dropped at TPF. If there was.. I have not heard about it yet.

yeah... same here.
just, the same things previously announced are moving along. at least that's what i'm hearing from folks.

#217 5 years ago
IMG_1422.JPG IMG_1426.JPG IMG_1431.JPG IMG_1437.JPG
#218 5 years ago

these are from Friday, while stuff was was still getting set up...


#219 5 years ago



#220 5 years ago
Quoted from thedefog:

I wonder what happens when he runs out of TP

he becomes.... Cornholio

#225 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinfidel:

Those are awesome! Those are Rob Kahr's Daughter Boards he came out with. Really stabilizes the power to the machine. Super cheap too. Well worth the price. He has other great gear he carries too for sound boards and stuff. Great products for sure.
Check his website out here... http://kahr.us/

From talking to him, it sounds like he sold a ton of them this weekend.
Great product. I have zero power problems now!!!
I need to do this with a few other pins.

#229 5 years ago

Sunday, Mar 29, 2015:

Foodage good

#233 5 years ago

I think many of us have agreed there's a certain early bird maid that's about to get in some trouble

#235 5 years ago


#236 5 years ago

Check out the rubbers on the new nelly


#237 5 years ago

The theatre awaits...

#241 5 years ago

Tpf is over

#243 5 years ago

Check out the line for TOM


#245 5 years ago

Prize time


#248 5 years ago

#250 5 years ago

[attachment=image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg0,382257 caption="image.jpg"]

#251 5 years ago

They shut power off before I could save
...of course


#252 5 years ago

Goonies wins best custom game

#253 5 years ago


#254 5 years ago