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This Week in Pinball Updates

By pin2d

1 year ago

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    Post #605 Stern getting Godzilla license discussion. Posted by pin2d (9 months ago)

    Post #611 Link to podcast discussing Godzilla license and stern. Posted by pin2d (9 months ago)

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    #836 7 months ago
    Quoted from roar:

    The games look good and what I assume will include support cabinet mode is cool, but honestly, imo, what is being done in VPX looks better. (And it's free!)

    I loathe setting up visual pinball. always have, and it's not gotten any better (you need this rom, and this font, and make sure your dmd plugin is working properly, and if we update the revision of the main emulator, you have to re-download all the roms again). It's the reason why future pinball (though not as good physics but better 3D) is popular. Download rom, MAYBE a sound file, it just works.

    #837 7 months ago

    I just played the beta williams, it plays awesome. It's hard to judge by the existing titles because they are so cartoony, but playing real tables you're familiar with it looks great. smooth framerate, good lighting, and the physics feel more like real pinball (not pinball arcade code saying if you shot within 60% accuracy we adjust the shot to be straight in the middle of the ramp). If you bonk a shot, it reacts like it should. With cabinet support and IFPA involvement I think this is a good move.

    For those of you trying this out on Steam on the PC, in order to enable it you have to right click on PinballFX3 on your library, click properties, click the beta tab, then select dropdown for williams. There is no code, it will enable them when you restart Steam.

    3 months later
    #979 3 months ago
    Quoted from pin2d:

    Pinball Mentioned on ESPN

    I agree that what makes pinball tough to watch are the long games. Jack danger just did a beatles launch party at logan's arcade, and even with turning off ball save and extra balls, it still took 4 hours to get through everyone. I don't know if tournaments need to switch to a timed ball? Maybe head-to-head pinball is what tournaments need to start out as to get the public interested initially.

    As far as pinball not being accessible, I don't see how it's any less accessible than bowling. I've seen a lot of bowling alleys close, but a lot of pinballs go back on location. Maybe not a line of pinballs as dense as bowling, but you only really need a single working pinball at a restaurant or bar to be accessible. As far as at home practice, I don't think bowling is very accessible.. But pinball you have everything from a zizzle toy to a non-working EM you can pickup for a couple hundred bucks as long as you're willing to put in the work. There's nothing to say you have to buy a NIB JJP game to practice pinball.

    #982 3 months ago
    Quoted from DennisK:

    1) Screen format: Pinball is a vertical game, and you are streaming it to a horizontal display. Viewers will not be expected to have vertical pivoting monitors, so you have to remember that a bunch of the screen real estate is wasted. You have two choices: accept this waste (what currently happens), or decide to broadcast pinball sideways and indicate the left/right is "up". Would it work? Definitely doesn't for regular players. This I think is a huge hurdle and one that is not really overcome easily.

    Not a hurdle. Bowling has a MUCH more vertical playing field than pinball, but they can shoot from an angle because there aren't graphics on the lane to muddy up the picture, and there are just the 10 pins to shoot for (not randomly placed targets and randomly placed lanes to aim for), and they can track the ball and zoom in as it approaches the pins. Pinball is obviously all over the place (and there is no multiball in bowling).

    However, I think the way most people stream pinball whether it be PAPA or amateurs on twitch (3 cameras, one shot of the playfield, one shot of the display, and one shot of the player) it fills the screen nicely. Most low income families can also afford 40" HDTV's these days for a few hundred dollars so resolution is not an issue either.

    #989 3 months ago
    Quoted from pin2d:

    Happy TWIP Tuesday!!
    - Boatload of Code
    - Spooky Pinball Visits Tokyo
    - Jeffree Star and Jack Danger
    - Tokyo Perfect Drift Videos
    - INDISC
    - Pinball Artists Get their Games
    - SDTM: Best of 2018
    - Suncoast Pinball Looking for Programmer
    - ClusterVUK
    - Jack Black at Pinball HOF
    - Predator Pinball on Location
    - Benny’s Space Adventure Lego Pinball
    - Victory Laps

    that stream from pyramid bar looked packed. jefree star exposing pinball to the masses goes well beyond stern's supreme project. cheers to jack danger

    3 weeks later
    #1010 80 days ago


    I had this idea for years but no knowledge to really implement it. Really glad someone is trying it out. Only downside (at least the way that video is showing) is in order to project onto the playfield the glass can't be installed. There "might" be a way you could project underneath the glass if you used a super short throw projector. I would MUCH rather see something like this implemented than the giant LCD screen of multimorphic that compromises the playfield design (plus you can change the art on any portion of the playfield so long as everything is kept white).

    1 week later
    #1029 71 days ago

    i think its the $20 minimum. most patreons ive seen or currently support start at $1 and i typically support at $5.

    1 month later
    #1083 18 days ago
    Quoted from pin2d:

    Happy Monday Pinheads!!
    - Stern to Release Flipperless Game
    - Spooky Lands Count Chocula
    - Homepin Announces LCD Monitor Upgrade for Thunderbirds
    - deeproot Announces Sponsorship Deal for 2020 Tokyo Olympics
    - Pin Stadium Developing New Headlamp Kit called HeadStadiums
    - Jersey Jack Pinball to Manufacture in China After Seeing Homepin Build Quality
    - Chicago Gaming Company to build Alien

    uh huh, and stern jjp and spooky all acquired the bttf license simultaneously. each one is going to do one of the movies.

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