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Two additions to my Bally Bingo collection

By JimmyJames

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

Two of the last three Bally released? These machines were made only 3 months and two days apart! A Tahiti and a Miss America Deluxe with a one ball base (yes I know.. a heavy p.o.s. ... but it has the hopper too!) The hopper doesn’t pay out, or I can’t figure out how to make it pay out yet. Both machines have a key switch on the side?. It dose nothing on the MAD and tilts the Tahiti? Had the MAD up and running in about six hours. It needs a stepper solenoid (if anyone has one. See pics.) for the screen advancement but if I light them up manually everything works fine. This is the second machine I have acquired with a one ball base. I may remove this one and put it on legs. My Silver Sails (the other with a one ball base) is Bondoed to the base and impossible to separate. Maybe I will use the hopper on it? The Tahiti is running but it will not score replays. I haven’t had time to really look into the issues yet. It needs a quarter coin mechanism (just the insert). The other two with their issues if anybody has any advice I would appreciate it.

Silver Sails: Will not start ok or gate game. The search disk does stop on the proper spot but balls do not drop and scores and features do not advance.
(This was working before my semi restoration)
Sea Island: A little clutch slippage. Seams to be getting better with play. I think someone used WD40 on the leather. How do you use neatsfoot oil on the leather.
clutches? Do you have to take it apart? I also need a back glass for this machine.

78F82C73-E173-4A79-B75F-0B28ECA295AE (resized).jpeg78F82C73-E173-4A79-B75F-0B28ECA295AE (resized).jpeg0BA3ED49-6C59-40DC-8DAB-BDFC60D9D731 (resized).jpeg0BA3ED49-6C59-40DC-8DAB-BDFC60D9D731 (resized).jpeg11E1C45D-0344-4DA3-A0B5-C35BDB5CF821 (resized).jpeg11E1C45D-0344-4DA3-A0B5-C35BDB5CF821 (resized).jpeg10D09C7B-45C5-4CA8-BFFA-39A63BD972FA (resized).jpeg10D09C7B-45C5-4CA8-BFFA-39A63BD972FA (resized).jpeg0B58BFE1-C9E2-4165-B967-5651174CC97E (resized).jpeg0B58BFE1-C9E2-4165-B967-5651174CC97E (resized).jpeg3017262B-A4C8-412F-9FAB-DBE9EB5A5B2E (resized).jpeg3017262B-A4C8-412F-9FAB-DBE9EB5A5B2E (resized).jpegD42F747B-6E5A-4183-8965-B3FD582FA26E (resized).jpegD42F747B-6E5A-4183-8965-B3FD582FA26E (resized).jpegE2685676-DC8D-40C0-A6E7-3A85701AB773 (resized).jpegE2685676-DC8D-40C0-A6E7-3A85701AB773 (resized).jpegC38EC9B7-CF04-459E-95AA-A81008C3BFC4 (resized).jpegC38EC9B7-CF04-459E-95AA-A81008C3BFC4 (resized).jpegAD654B4D-1CDA-4B01-9E80-E8B70A917810 (resized).jpegAD654B4D-1CDA-4B01-9E80-E8B70A917810 (resized).jpeg0136559D-7679-4FF7-8AF3-6B87BC312CAC (resized).jpeg0136559D-7679-4FF7-8AF3-6B87BC312CAC (resized).jpegA6996318-5D67-4357-A3E2-E0CA729FD80E (resized).jpegA6996318-5D67-4357-A3E2-E0CA729FD80E (resized).jpeg82FA6076-A5AF-4817-A8A1-2E222217B00B (resized).jpeg82FA6076-A5AF-4817-A8A1-2E222217B00B (resized).jpegCA7C8A4A-E4DD-4DBB-9BE5-D01AA6E17283 (resized).jpegCA7C8A4A-E4DD-4DBB-9BE5-D01AA6E17283 (resized).jpegC68D367F-1DFE-4356-A8C0-02FB3C8A81E9 (resized).jpegC68D367F-1DFE-4356-A8C0-02FB3C8A81E9 (resized).jpegD15125ED-5560-4412-8E7A-7F8AB7F82F7C (resized).jpegD15125ED-5560-4412-8E7A-7F8AB7F82F7C (resized).jpeg93F5ABAD-C00B-4717-8EFD-EF59F2ED7BA6 (resized).jpeg93F5ABAD-C00B-4717-8EFD-EF59F2ED7BA6 (resized).jpeg1235A730-D4A4-48EF-B79A-D54083AF8C77 (resized).jpeg1235A730-D4A4-48EF-B79A-D54083AF8C77 (resized).jpeg
#2 4 years ago

Here is a key coin I found inside. Anyone ever seen one of these?

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#3 4 years ago

Nice additions to your other bingos. They look to be in super clean condition too. Enjoy!

#4 4 years ago

The 'coin' is from a Standard-Harvard Metal Stamper. You would put your quarter in, then turn the dial in the middle of the unit to the letter or number you wanted to stamp, pull the level on the side of the machine to 'stamp' it. You would continue on spelling out whatever message you wanted (up to 30 some odd characters), then pull a different lever on the machine and out came your stamped token. They also had colored tokens in them as well.....

1 week later
#5 4 years ago

I am in need of one of the plastic switch retainers as shown in the picture. It for the double yellow score on a Tahiti. If anyone has one or any replacement ideas please let me know.

32873F9C-3DD9-4361-A585-E016774DCB61 (resized).jpeg32873F9C-3DD9-4361-A585-E016774DCB61 (resized).jpeg
#6 4 years ago

Im looking for ...Switch actuator part # BLY C-709-1 and a coil stop for a stepper for my Tahiti. I can get the stop from Marco but can’t find a 5 slot ladder type actuator. Any information on locating one would be great.

1 month later
#7 4 years ago


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